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2007/11/1-2 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:48505 Activity:kinda low
11/1    "I surely hope those Americans who renamed French fries into freedom
        fries and then those Americans who poured perfectly good French wine
        down their drains, I hope they realize what foolishness that was." (Yahoo News)
        \_ Isn't French fries actually "french fries" which has nothing to do
           with the country France?
        \_ Isn't French fries actually "french fries" and doesn't it have
           nothing to do with the country France?
           \_ "frenched fries" -> "french fries".
              To french a vegtable is to cut it in matchsticks.
              \_ Or kiss it with lots of tongue.
           \_ Oui.
           \_ why couldn't they just call them 'chips' like the brits do.
              \_ Because in the US chips = crisps.  You'd have to change 2
                 words.  I think just 'fries' would have been fine tho'.
              \_ I just call them 'fries'
2007/11/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:48506 Activity:nil
        Petition against mortgage bailouts and SIV off-balance-sheet entities
2007/11/1 [Reference/History/WW2] UID:48507 Activity:nil
11/1    Guys, WW2 is over. Move on man.
2007/11/1-2 [Finance/Investment] UID:48508 Activity:nil
        C with potential $30bn capital shortfall.  Heads of structured credit
        and CDO groups fired.  Tangible capital ratio at 2.8%.  Outlook poor
        as MBS/CDO positions deteriorate.,1,699259,full.story
        C takes over $400-million pension fund
2007/11/1-2 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:48509 Activity:nil
11/1    What version of Linux/Unix does Samba test on before releasing
        to the public?
2007/11/1-2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48510 Activity:low 66%like:48477
11/1    Ride bike!
        \_ Ok, why is sex with bike illegal?
           \_ Lots of things are illegal in England.
              \_ "Sexual breach of the peace". Sounds like almost anything
                 sexual could be considered breach of the peace.
        \_ I guess Fleshlight and RealDoll are all banned in the UK.
2007/11/1-4 [Uncategorized] UID:48511 Activity:low
11/1    ABK, MBI, MTG, PMI, bond and mortgage insurers, off 11-20% today
        (down 50-75% off 52-week highs).  Buy buy buy!  (and Bomb Iran!)
        Good thing many fund managers get their bonuses based on quarterly
        results that ended on Oct 31!
        \_ Nice 7-bagger on my puts, thanks
        \_ My puts are a 7 banger now!
           \_ Next time you buy some puts, tell the motd so we can all share.
              \_ Try
2007/11/1-2 [Uncategorized] UID:48512 Activity:nil
11/1    hey motd not getting laid guy, it must be day 500 or something.
        have you succeeded?
2007/11/1-2 [Academia/GradSchool] UID:48513 Activity:moderate
11/1    hi i'm too cheap to purchase Visio.  What's an alternative?
        \_ inkscape
        \_ Some people use MS Paint.
        \_ bit-torrent it
        \_ MS Word.
        \_ MS Word.  It's good enough for simple diagrams.
           \_ OpenOffice Draw is better.
        \_ OmniGraffle
2007/11/1-5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:48514 Activity:moderate
11/1    Gaza. West Bank. Good bye.
        \_ yet another example of failed colonization (YES colonization,
           where the government actually encouraged Israeli settlers to
           move into the newly acquired land after 1967).
           \_ But colonization is one of the best ways to hold territory.
              I read it in The Prince, so it has to be true.
        \_ What. Are you. Talking about.
        \_ No. Good riddens. I totally support Israel's unilateral
           disengagement plan. Instead of pouring countless resources
           into military and security outposts in and out of Arab land
           now can relax and watch the Arabs kill each other from afar.
           As for all those the Arab Qassam rockets that are being fired
           into Israel, well, better that than precision suicide bombers
           on the homeland.
           \_ Does this mean Isreal is finally going to abandon all the
           \_ Does this mean Israel is finally going to abandon all the
              settlements deep in Palestinian territory? If so, this is
              the best news for the region in 20 years.
              \_ If they do, do you expect the Palestinians to stop lobbing
                 rockets into Israel?  If they continue firing rockets, what
                 do you think Israel should do about it?
                 \_ They're going to bomb the hell out of them. -!pp
                 \_ They are lobbing rockets into Israel from the West Bank?
2007/11/1-6 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Industry/Startup] UID:48515 Activity:high
11/1    Intelligient writeup of Google's OpenSocial platform by Marc
        I got a chance to start working with OpenSocial before the public
        release as part of my job at Slide, and it's been a pleasure to work
        with.  If you're looking for an interesting new platform to hack on,
        I'd suggest giving OpenSocial a look.  Incidentally, Slide is hiring.
        Shoot me an email if you're interested in working for Slide. -dans
        \_ You are advertising well: "come work with that motd idiot."
           \_ Clearly, since you think I'm an idiot, you don't want to work
              with me.  Since you lack the courage or the common courtesy to
              stand behind your opinion by signing your name I don't want to
              work with you.  Aww, the feeling is mutual.  It's like we're
              bonding! -dans
              \_ I think you're an idiot, I don't want to work with you,
                 and I'll sign my name.   -tom
                 \_ No offense tom but I'd rather work with dans. At least
                    there's a chance of getting IPO and getting laid.
                    \_ Don't all those hot UCB co-eds want to get laid?
                       \_ not to old grumpy sysadms.
                       \_ "hot UCB co-eds" is an oxymoron
                          \_ Come to Carnegie Mellon, where you won't find anyth\
ing if you don't speak Korean. -jeffwong
                          \_ Come to Carnegie Mellon, where you won't find
                             anything if you don't speak Korean. -jeffwong
                          \_ Exactly, there are no hot blondes.
                             \_ I forgot about our pole vaulter, but I'll
                                admit some exceptions. That girl who posed
                                for Playboy was hot. A dozen hot girls
                                among 13K ugrad coeds doesn't cut it, though.
                                \_ Karen was and is hot. -dans
                                   \_ HAve you snuck her into a bar yet?
                                      \_ I'm pretty sure she's of age, and,
                                         even if she wasn't, I don't see how
                                         it would be my place to do that.
                 \_ Seriously, we should call a truce and have a beer one of
                    these days and see if we still think of each other so
                    poorly. -dans
                    \_ You don't come across better in person, imo. -- ilyas
                       \_ For once I agree with ilyas.
                       \_ Ouch!
                       \_ Ditto. -dans
                          \_ You come across worse in person.
                             \_ My friends disagree. -dans
                                \_ That's selection bias. -- ilyas
              \_ P.S. The "motd idiot" is one of the principal authors of an
                 application that, according to current public estimates,
                 has over 12.5M users.  The M is for millions, not the roman
                          \_ Update: 12.75M
                 numeral M. -dans
                 \_ I thought it was 12.5 Male users, which would be about
        \_ Everyone is hiring.
           \_ Not everyone has anywhere near the reach of Slide:
              I should further note, that just counting web site visitors
              lowballs our numbers spectacularly.
              \_ you:
                 They have more page views, and more views per visit which
                 means they're "stickier" than slide.  Mmmmm, fun with
                                \_ Actually we went to great pains to make
                          *less* sticky.  If you actually
                                   understood what we do, then you'd
                                   understand why that's a smart move. -dans
                                   \_ I've never heard of a business model
                                      where users going away is a good thing.
                                      Seriously, best of luck to you and your
                                      company.  Done here.
                                      \_ Slide makes embeddable content.
                                         Create -> Embed -> Repeat.  Note that
                                         our embeddable content feeds people
                                         back to the site.  You're right, you
                                         are done here since you clearly don't
                                         understand what you're talking about.
                 \_ You should re-read the data.  Actually we have more page
                    views globally, double the uniques in the US and over
                    20M more uniques globally then they do.  We have also
                    managed to soundly trounce them on every platform where we
                    have competed.  You're right, statistics are fun! -dans
                    \_ we are SO impressed that you work for the 400,000th
                       Friendster clone, and that you think you're beating
                       the 399,999th Friendster clone.  Woo.  -tom
                       \_ Slide is not a social network.  And hey, we're only
                          bigger than Digg.  And Craigstlist.  And
                          bigger than Digg.  And Craigslist.  And
                          But, yeah, you're right.  It's probably just a
                          gimmick. -dans
                          gimmick.  Update: we dipped below Craigslist again.
                          Bummer. -dans
                          \_ You had me going for a while until you said you
                             were bigger than Craigslist.  I believe you are
                             now talking out of your ass.
                             \_ Believe what you like; the numbers don't lie.
                          \_ Bigger is a funny word.  In what way are you
                             bigger than Craigslist, for example?  They have
                             been making oodles of raw cash for years with a
                             tiny staff and nearly no hardware.  They have a
                             proven business model.  What's yours?
                             \_ Apply to work here, and, if we're interested,
                                we'll bring you in to sign an NDA and you can
                                find out.  I mean, hey, we were only founded
                                by the former CTO of PayPal, and he clearly
                                                     \_ PayPal sucks
                                has no idea what he's doing. -dans
                                \_ PayPal is a very political company and
                                   most of the original engineers became
                                   disgruntled and started their own company
                                   ... it's called YouTube. Read some of
                                   their employee's blogs on their former
                                   employee, PayPal. In short it's
                                   hardly impressive and mostly crap.
                                   \_ URL? I would like to read these blogs.
                                   \_ Yeah, YouTube is a PayPal cabal company.
                                      It was funded by the Founder's Fund,
                                      which is run by Peter Thiel, the founder
                                      and former CEO of PayPal who recruited
                                      Max to be the CTO of PayPal.  Slide is
                                      funded in part by the Founder's Fund.
                                      Ditto for Yelp, and a bunch of other
                                      PayPal cabal companies.  You may not
                                      find the engineering challenges that
                                      PayPal solved to be impressive, but then
                                      I suspect you don't really understand
                                      what PayPal is at it's core.  Yes,
                                      PayPal does payment processing, but
                                      that's not the interesting or
                                      challenging part of the business.
                                      Fundamentally, PayPal is a
                                      risk-management company, and there are
                                      some pretty cool problems to be solved
                                      there.  Also, I find it amusing that you
                                      write off a company that had a 1.5B
                                      liquidity event as crap. -dans
                                      \_ I think Youtube guy is engaged to
                                         the daughter of the Netscape/SGI
                             \_ Their business model is to sell advertising
                                through their widgets which users of friendster
                                clones add to their profiles. I find the
                                thing plausible but questionable given
                                that they don't really own the space they are
                                playing in and the widgets are dispensable/
                                interchangeable. How valuable is having an
                                ad on that stuff and how do you measure it?
                                How much would users or the host sites put
                                up with? I'm not in that industry so, shrug.
                                \_ Oh, that's our business model.  Thanks for
                                   enlightening me. -dans
                                \_ Oh.  So that's our business model.  Thanks
                                   for enlightening me. -dans
                                  \_ You could have just looked at:
                                     But hey, glad I could help.
                                     \_ It's cute how you see that and assume
                                        to have complete knowledge of our
                                        business model. -dans
                                        \_ I don't understand why you have a
                                           secret business model.  Is it the
                                           slave trade?  Drugs?  Small arms?
                                           \_ So I used to believe that
                                              running everything out in the
                                              open was the smartest way to run
                                              a company.  Working at Slide has
                                              made me reconsider that.
                                              Sometimes there's value to be
                                              had in playing things more close
                                              to the vest. -dans
                                            \_ So the advertising program is
                                               just a sham? I don't assume to
                                               have complete knowledge of it.
                                               I don't really understand how
                                               youtube or imageshack make $$$.
                                               I run adblock so maybe I miss
                                               things sometimes. Anyway, the
                                               advertising is obviously part of
                                               the model at least. Aren't all
                                               these companies based on ads?
                                               Isn't that why you care about
                                               page views? I can't see anyone
                                               paying to use these widgets.
                                               Really though I was trolling
                                               you for information.
                                               \_ Of course the advertising is
                                                  part of it. -dans
                    \_ Here's the fun part you missed out on because you think
                       these numbers are either accurate or mean something:
                       this is just a statistics game.  The numbers don't
                       mean anything.  Here's something that does for those
                       looking to get some startup money: your company has
                       over 120 people on staff these days, right?  Your
                       competitor has about 20, right?  When/if each company
                       sells, someone hired at your company now will have a
                       much smaller option package than your competitor.
                       They can sell for half as much as yours (unlikely) and
                       still make individual employees more money in the
                       transaction.  Like I said, fun with statistics, which
                       btw yours are wrong.  You: global views: 542,034,086
                       Them: 635,964,222.  And as I said, your stickiness is
                       way lower.  Uniques are just people who signed up and
                       went away.  But I guess you have to find something to
                       hang your hat on.
                       this is just a statistics game.  The numbers don't mean
                       anything.  Here's something that does for those looking
                       to get some startup money: your company has over 120
                       people on staff these days, right?  Your competitor has
                       \_ That's an interesting number.  You can look on our
                          website to see if we've publicized the actual
                          number.  I can't disclose it under the terms of my
                          NDA. -dans
                          \_ Uhm whatever.
                             \_ Um, yeah.  Stop making shit up. -dans
                       about 20, right?  When/if each company sells, someone
                       hired at your company now will have a much smaller
                       option package than your competitor.  They can sell for
                       \_ Funny I explained precisely this to my last friend I
                          recruited.  Our grants are still big enough to be
                          worthwhile.  Also, you have a bunch of facts wrong
                          regarding both Slide and our closest competitor.
                          \_ Ok, correct me.  What are the facts?  And if
                             yours are 'worthwhile' your smaller competitor's
                             should be 'more than merely worthwhile', yes?
                             \_ If you apply, you can sign an NDA and all
                                shall be revealed. -dans
                       only half as much as yours (unlikely) and still make
                       individual employees more money in the transaction.
                       Like I said, fun with statistics, which btw yours are
                       wrong.  You: global views: 542,034,086 Them:
                       635,964,222.  And as I said, your stickiness is way
                       lower.  Uniques are just people who signed up and went
                       away.  But I guess you have to find something to hang
                       your hat on.
                       \_ Actually those are the public numbers.  I could also
                          point you to Alexa numbers which are, compared to
                          Quantcast, crap.  Unfortunately, I can't point to
                          our internal numbers, as they are way more accurate,
                          alas, that's privileged information. -dans
                          \_ Ok, again, you're missing the core concept here.
                             I'll try again.  Slowly.  These numbers don't
                             mean anything.  You could have 10x or 1000000x
                             those numbers.  It would mean nothing.  I'm
                             curious: were you working during the last dotcom
                             round in the 90s to 2001 or so?  We believed all
                             sorts of crazy shit then, too.
                             \_ No, I think you're the one misssing the point,
                                which is that when enough people use a
                                company's products every day, you have to
                                acknowledge that maybe there's more to it than
                                just hype.  For the record, I came out here in
                                '97.  I dropped out of Berkeley in '99 to
                                start a company, and closed a $500K angel
                                round literally months before the bubble
                                burst.  That company cratered, but it was a
                                valuable learning experience. -dans
                                \_ people used and webvan, too.
                                   \_ How many people used them?  I seriously
                                      doubt either one ever got anywhere near
                                      our size.  Also, we don't have the
                                      overhead of shipping 50 pound bags of
                                      dog food or running a shipping fleet.
2007/11/1-5 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:48516 Activity:moderate
        "Each car costs about $15,000 to convert. The program is being funded
        by the California Energy Commission and the state Air Resources Board."
        God damn idiots.
        \_ Dude it's a test.  Those things cost more.  Moving to all
           electrical power means you have centralized power production.
           Which means less waste, less emissions and less spillage.  (If you
           fill up a tank of gas and spill a few drops that's as much
           pollution as burning the whole thing given our good smog
           regulations.)  In the scheme of things 10 cars at 15k each is
           nothing.  Start caring about stuff that matters.
           \_ laugh.. batteries are the dirtiest things on the planet
              it also takes a lot of energy to make batteries, to make
              eletricity, tons of nasty chemicals to make computer chips
              to control these things.
              \_ Can you point me to research on the effects of batteries
                 and chips in aggregate vs. the effects of fossil fuels in
                 aggregate?  It's a nice bit of devil's advocacy there, but
                 where's the beef? -dans
                 \_ Chips?  Or Crisps?  Or French Fries?
                    \_ Freedom Fries
           \_ That's a huge cost. There are much more cost-effective ways to
              reduce emissions. There's no reason to test this, it's nothing
              new: it's just using really expensive batteries. Total waste.
              It's 100 cars, not 10.
              How about just simply buying modern, cost-effective, efficient
              small cars with conventional diesel technology? Offer people
              high trade-in deals for their old polluting cars.
              \_ No, it's not a huge cost.  Seriously.  The tests are
                 expensive.  The batteries are expensive.  Tech goes down
                 in price.  And read the article.  10 cars.  100 families.
                 8 weeks each.
                 \_ Ok fine, I didn't see that. Still an utter waste of
                    effort if you ask me. What will we learn from this
                    program? Why should CA funds be used for this rather
                    than say Toyota's?
                    \_ Because it is in California's long range interest.
                       As I said, the money involved is pretty damn minor.
                       Start actually looking at what is spent where and
                       start caring about things that actually matter.
                       Let me give you a hint.  In general state funded
                       grants are a benefit to society.
                       \_ Really?  Where do I sign up for my grant?  I would
                          like to benefit society.
                          \_ You welcome to write all the grant applications
                             you want.  However you'd better have a good
                             explanation of what the money will be spent on,
                             as grant fraud is frowned upon.  Oh wait, you
                             are just talking out of your ass aren't you?
                             \_ Gee being frowned upon would be horrible.
                                Anyway, I'd like to hereby frown upon this
                                hybrid grant.
                                \_ I frown upon your frowning upon their
                                   frowning upon the general frowning upon.
                             \_ Grant proposal to give me lots of cash to
                                provide benefits to society: You (the gvt)
                                give me (the recipient) lots of other people's
                                money you don't care about (tax payers) to
                                live a life of luxury and slack.  Goal: one
                                less grumpy tax payer.  Improvement to society
                                is lessening of grumpiness among citizens. Why
                                do you think my grant proposal requires me to
                                commite fraud?  You're so cynical.
                                commit fraud?  You're so cynical.
        \_ for that same extra $15k you could buy a small electric NEV like
           say Xebra to use instead of the prius for 'short trips'.  And
           then still have the prius.
           \_ Yes, if the tech never gets cheaper than $15k it will never
              be a real solution.  However the tech WILL get cheaper than
           \_ or 100 cheap bikes!  And none of them would use any gas or
               electricity at all.  RIDE BIKE!!!
              \_ You're an anti-environmental terrorist!  If you truly cared
                 about the environment you wouldn't ride a bike.  You'd walk.
                 Do you have any idea how much energy went into designing,
                 marketing, producing, and shipping your bike?  Then there will
                 be repairs and the entire industry behind the spare parts
                 mill.  And then you'll eventually get a new one and the cycle
                 of death continues!  If you loved this planet you would walk.
                 \_ Are you walking bare-foot, or are you walking with shoes
                    and socks that also required energy for designing,
                    marketing, producing, and shipping?
                    \_ Duh, no of course not.  That's why your feet will get
                       tougher over a short period of time.  Before the modern
                       era you think cavemen wore Nike's?  Sheesh, get over
                       your big bad modern environmentally destructive self.
                       Ride Bike! if you want to rape the Earth.  USE FEET!
                       if you're at one with the planet's life energies.
                    \_ everyone already has shoes and clothing so it's
                    an overlap
                       \_ The more you walk, the faster the shoes wear out.
                          -- PP
                          \_ ditto with bikes but less parts to repair
                             \_ But which one costs less per mile?
                                \_ probably the bike, if you're trying to
                                   optimize for cost/resource saving.  A
                                   cheesy racing bike is expensive to maintain,
                                   but a good touring bike is quite cheap. -tom
                                   \_ earth hater.
                          \_ The more you live, the faster you will die.
                          \_ the more you drive, the less intelligent you are.
                                - Miller, the Repo Man.
        \_ has been building the same thing.
           \_ yes, but in Los Angeles.
           \_ yes, but ONLY in Los Angeles.
2007/11/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:48517 Activity:nil
11/1    West Bank belongs to Israel!!!
2007/11/1-3 [Reference/Military] UID:48518 Activity:high
11/1    Human Weapons, Kung Fu, this Friday night. Don't miss it!!!
        \_ If the show is treating Kung Fu as a single discipline like Karate
           or Thai boxing, it's not worth watching.
           or Jujitsu, it's not worth watching.
           \_ What do you mean by discipline here?  It's not like there's only
              only style of Karate of Jujitsu either.
              only style of Karate or Jujitsu either.  Although, of course,
              Kung Fu is much more diverse than either of those.
        \_ Human Weapon has lost me ever since I was watching a few minutes
           and the wrestler in the pancreation ep. was saying he had to be
           careful or he might smash his opponent's nose, sending bone fragments
           into his brain, killing him.  that just doesn't happen.
           careful or he might smash his opponent's nose, sending bone
           fragments into his brain, killing him.  that just doesn't happen.
           \_ A wrestler said something stupid?  Say it ain't so!
2007/11/1-2 [Recreation/Food] UID:48519 Activity:moderate
11/1    I'm the feeling tired after beating-off guy #2. I've been avoiding
        wheat + dairy and have been on mostly rice + soy diet for almost
        2 wks and I still feel really tired after beating-off. I don't think
        wheat gluten and cassein cause tiredness. The good thing is that
        I've lost about 2 pounds in the process.
        \_ WHAT.  NO.  I am really tired after eating guy.  Fucker.
        \_ WHAT.  NO.  I am really tired after beating-off guy.  Fucker.
           get your own handle.
           \_ Alright fine. I'm #2              -op
        \_ Maybe you are in early stages of diabetes.  Especially if you
           pee more than usual. -- ilyas
2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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