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2007/10/30-11/2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48482 Activity:nil
10/29   This is an old article from NY Times a couple days ago. I find it
        extremely interesting and a bit surprised no one mentioned about it.
        This is an article about how Kurdish extremist were fighting against
        IRAN (not Turkey) and it seems that this Kurdish extremist group,
        P.J.A.K has US' blessing to do so.
        I think US just find its way to pick a fight against Iran: continue
        to encourage PJAK to conduct raid against Iran, when Iran respond, we
        can say Iran attack Iraq and thus we need to go all out again Iran in
        self defense... this is getting better and better every day.
        \_ Of course Iran is messing around in Iraq.  I don't know why we are
           so surprised.  If China invaded Mexico, you can bet we would have
           all kinds of covert ops going on down there stirring shit up.
           \_ Who said anyone is surprised?  Pissed off that Iranians and
              their proxies are killing Americans?  Yes.  Surprised?  No.
              \_ Are you less pissed off that Syrian and Saudi proxies are
                 killing Americans? Also, your assertion that Iranians are
                 attacking Americans is utterly baseless.
           \_ Er, no, we'd have very overt ops going on down there. We really
              don't like having other world powers mucking about in our
              continent, at least not militarily.
              \_ I agree with you.  I just don't think it should be a shock
                 at all that Iran might be messing around in Iraq.  They
                 are next door to Iraq.  Iran is 90 percent Shiite.  Iraq
                 is 60 percent Shiite.  All of the holy shiite shrines are
                 in Iraq.
                 \_ Agreed. Also: no surprise that Turkey intends to pursue
                    PKK across the border, that Saudi Arabia is funding Sunni
                    groups, and that Syria is smuggling weapons in.
                    \_ All entirely predicatable before the first shot was
                       fired. Someone is going to fill the vacuum left by SH.
                       \_ All the more reason to believe that there will be a
                          kind of detente if the US steps out of Iraq. The
                          powers that be in the region will _not_ allow each
                          other to step in.
                          \_ Detente?  You base this on what?
                             \_ On the unenlightened self-interest of the
                                powers in the region. None of them want the
                                pie so much as they want the rest to stay out.
                 \_ So you think the entire region can be reduced to population
                    percentage by religion?  That's the only factor?
                    \_ I am not pp, but as Iran is the only Shi'ite power in
                       the region and is dominated by a Shi'ite theocracy, I'd
                       say this works in this context.
                       \_ No, that's too simple.  Iraq is much more heavily
                          tribal than religious.  Iran is dominated by a
                          theocracy but the people are not all walking lock
                          step with hand on Koran every day.  Far far far far
                          too simple.  Thinking like that is no better than
                          the 'theyll greet us with flowers' plan.
                          \_ I agree with you that Iran is not in lock-step:
                             it's arguable that the main theocracy and the
                             President have diametrically opposed goals, and
                             the populace, particularly the students, isn't
                             really happy with either of them at the moment.
                             However, I agree with pp that it's not surprising
                             that Iran is interested/involved in Iraq. The
                             theocratic elements are, it turns out, primarily
                             motivated by sympathy with (and the opportunity
                             to manipulate) the Shiite population in Iraq; the
                             intel folks don't want yet another Sunni nation
                             on their border; and the Pres. wants anything to
                             distract the people from the promises he hasn't
                             followed through on. I think I get what you're
                             saying, though: Shia population as a percentage
                             of Iraqi population is not the end-all reason
                             behind Iranian interest, no?
2007/10/30-11/2 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Recreation/Humor] UID:48483 Activity:nil
10/29   that fake FEMA news conference is funny, funny stuff
2007/10/30-11/2 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:48484 Activity:low
10/29   I'm watching an interview with Denis Kucinich's wife.  RISE UP
        NERDS.  GET THIS GUY ELECTED.  jesus christ.
        \_ She's hot. He's smart. Together, they're unelectable, but they
           fight crine! Also, his appearance on COLBERT was superb.
        \_ Kucinich is an opportunistic douche bag, and dirty to the core.
           Read up on his record when he was in Ohio state politics. -dans
           \_ I'm curious why you think he was "dirty".  I am not from Ohio
              like you.  I have read about how he was unpopular as mayor
              because he supported a city owned electric company, but years
              later, after he has been out of office for a long time, it seems
              like the city is pretty fucking happy they own the electic
              company.  Find me some dirt!
              \_ dans, are you a Hillary supporter?
                 \_ I'm not entirely decided but I lean more toward Obama than
                    Clinton. -dans
              \_ I'm not from Ohio, but I have friends who are.  ObGoogle to
                 find your dirt.  It's not that well hidden. -dans
           \_ Name the (D) front runner who isn't dirty.
              \_ s/(D)/(D) or (R)/
                 \_ Only Democrats are dirty. Republicans all believe in
                    God, Country and The Boy Scouts.
                    \_ And foot-tapping in public restrooms.
                    \_ The topic was Dems, so I said Dems.  Name any front
                       runner who isn't dirty.  I don't care which party.
                       Still waiting....
                       \_ Ok, what's dirty about Obama and Romney?  Obama is a
                          racist, but he's pretty upfront about it.
                          \_ Oh please.
                             \_ Oh please what?  Buy me an ice cream cone?
                               \_ Oh please stop spouting some of the most
                                  pathetic smears about Obama without at least
                                  giving some "proof" we can laugh at.
                                  \_ Basically I read his book.  I'm busy this
                                     week, I'll start a new topic sometime
                                     soon.  Have you read his book?
                                     \_ So I guess you never stopped diddling
                                        little boys.
             \_ IMO, all national level politicians have some dirt, it's just
                that some are dirtier than other.  Don't be disingenuous, you
                could have just as easily said, Name a presidential front
                runner who isn't dirty.  Dirt is a range, not a binary switch.
        \_ GO RON PAUL - principled computer programmer who thinks they are
                       \_ Hillary Rodham Clinton
                          \_ You and the Romney guy are both hilarious.
                             I'm voting for Ron Paul, because you gotta
                             love an OB/GYN in the White House (Clinton
                             doesn't count).
                             \_ Me too. What do you think of Duncan Hunter?
                             \_ I asked you what's dirty about them, apparently
                                you have no response.
                             \_ CliTton ain't no OB/GYN.  He's an
        \_ link?
2007/10/30-11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:48485 Activity:nil
10/29   What are you going to be for Halloween:
        G-d: .
        \_ FSM: .
        Black Muslim: .
        \_ Photog: .
2007/10/30-11/1 [Uncategorized] UID:48486 Activity:nil
10/30   I declare Halloween NON TROLL DAY.  Who is with me?
        \_ I'm dressing up as a poodle to get gluten and dairy-infested
           candy at overpriced mega-homes owned by SUV-driving GOOG investors.
           \_ how about riding bike and linux?
              \_ On Halloween, LINUX tom rides YOU!
           \_ Tom should go as the Headless Biker.
2007/10/30-11/2 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48487 Activity:nil
10/30   No, the inflation-adjusted crude oil futures record has not been broken
        \_ It actually depends on which inflation deflator you use.
2007/10/30-11/2 [Politics/Foreign] UID:48488 Activity:nil
10/29   Does mysql TEXT field accept UTF-8 and foreign stuff?  -learning
        \_ UTF-8, yes. "Foreign stuff" means nothing to me.
2007/10/30-11/2 [Uncategorized] UID:48489 Activity:nil
10/30   my original wheat gluten post was not a troll, assholes
        - motd wheat gluten guy
2007/10/30-11/2 [Recreation/Pets] UID:48490 Activity:nil
10/30   I got a fucking pet as a present and I really don't want it. What
        are some humane alternatives to disposing the pet? This is not
        a troll. I'm just pissed off, that'l all.
        \_ Tell her to read this site:
           And if you got a cat, make sure to get How To Kill Your
           Girlfriend's Cat:
           \_ Nice site:
              "If you live in a ghetto, do mankind and dogkind a big
              favor-- save the money that you would have spent on
              guard/attack dogs and move to a safer neighborhood. "
              soda [201] whois
              \_ "You can take the man out of the ghetto, but you
                  can't take the ghetto out of the man."
             \_ train your dog to bite!
        \_ This is just a prelude.  Next is, "babies are cute, ya?"
        \- wow. start another motd soap opera. just out of curiosity,
           what kinda pet and what is your relationship with the person
           who gave it to you?
           \_ Her: kitties are cute ya?
              Me: Ya, sure.
              Her: SURPRISE here's kitty! he'll be a good indicator
                   of our parenting skills!
              Me: WTF? Ugh...                                   -op
              \_ just tell her if you were ready to take care of
                a cat or parent a cat then you would ask her to marry
              \- er if your gf/wife got you some cats, i would suggest
                 this is a cse if her making a life choice without you
                 this is a case if her making a life choice without you,
                 rather than getting you a present.
              \_ Go ask your in-laws "kitties are cute ya?" and pray that they
                 say "Ya, sure."
              \_ Tell her you meant "shaved kitties" and she must have
                 misunderstood you.
              \_ ugh, my Brother-in-law got numerous pets with now-ex gf's. In
                 most cases he was able to send the pet back with the ex in the
                 break up.  However, 7 years later we still have his chinchilla.
                 I'd say put up with the critter for now, just make sure it
                 goes when/if the chick goes...
                 \_ You know, I hate it when my friends/coworkers ask if
                    I want free kittens. "Ooops my cat accidentally got
                    pregnant!" I also hate it when people drop off
                    their kitties in front of my door hoping they'd be
                    taken care of. I hate cats that roam freely in my
                    backyard. In short, I hate irresponsible cat owners,
                    and cats in general.
                    \_ Has someone actually dumped kittens on your door step
                       before?  WTF?  Do you have such a gigantic cat herd
                       that this would seem reasonable to someone?
2007/10/30-11/2 [Science/Disaster] UID:48491 Activity:nil
10/30   Whoo big earthquake
        \_ Was it just me, or did this quake feel very different than the other
           ones I went through?  In all the other ones I went through (San Jose
           during Loma Prieta quake in '89, Irvine during Northridge quake in
           '94, and a few smaller ones), the buildings swung or shook.
           However, last night my house in Fremont literally vibrated
           vertically at a very high frequency, maybe 10Hz or even higher,
           with no swinging or shaking.  It felt like I was sitting on a
           gigantic subwoofer on high volume.  I never thought a quake could
           feel like this.
        \_ Was it just me, or did this quake feel very different from the
           other ones?  In all the other ones I went through (San Jose during
           Loma Prieta quake in '89, Irvine during Northridge quake in '94,
           and a few smaller ones), the buildings swung or shook.  However,
           last night my house in Fremont literally vibrated vertically at a
           very high frequency, maybe 10Hz or even higher, with no swinging or
           shaking.  It felt like I was sitting on a gigantic subwoofer on
           high volume.  I never thought a quake could feel like this.
2007/10/30-11/2 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:48492 Activity:nil
10/30   Is this guy a Republican or a Democrat? (The Guardian)
        Orange County Sheriff charged with accepting bribes
        \_ He is gay and he wants you.
        \_ I don't think sherrifs usually run on party platforms.
        \- he's trying to show why government is bad.
2007/10/30-11/2 [Health/Disease/General] UID:48493 Activity:nil
10/30 (Yahoo! News)
        "High blood pressure, bad backs, bum knees and other mundane health
        problems put three and a half times more troops on planes to hospitals
        in Germany or the United States than do snipers and roadside bombs,
        say front-line experts in Iraq."
        \_ It used to be disease would kill most troops on the march....
        \_ Should they take a boat?
        \_ Non-battle casualties have always been larger than battle injuries.
2018/12/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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