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2007/12/4 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:48739 Activity:nil
        Yorkshire Terrier is the 2nd most popular dog in the South.  These
        fucking annoying little bastards bark all day long in my apartment
        complex and I simply don't understand how their owners actually
        tolerate them. Fuck yorkies.            -dog hating troller
2007/12/4-7 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:48740 Activity:nil
12/4    Did Hillary troll the media?
2007/12/4 [Uncategorized] UID:48741 Activity:nil
12/4    soviet army is shit now.  is was mighty juggernaut
        that could have pushed nato faggots into english channel
2007/12/4-7 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Disease/AIDS] UID:48742 Activity:kinda low
12/4    1968 on the History Channel. Don't miss it.
        \_ what was so great about 1968?
           \_ the most memorable turbulent times for those who lived it.
              \_ which includes how many people here?
                 \_ My uncle tells me about 1968. Freedom of expression,
                    free love, free joints. Lots of sex. Oh, those were
                    the days.
                    \_ Sounds very much like 2007.  And I need to watch
                       smelly people do it in 1968?
                       \_ No. AIDS and condoms pretty much ruined the idea
                          of free sex, with anyone, anywhere, any time.
2007/12/4-7 [Science/Space] UID:48743 Activity:nil
12/4    Slow cooker questions for motd food experts. We bought a slow
        cooker "Crock-Pot" by Rival. My wife tried to cook chicken in
        it. Used the "high" setting for 4 hours. Not only did the
        water never boil, the chicken wasn't that soft either. My wife
        said the slow cooker she used in China is much better. I guess
        it slowly brings the water to a boil, and keeps it there. (Or,
        maybe it has a light boil phase near the very end of the
        cycle). The chicken cooked in it tastes extremely tender. The
        American version I have just feels like the Chicken is soaked
        in warm water for 4 hours. Am I doing this wrong? Is what she
        used in China not a 'slow cooker'? I would think that we
        invented the slow cooker, but never bring the content to boil
        seems a bit strange. Are some slow cooker better than others?
        \_ Chicken: The most overrated meat overloaded with antibiotics
           and growth hormones, and the Monsanto company and all the
           rest of the non-organic meat industry know it all too well.
           \_ Buy the live ones from Chinatown.  The meat has a lot more
              flavor, although it's tougher to chew.
           \_ Get organic instead of bulk grown.
        \_ She wants to bring one back from China next time we are
           there.  I'd rather not get it from there if I can find a
           suitable one here, since otherwise I need to convert 110 to
           220v which is a hassle.
        \_ I haven't used a crock pot in years, but it sounds to me like
           you just didn't leave it in long enough. I used to leave my
           chicken in at low for eight hours or longer.
        \_ use the heat retention slow cookers .. like Tiger Thermal magic
        \_ I wouldn't even try to eat the chicken if the water never boils,
           because I'm allergic to germs.  Does the manual say you're supposed
           to put in boiling water?
           \_ You're an idiot.  Truly.
              \_ Care to elaborate?
           \_ Because all those people using slow cookers for the last
              30 years all died of food poisoning.
              \_ Not all those people using slow cookers for the last 30 years
                 used ones that never boil.  See original post. -- PP
                 \_ Crock-pots don't boil.
                    \_ I didn't say "no one used ones that never boil."  I said
                       "not all those people used ones that never boil."
                       "Often slow cookers sold in the US in the past several
                       decades will not slow cook at all: all of the settings
                       bring the contents to a full boil, with the only
                       difference in setting being the amount of time to come
                       to a boil. This may be due to concerns about product
                       liability from unsafe food holding temperatures." -- PP
                       \_ Aren't slow cookers higher pressure?  That means
                          they boil at higher temperatures.
                          \_ No.  See the paragraph "Slow cookers contrast
                             with pressure cookers ..." at the above URL.
        \_ Was the chicken frozen?  I usually just put all the ingredients in
           and let it run all day (8 hrs)...but if you need it to work faster
           usually you put hot ingredients in in the beginning.
2007/12/4-7 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:48744 Activity:low
12/4    Dunno if this is common knowledge ... msft wireless peripheral
        crypto cracked ... --psb
        \_ a one byte pad hardly counts as crypto
        \_ I guess this doesn't work for the Xbox 360 controllers.
        \_ I don't get it, Bluetooth isn't secure either, is it?
2007/12/4-7 [Reference/Religion, Recreation/Media] UID:48745 Activity:low
        How sad is your state? Depression rates ranked
        Survey says Utah has the blues but South Dakota's days are bright
        Wait, I thought Mormons are suppose to be one of the most positive
        & productive & happiest people on earth (according to South Park)
        \_ No caffeine and no beer make mormons something something.
        \_ It was the Scientology episode where they checked your happiness
           rating, was it not? One of the characters took the test because
           he was depressed. If I remember correctly, the Mormon episode
           was where they sang and danced.
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