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2007/11/30-12/3 [Uncategorized] UID:48717 Activity:nil
11/29   Are those coal miners still trapped?
        \_ No, I imagine their spirits escaped quite a while ago.
        \_ which ones?   There's been numerous coal mining accidents in the
           last few months.
2007/11/30-12/6 [Finance/Investment] UID:48718 Activity:nil
        3Q GDP +1.2% compared to second quarter (x 4 = 4.9% at annual rate)
        Corporate profits -1.2% compared to second quarter
        When GDP goes up as corporations lose money ... PROFIT!!
2007/11/30-12/6 [Computer/SW/Compilers, Computer/HW/CPU] UID:48719 Activity:moderate
11/29   From the CSUA minutes:
        - Next Gen Console
        -- If we have $1800 in our accounts, should we buy a console:
           4 votes passes.
        -- Console voting: 2 votes each, neither passes
           * 360 = 600, more games
           * PS3 = 650, not as many games
        Does this mean the CSUA already has a Wii?
        Since when is, "more expensive, fewer games" an argument for something?
        I guess if they're gonna install Linux and try some Cell development,
        THAT would be cool, but I don't think that's what they want it for.
        \_ Netrek is free.. but you need to have skills
        \_ I think the decision should be based on which you can hack and/or
           boot alternate OS's on.   I think there is a clear answer here...
           \- YMWTS: KYELICK et al paper "The potential of the cell processor
              for scientific computing" on the POWER of the CELL. Interesting
              and quick read. Note: KYELICK now the Director of NERSC.
              \_ Yeah, but Roadrunner (A combo Opteron/Cell cluster proposed
                 at Los Alamos) is still a dumb idea.
                 \_ Why do you say that?  I'd be more concerned about using
                    /panfs as the storage system. Panasas might be ok by the
                    time it is deployed. A lot of impressive people there,
                    but mixed experiences in practice.
                    \_ The Cell already has a perfectly good general processor
                       attached to it.  (A dual core power 5).  What's the
                       Opteron doing there?  The last thing the Cell
                       development tool kit needs is another totally different
                       processor to work with.  Yea! A third compiler!  For
                       hevean's sake, they don't even have the same endianness!
                       processor to work with.  Yeah! Another compiler!  For
                       hevean's sake, the don't even have the same endianness!
                       \- ibm and amd are working together on a few things
                          like socket compat between POWER-tng and Opteron,
                          and Torrenza(sp?)/HTX rather than PCIe. the HPC space
                          is very different from the rest of the world ...
                          on a $100m computer you have a legion of programers
                          to work on tweaking code, compilers because they
                          are no longer dominated by "expensive programmer
                          time costs".
                          \_ While everything you say is true, I can't see how
                             that excuses creating a totally wacky, needlessly
                             difficult architecture.  Even Los Alamos
                             doesn't have infinite resources, programmer time
                             still costs money, money Los Alamos doesn't have.
                             Not to mention, they're buying the whole machine,
                             whole hog.  No small test prototype.  On a totally
                             untestest architecture.
                             \- no offense intended here, but are you just
                                reading articles on the net or do you have
                                some experience with how large HPC procurements
                                are done? i dont have any specific knowledge
                                of Los Alamos/Roadrunner but two things dont
                                ring true: 1. los alamos being on the hook for
                                all the dev and tuning work 2. ibm just being
                                responsible for dropping the machine off at
                                the loading dock and being done ... the "whole
                                machine whole hog" part. usually there are
                                lots of partial milestones involved. although
                                the somewhat dirty not that secret part of
                                this is those milestones are never missed
                                with major consequences. [well maybe once,
                                but not with one of the main *hpc* vendors.
                                i cant mention which well known vendor it was].
                                \_ Sorry, I didn't mean to imply what you've
                                   read into the 'whole hog' statement.  I
                                   guess that was really poor word choice.  I
                                   just meant that Los Alamos didn't buy a
                                   small prototype cluster to see how well this
                                   thing will work in production, as is
                                   normally done.  I'm aware IBM has milestones
                                   and will support the cluster.
2007/11/30-12/3 [Uncategorized] UID:48720 Activity:nil
11/30   I guess Heaven needed a daredevil.  RIP Evel Knievel
2007/11/30-12/6 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion, Health/Disease/General] UID:48721 Activity:high
        Totally awesome man. Spike your mistress' drink with abortion pills
        and get jailed for killing unborn child.
        \_ What charges do you think were appropriate?
           \_ Willful endangerment of mother? Drugging without consent?
              Perhaps there's a stringent reading of date-rape drug laws that
              would suffice. -!op
              \_ So you think forcing an abortion on someone is only worth a
                 minor drug charge?  If someone did that to your wife would
                 you be ok with the 6 months probation your list would get
                 \_ Assault and battery? Malicious poisoning? I see what you
                    mean, and I'm trying to get at a suitable charge that
                    matches the egregious nature of the crime against the
                    mother without having to assign citizens' rights to the
                    \_ Do you think a&b on a woman should yield the same
                       charges/punishment as a&b on a woman that leads to
                       her unborn miscarrying?  Does the pregnancy have no
                       \_ I believe the pregnancy has value _to the mother_
                          and should therefore be taken into consideration.
                          I don't think the pregnancy has an innate value
                          apart from to the mother, and the fetus itself has
                          no rights apart from those granted it by the mother
                          (and, in a cold, legal sense, the value it has to
                          the mother).
                          \_ Ok the pregnancy has value to the mother.  I don't
                             see where you're going with that.  Again: when you
                             are responsible for killing a woman's unborn child
                             what should the right punishment be?  And
                             seriously, I'd check with a woman before trying to
                             claim "the pregnancy has no innate value apart
                             from the mother".
                             \_ You misread: I said "the pregnancy has no
                                innate value apart from _to_ the mother."
                                The right punishment depends on whether
                                killing the woman's unborn child is a crime.
                                If she asks you to do so, then no. In this
                                case, yes. As such, the punishment should
                                reflect the loss to the mother.
                                \_ I didn't misread at all.  I quoted exactly
                                   what you said and kept the context.   Now
                                   then, of course killing her unborn child is
                                   a crime, don't be daft.  It wasn't a legal
                                   abortion, it was killed.  The only question
                                   is what is the correct punishment.  So far
                                   the motd has offered a $50 fine, 6 months
                                   probation and banned from practicing
                                   medicine in that state.  whoop-de-doo.  Go
                                   ask your wife/gf what the punishment should
                                   be and get back to me.
                                   \_ 1) You didn't quote me exactly: you
                                      missed the "to." 2) I've already agreed
                                      with you that it's a crime in this case.
                                      \_ All this stuff is a side show.  What
                                         penalty is appropriate?  So far the
                                         motd says $50 and 6 months probation.
                                         \_ Before I do so, I want you to
                                            explicitly state that you won't
                                            turn any punishment proposed into
                                            into a "Well, if for this, why
                                            not the same for abortion?"
                                            nonsense spiel.
                          \_ One thing I find suspicious is that most
                             arguments for abortion vanish with sufficient
                             technology.  This means that either you should
                             believe morality changes with technology or you
                             should believe abortions are wrong. -- ilyas
                             \_ or it means ilyas is an idiot
           \_ How about "practising medicine without a license"?  I heard even
              a good samaritan without a CPR license applying CPR to save
              someone's life can be charged with this.  -- !OP
              \_ Oh yeah right, so that'll get him what?  3 months probation
                 and a $50 fine and he won't be allowed to practive medicine
                 in that state again?  Again, if this was your wife who got
                 her child force aborted, what charges would you think were
                 sufficient and would your wife agree?
                 \_ Practicing medicine without a license is a serious felony,
                    with a one year prison sentence as possible punishment.
                    \_ Yes and the odds of 1 year for a first offense is about
                       zero.  So now you think 1 year is enough for killing
                       her unborn child?  Is that a good punishment to you?
                       \_ Your claim was that the punishment was a $50 fine.
                          Your claim is BS, as I have demonstrated. I think
                          that is about the right punishment for the crime of
                          "practicing medicine without a license." I don't
                          really know what the penalty is for poisoning someone
                          such that they had an involuntary abortion, but
                          it should probably be a bit higher than that.
              \_ Not sure about that one, but the California Court of Appeal,
                 Second Appellate District, Division 3 did reverse a Good
                 Samaritan case where a GS moved an accident victim and may
                 have caused paralysis: (
                 \_ Gee.  Was it the crash victim or the family who sued the
                    GS rescuer?
2007/11/30-12/6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:48722 Activity:kinda low
        Liberals dressed up as Republicans hold hostages in Clinton 08
        Campaign Office to gain sympathy and hatred for Republicans.
        \_ What makes you think they are liberals? Sounds more like
           Islamo-Facists to me.
           \_ Until we hear more, I suspect your average loony.
           \_ "The suspect was a well-known local man with a history of
              emotional issues who allegedly told his son to watch the news, a
              well-placed law enforcement source told ABC News' Pierre Thomas."
           \_ Huh?  Is Karl Rove working for the Democrats now?  That's his
              kind of trick.
              \_ "If you found out that Hillary Clinton was a satan-worshipping
                  lesbian who kidnapped and tortured her own campaign staff,
                  would it make you any less likely to vote for her?"
                  \_ Hell no, she'd still be better than any Republican.
                     \_ Except Ron Paul
                     \_ That reply explains so much seen on the motd.
        \_ It was a Jew. Probably one of those deranged settler types.
           \_ I'm still waiting for my share of Global Jewish Power.  I sent
              in the SASE and everything.  --Forgotten by ZOG
           \_ Yes, I WANT ME GOLD. -- ilyas
              \_ I didn't get my share of gold in the mail either. -Forgotten
2007/11/30-12/6 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Graphics] UID:48723 Activity:moderate
11/30   Beowulf 3D IMAX. Totally amazing.
        \_ seconded.  Don't just go see it --  Experience it. -ERic
           \_ third  -- PROUD TO HAVE SCANDANAVIAN BLOOD BABY!!!
        \_ Even just 3D at the AMC in Emeryville was awesome. --erikred
        \_ Enjoyed Angelina's boobs. Too bad 3D didn't accentuate them more.
           \_ that was a computer generated model of them. Enhanced, of course.
        \_ Was there any plot or acting or is this pure eye candy?  I'd like
           to go in with the right attitude.  Thanks.
           \_ If Angelina's super enhanced 3D boobs isn't enough of a reason,
              then it's not worth it. Go see it for her super boobs.
           \_ Mostly eye-candy. --erikred
              \_ Thanks for both replies.  Eye candy mode... ACTIVATE!
        \_ I saw it in IMAX tonight.  The dragon was great, the IMAX was
           annoying at first until they calmed down and just let it be a
           natural part of the show, the angelina jolie creature looked like
           a plastic doll with her head on top; wasn't doing anything for me.
           \_ Isn't that what Angelina Jolie always looks like?  (Along with
              those plastic lips, yuck.) -hasn't seen the movie.
              \_ More so than usual.  :)
2007/11/30-12/6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:48724 Activity:low
11/30   "The Bush administration is working with industry on a plan to extend
        lower, introductory interest rates on home loans before they reset
        at higher levels."
        Wait whatever happened to Bush's strong stance towards FREE MARKET
        without fucking intervention from the government?
        \_ He's under tremendous pressure to do something whether he wants
           to or not.
           \_ Polls don't matter! I read it on the motd, Bush will do what
              is right, no matter what the polls say.
        \_ If you don't understand the difference between lip service to ideals
           and actually believing them what are you doing paying any attention
           to politics?
        \_ he could stick to his ideals and let the FREE MARKET decide, by
           letting people trapped into these 'bad bad loans' move by banning all
           early payment penalties in existing loans.
           letting people trapped into these 'bad bad loans' move by banning
           all early payment penalties in existing loans.
           \_ I don't think prepayment penalties are really at the heart
              of the issue here.
        \_ A fine question, and one of the reason that conservatives are
           unhappy with Bush. -emarkp
        \_ A good president works hard to prevent any of his association
        \_ A good president works hard to prevent any association
           with recession (case in point Read My Lips George).
        \_ that sounds like something a terrorist would say!
           \- ^sounds^sounds suspiciously
2007/11/30-12/3 [Uncategorized] UID:48725 Activity:kinda low
*/*     Purged from here down to save a certain motd poster from further
        embarassing himself.
        \_ Really, when has a purge for these reasons every been effective?
           \_ It wasn't restored so I'd say this one worked.  At least the
              person wasn't dumb enough to restore their own rants or whine
              that they weren't embarassing.  That's a plus.
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