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2007/11/8-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48574 Activity:low
11/18   've been dating a woman for the last 3 months.  She lives in San Rafael
         and I live in Oakland.  I usually only see her on the
        weekends unless she comes out to visit during the week because
        neither one of us drives.  Obviously this is not an ideal
        situation but we both feel strongly about eachother.  The
        problem is she has become extremely jealous and doesn't
        believe that I am always working when she is not around.  I
        have a full time job and just bought a fixer-upper house which
        I've been remodeling in the afternoons.  My phone never rings
        with other women's calls when she is around and I've never
        lied to her about where I'm at.  Any idea how I can get her to
        trust me?
        \_ A misspent youth with 70s TV tells me you should arrange an
           elaborate scenario involving a case of mistaken identity, a
           perfectly innocent friendship with a smoking hot model, a midget,
           at least two different four star hotels, a car chase, and a long
           night stuck in an elevator. And then she'll trust you forever.
           \_ Best motd answer, ever.
              \_ I agree.  It was a thing of beauty.
        \_ Sounds like a warning sign to me.  Get out while you can.
        \_ You don't know how to drive?
           \_Sure I know how to drive.  I just bicycle everywhere, and she
             is from Peru, so she does not have a license.  Since dating
                \_ You know, her being from Peru might explain the jealousy.
                   It's pretty much cultural norm in South America for men
                   to have a huge "macho" streak and that means multiple
                   women, if they can.  You might discuss this with her
                   \_ She actually thought that US men were less loyal and
                      more likely to sleep around than Peruvian's.  I told
                      her shit like that is a personal choice. -op
                      \_ It's personal choice for most of the men in the US.
                         If we could spread our genes everywhere, we would.
                         We have the evolutionary advantage.
                         \_ Speak for yourself. Sex might be fun but spreading
                            genes doesn't matter to me. It doesn't do anything
                            for me. Do you donate to sperm banks?
                            \_ deep down inside, that is what many of us want.
                               we all want to win the evolutionary race.
                               \_ Intelligence: not necessarily a survival
                            \_ A clear failure of the selfish gene concept.
                      \_ Are you sure she isn't from Nepal?
                      \_ I've heard so many funny sterotypes about Americans
                         for foreigners.  It's particularly funny because they
                         are often also likely to say things like, "You don't
                         know anything about us, but we know everything about
                         \_ Yes.  I've heard all foreigners are like that.
                         \_ I like how Japanese presume that Americans
                            will steal. Where do they get that idea from?
                            \_ American military men steal and rape Okinawa
                               women. Stop the American occupation!
                               \_ I heard all Okinawan women look like Mr
                                  \_ While that may be true, Mr. Miyagi looks
                                     sexy when you're in a foreign military
                                     zone and haven't had sex for ages.
             her I've gone out and renewed my license and am buying a car
             so that I can see her more often.  This goes against most of my
             morals, but I am willing to do it for her.
             \_ And yet she's crazy jealous with no evidence. Danger, Danger!
                \_ Presumably you are not telling her not to come to your
                   place.  So if she is jealous, tell her she's free to stop
                   \_ If she came by she'd run into his other gfs.
2007/11/8-14 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:48575 Activity:nil
11/8    Congratulations, GOOG is/was below 700.  Did you make any $ finally?
        \_ You don't make money until you sell.  Why would you ever sell
           GOOG?  It can only go up.
        \_ Google down, bahahahahahahahahahahahaha I WIN I WIN
        \_ I will never understand the market.  Google announces a neato mobile
           alliance and it drops 60 points?
           \_ technicals have showed parabolic growth along with RIMM AAPL
              GOOG showed some wavering yesterday
              GOOG wavered yesterday
              Bernanke's testimony closed the deal
              gold is about to get fucked right now
              \_ Why gold? It seems that as long as the dollar falls, gold
                 can't help but go up. Are you predicting a dollar rally?
                 \_ let's say dollar index is down -x% for the year.
                    gold futures go up +x% right?  what if it's 5 * x?
                    that may be called "speculation", prob with borrowed $
           \_ irrationality drives the price. If you rationalize that it goes
              one way, it will surely go another way.
        \_ To make money on GOOG you must sell your shares.  You should never
           sell GOOG as it can only go up.
           \_ Bahahahahhaahahahaha good luck            -already sold at 735
              \_ If you sold your GOOG you already lost.  You'll never get back
2007/11/8-12 [Computer/HW/Printer] UID:48576 Activity:kinda low
11/8    motd printer guy here.  someone at work just printed out a shitload of
        pages of info about their herpes oral (as in YOU TAKE IT ORALLY,
        jerks) meds.  People are weird.
        \_ 1) didnt know we had a motd printer guy.  2) what is weird about
           abusing the office printer?  it's commonplace.
           \_ I think this is more about someone dumb enough to leave
              their herpes info on a public printer at work.
              \_ Why?  Did you know the majority of adult Americans have oral
                 herpes?   A lot have genital herpes but no symptoms.  It is
                 dirt common.
                 \_ It's still idiotic to print out private health information
                    on the office printer. -dans
                    \_ Having oral herpes isn't private.  You probably have
                       it.  Most of the motd has it.
                       \_ Statistically you're correct.  Factually, you're
                           wrong. -dans
                          \_ Factually I'm wrong?  Uh ok.  Care to elaborate?
                 \_ The OP specifically said genital herpes and I wouldn't
                    really want the people at my office to know that.
                    \_ OP said no such thing.  Just said "info about their
                       \_ What do you conclude from the statement
                          "as in YOU TAKE IT ORALLY, jerks"? I conclude
                          that he doesn't want the reader to get confused
                          about the oral nature of the herpes itself.
                          \_ I read it differently.  It isn't grammatically
                             correct so it is hard to say.  If OP wants to
                             clarify, that would help.
        \_ statistically dans has you know what
           \_ Statistically, people who post anonymously on the internet are
              assholes. -dans
              \_ Statistically, 95% of what dans has to say is crap
                 and there is a 98% of his crappy startup failing
                 \_ I think 100 million dollar paypal guy should put his
                    money somewhere more useful like funding HUMAN BOMBS
                    against Japanese whaling fleets.  The world doesn't need
                    cute ways of pumping out photos of naked, bulging
                    co-eds in low tops drinking while playing beer pong
                    on more social networks.  I guess it depends on how cute
                    the girl is.
                 \_ Bitter much?  I feel sorry for you. -dans
2007/11/8-11 [Recreation/Food] UID:48577 Activity:low
11/8    Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Worth it or overrated?
        \_ Went there once.  It was truly horrible.  My steak was bad.  My
           wife's steak was worse.  It was a celebration event for her sister
           so we didn't ask if her's was bad too.
        \_ For a chain steakhouse, I like Morton's better.  For a local
           high end one, I like the Harris Restaurant on Van Ness.  For
           a local, neighborhood steak house, Izzy's on Steiner near
           \_ Izzy's is beyond bad.
           \_ I haven't eaten at Ruth's Chris, but Morton's has been
              consistently good. -dans
2007/11/8-12 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48578 Activity:nil
11/8    Ron Paul on patriotism
2007/11/8-12 [Recreation/Pets] UID:48579 Activity:nil
11/8    Are eunuchs able to have erections or orgasm? What about neutered dogs?
        \_ Dunno about dogs, but our male cat still tries to mount our female
           cats, despite having been neutered years ago.  -ERic
        \_ There are different types of eunuchs, so the answer varies.
2007/11/8-11 [Uncategorized] UID:48580 Activity:kinda low
11/8    The voices are back.  Excellent!
        \_ In your head?
           \_ Drifting just outside.
2007/11/8-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48581 Activity:low
11/8    hot 22 year old thing didn't work, but she did make me a nice dinner.
        \_ Dude, if she's cooking for you then you're in the game
           \_ I hate you.  You are getting my hopes up.  I was going to curl
              up with a nice book on UML all weekend.
              \_ I prefer wget over curl.
        \_ What do you mean it didn't work? Did you make a pass at her or
           not? Have you broken up with your no-sex g/f yet?
           \_ Didn't make a pass.  Frigid no sex g/f that I am beginning
              to unhealthily resent more and more as time goes is still around.
              \_ Dude, if you're not going to do anything about your problems,
                 (like TALK to your GF), of course the problems don't get fixed
                 \_ Talking will get him nowhere. --been there, done that
                    \_ He needs to talk or act.  If he talks and it does
                       nothing then it is time to act.  I still think the
                       whole thing is an elaborate story made up for his/our
                       amusement.  I'm amused so I'm happy to play along.
                       \_ I'm pretty serious about the whole thing.  I'm not
                          that annoying dog chow chow fucker motd guy.
                    \_ Huh, when my wife started to cool off, we talked about
                       it, she read up, and now I get a plenty of sex.  As long
                       as I help out with the kids and housework. Win-win.
                       \_ This talking thing sounds awesome!  I still think
                          I'm going to end up like the asian guy on Dexter.
                          \_ I should point out that it helps to have some
                             'expert' opinion to site.  Just saying "I'm
                             horny, let's have more sex" doesn't do it.  Being
                             able to point to a chapter in a book that says
                             something like, "Men require physical intemancy
                             to feel loved and accepted by their partners" is
                             much more effective.  It puts it in terms women
                             understand.  Even if the truth is, "I'm horny."
                             \_ This is actually good advice.  I'll try to
                                follow it.  1 problem is my gf has been
                                borrowing tons of feminist Dworkin literature
                                that I really don't care about but I'm sure
                                this is a tiny part of why we haven't had sex
                                in ages and ages.  Plus I'm pretty sad because
                                my girlfriend previous to this one just wanted
                                to have sex sex sex sex and more sex sex
                                sex sex at night sex in the morning sex at
                                lunch if it was the weekend can't get enough
                                sex sex sex and now I sit around wondering
                                what the hell happened.
                                \_ Why did you break up with your old g/f?
                                   \_ She was obviously far and/or messed
                                   \_ She was obviously fat and/or messed
                                      up in the head.
                                      \_ Go pay her a visit.  Maybe she still
                                         wants sex with you.
                        \_ yes only fat girls want sex. i forgot.
2007/11/8-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48582 Activity:nil
11/8    all forms of intimacy i see on the street between couples make
        me incredibly bitter.
        \_ even doggies screwing and cats screaming at night?
        \_ It makes me nauseous and always has. I don't like PDA and I
           don't participate in it.
           \_ You won't hold hands in public?  Kiss on the cheek?
              \_ Holding hands is okay, but that's it.
                 \_ How about civil conversation?
           \_ If you don't like PDA, get a SmartPhone.
2007/11/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:48583 Activity:kinda low
11/8    Jackie Johnson... nice tits, nice round butts.
        \_ I love her and want to marry her.
2007/11/8-9 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:48584 Activity:kinda low
11/8    Character counts. Kerry has no character. Neither do any of the Ds.
        \_ Ah, astoundingly useless statement.  Hey, how bout "All R's are
           corrupt!"  You sound like the twat you are.
           \_ again this is why liberals don't win. they think intelligence
              and reasoning win votes. Nooooooo. It's all in the CHARACTER.
              Case in point, Ronald Reagan. It didn't matter what policy
              he had. The smile, the tone, the confidence... CHARACTER COUNTS.
           \_ Seesh, you fell for that lame-o strawman troll?  Idiot. -!op
              \_ It's a slow night.
2007/11/8 [Uncategorized] UID:48585 Activity:nil
11/8    Dexter sure gets laid a lot
2018/12/10 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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