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2007/11/12-16 [Finance/Investment] UID:48606 Activity:nil
11/12   So do I need to worry about the money in my E*Trade account?
        \_ What's wrong with ETrade?
           \_ Fall down, go boom.
        \_ If your money in your E*Trade account is on E*Trade stocks or
           E*Trade mutual funds, yes.  Otherwise, probably no.
        \_ If your money in your E*Trade account is investment on E*Trade,
           yes.  Otherwise, probably no, because SIPC backs it up.
           \_ How much does SIPC insure?
2007/11/12-16 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:48607 Activity:high
11/12   Server nerds, CCC for mac is totally awesome.  is there somethng
        as cool and friendly for PC or unix?
        \_ Hi.  "CCC" is a free mac program known as "Carbon Copy Cloner".
           If you use a Mac, and have some sort of external usb or firewire
           drive, I recommend you spend 15 minutes downloading it and
           setting it up.  You can easily make a backup set up your data,
           set up incremental backups, and even make a nice bootable image
           of your drive onto your external usb drive, so when the disk
           on your Mac finally fails (all drives fail eventually), it's
           just a few minutes work getting up again (after you replace the
           drive obviously).  I'm not trolling, I'm just describing
           my experience, my Mac is not running a terabyte SAN NAS fiber
           highly available hot swapping RAID, calm the fuck down.
        \_ What is CCC? -dans
           \_ Wow, you are really ignorant.  Stay in school!
           \_ Color Climax Corp. of Denmark.
              \_ Oh, so it's like rsync for people who can't be bothered to
                 learn rsync. -dans
                       \- dont be silly. i'm a "BFUN" [\infra] and probably
                          have looked deeper into rsync than 99% of rsync
                          users [i.e. how to optimize for certain large
                          data sets in scientific computation, see e.g.
                          mutli-round rsync paper], but i use these $5-$30
                          programs to back up my computer ... the calculus
                          is "are these worth $5-$30", not "can i write
                          something similar". ironically your comment echos
                          holob's "http is ftp for idiots".
                          \_ If I'm going to back up data it's because I value
                             it appreciably more than $5-$30.  I've seen
                             elaborate backup systems fail at recovery time
                             because the data was corrupt.  You'll forgive me
                             if I compare a known good one-line rsyncism to a
                             $5 to $30 backup program that may or may not
                             work.  I think you and I are working with
                             different calculuses. -dans
                             \_ This is again typical: 1. you are claiming
                                this isnt that hard 2. You claim you wouldn't
                                trust a program that google will tell you has
                                1000s of satisified users --> 1. do you think
                                everyone else is a moron? or 2. do you not
                                feel you can tell the difference between
                                a review written by a moron/non moron? ...
                                in fact often you can even read the author's
                                writings and judge for yourself ... in fact
                                if you weren't such a pud, you might even
                                if you weren't pud like you, you might even
                                entertain the notion the author is cleverer
                                thn you. and it's a question of whether your
                                than you. and it's a question of whether your
                                "marginal time" to reproduce the functionlity
                                of the $30 software is worth $30 ... not "is
                                the functionality of the software worth $30".
                                The fundamental E_HOLARB is the "center of
                                universe problem": statements he makes
                                "about the world" often are really
                                "about the universe" often are really
                                statements about his state of knowledge.
                                one attendant phenomena is pronoucing things
                                "easy" when you really havent considered the
                                "easy" when you relly havent considered the
                                nuances. does ths sound familiar ["one line
                                rsync"]? you have a lot in common with
                                holob, except i think your head is further up
                                rsync"]? man you have a lot in common with
                                holob, except i think you head is further up
                                your ass ... might be interesting to see over
                                time whether it gets buried deeper or starts
                                to "slide" out.
                                "if the functionality of the software worth
                                $30". man you have a lot in common with holob,
                                (like assuming things where you havent
                                considered some nuances "simple" ... the
                                Fundamental Holarb Diagnosis aka the "center
                                of universe problem" is statements he makes
                                "about the universe" often are really
                                statements about his state of knowledge)
                                except i think you head is further up your
                                ass ... be interesting to see over time whether
                                it is buried deeper or starts to "slide" out.
                                it is gets buried deeper or starts to "slide"
                                \_ Partha, if I didn't know how to accomplish
                                   this with rsync already, then, yes, that
                                   would make sense.  In my case, the time
                                   required to reproduce the functionality of
                                   a $30 piece of software is a sunk cost.  The
                                   time to research that piece of software has
                                   a significant marginal cost.  Also, one or
                                   even many good reviews don't offer proof
                                   that the software doesn't have some
                                   obscure, fatal flaw.  I'm not saying that
                                   this is the case for everyone. -dans
                                   \_ You simply are wrong if you think
                                      all one of these backup suites
                                      does is rsync-type functionality.
                                      I'm not interested in assessing
                                      whether this error is due to
                                      ignorance or arrogance etc.
                                      \_ Oh, I have no doubt they do other
                                         things; it's more a question of what
                                         *I* need/how well it handles massive
                                         amounts of data. -dans
                        \_ Do other languages have the 'your head is lodged
                           firmly up your ass' idiom, or is this an English
                           only thing?
                           \- only in pointer-based languages --psb
                              \_ So you are saying dans is difficult to
                                 garbage collect? -- ilyas
                              \_ Are you saying dans is hard to garbage
                                 collect? -- ilyas
                 \_ This is true.  In my experience if you're not a big fucking
                    unix nerd and you spend all day making pretty pictures
                    in Adobe CS, you don't want to worry about the details
                    of rsync and keeping backup restoral incremental sets.
                    In fact even if you are a big fucking nerd you have
                    better things to do.
                    \_ I'll have to check it out.  If only it was invented ten
                       years earlier. -dans
           \_ Color Climax Corp. of Denmark.  Check out its Teenage Sex series.
           \_ Chaos Computer Club
2007/11/12-16 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:48608 Activity:nil
11/12   How many people actually like Firefox 2.0 new tabs where there's
        a close button on every tab, and that you have to scroll left/right
        when you have too many tabs?
        \_ Fix it in about:config
        \_ I like the tabs in Fx, but I usually use Ctrl-W to close and
           Ctrl-TAB to switch.
        \_ There's a dropdown tab selector thing. I hate the close button on
           tab deal, but that's easy to fix in about:config.
           What I really wish FF had was if you drag a tab off the window it
           becomes a new window with that tab. I think Safari and Opera
           do that now. FF creates a shortcut if you do that, how stupid.
        \_ The about:config for FF allows you to modify that behavior.  Look up
           browser.tabs.closeButtons (0 is close button only for current tab, 1
           is default, and 2 is no close buttons)
2007/11/12-16 [Transportation/Bicycle, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:48609 Activity:moderate
11/12   I just started riding bike again, and the joys of maintaining tire
        pressure are once again mine.  Is there a device or compressor out
        there that can have a fixed cut-off pressure? -emarkp
        \_ I love Mormons because many of them ride bikes and are very
           eco-conscious.                               -libural
           \_ I just pump the damn thing up until it's really firm.
              If I notice it's a little slack the next morning, repeat.
              \_ You aren't talking tires anymore are you?
           \_ Except for the eight kids thing.
        \_ At the Shell gas station that I go to, you can set the desired
           pressure at the pump and it stops autmoatically when it reaches the
           pressure.  I don't know if there are portable ones that you can use
           for your bike.
        \_ Ah, never mind.  Found one on my own.
           \_ Just get a floor pump with a gauge.  An air compressor is
              serious overkill for a bicycle, and won't work as well on
              Presta valves, which is what you should be using unless you
              are doing something strange.  -tom
              \_ Bike fanatics prefer presta for accuracy, durability,
                 and other factors. People who bike 1-2 miles a day
                 will most likely not notice any significant difference.
                 \_ How is a Presta valve more accurate or durable?  My tires
                    are wide, and I ride about 5 mi/day. -emarkp
                    are wide, and I ride about 50 mi/day. -emarkp
                    \_ If you have to ask... nevermind.
                       \_ Um, I want to know, and haven't seen any claims like
                          that in the comparisons I've found about accuracy or
                          reliability (what does "accuracy" even mean here?)
              \_ Something strange like riding to work on an old bike?
                 What's wrong with Schrader valves? -jrleek
                 Why do I need Presta valves? -jrleek
              \_ I have a foot pump with a gauge already.  And I'm happy with
                 Schrader valves, but I'll take your advice into consideration.
                 The comments about Presta I've seen suggest they're important
                 for narrow tires, and that tubeless mountain bike tires use
                 them.  Okay, I don't have either, so I'll stick with Schrader.
                \_ I don't care what valve you use, but I'd recommend just
                   buying a cheap set of non-knobby, narrowish tires if you
                   are riding on the road. Why would you use wide tires?
                   \_ I agree here.  Riding on skinny tires is so much easier.
                      On the other hand, if you want a workout, I guess
                      big tires may be good...
                   \_ In San Francisco at least, with all the train tracks
                      and the rough roads, I feel more secure on wide tires.
                      Maybe this is foolish, I don't know. -!pp
                      \_ Well you don't need super-skinny racing tires. Are
                         yours knobby? I think even if you want fatter tires
                         you can use semi-slick or slick ones. Knobs are
                         probably the biggest energy drain.
                         \_ I prefer the wide semi-slick.  Primarily because on
                            the side of the road there can be lots of debris,
                            and the wide tires seem to do better with fewer
                            flats. -emarkp
                         \_ Yeah, mine are knobby. Thanks for the info, I
                            think I will switch to some big smooth ones.
                            \_ If you're on the street, get semi-slick.
                               \_ Presta valves simply work better with
                                  hand pumps.  Having to press in the
                                  valve stem isn't a problem when you're
                                  using a high-pressure air compressor,
                                  but if you're using a tiny hand pump
                                  it is sometimes impossible to fill the
                                  tire faster than the air leaks out.
                                  On the question of tires, wide slick
                                  tires are what I would recommend on a
                                  commuter.  The Schwalbe Big Apple is
                                  a great tire, but there are plenty of
                                  others.  I don't think you need tires
                                  narrower than 700x28 unless you're
                                  specifically riding for speed.  -tom
                                  \_ I carry a foot pump in my saddlebags, so I
                                     don't care about the resistance of the
                                     valve spring.  But since the pin on a
                                     pump depresses the spring, why would the
                                     Presta give any advantage there?  -emarkp
                                     \_ The ability of the pin on the
                                        pump to depress the spring
                                        depends on the geometry of the
                                        valve stem and the pump; it is
                                        far too common to be unable to
                                        pump up a Schraeder valve tube
                                        with a bike pump, and it's
                                        especially a problem when the
                                        tire is flat, making it
                                        difficult to have the leverage
                                        to get the pump on the valve
                                        stem.  The Presta is just more
                                        robust for the application.  -tom
                                        \_ That makes perfect sense.  I've done
                                           my roadside repairs before, and
                                           agree that it sucks to have a hand
                                           pump, and can see that the Schrader
                                           could be more of a problem, but
                                           haven't don't the roadside fix
                                           experience with a Presta valve.
                                           That's why I started carrying a foot
                                           pump with me.  On the other hand, if
                                           I were offroad, I wouldn't want to
                                           be lugging saddlebags. -emarkp
2007/11/12-16 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:48610 Activity:nil
11/12   The smart cars only get 33/40?
        \_ My 82 Datsun 720 diesel pickup beats that. -scottyg
           \_ My whimpy '87 Ford Escort Pony 4-seater used to get 38mpg
        \_ Under the standard American test environment (fat 300 pound
           man), yes.
        \_ That's worse than the Prius which seats 5 (or 4 if you are the
           standard American size.)
        \_ Check out the "What about safety?" section.  Can a car so tiny
           really be that safe???  BTW how come our NHTSA doesn't conduct
           crash tests at 50mph?
           \_ Because a 50mph crash is going to kill you.  Anyone who survives
              a wreck at those speeds is very lucky someone got them to a good
              hospital immediately and owes their lives to the first
              \_ "...... Schembri's team hauled in one that was smashed in the
                 rear in a 50-mph test. There was no intrusion into the
                 passenger compartment."
           \_ Generally, the larger a vehicle is, the more dangerous it is.
              \_ huh?  The heavier it is, the safer it is to the occupants.
                 It's not safer for the others on the road....
                 \_ The larger the vehicle, the more dangerous for others
                    and the more likely to get into an accident in the first
                    place since handling will be worse.  But once in an
                    accident, the heavier vehicle general is safer.  Of
                    course SUVs have more lax safety standards, so ...
               \_ The Smart Car weighs 2400 pounds, which isn't really all
                  that light. The Yaris weighs less and the Fit and Mini
                  about the same.
        \_ Smart cars are not bought for gas mileage but for the ability to
           park anywhere easily I think.
           \_ No, smart cars are imported for the tiny little Asian people
              who live in American cities (e.g. San Francisco). These are
              the same tiny little Asians who like to buy tiny little Hello
              Kitty toys and have tiny little yuppie Yorkshire Terriers.
              \_ Uhh dude, EUROPEAN.
2007/11/12-16 [Health/Disease/General] UID:48611 Activity:nil
        Don't do this at work
        \_ I don't want to work there.
2007/11/12-16 [Uncategorized] UID:48612 Activity:nil
11/12   Google stock at 630. Bahahahahahahaha      -already dumped at 730
        \_ You dumped at 730? What a schmuck, I sold at 747.24.
2007/11/12-16 [Uncategorized] UID:48613 Activity:nil
11/12   Happy Veteran's Day! Lots of goodies on the History Channel. When
        you get a chance make sure to read about Siegfriedstellung, a
        defensive forts and tank defenses built by the fatherland.  -0 sex
        \_ Veterans Day was yesterday.
2007/11/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48614 Activity:nil
11/12   I read recently that Brazilian women are really into anal sex.
        Is this true? Has anyone on the motd been to Brazil? Why didn't
        I hear about this sooner?
2007/11/12-16 [Transportation/Car/RoadHogs, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:48615 Activity:low
11/12   Anyone can read Japanese here?  The mileage ratings for the Japanese
        Prius range from 27.0km/L to 35.5km/L, which translate to 64mpg to
        84mpg.  The 2007 US EPA rating for city is only 48mpg.  Is the Japanese
        city driving condition really that different?
        BTW, what's "10.15 mode" vs. "JC08 mode"?  Thanks.
        \_ Hybrid mileage is a hard thing to measure.  EPA recently had to
           totally change the hybrid rules to make the results more in line
           with real world usage.  Before that the Prius was a lot higher.
        \_ Just a guess: Japanese pollution emmissions are less stringent
           and that leads to an increase in fuel economy.
           \_ Before that the results for non-hybrids cars were a lot higher
        \_ Just a guess: Japanese pollution emissions are less stringent
           and that leads to an increase in fuel economy.  For example, I
           believe the Subaru WRX was not available in the US for a long
           time because of pollution emissions.
           \_ I follow changes to the Corolla engines (not so much with the
              Prius), and I know that Toyota moved to using direct injection
              in their Japanese engines in 2003, which results in better gas
              mileage.  They can't do this in the US because gasoline in the
              US contains far too much sulfur.  US gasoline content was slated
              \_ What are you talking about? My Lexus uses direct
                 injection and so do a lot of other Toyota cars.
                 \_ That was the reason cited *by Toyota* for not using
                    direct injection *in that engine* *at that time*.
                    Running gasoline with high sulfur content in a lean burn
                    direct injection engine leads to sulfur fouling of the
                    catalytic converter.  You could get around this with a
                    catalytic converter with a much more expensive catalyst
                    or by changing the fuel/air mix.  However, the point
                    holds: this is a concrete example of an engine technology
                    with better mileage in Japan than in the US because of
                    more stringent Japanese environmental regulation.
              to reduce the sulfur content in 2006 (from 300ppm to 30ppm),
              but this was postponed indefinitely under pressure from the oil
              companies.  I'd be surprised if that development wasn't in the
              Prius engine by now.  So yes, environmental restrictions are
              part of the difference in gas mileage between US and Japanese
              Toyota engines, but it's (at least in part) because of *more*
              stringent environmental requirements in Japan.  Incidentally,
              in addition to improving gas mileage, the switch to direct
              injection also increased horsepower and torque in the 2003
              \_ Cool info. What about Honda Accord engines? Why did they
                 change the engine in 2006/7? It sounds very differently
                 during startup, and revving.
        \_ I wish American car companies put this much engineering effort
           into their products, instead of figuring out how to sell the
           average consumer fucking 100 pound chromed cow ramming barriers
           on the front of their SUVs.  Seriously, who needs that shit?
              \_ Cool info. What about Honda Accord engines? Why did they
                 change the engine in 2006/7? It sounds very differently
                 during startup, and revving.

           \_ Men who haven't had good sex in over 10 years and need to
              overcompensate because otherwise they would have to admit
              that at half of the reason for that is them.  Just ask
              MR Women-don't-like-sex guy.
              \_ Yes, and the other half of the reason is that women don't
                 like sex, which you seem to ignore completely.
2007/11/12-16 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:48616 Activity:nil
11/12   Happy Veteran's Day! History Channel is full of WW2, Hitler, Jews,
        etc. Make sure to watch it!
        \_ No Nanjing Massacre?
2007/11/12-16 [Uncategorized] UID:48617 Activity:nil
11/12   wow inane night on the motd
        \_ Not getting laid, too much excess energy...
2007/11/12-16 [Uncategorized] UID:48618 Activity:nil
11/12   Compost indoor made easy!
2007/11/12-14 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:48619 Activity:low
11/12   Happy WW2 Day! For fun, let's hypothetically say that you're Hitler
        in WW2 and had a large Jewish labor force at your disposal, what
        would you have them do for you assuming you've come to the
        realization that ethnic cleansing is stupid?
        \_ One word:  Zaftig!
           \_ I second that! Plump & juicy!
        \_ A dance number?
        \_ Build pyramids
        \_ lock them up till they invent super weapons
2007/11/12-14 [Reference/Military] UID:48620 Activity:kinda low
11/12   How many deaths were attributed by Wernher von Braun? Hero for our
        Saturn V, or villain for his creation that killed civilians?
        \_ "Vonce ze rockets go up, who cares vhere zey come down? That's not
        \_ "Vonce ze rockets go up, who cares vhere zey come down? Zat's not
           my department," says Wernher von Braun.
        \_ How accountable should we hold the maker of a weapon for how
           it's used?
2007/11/12-13 [Uncategorized] UID:48621 Activity:nil 80%like:48632
11/12   Do the Barbie Twins still have enormous breast implants?
        \_ I once read an article saying that if the Barbie is scaled to real-
           life height, its (her) measurements would be 38-13-34.
2007/11/12-16 [Uncategorized] UID:48622 Activity:moderate
11/12   Poll: Would you rather work with dans or tom, if neither is not
        an option?
        \_ dans is a young idiot, tom is a stable idiot. I'll pick
           stability any time.
        \_ Tom: .
           \_ I've held conversations with both.  Dans is way more full
              of himself than Tom by at least 10x.
              \_ Justifiably so.  Tom is more risk averse than I am. -dans
                \_ he's a BB and your a DD twink?
                   \_ Only a twink prodigy would come up with twink points.
        \_ I resent not being a part of this poll. -- ilyas
           \_ libertarians work best when they're alone... in a cabin in
              Montana, with a manual typewriter, and wires, and timers, ...
              \_ How many libertarians like that do you actually know?
        \_ Either one much more than with you.
2007/11/12-16 [Computer/SW/OS/Linux, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:48623 Activity:nil
11/12   how do i make a fail safe magical backup for my debian box
        that i can quickly boot from if the box explodes?
        \_ keep a linux live boot cd around for just such an emergency
           \_ And learn about 'dd'
        \_ I was hoping there was something as slick as CCC, for unix.
           \_ You can first duplicate the disk offline with dd, then just
              keep it up to date with regularly scheduled rsync, which
              should work fine as long as you're using a bootloader like
              grub that understands the filesystem rather than lilo.  A
              more elaborate system would be to use a filesystem that
              allows snapshotting, but probably unnecessary in most cases
              if databases aren't involved.
2007/11/12-16 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:48624 Activity:nil
11/12   the repub nominee candidates are all terrible.  romney
        seems the least batshit right now to me, even with his double
        gitmo comment.  what am i going to do?
        \_ Come over to the Dark Side, Luke.
        \_ Romney? He's an idiot. He would be another GW Bush. If you like
           GW Bush then there you go. For a "status quo" candidate, what
           is batshit about Giuliani or Thompson?  -Ron Paul voter
           \_ I vote for Ron Paul too.  I am a Democrat.
              \_ Why?  Actually how are you voting in the Rep. primary when
                 you are a Democrat?  Anyway... i bet it's fun to be able to
                 take very principled stands when you have no chance of
                 winning.  Ron Paul's other positions are pretty way over
                 there on the other end of the scale, extreme right wing.
                 I guess he gets points for being completely honest about it.
                 I still can't vote for him.
                 \_ What are the "extreme right wing" positions? He's more of
                    a libertarian, I'm pretty comfortable with him, knowing
                    he won't push crazy religious agendas for example. He's
                    not going to cut old people off social security.
                    I kinda doubt many of his ideas would get through Congress
                    At this point I'm apathetic about everyone else so I
                    have no reason to vote for anyone else.
           \_ Romney is an 'idiot'?  Proof?
              \_ Not a literal, dictionary one of course. I hate the guy
                 but I don't feel like digging up links for you, sorry.
                 Ok I don't even actually personally hate him to be honest.
                 But what's a motd post without exaggerated bombast?
                 \_ So 'idiot' means, "doesn't agree" with you?  Okay, thought
                   \_ There's nothing to agree/disagree with. He's one of those
                      "smiling faces in a suit" type of politicians, with a
                      generic status quo platform. "I love America!" whee
                      \_ What you (left wing liberal nut) want: an intellect,
                                sympathetic to LGBT, yada yada yada.
                         What America wants: good looking, confident,
                                and loves America. That's Romney.
                      \_ In another word he's like Ronald Reagan and
                         HE IS GONNA KICK YOUR SORRY D ASS!!!
                      \_ ^^^ you guys are idiots, I'm not a D. I said
                         I was a Ron Paul guy.
                         \_ Which of course makes *you* an idiot.  Paul is
                            nuttier than a fruitcake.
                            \_ Bush talks to an invisible entity every day.
                               Various kinds of nuttiness of the president are
                               beside the point, the important thing is what
                               direction will a given president push the
                               current status quo, given his beliefs, and the
                               inherent limitations of the office of the
                               president. -- ilyas
                           \_ At least he's not fruitier than a nutcake?
                              Also:  "Proof"?
                              How is Romney different from GWB? Other than
                              being better looking and more articulate.
                              Romney's web site is virtually content free.
                              The only clear message is about fighting
                              Jihadists. I think Romney is ignorant of
                              economics based on his speeches and writings.
                              I'd rather have Duncan Hunter, for a "non nutty"
                              \_ Paul has said he will dissolve the FBI.
                                 Yes, Duncan Hunter is the real conservative
                                \_ Link? Dissolving the FBI doesn't sound
                                   inherently nutty. Why do we need FBI,
                                   CIA, Homeland Security, DEA, BATF, etc.?
                                   It's ridiculous. I don't know anything
                                   about Ron Paul's plans in this arena
                                   and a quick google doesn't find it.
                                   But I'm not someone who thinks status quo
                                   must be the best because it's the status
                \_ Romney is not an idiot, he is a Moron(i).
                   \_ I've decided being a Mormon isn't so bad.  They believe
                      in the Moroni Golden Plate theory, Catholics believe
                      the living flesh of Christ appears when you take
                      communion.  This is amazing on so many levels!  eat
                      that fake dead living flesh of your lord!
        \_ Any R >>> D. Say no to socialism!!!          -fake conservative
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