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2007/12/5-7 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48746 Activity:nil
12/5    Ride Bike!  In Fallujah!
2007/12/5-12 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Food] UID:48747 Activity:nil
12/4    Where do people buy those candies that reads "It's a boy!" or "It's a
        girl!"  Any pleaces in the San Mateo or Fremont area?  Thanks.
        \_ Preston's Candy & Ice Cream
           1170 Broadway, Burlingame, CA
           they have a lot of nice candy too, in addition to the gimmicky
           baby candy.  I recommend the honeycomb, rocky road, and the
           hot cocoa kits.              -brain preston
        \_ Cause cigars are so your grandparent's generation.
           \_ the chocolate shop on telegraph has chocolate cigars.
              you can get them online too.  They are a bit pricey but <shrug>
              \_ so are babies
        \_ The Candy Store in San Francisco on Vallejo b/w Polk & Van Ness
           is really, really awesome.  I've seen "It's a g/b" cigars there.
        \_ Go to SF, they have "Congrats, it's a gay boy!" cards.
           \_ And in The South, you can get "Congrats, it's a Redneck" card.
        \_ Thanks for all the responses.  Party Land in San Mateo carries it,
           but the girl kind is currently out of stock.  Party America in Union
           City has both the boy kind and the girl kind in stock.  -- OP
2007/12/5-7 [Finance/Shopping, Finance/Investment] UID:48748 Activity:high
12/4    Fed's guide to save the economy (feel free to add):
        -print more money
        -lower interest rate
        \_ that sounds more like a recipe for inflation to me.
           \_ Inflation might save the economy by allowing us to pay back
              debts with cheap dollars. In fact, I think this is the idea.
              \_ Is there a less painful way to get rid of the huge debt than
                 inflating it to insignificance?
           \_ Exactly. Inflation isn't always bad from the government's
              perspective. Inflation has worked before, and it'll work again.
        -finish collapsing the dollar so we can switch to the Amero!
        - Bushonomics in action
          \_ What exactly is Bushonomics? More tax cuts? Unlikely in
             the light of the Federal deficit.
             \_ Massive deficit spending, tax cuts, more defence spending.
                Continuing to drive down the value of the dollar in hopes
                of closing the trade gap.
                \_ How are we supposed to close the trade gap when the US
                   doesn't actually produce much that the world wants to buy?
                   Start selling US properties?
                   \_ Developing countries buying US properties is an
                      interesting situation. By buying a US asset, they
                      are effectively investing in the US economy, instead
                      of their own. Buying a US asset or US services pumps
                      money into the US economy.
                      Obviously, if US stuff was cheap enough the world
                      would want to buy it. They already buy lots of our
                      big ticket items like jumbo jets, large industrial
                      equipment, etc. Most Chinese manufacturing is not
                      so specialized that you couldn't just do it here if
                      it was cost effective.
                      \_ It will never be as cost effective, because the
                         US cares more about worker rights, the
                         environment, consumer safety, and so on.
                         \_ Never is a long time.
        -Start a new war
        -Stop foreclosures by bailing out dumb asses.
2007/12/5-12 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:48749 Activity:nil
12/4    I'm looking for the following yahoo or google map app:  I want to
        click on a particular spot and enter a radius distance like 10 km
        or 5 miles, etc.  It should then draw a circle of that radius around
        where I clicked.  I should be able to change the radius and move it
        around of course.  And expand/shrink accordingly when I zoom in/out
        of the map.  Anybody aware of such an app?  I did look at sample
        apps on yahoo and google.  I can't find anything similar.  Thanks.
        \_ In the ballpark maybe:
2007/12/5-7 [Uncategorized] UID:48750 Activity:nil
12/4    Debra LaFave:  HOT
        \_ Yes.  But Erica Lee and Pamela Rogers Turner are hotter.
           \_ That girl has no ass. Not too into that.
              \_ Does she poop out of her mouth?
                 \_ Oh, I'm sure she has an asshole, but not an ass.
2007/12/5-7 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:48751 Activity:high
12/5    Fox News just pretends bombshell NIE report doesn't exist
        \_ ^reportA^estimate
        \_ ^report^estimate
         \_ Uhh, no, it's a report.  It might not be right (although
            frankly I trust it a lot more than some anonymous motder)
            but it is still a report.
            \_ NIE not NIR (NI estimate not NI report
             \_ Its a report.  Called the NIE.
            \_ And Evolution's just a Theory!
            \+_ War sells newspapers.
        \_ I gotta say, the NIE report should be pretty big news.
        \_ It was only July that at least one of the guys who signed off on
           this report said Iran was working hard and getting close to
           a working nuclear weapon.  What's the new info in such a short
           period of time?  And why do we believe this report and not the
           numerous previous reports that say otherwise?  Why do we believe
           any of these reports when the Iraq WMD reports were so wrong?
           And these are the same people who completely missed the fall of
           the Berlin Wall and Soviet Union.  I'll read about it in a few
           years looking back.  None of these guys know wth they're talking
           \_ When was the last time they _under_estimated someone's military
              potential/intentions? I think it's safe to take them as a very
              extreme viewpoint and assume the truth is less dangerous than
              they propose.
2007/12/5-7 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:48752 Activity:high
12/5    Wow, she's pretty hot... She's 11?!?! Augh! My head-A-splode!
        (bikini shot)
        \_ The earlier they blossom, the earlier they'll get fat/ugly/die.
        \_ More pics:
        \_ I so wanna penetrate her!  -- 37-yr-old
        \_ You all are pathetic--drooling over a child.
        \_ You all are pathetic--drooling over a child. - motd boob guy
        \_ She is 14 now, but perhaps 11 when these were taken. In any
           case, she is waaay too young for me.
        \_ Jackie Johnson looks better.                 -dimwit
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