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2007/10/24-26 [Science/Space, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48425 Activity:kinda low
10/23   Whole Foods buys 100% solar power! Buy from Whole Foods and
        be a good citizen of the earth!
        \_ uhm yeah, you know how toxic all the stuff is that goes into making
           those solar cells?  solar cells don't grow on trees.
           \_ They're called "leaves".
              \_ So the farm equipment runs on leaves?  The trucks that
                 haul the stuff to market, too?  All the packaging, the
                 lighting in the store, the asphault in the parking lot.
                 It's all leaves.  I never knew that.  Thanks.
           \_ pathetic troll attempt
              \_ scientific reality.  join us out here in the real world.
                 the view is great!
2007/10/24 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:48426 Activity:moderate
10/24   new OINK tracker up
        \_ This is basically an animated goatse that fucks your browser.
           At the very least, don't try this link at work.  -niloc
        \_ This is basically an animated, loud goatse that fucks your
           browser.  It has nothing to do with OINK.  -niloc
           \_ thanks niloc really appreciate your help.  -motd spam hater
        \_ maybe next time you can post a link to a 0-day virus'd page.  tx.
2007/10/24-25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:48427 Activity:moderate
10/24   the weather girl on KRON4 has a gigantic rack.  I really should drive
        to work.
        \_ What does that have to do with driving to work?
        \_ Pics please?  The weather video on only features a guy.
        \_ I like Jackie Johnson here in LA (on the left).
           \_ Lisa Guerrero is hotter.
              \_ Amazing, but I still like Jackie better. She's more fresh
                 and wholesome seeming. Lisa Guerrero has a better body,
                 but she looks like she's been around the block.
2007/10/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:48428 Activity:kinda low
10/24   really fucking glad I don't live in LA.
        \_ LA is so big - it is not like it is impacting the denser
           population portion of L.A.
           \_ Who says he was talking about the fires? -- ilyas
2007/10/24-25 [Computer/SW/Mail, Computer/SW/P2P] UID:48429 Activity:kinda low
10/24   is there a command line bittorrent client that lets me download
        selective files out of a torrent, instead of the entire torrent?
        I have this torrent "Busty Conquests of Wendy Whoppers" that contains
        10+ hardcore clips of Wendy Whoppers and her 32GGG breasts, but I
        think I have 3 of these already.  I don't want to destroy my ratio
        downloading gigantic breast porn I already have.  thanks.
        \_ ratio?  what's the point of doing ratios using bittorrent to
           download?  wouldn't they want as many as possible downloaders?
           btw, 32ggg sounds like a medical condition, not hot.
           \_ My website of 32GGG TIT PORN depends on ratios.  So if I download
              3 gigs, I have to leave my computer on until I upload 3 gigs.
              but if I only want 100 megs out of the torrent, like 2 movies
              I can use a graphical bittorrent client to choose which files
              I want.  Is there a command line bittorrent client that does
              \_ I wasn't asking about your fetish.  I was asking why a
                 torrent site would implement ratios.
                 \_ It's so people dont kill off their torrents immediately
                    after getting their data.  This helps people who come
                    along in the future and join the torrent.
                    \_ So if you d/l 1 gig, is re-upping that same file to
                       others good for your ratio or you need to u/l a new
                       file to the network?
                       \_ I need to keep my ratio of uploading
                          BIG???? at a 1.0 ratio, or i can't download
                          new torrents handled by this tracker.
2007/10/24-25 [Recreation/Food] UID:48430 Activity:nil
10/24   Hi.  I read a fascinating article about people who think they
        might be allergic to wheat gluten, in the East Bay Express last
        A lot of their symptoms sound like mine.  I get really tired after
        eating (also I am last month's TORRENT OF BLOOD SHOOTING OUT OF
        ASS guy).  I've been avoiding any food with gluten in it for 5
        days now.  I feel pretty good.  I do not get randomly tired, so tired
        that I need a nap.   In fact now I'm a little bored, I don't know
        what do with myself during these times that I am usually napping.
        I should spend all this new found time looking for gluten free
        recipes! --- motd wheat gluten guy
        \_ Dude I also feel really really tired after eating and I thought
           it was the weather or something. What stuff contains wheat gluten
           I should avoid?                              -tired guy #2
           \_ bread mostly.  look it up.
           \_ bread mostly.  look it up. dedicate your life to eating a lot
              of corn products.
        \_ slight hijack: since the East Bay Express was bought by one of
           its former editors, it has returned to having the best articles
           of any of the free bay area weeklies.
           Gluten is hard to avoid because most soy products also have it.
           I have some friends who are gluten-intolerant and they have to
           work pretty hard at it.  -tom
           \_ the web tells me that those blocks of soy i buy at the
              supermarket don't have gluten in it.
2007/10/24-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48431 Activity:moderate
10/24   What's the best place in CA to date hot blondes with nice straight
        shiny hair and nice body? I'm tired of the Asian scene in the Bay
        Area. Same flat chest, same face, same hair. All look the same man.
        \_ When I was in the Bay Area over the summer I hit some of the bars
           in the Marina District and also one in San Jose. There were a
           lot of Asian women, but also a lot of Latina and caucasian
           women. If you're dating Asian then it sounds like it's your thing.
           \_ Do you go to these on your own? Bars bore me to death.
              And I usually end up only talking to the people who I
              came with, and it seems like everyone else is doing the same.
              \_ Most people come to bars to socialize. If you can't talk
                 to strangers in a bar, where else would you?
              \_ Yes, I went by myself. One time it was a scene where
                 everyone seemed to know each other and I ended up talking
                 to this one guy who got dragged there by his girlfriend,
                 but every other time I ended up chatting with (caucasian)
                 women. Sometimes even two or three if they came together
                 as a group. I can't say I am an expert on the bar scene
                 (never met a chick for a one night stand or anything) but
                 it's a good place to meet people. I went mostly to brush
                 up on my interpersonal skills. A simple "Hi. What's your
                 name?" is usually a good start, although sometimes people
                 don't want to be bothered. It's not like I'm offended
                 when a stranger blows me off, though, and most people are
                 friendly and talkative since, as above, people go to bars to
                 mingle and socialize.
        \_ Orange County. Haven't you seen that TV show, The Real Orange County?
        \_ Just go on like this guy:
           \_ "Unprotected, once again, he climaxed. They lay there, side
              by side. As the room filled with morning light, they talked,
              enjoyed each other's company. They had sex again. Again he
              finished inside her."
              Is she on birth control?
              \_ Maybe she counts the days.
                 \_ Punchline, "We call them parents".
2007/10/24-26 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:48432 Activity:low
10/24   What's the best way to transfer files from PC<->Mac?
        \_ Firewire or USB2 drive?
        \_ scp/sftp
        \_ Put 'em on the same network and open File Sharing on the Mac.
        \_ insert usb memory stick
        \_ 1/2" tape.
2007/10/24-26 [Computer/Theory] UID:48433 Activity:moderate
10/24   20 year old Brit proves Wolfram's 2 state 3 color Turing machine
        is universal.
        \_ And Wolfram is still an ass.
           \_ Why do you hate cellular automata?
           \_ He always comes off as self-aggrandizing but I don't know
              anything else about his character.
              \- at one point all the other names that came up
                 when you started mathematica were suing Wolfram.
                 when Wm Kahan took him down in 10 Evans, that was
                 totally awesome. "you had to be there".
                 \_ What do you mean "took him down"?
                    \_ "verbally abused"
2007/10/24-26 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iran, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:48434 Activity:low
10/24   so how is ISLAMO FACISM AWARENESS WEEK going?
        \_ David Horowitz would make the ultimate Motd troll.
           "Here is the reality. Iran has an economy the size of
            Finland's and an annual defense budget of around $4.8
            billion. It has not invaded a country since the late 18th century"
            \_ Does financing and supporting internation terrorism count
               as invasion?
               \_ Since the primary victims of Iranian funded terrorism are
                  Israeli jews, no it doesn't count, because as we all know
                  Hamas, Fatah (once headed by the democratically elected
                  Nobel Peace Prize winner, Arafat), and the rest are all
                  just Freedom Fighters working hard to liberate their
                  homeland from oppressive racist invaders.  <sarcasm off>
2007/10/24-26 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48435 Activity:high
10/24   A trillion dollars here, a trillion dollars there, pretty soon
        you are talking about real money: (Yahoo News)
        \_ We would have saved zillions of dollars if we'd just gone home
           in 1945 and didn't leave our shores or open any bases.
           \_ Because after WWII we were still fighting a bloody ugly
              war surrounded by ethnic cleansing (actually my understanding
              is everything has pretty much been cleansed by now) while
              a civil war raged around us.  This isn't WWII in any way
              shape or form, and trying to compare the two proves you are
              a fucking moron.
              \_ I wasn't comparing the two.  Assuming so "proves you are a
                 fucking moron".  It is a factual statement that if we went
                 isolationist we'd save money.
           \_ Yeah, we probably have spent too much on defense over the years,
              considering the few risks we have, but I don't think we should
              have completely abandoned all our overseas bases. Do you?
              \_ Maybe.  Why not?  Why are we still in Korea, Germany, 'the
                 former Yugoslav republics', Britain, Japan, Cuba, and I
                 really don't know how many other places?
                 \_ Iraq.
                 \_ Iraq, Qatar, Yemen, maybe Saudi Arabia.
                    \_ Not Saudi Arabia. And they say UBL didn't win.
                    \_ Yes, those too, thanks.  Anyway, to the person a few
                       posts up: why don't you think we should have
                       completely abandoned all our overseas bases?  The
                       point of a military base is to project military power.
                       Why do you want to project power all over the world?
                       What benefit is there to the US?
                       \_ We need a few naval bases, so that we can keep
                          shipping lanes open and refuel our navy and
                          project enough air power to protect them on
                          patrol. Our economy depends too much on trade
                          to ignore shipping lanes. Not much more than that.
        \_ Wow, that is $100k per Iraqi.
           \_ War costs are generally not measured in head count.
              \_ Maybe they should be.
2007/10/24-26 [Politics/Domestic/California, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:48436 Activity:low
10/24   Animated gif satellite view of the fires
        \_ Wow. I never heard about the one in Mexico.
        \_ bah, it's only a four hour window
2007/10/24-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48437 Activity:high
10/23   How many of you have had the pleasure of doing it unprotected
        and finishing inside? What was it like? Was it enjoyable?
        \_ there's about 7 of us and I think 3 of us enjoyed it
           \_ The rest of us have done it but we didn't enjoy it.
        \_ I do that with my wife since before we're married.  Yes it's
           enjoyable.  At the critical moment it feels like we are really
           together.  Of course, giving her a facial or cuming in her mouth
           once in a long while, just for a change, is enjoyable too.
           \_ I hope you guys got tested for VD. And how many pregnancies
              did you end up with?
              \_ It's called "The Pill".  And monogamy takes care of the VD
        \_ I hate you.  - motd not getting laid guy.
           \_ There's always the history channel.
        \_ I've always gone bareback, except for on a few rare occations. I
           don't understand how one would put up with condoms.  They are
           tight, difficult/embarassing to put on, messy and you don't feel
           anything.  I'd much rather date someone that is willing to take
           their time, get tested and stay monogamous.
           \_ Consider testing out the fine line of condoms at
              I'm too wide for most regular condoms, and Trojan Magnums are
              too thick, but I've found the GV condoms to work nicely.
           \_ I'd much rather not pump the woman I care about up with
              drugs and hormones in the name of better sex.
              \_ Hello daddy daddy!!!
                 \_ Hello, vasectomy.
           \_ Kimono Ultra-Thin feels the best.  Of course it still can't beat
2007/10/24-26 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48438 Activity:nil
10/24   "Peak oil projections from Chevron's CTO | Tech news blog - CNET:"
        I don't get the math.  If "there is a trillion gallons left for human
        consumption" and human are consuming "about 3 billion gallons a day
        worldwide", doesn't mean that we will use up what's left in one year?
        \- world stock is probaby barrels.
        \_ oh shit by 2012 we'll have consumed 1.5 tri gallons. Many
           psychics also predict the end of the world by 2012!!!
        \- world stock is generally in billions of *barrels*.
           so closer to 30-50yrs.
           \_ So when that guy said "a trillion gallons left", he really meant
              a trillion barrels left?
              \- i didnt read it carfully, but probably. the oil reserves
                 like the money supply has differet numbers under different
                 assumptions. for money supply we have M1, M2, M3, L.
                 oil reserves have P1 P2 P3 ... all with different magnitudes,
                 error bars, and uses. they are all in the "petabarrel" range.
                 \- i glanced at the comments. one of the followup correctly
                    says he meant barrels not gal, but incorrectly says one
                    bbl is 31gal. it is 42gal for oil.
2007/10/24-26 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48439 Activity:kinda low
10/24   "an alarming new study finds that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is
        increasing faster than expected."
        "what has been wrong recently is that the climate is changing even
        faster than the models said. In fact, Arctic sea ice is melting much
        faster than any models predicted, and sea level is rising much faster
        than IPCC previously predicted."
        \_ "Alan Robock, associate director of the Center for Environmental
           Prediction at Rutgers University, added: "What is really shocking is
           the reduction of the oceanic CO2 sink," meaning the ability of the
           ocean to absorb carbon dioxide, removing it from the atmosphere."
           This exactly matches the historical record that CO2 rise occurs
           *after* temperature increase.
        \_ Whew!  I'm glad to see we're coming out of the last ice age faster
           than expected.  We can look forward to more rain, higher
           agricultural yields and fewer climate related deaths.  Is there
           anything we can do to help warm the planet faster?
           \_ Keep talking.
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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