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2007/10/18-19 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:48356 Activity:very high
10/17   Watson on black people
        \_ Even if there is a genetic difference in intelligence
           between races, so what if there is?  Every *individual*
           should still be afforded the same opportunity and not
           face systematic discrimination.  Further, even if it
           is true that there is a measureable difference it doesn't
           justify racism.  It could easily turn out that Chinese
           or Jews test out smarter than whites:  does that give
           them the right to be the "master race"?
           \_ Yes. We already control most of the media         -jewish
           \_ The theory of evolution says the master race should proliferate
              and the proponents of evolution will claim that it is
              completely reversed right now (blacks/latinos have more
              ~6 kids, whites have ~1.6 kids). Thus, the proponents will
              favor furthering evolution with racism.
              ~6 kids, whites have ~1.6 kids). Thus, proponents of
              evolution will most likely favor evolution with racism.
              \_ No, evolution says proliferation is a natural advantage.
                 Having more kids survive shows that you're the master race.
                 \_ Well then, I need to bow down to my INNNNDIAN friend
                    at 7-11 because apparently, he's the MASTER RACE.
                    \_ And Aryan to boot!
           \_ No, we're not 'the master race'.  That is a Nazi thing.  But
              the sooner you come to accept that we are God's Chosen People,
              the happier you'll be.
                \_ "master race" not "masturbator race"
              \_ My brother converted from Catholicism to Judaism. We're
                 genetically Scandinavian. Which Chosen People is he?
                 \_ I hope a hot Jewish female with enormous breasts was
                    involved.  Did he convert for marriage purposes?
                 \_ If he married a Jewish girl, his kids are Jewish.  There
                    is no hope for him directly.
                    \_ You haven't answered the question.
                       \_ There's only one "God's Chosen People".
                          \_ Whoa! You're going go for the genetic purity of
                             the people of Yahweh argument? You're reducing the
                             number of God's Chosen People to a rough score,
                             my friend, and unless you've got a 3,000 year
                             pedigree, it doesn't include you.
                             \_ Uh no, see above, "If he married a Jewish
                                girl, his kids are Jewish".  We're good to go
                                on the Chosen People thing.
                    \_ What's your Halachic source for this, Rabbi?
                       \_ The motd of course.  What more do I need?
                 \_ HAHAHAHAHA.
           \_ It's only nutty elitism that values IQ more than (say) being a
              nice person, or having skill at a trade.  Being a plumber often
              pays better than an engineer/doctor/lawyer (and can't be
              outsourced), yet vocational training has been systematically
              eliminated in schools in favor of forcing every high school to be
              college prep.  Still, his comment addressing foreign policy to
              black nations could be accurate or could be wrong.
              \_ name the plumber that gets paid more than an engineer, doc,
                 or lawyer.  and no, pro-bono lawyering doesn't count.  the
                 carpenter i talked to yesterday was bitching about getting
                 $25/hr.  he could have got $33/hr but the work wouldn't be
                 as consistent at another place.
                 \_ I had a plumber come out to my place last week and he
                    charges $80/hr for his services. He works for himself,
                    so yeah, he has overhead, but he probably keeps most
                    of that. O'Grady plumbing, they do good work:
                    \_ He's not getting paid $80/hr x 8hr x 5days x 50weeks.
                       His yearly income is going to be lower than the 100k
                       engineer, the 200k doctor or the 400k lawyer.  If he
                       makes 50k hes lucky.  His benefit is being his own
                       boss, not the income.  He's not pulling down 160k.
                       \_ I think you greatly underestimate what contractors
                          make. True, the journeyman isn't making that
                          much money. However, the foremen and the owners
                          make plenty of money. I know a lot of
                          tradespeople and they do very well. $160K is
                          very possible and guys with a lot of business
                          probably do better than that. I know a guy who
                          installs fire sprinklers. He's been doing it 8
                          years and he joined the union. He works for a
                          big company that installs fire systems in
                          commercial buildings. He makes $85K per year and
                          he doesn't even have a degree. In another so many
                          years he'll be well over $100K - about what an
                          engineer makes - and that's working for someone else.
                          He learned his vocation through 4 years in the
                          Navy. I think vocational training is much
                          neglected. Skilled tradespeople (especially in a
                          niche like wrought iron or cabinetry or whatever)
                          make a lot of money. The undocumented Mexican
                          guy is making $25/hour. A legal, clean-cut
                          caucasian or Asian guy makes twice that and also
                          has the Mexican guy work for him because he can
                          line up work for the other guy who doesn't even
                          speak English. If you own a house you'd know how
                          much you pay to have work done and it isn't cheap.
                          You'd also know that a lot of the better guys
                          turn work away because they have so much of it.
                          \_ If you are paying the undocumented Mexican
                             $25/hr, you are getting ripped off.
                             \_ Not really. He's probably getting $15 from
                                the guy who hired him and that guy is
                                then making $10 in profit/overhead. Do
                                something like get your hardwood floors
                                refinished or have some tile installed
                                (both take some skill and floors are hard
                                work). Do you think the guy is going to do it
                                for $8/hour? Not if he's any good he's not,
                                undocumented or not.
                                \_ So then you are paying $15 to the guy and
                                   $10 to his boss. Yes, this makes sense.
                                   But you can just hire the guy yourself,
                                   if you speak even high school Spanish.
                        \_ Actually, I suspect he makes more than that,
                           since he has people working for him. But at
                           that point, he is really "running a small
                           business" not just "being a plumber."
                           \_ What do you think doctors, lawyers,
                              civil engineers, psychologists, architects,
                              optometrists, dentists, and accountants who are
                              making money are doing? They setup a small
                              business for themselves. With some luck and
                              hard work their 'company' makes it. When a
                              lawyer or doctor makes 'partner' what are
                              they doing? Contractors are the same. They
                              start out working for someone else, they
                              hone their craft, and they strike out on
                              their own - maybe with employees and maybe not.
                              A lot of them start with themselves and some
                              daylaborers they had good experiences with.
                              So it really is "just being a plumber" in
                              that sense - at least at first. There's not a
                              lot of money at first, but neither is there in
                              being a medical student and resident. I think the
                              trades are greatly unappreciated career choices.
                              Did you ever see "The Money Pit?" They
                              lampoon how much contractors make (supposedly a
                              lot) as the contractor drives a Corvette and asks
                              the attorney client over the phone before he
                              considers starting work:
                              "How much money do you make?"
                              "How much do *you* make?"
                              (we can't hear the contractor's reply)
                              I have an acquaintance who is a contractor
                              and makes a good living (enough to have a
                              house and 3 kids w/o his wife working). We
                              talked about this once and he told me:
                              "Roofers drive Jaguars".
                              \_ I think we are in agreement here.
                        \_ Lawyers hardly make $400k. I think the average
                           salary for a lawyer is something like $85k.
                           HLS yes, Florida State, n
                           HLS yes, Florida State, no.
        \_ Watson is an ass and has been for decades.  -tom
           \_ Which is how tom responds to any conclusion he doesn't like.
              \_ Doesn't change the fact that Watson's an ass and has been for
                 decades. -!tom
                 \_ Gotta agree with tom's fans here.  Watson is a complete
                    ass.  What's the name of that female who did a lot of the
                    original DNA work with Watson & Crick but didn't share
                    in the Nobel?
                    \_ Is that Watson's fault or the Nobel nominating/awarding
                       \_ probably a little bit of everyone.  there was
                          a movie on the subject i think, never saw it.
                 \_ Yep.  Watson has been, and continues to be, a bad person.
                    \- RFRANKLIN was dead when they won the Nobel.
                       So the credit issue may be valid, but the
                       Nobel one is not. The Double Helix is a pretty
                       fast read. He comes across as a medicore pud.
                       (he goes on about how RFRANKLIN was a shabby dresser
                       and all kinds of crazy things). --psb
                       \_ BTW, note the difference between this and
                          tom's "he's and ass and always has been, take it
                          from me."
                       \_ Sure, the Nobel committee makes their own rules,
                          that's fine.  But, Watson had the choice not too
                          screw over Franklin.  He made the personal choice
                          to screw her over, and he's a bad person for that
                          and for several other poor choices in his life.
2007/10/18 [Recreation/Pets] UID:48357 Activity:high
10/18   Dear sop (Scared of Poodles) guy, I'm really sorry that you got
        bitten by poodle(s) and I'm wondering if you could share your
        horror story with us, and how we can prevent from getting bitten
        as well? Thanks for your tips.          -scared of ALL dogs guy
        \_ It went like this: I was born, I lived to this day without
           getting bit by a poodle, then someone on the motd said I was
           bit by a poodle and was scared of them so it must be true.
           My advice: don't post on the motd and you won't get bit by
           a poodle.
           \_ moron.
2007/10/18-19 [Reference/Religion, Recreation/Media] UID:48358 Activity:kinda low
10/18   who is this 5 foot 10 blond on Regis & Kathy Lee?
        oh, it's rebecca rojim-stamos.
        she must have knocked them dead at Berkeley High.
        \_ Jesus Christ now she's talking about how she wakes up in the
           morning thanking God for being female and needs to feel
           her breasts just to be sure.
           \_ oh it's about a tv show.
           \_ well crap she's convinced me!  she has a new show about
              feeling herself up premiering tonight on ABC, 8pm
           \_ I thank God everyday we have such quality culture on tv.
           \_ I bet Regis makes more than she does for the same work. I
              also doubt she will be on a show with some young hunky guy
              when she's 70 (Regis is 75). Still better to be a woman?
              when she's 60. Still better to be a woman?
2007/10/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:48359 Activity:nil
10/17   hey fellow not getting laid guys, Ubuntu updated today!
        \_ I'm getting 500k on my Gutsy torrent download. Hottttt.
2007/10/18 [Uncategorized] UID:48360 Activity:nil 75%like:48366
10/18   are most Jewish girls this enormos?
2007/10/18 [Recreation/Pets] UID:48361 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2007/10/18-19 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:48362 Activity:moderate
10/18   dear other motd not getting laid guys, how are going to get laid
        after the Mayan Singularity of 2012?
        \_ What the hell are you talking about.
        \_ Other history channel not getting laid guys know what I'm talking
        \_ grammarP
        \_ reading news.
           Putin says Russian economy is great and birthrate is at its
           highest in 16 years. So why am I not getting laid? I am past
           my prime and I'm obviously losing the human race, evolutionarily
           speaking. I want to REPRODUCE.       -0 laid guy #3
           \_ Are you in Russia?  I believe Putin on the economy,
              but I think Russia's birthrate is still terrible.
              \_ Highest in 16 years ain't saying much for Russia.
           \_ My favorite souvenir from my trip to the PRC is the English
              version of the China Daily that proclaimed all Five Year Goals
              Met. No one does propaganda like old Marxists, except for
              Capitalists disguised as Marxists.
           \_ I hear American guys have no problem getting laid in Russia.
2007/10/18-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48363 Activity:low
10/18   why did you remove my post about the enormous breasts of the
        new Bionic Woman?
        \_ Are those bionic breasts?  Inflate when cute guy approaches,
           deflate when jerk approaches.
2007/10/18-19 [Recreation/Pets] UID:48364 Activity:moderate
10/16   Hey reiffin, why are you such a fuck tard?
        \_ He can't help it, it's in his nature.
        \_ What did reiffin do?
           \_ I deleted a bunch of old crap from the motd that no one had
              touched in days.  That is the first time I've ever been called
              a 'fuck tard'.  Do I get a medal?  Maybe if I swore like a
              gradeschooler about silly stuff I could be cool, too.  How can
              I be as cool as the op?
              \_ I wish you'd delete the stupid poodle crap.
              I be as cool as the op?           !reiffin
              I be as cool as the op? [usually someone adds my name to
              something I didn't write. now someone is saying I didn't write
              something I did.  you need to work on your scripts.]
              \_ I wish you'd delete your fucking stupid poodle crap.
              \_ I wish you'd delete the fucking stupid poodle crap.
                 \_ Poodle crap deleted.  It'll be back in minutes.
                 \_ It's the motd.  If we want to talk about poodles, we will.
                    Don't read it if you don't like it, or better yet, post
                    something more interesting.  "If you can't do, teach, if
                    you can't teach, criticise."
                    \_ motd censor deletes anything interesting.
        \_ Hey op, don't you know fucktard is one word not two.  Jesus you're
           a fucktard. -dans
2007/10/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:48365 Activity:nil
10/18   It's not just the Religious Right: (WashPo)
        \_ Why do you hate America?
2007/10/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:48366 Activity:nil 75%like:48360
10/18   are most Jewish girls this enourmous?
        \_ ^Jewish^fat.  Yes.
           \_ The word is "zaftig."
2007/10/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:48367 Activity:nil
10/18   The very versatile Burka!
2007/10/18-19 [Recreation/Celebrity/BritneySpears] UID:48368 Activity:nil
10/18   Britney Spears loses visitation right!
2007/10/18-20 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48369 Activity:kinda low
10/18   has a new all powerful motd troll emerged from the primordial
        ooze?  All hail not believing in the advancement of the internet guy!
        \_ huh?
        \_ Probably just an old troll, back from the dead, Frankenstien-like.
        \_ All hail 'make shit up op troll guy'!
        \_ He believes in the power of the german shepherd!
2007/10/18-24 [Health/Men, Health/Women] UID:48370 Activity:high
10/18   Limbaugh's auction of Reid's smear letter now over $17.6million.
        \_ And disinterest among the non-ditto-heads approaches infinity.
           \_ Indeed.  When anyone *else* auctions something to raise close to
              $1M for charity, it's a lead story....
              \_ Cite, please. That, or drop trou.
                 \_ You've gotta be kidding.  This is a sky-is-blue thing.  Go
                    hit google for 3 seconds.  Take off the hate blinders.
                    \_ Just writing this is more time than I intend to waste
                       on anything having to do with Limbaugh.
                       \_ I'll snipe, but I refuse to learn anything!
                          \_ What exactly is the PP supposed to be learning?
                             Limbaugh is usually full of shit, arguably a
                             dans is usually full of shit, arguably a
                             Rush Limbaugh is usually full of shit, arguably a
                             hypocrite, and surrounded by yes-men and
                             sycophants.  Why would anyone sensible waste his
                             or her time digging through the volume of shit
                             that Limbaugh produces to find the occasional
                             thing he gets or does right? -dans
                             \_ Limbaugh is the Colbert of the convervatives.
                             \_ Regardless of whom or what it concerns, saying
                                "x is not true!", "Umm, of course x is true,
                                look it up.", "I refuse to look it up! You're
                                a poo-poo head!", is dumb.  period.
                                \_ No, sorry that is not the way it works.
                                   The person making the extraordinary claim
                                   has to back it up with facts. If I claim
                                   that the moon is made of green cheese and
                                   someone disputes it, my response should
                                   not be "just Google it, asshat." The truth
                                   is that charity auction raise millions
                                   all the time with barely any notice at all.
                                   The Napa Valley wine auction does it every
                                   year. And here is another one, no one has
                                   ever heard of:
                                   You and Rush have an overdeveloped sense
                                   of your own indignation, but I guess that
                                   is the whole Right Wing schtick.
                                \_ I'm not calling RL a poo-poo head.  I'm
                                   saying he's full of shit, i.e. most of the
                                   time the things he says are untrue.  I'm
                                   saying he's a hypocrite, i.e. he says one
                                   thing and does the other (c.f. prescription
                                   drug scandal).  You sir are full of shit.
                                   and I don't need to google to know that.
                                   \_ Re: prescription drugs: when has Rush
                                      ever come out against drug users?  You
                                      are just assuming so because he is right
                                      wing.  I'd like to see the transcript
                                      of that.  Have you ever listened to his
                                      show?  It doesn't seem like it.  Maybe
                                      you're just looking for a nice ausman?
                                      you're just looking for a nice poodle?
                                      you're just looking for a nice german shepherd?
                                      \_ "Let's all admit something. There's
                                         nothing good about drug use. And we
                                         have laws against selling drugs,
                                         pushing drugs, using drugs, importing
                                         drugs. And so if people are violating
                                         the law by doing drugs, they ought to
                                         be accused and they ought to be
                                         convicted and they ought to be sent up.
                                         \_ URL
                                            \_ (MSN)
                                            \_ Because, when someone provides
                                               a detailed quote, they're
                                               probably making that shit up.
                                               Clearly, it never happened if
                                               it's not on the internets.
                                               And, if it's on the internets
                                               it must be true!  Unless you
                                               don't like what it says, in
                                               which, case the iternet is a
                                               big old dumping ground full of
                                               lies and unreliable
                                               information.  You are a
                                               disingenuous fuckhead.
                                               Seriously, did you get a copy
                                               of 'Stupid High School Debate
                                               Tricks for Aspiring Amoral
                                               Republican Types' for your
                                               birthday or something? -dans
                                               \_ I can provide you all sorts
                                                  of detailed quotes.  It does
                                                  not mean they are in context
                                                  or weren't totally made up.
                                                  For example, 41 of our
                                                  esteemed Senators recently
                                                  completely fabricated the
                                                  statements of a well known
                                                  radio show host, but you
                                                  seem ok with that.
                                      \_ Told you I didn't need google to know
                                         you're full of shit. -dans
               \_ Poor Rush, no one is paying any attention to him. He really
                  is suffering.
                  \_ He should get a dog, then.  Maybe a nice german shepherd!
                  \_ 25m listeners... ignored... forgotten... unknown.
                     \_ Obviously a victim of liberal media bias.
2007/10/18-24 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:48371 Activity:low
10/18   Watson backpedals from statement like mad
        \_ Watson is wrong. ALL MEN are created equal. The bible says so!
        \_ "In 2000, in a speech at the University of California, Berkeley,
            he suggested that sex drive is related to skin color. "That's
            why you have Latin lovers," he said, according to people who
            attended. "You've never heard of an English lover. Only an
            English patient."
           WAIT what??? So if I'm brown I'm horny?
        \_ Shouldn't the headline be "Watson backpoodles from statement"?
        \_ Shouldn't the headline be "Watson backausmans from statement"?
           \_ Haha!
        \_ Shouldn't the headline be "Watson backgerman shepherds from statement"?
2007/10/18-20 [Reference/Military] UID:48372 Activity:kinda low
10/18   Air Force to blame Cheney's attempt to execute Wing Attack Plan R
        on underlings
        \_ german shepherd don't fly.
2007/10/18-2008/4/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48373 Activity:low
4/1     motd fat jewish girl with enormous breasts guy, why don't you go
        watch that new Nostradamus History Channel Show with motd
        fucking poodle guy?
        \_ Nostradamus fans, have you read the Quatrains?
        \_ Nostradamus fans, have you read the german shepherd Quatrains?
2007/10/18-24 [Uncategorized] UID:48374 Activity:low
10/18   all right. bionic woman loaded. we'll see how large those
        things are.
        \_ You are such a loser it kind of boggles the mind.
        \_ Bigger than a german shepherd!
2007/10/18-24 [Uncategorized] UID:48375 Activity:nil
        Mortgage-backed securities (all ratings) renew plunge
        \_ Bushonomics.
        \_ free market part deux!
2007/10/18-20 [Computer/SW/Security] UID:48376 Activity:kinda low
10/18   Subversion woes. We want to be able to go to other developers'
        directories and type "svn status -q" to automate scripts.
        Now when I do something like this:
          user1@:~user2/dev/blah> svn status
          svn: Can't open '.svn/blah/_file.tmpl.tmp': Permission denied
        However there is no file named _file.* anywhere! What's going on?
        \_ it's trying to create a temp file in a directory where you don't
           have write access.  -tom
        \_ Use svn, save a ausman today!
        \_ Use svn, save a german shepherd today!
2007/10/18-24 [Recreation/Interesting] UID:48377 Activity:low Cat_by:auto
10/18   Trippy...
        \_ The german shepherd is named trippy?
2007/10/18 [Computer/Blog, Computer/SW/Unix] UID:48378 Activity:nil
10/18   To whoever seriously thought Flickr has 3 9's of uptime, I have
        one thing to say to you:
2007/10/18 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:48379 Activity:moderate
10/18   when a girl tells me she is seeing someone else, what does that mean?
        they're making coffee?  picking out drapes?  had the german soldier
        marching?  building the beast with two backs?  taking the flesh
        express to tuna town?  aardvarking?  hiding the salami?
        motd not getting laid guy, do you have a good cable package?
        we should hang out.
        \_ It means everything is cool and you should upgrade your phone plan.
           \_ What does that mean?  I'm not a complete idiot you know!
2007/10/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48380 Activity:nil
10/18   I just accidentally downloaded every single video Ewa Sonnett
        has ever made.  She's off the charts?  Is every chick in the Czech
        Republic this hot?  How hard is it to learn Czech?  I have to move
        there immediately.
        \_ Who is Ewa Sonnett?  url to videos? -dans
              \_ meh.  She doesn't really do it for me. -dans
2007/10/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:48381 Activity:insanely high
10/18   Fuck you motd d o g guy, I've written a script to delete your  poodle
        posts automatically. Go ahead and make my day.  poodle
        \_ You probably don't want to do this.  First, automatically
           munging the motd is a squishable offense.  Second, if tom thinks
           you are doing this, he will declare you to be guilty without
           evidence or trial.  Further, he will decide anyone who supports you
           or provides evidence to the contrary is just a flunky puppet
           secretly controlled by you.  Do you really want to have to deal
           with tom?  Probably not. -dans
           \_ People say that using scripts on the motd is a squishable
              offense, but every sec
           with tom?  Probably not. -lame
           \_ if you really want to bring this up:
              no one has provided any evidence that paolo wasn't
              auto-deleting the MOTD, and it's trivially obvious from the
              evidence available that he was.  And dans is a stooge.  -tom
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