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2007/11/4-8 [Industry/Startup] UID:48530 Activity:nil
11/3    What's the best way to look for startup companies, in S Cal?
        \_ Recruiters in the area.  Job boards in the area.  Friends in
           the area.  The same as anywhere else.  There are some startups
           there but only a small fraction of the SF area.
2007/11/4-8 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48531 Activity:moderate
11/4    So, how about that Hillary/Huma Abedin sex scandal LAT is sitting on?
        \_ Rovian tactics won't work this time.
        \_ Man, I though Huma was a Saudi intelligence agent. You mean she
           is a Saudi-Isreali lipstick lesbian double agent? Where on The
           Free Republic did you read that?
        \_ Have you been reading Drudge again?
           \_ I read Drudge.  I've yet to see any mention of any Hillary
              related sex stories.  OP is just trolling, thus no URL.
              \_ But you haven't been reading THE FREE REPUBLIC!
                 \_ No, I don't read the freepers, true.  I'm still waiting
                    for a link from *any* source.  This is just a bad troll.
                    \_ I googled and found some Freeper links. Want those?
                       \_ No but if the freepers link to a non-freeper site
                          then yes.
2007/11/4-8 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:48532 Activity:low
11/4    I read of a game once where a a group of people either give each
        other smiles or frowns.  If you get a circle of smiles, everyone
        gets a good amount of points.  If everyone frown, everyone gets few
        points.  If everyone smiles but one guy, who frowns, frown guy
        gets a butt-load of points, but everyone else gets 0.  Sort of a
        "prisoner's deliema" game.  Does anyone know where I can find a writeup
        of this game?  Something more specific?  Thanks
        Addendum: I just want a description of the standard rules.
        \- uh this is a little too braod/vague. this has been under discussion
           since at least jjrousseau and the stag hunt. the "standard" modern
           non-technical work is RAXELROD: Evolution of Cooperation. again
           it depends whether your interesting is (mathmetical) game theory,
           behaviorial game theory (read: psychology), applications to
           social science etc. you might search around for "repeated" or
           "iterated prisoner's dilemma".
           \_ Ok, thanks, I really just want a standard set of group rules.
              \- it's not so much "the rules" but the payoffs ... that's
                 what you use to calculate the equillibria/um, normative
                 strategies ... then you can analyize the empirical w.r.t.
                 to the normative. btw, IPD isnt that exciting, but i suppose
                 it is "the standard" starting point. something like the
                 ultimatium game is more interesting, IMHO.
                 \_ Ok thanks.  Actually, I'm not studying it for academic
                    interest.  I was using it to play with my Sunday School
                    class of 5, 11 year old boys.  It seemed more interesting
                    than hangman.
                    \- you should enter an IPD tournament with the WWJebusD
        \_ I give you a..... SMILEY!
2007/11/4-8 [Uncategorized] UID:48533 Activity:nil
11/3    Does anyone know of a good place in the south bay to drop of
        lots (~ 100) of VHS tapes for recycling? tia.
        \_ The mud flats?
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