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2007/12/7-13 [Industry/Startup, Computer/Blog] UID:48759 Activity:low
12/7    What's a good blog site for anonymous people to rant and spill
        beans on their company?                 -disgruntled x employee
        \_ used to be good for that...
           \_ No longer exists.
              \_ Where do the ex-employees of post?
                 \_ Ha ha!
        \_ I hate to knowingly support a Guy Kawasaki venture, but truemors?
           Not completely sure on the spelling either, obGoogle. -dans
        \_ vallywag? Not exactly anonymous, since you would have to talk
        \_ valleywag? Not exactly anonymous, since you would have to talk
           to a reporter, but if your stuff is interesting, they will run it.
           \_ You don't have to 'talk to a reporter'.  Make up a bunch of shit
              and instant message Owen, he'll probably print it.
              \_ How do I IM Owen?      -op
              \_ What is Owen if not a reporter?
        \_ Spill it on the motd.
2007/12/7-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48760 Activity:nil
12/7    I hate it when I unknowingly do vast quantities of cocaine.
        \_ Our heart goes out to you sky.
        \_ How does one unknowingly do vast quantities of coke?
           \_ After about 8 drinks you can do lots of things unknowingly --
              at least you don't remember later is that the same thing?
2007/12/7-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48761 Activity:nil
12/7    I don't know what this has to do with the Bonds trial, but I admire
        their pluck: it's cold out there today!
        \_ I like the redhead. Why does she look familiar to me, though?
        \_ What are you doing at the Bond's trial? Oh yeah, you work for
           the court, right? -ausman
           \_ That's right. These were actually taken by a coworker on his
              way in to work this morning. --erikred
        \_ I agree. American made meat has one of the highest concentrations
           of growth hormones and antibiotics compared to the overpriced
           lean European meats. Veggies are ok but they also have high
           pesticide concentrations (compared to European standards).
           So, it's your pick. Hormones&antibiotics (which causes a lot
           of problems unique to Americans) or pesticides.
2007/12/7-13 [Transportation/Car] UID:48762 Activity:nil
12/7    Parked in the Kwik Way parking lot to do some local shopping, and
        came back to find a sort of ticket on my car: "Invoice Parking Fee
        Imposed." The ticket specifically says "This parking charge is not
        issued by the City." Has anyone here ever had one of these, and do
        I have to pay or can I just blow it off? It has my license plate
        number on it. The issuing company is
        \_ I've heard both sides. Some said that they can't really do anything
           unless you park there again (get it towed) while others say they
           can sick collection agencies on you, possibly ruining your credit
                   \_ [sic]
        \_ Sounds to me like you trespassed on their property and now they
           want you to pay. How much is the fine?
           \_ $35.
        \_ Answering my own question: jury's out on whether they can pursue
           the charges. Some information:
  (EastBay Express, look for Gordon story)
           I think I'll take the risk.
2007/12/7-13 [Finance/CC] UID:48763 Activity:high
12/7    Got a weird letter from a bank I've never heard of saying
        "Your request cannot be approved at this time. In reaching
         this decision, your request was judgementally reviewed and
         denied for the following reason(s):
         unable to verify identity"
        What the hell? I didn't apply for anything, what's going on?
        \_ Maybe just a phishing attempt.
        \_ Someone may have tried to apply for credit cards in your name,
           i.e. an identity theft attempt. I would contact the bank and
           ask about it. You should also probably check your credit
           and see if there has been suspicious activity lately. If so,
           you can put some kind of "Fraud Alert" on it, notifying potential
           credit grantors to be careful, but I am afraid I don't know too
           much more about that.
           \_ The fraud alert is actually quite helpful.  Basically it locks
              your credit report for anyone inquiries regarding new loans or
              credit cards until you call the reporting agencies and ask them
              to unlock it. -dans
              \_ It's only good for 90 days.
                    You can do something called a "Security Freeze" on your
                    credit rating, too, but it sounds like a hassle.
                    \_ I did that.  I got my mortgage and other credit the
                       way I want then I froze everything.  I think getting
                       your ID stolen is a bigger hassle.  YMMV.
                       \_ No doubt that getting your ID stolen is worse, but
                          what are the odds of that happening? Aren't you
                          paying $120/yr for protection against something
                          that is very unlikely?
                          1) low but climbing every day  2) I pay nothing.
                          Even if I had to pay, $120/year insurance would be
                          worth it to avoid the horror.
                          \_ I don't think you know how to do a cost/benefit
                             analysis. The average loss is $5k and if your
                             chance is 1%, why pay that? Add to that the
                             hassle factor of not being able to apply for
                             credit. How do you not pay? Were you a victim
                             of ID theft? In most states, it costs money.
                             of ID theft? In most states, it costs $10/mo.
                             \_ As I said, I don't need more credit so the
                                hassle factor is zero.  Life is more than a
                                straight cost/bene analysis.  If I had to pay
                                $120 that would be worth it.  My credit
                                rating, time, and peace of mind are worth a
                                lot more to me than $10/month.  Think of it
                                like this: the odds of an asteroid hitting the
                                earth anytime soon are near zero, yet a lot of
                                very serious scientists are looking into ways
                                to defend the planet if we spot one.  Why?
                                Because if you lose the gamble you're totally
                                fucked.  People spend years tracking down and
                                correcting ID theft problems.  The thieves
                                don't just grab a few $K and go away.  ID theft
                                is a personal finance asteroid hitting your
                                life.  YMMV and you may find $120 to be worth
                                a lot more than the time you'd spend cleaning
                                this up should it happen to you.
                                \_ No, asteroids have something like a 1/1M
                                   chance of killing 6B each year, so their
                                   "expected" yearly casualty rate is 6k/yr.
                                   That is worth a fair bit of research to
                                   prevent. A 1/1000 chance of losing $6k is
                                   not worth much time or money at all to
                                   prevent. But if it makes you sleep better
                                   at night, do whatever you want!
                                   \_ 6k people a year is *nothing*.  It
                                      deserves no research for a death rate
                                      like that by your calculations.  OTOH,
                                      a 1/1000 chance of fucking up my entire
                                      financial situation and spending years
                                      cleaning it up is worth it.  Your value
                                      judgements are 'confused'.  Anyway, for
                                      the record, it cost me $20 for a one time
                                      lock.  It costs $10 per time I want to
                                      unlock it for a single transaction.  I
                                      have yet to pay the unlock fee.  I have
                                      no idea how you came up with this idea
                                      that ID theft = $6k loss.  I had more
                                      credit than that on my student card.
                                      How can you ignore the value of your
                                      credit, potentially not getting a job
                                      at places that do credit checks, and
                                      the vast amount of time and agony being
                                      an ID theft victim would inflict?  It
                                      is not like you write a check for this
                                      fabricated $6k you bandy about and walk
                                      away.  Your life is hosed.
                                      \_ You are a victim of fear:
                                (PDF file)
                                         Most ID theft victims just challange
                                         the credit card charge and walk away.
                                         How much do you think a human life is
                                         worth? The US civil engineering
                                         society estimates $1-10M, so 6k deaths
                                         are easily worth $6B to prevent. I
                                         think you have a seriously confused
                                         sense of priorities. You really think
                                         having a credit snafu is more important
                                         than the loss of 6000 human lives? Wow.
                                         \_ Way to put words in my mouth.  If
                                            you really want to discuss this
                                            seriously, say so, but I've made
                                            my position clear, I explained the
                                            costs (zero), the hassle (zero),
                                            and the benefit (> zero) of a
                                            credit lock and you have yet to
                                            acknowledge any of that.  IHBT.
                                            \_ The cost and hassle is not
                                               zero. It might be low and
                                               therefore worth it to you, but
                                               claiming that it is zero makes
                                               your whole analysis suspect.
                                               \_ I spent more than $20 on
                                                  lunch yesterday.  If a one
                                                  time $20 fee is too high for
                                                  you, you have bigger problems
                                                  than ID theft.  Keep up the
                                         \_ Spoken like a person who has
                                            never experienced ID theft.
                                            \_ I dunno, does having Romanians
                                               charge your credit card count,
                                               so that you had to change it
                                               and dispute the charges?
                                               \_ That's fraud and not
                                                  really ID theft.
                                            \_ Are you a victim of ID theft?
                                               How much did it cost you?
                                               \_ I have been and my gf has
                                                  been, but the biggest
                                                  PITA was my brother. It
                                                  took him years to sort
                                                  through and even now
                                                  sometimes he is affected.
                                                  When someone has your
                                                  SS# and a DL with your
                                                  name on it all kinds of
                                                  interesting things happen
                                                  and you get to talk to
                                                  the police, government
                                                  agencies, banks, and
                                                  credit bureaus a lot. In
                                                  this case, it was a
                                                  former roommate of his
                                                  that stole his identity.
                                                  \_ How much did it cost you?
                                                     \_ In $$$ or in time
                                                        and trouble? How do you
                                                        calculate the cost of
                                                        spending a year in jail?
                                                        This problem is similar.
                                                        My brother missed a job
                                                        opportunity in the UK
                                                        because he couldn't get
                                                        a passport. Do you
                                                        just look at the $$$
                                                        lost? What about the
                                                        trouble he went through
                                                        and the emotional
                                                        rollercoaster of moving
                                                        to UK and then not?
                                                        \_ How much did your
                                                           incident of ID theft
                                                           cost you personally?
                                                           It is a simple enough
                                                           question, why won't
                                                           you answer it? I want
                                                           a dollar amount
                                                           though a time est.
                                                           would be nice, too.
                                                           I don't consider you
                                                           a reliable reporter
                                                           on your brother's
                                                           costs, frankly.
                                                           \_ Costs in
                                                              Answer *my*
                                                              What if I
                                                              said it cost
                                                              me zero
                                                              dollars, but
                                                              a year in
                                                              prison? What
                                                              would that
                                                              mean to you?
                I asked first, I believe. It is hard to
                value what a year in prison is worth. More
                than a years salary, for sure, maybe 5X
                if it was a Club Fed kind of minimum security
                prison, much more if it was an ass-raping
                AIDS sentence kind of prison. What would
                it be worth to you?
                \_ See, I knew your attitude was like this, which is why
                   I don't take you seriously enough to answer. If I said
                   it cost me $500K you would consider that to be
                   equivalent to a year in prison? I value my time, my
                   freedom, and, yes, my identity a lot more than you do.
                   If I have to go down to the DMV three times to fix my
                   records that, to me, is a lot bigger pain than 3 days
                   of salary. So I don't think you really understand how
                   much being inconvenienced really means to many people.
                   You just want to boil it all down to some dollar amount
                   and that's not really useful information to have. For
                   instance, in my case, I still get notices from other
                   counties about fines "I" haven't paid and vehicles "of
                   mine" that have been impounded. Usually it doesn't cost me
                   much in dollars to resolve these (a phone call and a letter
                   or two) but that doesn't mean the cost isn't high. I very
                   well could wind up in jail for some unpaid fine I
                   didn't know "I" had. When I resolve each of these items
                   is it truly resolved or will some clerk somewhere screw
                   it up? So stop worrying about the dollars lost and
                   focus on the gravity of the situation.
                                   \_ Old age kills a lot more than that each
                                      each, and with much lower variance.
                                      Almost no research is being allocated
                                      on this problem though. -- ilyas
                                      \_ What are you talking about, the
                                         diseases of old age (cancer, heart
                                         disease, etc.) get tons of research
                                         money. -jrleek
                                         \_ I mean mortality itself. -- ilyas
                                            \_ That's being researched as well
                                               "Why we age," etc. -jrleek
                                               \_ I meant the research
                                                  spending on this is
                                                  completely out of proportion
                                                  with the severity of the
                                                  problem. -- ilyas
                                                  \_ It's at times like this
                                                     where there's really
                                                     only one response.
                                                     You Are A Fucking Moron.
                                                   \_ Whereas your response
                                                      is about all we need to
                                                      know about you. Why don't
                                                      you sign your name? Would
                                                      you say that to his face?
                                                \_ Politically, research into
                                                   mortality itself might
                                                   appear to be blasphemous.
                                                   After all it's not death
                                                   itself that is supposed to
                                                   be a problem but merely
                                                   suffering... I suppose.
2007/12/7-13 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:48764 Activity:nil
        Who qualifies for the mortgage rate freeze plan?
        - Subprime ARM holders:  typically 1-3 years fixed, rates adjusting to
          8 to 12+% (Prime ARMs--typically 4+ years fixed or those with low
          adjusted rates--do not qualify)
        - FICO < 660
        - FICO score has not improved by 10% or more since start of mortgage
        - < 3% equity in house, based on appraised value at start of mortgage
        - You are currently living there, and not renting it
        - Mortgage can't be 90+ days past due (seriously delinquent)
        - You can't have 2 or more 60-day lates in the last 12 months
        - Mortgage originated between Jan/2005-Jul/2007
        - Mortgage adjusting between Jan/2008-Jul/2010
        - Mortgage was sold to investors, FNM/FRE, etc. via MBS pool
        The idea is if any of the above is not true, one or more of the
        following is likely:
        - You can pay for it anyway
        - You can refi to better terms by yourself
        - The loan is owned by a single bank so deal with them
        - You're just out of luck because you took a 2/28 loan in 2005, it
          already adjusted, and you can't refi
        The above are guidelines only.  Your mortgage servicer makes the final
        call, since they are obligated to maximize returns and may be sued by
        investors (MBS holders).  Otherwise, you got your 5-year freeze!
2007/12/7-10 [Uncategorized] UID:48765 Activity:nil
12/7    OpenID, Open Social, who cares? How about more important APIs,
        like OpenPussy? Collect statistics on your fetishes and serve
        porn content that is relevant to YOU. Now we're talking.
2007/12/7-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48766 Activity:nil
12/7    Video surveillance images of mall killer released
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