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2007/11/28 [Uncategorized] UID:48703 Activity:nil
11/28   my most prominent features are is my crimson streaked mane and my
        heavy, perky, natural, uncontrollable bazooms that are
        impossible to conceal.
2007/11/28 [Uncategorized] UID:48704 Activity:nil
11/28   worst url ever
2007/11/28 [Uncategorized] UID:48705 Activity:nil 72%like:48687
11/24   Crystal meth review: Meh.  Far Cry was better.
        \_ World in Conflict though is really good if you ignore the first
           \_ Completely different genre.  Not intersted, but thanks.
              \_ you tried Portal or CoD4 yet?
                 \_ Portal rocks.  Haven't tried CoD4.
2007/11/28-12/6 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48706 Activity:low
11/28   Graphing the last decade of tempreature vs. CO2
        \_ Do you have the graph over a longer time frame?
           \_ certainly not on a global warming denial site.
              \_ Good luck finding the last decade anywhere else.  Since the
                 1998 spike, the global warming fanatics haven't been
                 terribly forthcoming with data.
                 \_ yeah, I had to jump through major hoops to find a graph
                    which went past 1998--I had to go all the way to
                    Wikipedia!  The NOAA also goes through 2001--the time
                    at which a new administration hostile to science and
                    beholden to oil interests took power.  -tom
                    \_ See, I told you Bush Derangement Syndrome was funny!
                    \_ I said "the last decade", not 3 years after 1998.
                       \_ the Wikipedia graph goes to 2005.  twink.  -tom
                          \_ URL?
           \_ I only seem to be able to find that comparison in the last
              decade, or last millenium.
2007/11/28-12/6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:48707 Activity:nil
11/28   Zogby responds to (Clinton insider) Mark Penn's criticism of the recent
        poll showing Hillary trailing Republican frontrunners
        \_ Why does Zogby hate Hillary?
2007/11/28-12/6 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus, Computer/SW/Languages] UID:48708 Activity:nil
11/28   T gold indicator forms rare double sell signal
        \_ This is the funniest thing on the motd. Thanks.
           \_ Agreed. This is superb.
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