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2007/12/13-20 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:48794 Activity:nil
12/12   Buy a foreclosed house from Countrywide!  Mean price $328K for CA!
        \_ Yeah, the prices still aren't all that hot in my area.  Well,
           prices have dropped about $100K, but countrywide's prices are just
           barely in line with that.
           \_ They aren't going to let them go for less than market value.
              That's the misconception about REOs.
           \_ Where do you live? In The City, prices are staying steady,
              perhaps even going up a bit.
        \_ Location, location, location!
        \_ Prices on low end homes are plummeting in most of the state,
           why the hell would you try to buy now?
                \_ one of things that people don't seem to get is that
                you very rarely if ever get rich by posessing real estate.
                You get rich by buying it cheap and selling it at a higher
                price to some dumb shmuck. There are far more cases of people
                being stuck with land as the value plummets than the other way
                \_ It's not a question of getting rich.  It's a question
                   of not getting way less house than you could get if you
                   wait a year.  The difference between a semi-cruddy house
                   and a decent place is often only 15-25% more.  If you buy
                   the cruddy home now for the price of the nice house a
                   year from now you are going to be stuck with that
                   cruddy house for at least 3-4 years.  Is owning for 1 year
                   worth that?
                \_ Actually, possessing real estate is one of the easiest
                   ways to get rich. The problem lies when you buy it
                   without looking at the cash flows and instead hope for
                   quick appreciation. Anyone who bought a profitable
                   property probably still has a profitable property,
                   unless the economy tanks and then lots of businesses
                   get hurt.
2007/12/13-20 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:48795 Activity:nil
12/12   How come sedans don't have rear window wipers?  Both SUV's/vans/wagons
        whose rear windows are more vertical than sedans, and hatchbacks whose
        rear windows are more horizontal, have rear window wipers.  I'd think
        sedans, being in the middle, should have them too.
        \_ Good question. Perhaps it is because SUVs are seen as luxuries.
        \_ "And this rear window is juuuust right!"
2007/12/13-19 [Computer/SW/Languages, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:48796 Activity:nil
12/12   Why do I get an error about /etc/tabset not existing when I type reset?
        Is reset no longer the command to use to clear the screen ?
        \_ Try 'clear' like normal people. Or Ctrl-L if your shell supports it.
2007/12/13-20 [Science/Electric, Consumer/PDA] UID:48797 Activity:nil
12/12   Anyone reccomend a good site to buy a handheld electronic mahjong game?
        All the standard (amazon,buy,toyrus) dont have them. Thanks
        \_ Do you mean real mahjong or that mahjong solitaire nonsense?
           \_ Real Mahjong with the tiles. My wife plays it online alot
                and i want to get a hand-held electronic version of it
                \_ there are a few on the NDS
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