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2007/10/25-29 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:48440 Activity:high
10/25   Lefty enemies of free speech force Horowitz from stage.
        \_ not gonna read it.  you could have written that headline before
           he did his stupid islamo facism week.
           \_ Oh, come on.  There's video of the nutters on the site.  Doesn't
              that get your anti-free-speech blood riled up?
           \_ It's amazing how all the leftists have plenty of opportunities to
              speak, but they seem to be the only ones shutting down speech on
              the other side. -op
              \_ Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The blatant disregard for
                 reality is charming!
                 \_ So which are you claiming--that leftists *don't* have
                    plenty of opportunities to speak?  Or that they're the only
                    ones chasing their opponents off the stage?
                       \_ Oh you've got to be kidding me.  O'Reilly's show is
                          hardly a public forum.
                          \_ Oh, right, and he's "only an entertainer," so
                             there you go.
                             \_ You can't see the diff between a staged TV
                                show where the paid host kicks off a 'guest'
                                he doesn't like, and a public speech getting
                                \_ If a bunch of raving lefties stormed the
                                   Fox News HQ and mobbed BO'R, would you
                                   say "Fair play"?
                     \_ You mean all those people who were arrested for
                        booing or heckling Bush?
           \_ Are you taking your ball with you?
        \_ No free speech for fascists!
           \_ That was always my favorite line from the Sproul Plaza chanting
              \_ They may be serious students of the French revolution and
                 are engaging in a clever word play on "No liberty
                 for the enemies of liberty!".  Or maybe not.
        \_ horowitz deliberately sets up shit like this.  he's been doing it
           for years.  gonna ignore him.
           \_ If only other people ignored him, rather than chasing him out of
              the room, there wouldn't be a problem.
           \_ Sure he's doing it for PR but he has a point about the
              censorship thing.  (And please don't quote the dictionary
              definition at me.)
           \_ "Your Honor, I did rape the defendant, but look at what the
              bitch was wearing!" -- ilyas
2007/10/25-29 [Uncategorized/Multicategory] UID:48441 Activity:nil
10/25   Opera 9.5 beta is out, including the new link feature that allows you
        to sync bookmarks across computers, including the mobile version.
        \_ Why would anyone want to use Opera over FF?  What features does
           O provide that FF+extensions does not?
           \_ I avoided using opera for really long time until recently when
              I had to reinstall linux on my *old* laptop with only 384MB of
              RAM.  Just loading firefox (version 2, as the dist didn't
              include 1.5) took up so much memory that it caused the system
              to swap in and out constantly.  Yeah, linux VM isn't the
              greatest, but having a lightweight option is a good thing.
              Opera 9.3 ran smoothly on it (as long as I didn't visit a flash
              heavy site.)
              \_ Hmmm, ok.  Opera is good for low end machines, has less
                 bloat/features.  I can see that.  Thanks.
2007/10/25-26 [Recreation/Food] UID:48442 Activity:kinda low
10/25   motd wheat gluten guy here.  Now I think I might have borderline
        diabetes.  Eating a lot of food makes me tired.  How do I figure it
        out?  I had a blood test a year ago, if I had diabetes, would
        the doctor notice?
        \_ Doesn't eating a lot of food make everyone older than 25 tired?
        \_ Probably.  Checking for blood sugar is routine.  Mine's always
           been testing in the normal range and *I* get tired after eating
           too much.
        \_ So what drives you to post a new fake medical problem the the
           motd every few months?  Is this a new form of trolling?
           \_ No it's called being an American.  Especially if the
              illness relates to food in some form.  (Of course considering
              the eating habits of most Americans it's probably not too
           \_ I'm not sure what you're talking about.  I'm not trolling.
              Sorry if I don't post about fucking dog care or something.
        \_ It's called food coma. I think it's more common for those with
           low blood pressure.
2007/10/25-26 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:48443 Activity:high
10/25   how does Microsoft and Facebook sit around and magically decide
        that Microsoft now owns 1.5 percent of Facebook?  And that 1.5
        percent is worth X.  and now Facebook is worth 15 billion?  The more
        I think about it, the more I think the entire global economy is
        a consensual hallucination.
        \_ Valuation is hard.  Let's go shopping!
        \_ facebook decides they have 'X' shares.  Microsoft offers to pay
           Y dollars for .015 of them.  Therefore facebook is valued at
           Y * 100 / .015.
           Y dollars for 1.5% of them.  Therefore facebook is valued at
           Y / .015.
           \_ it still seems like someone is making shit up and asking
              the rest of the world to believe them.
              \_ Fixed the math error, can't believe nobody caught it.
        \_ How does anything in the world have a value/price?  Take an
           economics/finance class.  It's not a secret.
        \_ I know this, but do you really think a website of intangible
           shit is really worth 15 billion?
           \_ I don't, but Microsoft, who seems to know how to make money, does
           \_ The whole web is intangible.  Is it worthless?  Is Google worth
              $0?  No.  Sites like FB have tremendous numbers of people
              logging in everyday.  Reaching that many people, and often
              having self-provided info on them has tremendous advertising
              value.  Do you still think FB is intangible shit?  What about
        \_ Do a little search on DCF (Discount Cash Flow).  If you pay
           1 billion for a company, you need to calculate how much time it
           would take for it to return your 1 billion dollars. That way you
           can calculate what your rate of return is.  Look at Ebay's
           recent write down of skype. That's a textbook example of CEO
           stupidity.  Ballmer is probably not thinking straight.  His desire
           to beat google and apple is clouding his thinking.  If you want
           to invest in companies that understand DCF and are not swayed by
           the latest "fad", look at oil companies like XOM and VLO.  XOM
           management will crunch numbers to death before making an investment.
           If the numbers doesn't make sense they will not invest in it.  That
           is why they're the company with the largest market cap in the world.
           That's why they will be the first $1 trillion dollar company.
           In 5 years, we'll see if Google overpaid for youtube or MSFT
           overpaid for Facebook or you overpaid for VMware.  -the oil man
           \_ You aren't paying enough attention to the details of the deal.
              M$ bought the only part of the company that is worth anything
              (the ad revenue) for $250M while preserving the fiction that
              FaceBook is worth $15B, assuaging Zuckerber's ego. Why anyone
              still does business with M$ is beyond me. Have any of their
              business partners not been screwed by them?
2007/10/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:48444 Activity:nil
10/25   How about some Ted Rall bait?  Classicly vile!
        \_ Typical: he asserts that the decision to pull out is dumb, but he
           doesn't back up his assertion.
           \_ uh... i think you're missing the point
              \_ Hahahaha, googling for Ted Rall returns this gem from MM:
                 "Ted Rall, you see, is a very useful idiot. Whereas most on
                  the Left attempt to conceal their liberal racism in the
                  drapery of .diversity...."
                 Anyone who pisses off MM is golden in my book.
        \_ It's Ted Rall.  I didn't know anyone still read his junk.
           \_ Hmmm, maybe you're right.  It could be his whole target
              demographic has become right-wingers who want to be trolled.
2007/10/25-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48445 Activity:very high
10/25   Does anyone think "Tila Tequila" is good looking?  She looks like some
        kind of plastic freak to me.
        \_ Like I said, I don't know what is it you Berkeleyeans have
           for Asian women. Flat chest, small beady eyes, with the figure
           of little boys. Seriously, what is it about Asian women you like?
           \_ I prefer slender, youthful looking women. Asian women particular
              tend to keep their looks as they get older.
              \_ I'm not sure I agree that Asian women look more youthful
                 when they get older than women of other races.
                 \_ You haven't spent much time around the typical overtanned
                    Southern Calinfornia blonde chick then.
                    \_ "Overtanned blonde chicks" make up what percentage
                       of women? Overtanned Asian chicks age poorly, too, and
                       I've seen plenty of those as well. The sun is damaging.
                       May as well mention that all of these representative
                       blonde chicks in your universe smoke, too.
                       \_ By 45, most white women are overweight and wrinkled
                          and greying. Black women probably age better than
                          asians, but asians beat whites.
                          \_ If you look at the estrogen output production
                             of different races you'll see that white women
                             output much greater estrogen lvls than Asians
                             as they age, hence by the time they're of
                             productive age they've gotten a much bigger
                             boob, smaller (proportionally) waiste, rounder
                             butts, etc. Asian women on the other hand have
                             steady, slow estrogen output, hence they tend
                             to have unattractive boy-like figures. On the
                             hand white women's estrogen output plateau and
                             flatten drastically after their reproductive
                             age and thus their body goes through bigger
                             changes (pun intended). The analogy is that
                             white women are like fireworks-- spectacular
                             for a brief amount of time, whereas Asian
                             women are like candles-- dull but lasts a
                             long time. So yes, I agree with what you're
                             saying, and I recommend dating young white
                             women, one after another.
           \_ Congratulations on finally figuring it out.  Such Asian women are
              for NAMBLA members who haven't walked out of the closet.
              \_ So you think that the 1B or so guys with Asian wives are
                 all closet NAMBLA members?
                 \_ 1. Where did you get the 1B number?
                    2. I was only referring to what was said above -- those
                       with the figure of little boys.
                       with the figure of little boys.  --- PP
                    \_ What percentage of the world population is Asian?
                       Divide in half. So you really think that the entire
                       popluation of China is closet NAMBLA members? Wow!
                       \_ 1. Half of the entire population of China are
                       \_ 1. Roughly half of the entire population of China are
                          2. Some of the other half are boys and don't have
                          3. Most of those that have wives over there don't
                             have choices of non-Asian wives.
                          3. Most of the rest that have wives with figures of
                             little boys don't have choices of non-Asian wives.
                             \_ Yeah, I am sure all those Chinese peasants are
                                secretly wishing they date Pamela Anderson...
                                \_ Bay Watch was fairly widely watched.
                                   Probably for the plot.  -- ilyas
                                   \_ OH MY GOD You're so funny ilyas!
                                      can I have your baby?
                                      \_ I miss the old motd trolls.  This is
                                         just sad.
                                   \_ Widely watched by Indian and Chinese
                                      villagers who lack electricty? Probably
                                      \_ I think the point is, if you want to
                                         imply there is no notion of universal
                                         sexuality, you have to explain why
                                         most of the world was watching
                                         Bay Watch. -- ilyas
                                         \_ What makes you think they were?
                                            \_ 1.1 billion viewers?  Most
                                               watched tv show in history?
                                                 -- ilyas
                                               \_ Googling "most watched tv
                                                  show in history" gets me
                                                  MASH, Dallas, Roots, the
                                                  Super Bowl and Cheers. Maybe
                                                  it is, but I don't see any
                                                  particular evidence of that.
                                                  If it is, you have a case, but
                                                  I would still like to see
                                                  viewing patterns outside the
                                                  US and Europe.
                                                  \_ If you want to use
                                                     wikipedia, at least read
                                                     the page.  That table is
                                                     for a specific broadcast
                                                     (hence it has the date).
                                                     Now google for "bay watch
                                                     most watched."  Or check
                                                     the Guinness book of world
                                                     records if you own it.
                                                       -- ilyas
                          4. I don't think most of man/boy lovers in China are
                             keen on joining "North-American-MBLA".
                          So no, I did not imply that the entire population of
                          China are closet NAMBLA members.
                          China are closet NAMBLA members.  --- PP
                          \_ Why didn't you just call the strawman a strawman?
                             \_ Oh, that's right.  Thanks.  --- PP
                             \_ Wait, claiming that all guys who marry flat
                                chested Asian women are NAMBLA members is not
                                a straw man, but pointing that this is probably
                                1/4 of the world's population is??? Kook central
                                here, but I guess I already knew that.
                                \_ The first one is not a straw man, it is a
                                   troll and a darn good one at that.
                                   \_ It was a troll, but the reply was a
                                      strawman.  IMO you should only respond to
                                      trolls to correct facts.
                           \_ Okay, you tell me. How many men, worldwide, are
                              married to skinny Asian women?
                              \_ How many are married to fat Asian women?
                                 \_ I notice you are unable to answer. It
                                    is easily 1B, probably much more.
                                    \_ I'm not the person you are talking
                                       to. I just want to know what
                                       percentage of Asian women are fat,
                                       because I've seen my share of them.
                                       \_ What percentage of Chinese,
                                          Indonesian, Vietnamese and Indian
                                          subsistance farmers are fat? Pretty
                                          low, I'd wager.
           \_ Not that flat: (
           \_ I prefer Asian petite women, but only the busty ones.  -- !OP
              \_ ^petite^little boy figured^
                 You Asianphiles are all fucking sicko. Go blondes!!!
                 \_ Google for "busy petite".
                 \_, search for "busty petite".
        \_ Yeah, I thought her big secret was that she used to be a man.
           \_ I think that's the big secret she's going to revel at the
              end of the series... after she's slept with the guy.  She might
              think about this first though:
              \_ Hmm, since the hitchhiker had a knife, why didn't he just
                 smoothly handle the situation and gracefully fix the error by
                 slicing off the sausage that's not supposed to be there?
        \_ hotter than your wife. ding ding ting!
        \_ Yes, I think she is hot.
2007/10/25-29 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Dental] UID:48446 Activity:moderate
10/25   Is there a pill that'll help ppl stop thinking about sex?
        \_ Saltpeter!
         \_ Old wives tale that doesn't work.
        \_ Heroin!
           \_ In his new book, Slash (Guns N Roses) says that he dated
              Traci Lords and he never had sex with her because he was too
              getting high on heroin. Crazy drug.
              busy getting high on heroin. Crazy drug.
              \_ And paradoxically enough, he's safer shooting up than having
                 sex with Traci Lords.
        \_ Cyanide!
        \_ I know I'm just feeding the troll, but the answer is yes. I know
           that at least some of the ADD drugs have a side-effect of killing
           the libido.
        \_ Google for the word "anaphrodisiac"
        \_ Plenty of anti-depressants kill your sex drive (as discussed on
           the motd plenty of times)
        \_ What for?  Brush your teeth, shower, ask someone out.
2007/10/25-29 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:48447 Activity:high
        If a man wasted 1/2 of his life for a crime he didn't commit,
        will the party that was responsible (e.g. the "state")
        compensate him?
        \_ The state only compensates white men.
        \_ Yes, but only when ordered to by a judge. However, many individuals
           incarcerated for crimes they didn't commit were already wanted for/
           guilty of other crimes they did commit; the charges for those things
           are generally lumped into the sentence for the thing they didn't
           commit, so when the time is computed, they often end up barely
           ahead. Also, when confronted with evidence of other crimes, most
           agree to not push the issue.
           \_ uh.... what are you talking about?  the people who spent
              20 years in jail for a rape or murder they didnt commit seem
              plenty angry and aren't just going along with their crimes
              being lumped into a sentence somewhere.  guess i got trolled.
              \_ No troll. While some people who have been wrongly
                 incarcerated will seek (and be rewarded) compensation,
                 many others will not on the basis that they were
                 likely suspects for other crimes. This is not to
                 condone police techniques or excuse bad police work.
                 \_ I'm interested in why you think this actually occurs.
                    The Innocence Project cases I have read about are
                    almost always $BROWN_GUY fingered in some shady
                    police lineup or was picked up by the cops after
                    a crime was committed and they needed a $BROWN_GUY
                    because a witness to a crime said a $BROWN_GUY did
                    something terrible and all @BROWN_GUYS look alike.
                    Where the hell are you getting this "most of these
                    guys don't complain because they did something bad
                    anyway."?   I'm not a lawyer, but I think you're a
                    sheltered idiot.
                    \_ And you're a fuckwit. However, I understand your
                       point about how the wrongly convicted should be
                       compensated. I'm suggesting that in a significant
                       number of cases, when the cops go the route of
                       least effort (i.e., laziness) and pin it on a
                       patsy, they pick their patsy on the basis of
                       likeliness to convict, which is to say they
                       put it on someone who's done other things and
                       is likely to serve time for another crime
                       anyway. The Innocence Project is a great idea,
                       but remember that the candidates are pre-
                       screened to weed out the "I got jailed for X
                       when I should have been jailed for Y" crowd.
                       \_ I hope you the next time you drive a cop pulls you
                          over and decides it's just your day and impounds
                          your car and abandons you since you've probably
                          broken a few traffic laws in your life but no one
                          saw you and you merrily went along your way.
                          \_ And I hope you realize that pointing out that
                             things happen is not an endorsement of the way
                             they happen. I support the Innocence Project.
        \_ Just torture him until he confesses.  It's the American Way!
        \_ Yes, but no amount of monetary compensation can make up for
           spending half your life in prison.
        \_ Google: wrongly convicted compensation
           Lots of good material out there.
2007/10/25-29 [Computer/Networking] UID:48448 Activity:low
10/25   The cable company has recently added a filter to block out
        channel 34-70 on my cable TV. Do they have an electronic way
        of knowing whether a filter is present or not for "basic
        cable" subscriber? Or do they do this one by one. I've been
        without the filter for quit many years. -curious
        \_ Dear Curious the Furious: No, they don't know electronically
           and they rarely enforce the rules. Go ahead and take it out
           but note that you may get fined heavily if someone reports you.
           \_ they periodically go and check the cable distribution boxes
              where these things are installed, and will notice if it is
              suddenly gone. Most likely they'll just put it back.
        \_ When I moved to my house in Fremont in 2000, the cable was already
           connected.  So I enjoyed free cable for a year until the company
           somehow figured out and quietly removed a connector in my cable box.
           I heard that one way they figure out is that they run specific
           infomercials on certain channels.  If you don't subscribe to those
           channels and you call the phone numbers in those infomercials, they
           send someone to check your cable box.  (That wasn't the case for me
           because I never call any numbers from infomercials.
           \_ I enjoyed similar case when I moved into my apt last year.
              Something changed in the past few months, so now I get zero
              reception on channels 2-6 and mediocre receptions on 36 and up.
              I don't understand how things could've changed that blocks 2-6,
              but not 7 and up.
              \_ Maybe you now don't have cable signal at all, and your cable
                 wire is acting as an antenna and is picking up the radio
                 signals for Ch7 and up.  You can try disconnecting your wire
                 from the wall but leaving it connected to the TV and see what
                 happens.  -- PP
                 \_ These aren't over the air broadcasts. I'm still getting
                    comedy central and other cable channels. Disconnecting
                    will make all the channels go away, as most channels are
                    "snowy" as it is. I've also tried switching my tv's
                    signal setting from "cable" to "antennae" for shits and
                    giggles and it wouldn't pick up any channels. I'm wondering
                    if the cable guy disconnected it from the splitter in the
                    building junction box, but it's close enough to pick up the
2007/10/25-29 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:48449 Activity:nil
10/25   Fox News blames socal fires on Al Qaida
        \_ ... while the spread of the fire is blamed on bureaucracy.
        \_ Randi Rhodes blames Blackwater
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