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2007/11/11-15 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:48602 Activity:nil
11/11   "A century ago, automobiles were viewed as friends of the environment;
        they were much cleaner than horses. In 1900, for example, New York
        City horses deposited over 2.5 million pounds of manure and 60,000
        gallons of urine on the streets. About 15,000 dead horses also had
        to be removed from the city streets each year. The motorcar promised
        to eliminate such animal waste."
        Save the environment, drive a car!
        \_ Why didn't anybody win the Nobel Prize for taking carriages around,
           and lecturing on the Dangers of the Coming Horse Shit Crisis?
           \_ There was no Nobel Peace Prize back in 1900.
              \_ It's a good thing our society found a way to recognize
                 prescient Malthusians like Al Gore.  Without them, we would
                 all be drowning in horse shit now.
        \_ Cars today are still much cleaner than horses today.  They are just
           not clean enough.
2007/11/11-15 [Recreation/Humor] UID:48603 Activity:nil
11/11   Happy Veteran's Day! Watch the History Channel! PS it's funny that
        a 70 year old Caucasian veteran looks like a 70 year old Asian
        veteran. Sucks to be old man.
        \_ Shoot Out: Faluja, on the History Channel. Good show.
2007/11/11-15 [Finance/Investment] UID:48604 Activity:nil Cat_by:ausman
11/11   The Nikkei 225 is taking a beating.  Save us Ben Bernanke, you're our
        only hope!
        \_ bah. an automobile has over 10000 components and Bernake is
           just one little gear.
        \_ bah. An engine has over 1000 components, and Bernake is just
           one component out of many.
           \_ I think he's more like the nut behind the wheel.
        \_ What is Ben supposed to do for a foreign stock market?
2007/11/11-15 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:48605 Activity:nil
11/11   Kick them out - Home secretary set to order Italian-style
        crackdown on immigrants
        \_ Why would anyone ever click on a link with a bare IP address?  When
           you're using tactics common in spam and worms, it doesn't put you
           or your points in a good light. -dans
           \_ Um, because for every 10 smart guys like you (AH HEM ya ok)
              there is 1 more sucker who will click on it.
              \_ Which is why those things work in spam and worms which are a
                 numbers game anyway.  I'd like to believe the level of clue on
                 the motd is appreciably higher than people who click on links
                 in spam.  Perhaps I'm a fool for wanting to believe that.
                 \_ Oh yes, the fact that you're trolled so easily,
                    is a clear indication that you are.
                    \_ Who's the greater fool, the fool or the fool who
                       follows him? -dans
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