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2007/11/24-29 [Uncategorized] UID:48687 Activity:nil 72%like:48705
11/24   Crysis review: Meh.  Far Cry was better.
        \_ World in Conflict though is really good if you ignore the first
           \_ Completely different genre.  Not intersted, but thanks.
              \_ you tried Portal or CoD4 yet?
                 \_ Portal rocks.  Haven't tried CoD4.
2007/11/24-29 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:48688 Activity:high
11/23   John Howard loses not only the national election, but his own seat.
        Another Bush lapdog goes down.
        \_ Kevin Rudd: We're pulling out of Iraq, and we're signing the
           Kyoto Treaty. Smackdown!
        \_ You people with Bush Derangement Syndrome are funny!  Everyone is
           Bush's lapdog.
           \- funny-but-not-really was the "coalition of the willing".
              [c.f. Costa Rica, Palau, Tonga]. if you hate minke whales
              [the "rats of the sea"], this is actually kinda funny:
                 "Pro-whaling Mali and Mongolia have consistently
                 voted with Japan in the IWC in its campaign to
                 resume whale hunting. []
              See also:
              BTW, JHOWARD also took flack for a number of "conservative"
              ideas in domestic/econ policies, not just "war on terror"
              issues. --!OP
              \_ Cf. Aussie immigration policy, Pauline Hansen (better us
                 than her lot, eh?), Fiji, Indonesia, and the rapid
                 deterioration of Aussie cricket and rugby. Good on yer,
           \_ Not as funny as people with Clinton Derangement Syndrome.
              \_ Sorry, but it's at least twice as funny as CDS because of the
                 self-contradictory nature of BDS. Bush is simultaneously a
                 bumbling fool and a genius criminal mastermind/manipulator?
                 At least CDS is consistent - Clinton let crap happen because
                 he was too busy chasing booty/food?
                 \_ I am pretty consistently of the "bush is a bumbling
                    fool who has fucked up the entire world" kind of guy
                    fool who has messed up the entire world" school
                    of thought, myself
                 \_ You mean he killed Vince Foster and gave nuclear secrets
                    to the Chinese by accident while chasing booty?
                    \_ According to people with CDS, Hilary was behind these.
                       \_ (NewsMax, I know...)
                          "How did the Chinese catch up so fast? Easy. We sold
                          them all the technology they needed . or handed it
                          over for free. Neither neglect nor carelessness is
                          to blame. Bill Clinton did it on purpose."
                 \_ A fool in a position of power can still reward his friends.
                    Or commit crimes. Or spend money, or initiate wars.
                    \_ But only a genius master manipulator can get away with
                       \_ It is not clear that he got away with it.
           \_ Bush is the greatest Republican President ever! Better than
              Reagan! Better than Lincoln! We will build shrines in his
              honor, put his face on Mt. Rushmore and the Two Dollar Bill!
     (Mission Accomplished!)
           \_ You mean the 2/3 of America that doesn't like Bush, as opposed
              to you 30% that still think he is swell? Do you really think
              that 2/3 of America is deranged?
              \_ Disliking != derangement. See, it's the deranged that say that
                 a second-longest-in-power PM getting ousted is "another Bush
                 lapdog" going down. -op
           \- Bush Derangement Syndrome?  perhaps.  i do hope that he lives
              long enough to be tried for his role in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo,
              and the kidnapping, "extraordinary rendition", and torture of
              people around the world (who sometimes turn out to be innocent).
              but what i hate are Bush's policies.  it doesn't really matter
              whether he's the evil mastermind behind the policies or a
              cretinous sock puppet with Dick Cheney's hand shoved up his ass
              making his mouth move (though i tend to suspect the latter).
              regardless, i'm delighted when supporters of his policies get
              voted out of office.
              \_ You're seriously deluded if you believe he'll ever be tried
                 for so much as a traffic violation much less anything else
                 on your list.  Most of your list is post 9/11 but do you
                 know that extraordinary rendition was a Clinton era policy?
                 Yes, Bush continued it but his administration sure as hell
                 didn't come up with the idea.  Should Clinton be tried for
                 that?  If you don't think so or you have some other
                 rationalization then you suffer from BDS.  There is no cure.
                 \_ Heh, have you known psb long?
                    \_ Yes but there's always hope.
                       \- what does this have to do with me?
                          the only thing i wrote in theis thread was the
                          minke whale comment above. i'm not holding my breath
                          but i could see something like what happened to
                          pinochet happening to bush/rumsfeld/cheney ...
                          bush should be around for a while. --psb
                 \_ Bill Clinton should be indicted for the murder of Ed Willey,
                    Vince Foster and Ron Brown.
                 \_ Bill Clinton should be indicted for the murder of Ed
                    Willey, Vince Foster and Ron Brown.
                    \_ Maybe but first the cases should be properly
                       investigated.  I know the first 2 weren't.  I don't
                       know the RB details.
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