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2007/11/7-9 [Transportation/Car] UID:48563 Activity:nil
11/7    Why are there so many police pursuits in S Cal?
        \_ I was going through Oakland when some guy being chased by 6 cops
           tried to hide in traffic.  It was just like TV.  Except for the
           part where his car didn't fly off a cliff and explode in mid-air.
        \_ Huge freeways, poor public transport, and a lot of meth.
           \_ You're missing blacks and hispanics.      -racist but true
2007/11/7-9 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:48564 Activity:low
11/7    What can i do?  The top 3 repub candidates are in an insaneD
        alternative universe proclaiming to the people how they are
        more pro torture than the other guy.  It's really odd.
        I can't vote for any of these guys.  They're almost as bad
        as the fascist president in the movie 'The Dead Zone'
        \_ What's the problem then?
        \_ Don't vote. R is doomed this election anyways. Thanks Georgy!
           \_ It's not Georgy's fault he was elected.
              \_ Fucking Al Gore and Kerry's fault. Speaking of Kerry,
                 what is he doing these days, sulking like Al Gore?
                 \_ Gore is hardly sulking. He is jet setting and giving
                    speeches, basking in the glow of his Nobel Prize.
                    \_ Gore is apparently promoting Peace.
                       \_ And poking fun at himself on shows like 30 Rock.
                          Go, Al.
2007/11/7-9 [Uncategorized] UID:48565 Activity:nil
11/7    I'm betting G will go down to 700 again before reaching 800.
        What are you guys betting?              -Bought G at around 450
        \_ Up Up up! The sky's the limit!  G will own us all!
2007/11/7-9 [Uncategorized] UID:48566 Activity:nil
11/7    Some actors were very handsome when they were young, but looks
        like crap when they get older, such as William Shatner, Roger
        Moore. Others look more charming when they get older, such as
        Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery. Is this genetic? Or does it
        depend on their "lavish" lifestyle when they were young?
        Having sex with too many woman drained their mojo?
        \_ gay++
2007/11/7-9 [Transportation/Car] UID:48567 Activity:nil
11/6    GM lost $39B dollars.
        \_ Damn!  Someone needs to get at least a $500 million severance
           package for that!  Where do I sign up?
        \_ Clearly, there's a libural conspiracy to increase public
           transportation and to increase oil prices. GM lost $39B
           thanks to liburals.
2007/11/7-14 [Finance/Investment] UID:48568 Activity:low
11/7    Poll: Do you think corporate chief executive kick-backs, benefits,
        and packages should be more closely watched and/or regulated for
        better accountability to the small time, long tail share-holders,
        or do you think it is fine the way it is? Mark D if you're a
        Democrat, R if you're a Republican, L if you're a libertarian...
        Regulation: D
        \_ The phrasing of this is so stupidly biased as to be useless.
           Also, there's kind of a wide range between regulation and
           no regulation whatsoever (which seems to be what you mean by
           'Free-Market').  Also: who cares? -dans
        \_ I think we should regulate the movie and sports industries to insure
           that no actor, director, sports star, etc. gets an unfair wage.
           Social Justice!
        \_ I just want a multi hundred million kiss off package for destroying
           a company.  Where's that option on the poll?
        \_ If you want to see the Free Market in action, go down to Baja for
           a couple of days. The Haves have lovely hotels and license to do
           whatever they want. The Have Nots are pimping their sisters in
           order to get into the Have category. And there's trash and sewage
           \_ Yes, because Mexico's economy is the closest example to a
              free market economy in the world.
              \_ What is the best example? Congo?
           \_ That's more of a plutocracy.  Or criminalocracy.
2007/11/7-9 [Computer/Companies/Yahoo] UID:48569 Activity:nil
11/7    I still use Yahoo because I like Yahoo better. Whenever my network
        is down, I ping Google turned off their icmp.
        Assholes. Go Yahoo!                     -loyal yahooer
        \_ huh?  I ping for tests all the time.
           \_ It hasn't at times in the past, but OP must be pretty bored
              to be pointing this out.
2007/11/7-9 [Health] UID:48570 Activity:high
11/7    Antibiotic resistent superbug is here. Comment?
                   \_ It's resistant, idiot.
        \_ It's been here for several years.  My father came very close to
           dieing from it.
           \_ How did he get well from it?
            \_ Hospitals have antibiotics that are only used in cases of
               extreme emergency.  (The head of the hospital has to sign
               off on them, generally used only a few tiems a year, etc).
               They tend to be good for a few years.  After a while they need
               to find another antibiotic to replace the super one because
               it loses its effectiveness.  My understanding is Cipro used
               to be one of those super drugs.  Now it barely works against
               these new staphs.
               \- uh ... yes, overuse of antibiotics is bad. but the rest of
                  this is pretty off. the "super drug" is vancomycin aka
                  "the antibiotic of last resort". it's not a pill you pop.
                  you should read "the coming plague". the POWER of vancomycin.
                  \_ The super drug changes every few years.  And yeah at
                     the time he was getting iv drugs pretty much constantly.
                     It was touch and go for several weeks.  That shit is
           \_ Heck, I knew a guy who had it 20 years ago.
        \_ I have an idea, let's regulate phage therapy out of existence!
             -- ilyas
           \_ I have an idea, we'll wait for the free market to come up
              with a solution!                  -brilliant libertarian
        \_ PHAGES!
2007/11/7-12 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:48571 Activity:nil
11/7    When I use ssh with X11 forwarding my emacs would run. But when
        I NX into the machine and launch emacs, it would complain that
        fontset-16 is not found. What is going on?
        \_ different set of fonts in your nx's virtual X server.
2007/11/7-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48572 Activity:nil
11/7    Did anyone have trouble logging in in the last 24 hours?  I kept
        getting "access denied"--has Soda been hacked yet again?
        \_ i had that problem too
        \_ The glorious politburo can't seem to keep the LDAP server up.
        \_ Yes.  Probably.
          \_ if you bothered to look at the wall discussions, we noted that
             there was a LDAP problem -- one of the csua LDAP servers was
             down.  -ERic
             \_ Almost no one reads wall logs. Why not post this in
                \_ Didn't have access sufficient to do anything  other than
                   bellyache over wall or in the motd.  -ERic
2007/11/7-12 [Recreation/Media] UID:48573 Activity:nil
11/7    In the light of Writer's Guild of America... what would happen
        if the studio outsources scripts from overseas? I'll start:
        * Simpson's Apu's son goes to medical school
        * Purva Bedi wins America's Top Model
        * Urmila Matondkar takes over Desperate Housewives
        \_ Can we outsource the motd, too?
        \_ Uri Gellar would get an American Idol-like TV show. Oh, wait....
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