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2007/10/16-18 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:48333 Activity:moderate
10/16   Haha, I like how quickly Jon Elliott 'connects the dots' from 'she was
        injured' to 'she was mugged' to 'it's a right wing conspiracy.'
        \_ Turns out she wasn't mugged after all
        \_ How 'bout we wait until actual details come out (As Elliot should
           have done.. But hey, he's got airtime to fill).  BTW, the Daily
           News is a small step above drudge on "breaking" stories.
           Like from her herself:
           \_ Sorry I didn't scour the internet for a source you approve.
              \_ Seriously, you count the daily news as a reputable news
                 source?  Please start signing your posts with a unique
                 identifier so we can ignore you.
                 \_ Same to you blowhard.  Seriously, If I have a list of 10
                    sites all reporting exactly the same thing, you expect me
                    to get really worried about the one you like best?
                    \_ I dub thee Suckhard. -!pp
2007/10/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:48334 Activity:nil
10/15   Is there a command line that can convert tabs to spaces
        \_ cat /tmp/foo | col -x > /tmp/bar
        \_ cat /tmp/foo | expand -t 8 > /tmp/bar
           Change 8 to whatever tab characters should display.
2007/10/16-18 [Recreation/Pets] UID:48335 Activity:high
10/16   Are standard poodles smarter than George W Bush?
        \_ Yes because they're not as stubborn and bullheaded as GWB.
        \_ Why the obsession with smart dogs?  They're harder to train and
           get bored easily.  Bored dogs destroy stuff.
           \_ Actually, I have experiences with both smart and dumb dogs
              (poodle, beagle, dachshund, yorkies) and the smarter they
              are on the dog IQ list, the EASIER it is for them to be
              trained. It's a LOT more pleasant to have a smart dog that
              will be potty-trained easily, and it's a LOT more pleasant
              to walk and to go to places with smart dogs. You can train
              smart dogs rules and boundaries and they'll "get it" whereas
              dumb dogs require barriers and a lot more repetitions before
              they get anything. Dumb dogs like beagles cannot be trained
              to walk straight even after 100+ repetitions because they
              follow their nose instead of their handlers. It's a pain
              in the ass to live with someone stupid, and likewise, it's
              a pain in the ass to live with a dumb dog. Having that said,
              smart dogs are in fact more "creative" when they're bored
              and create their own things to do. But when they're properly
              exercised everyday, they're a lot more pleasant to live with.
              \_ Beagles aren't stupid.  They're stubborn.  There's a big
                 difference.  Ok.  They are stupid.  But they problem is
                 their stubborn nature not lack of brains.  There are plenty
                 of extremely dumb dogs, like labs, that are very easy to
                    \_ Labs are NOT dumb dogs.
                       \_ Like a brick.  Set up tennis ball tossing machine.
                          Fill.  Turn on.  Watch Lab chase tennis balls for
                          hours.  If you can train it to put them back in
                          the bin the lab won't stop chasing them until you
                          turn the ball thrower off.
                          \_ As opposed to what, stopping chasing balls to
                             write the Great American Novel?
                             \_ As opposed to getting bored mindlessly chasing
                                tennis balls for hours.
                                \_ And then do what, lie around waiting for
                                   someone with opposable thumbs to turn on
                                   the TV? Also, how is mindlessly chasing
                                   balls fundamentally different from playing
                                   Tetris for hours? Or Xbox?
                                   \_ Your dog can't turn on the xbox himself?
                                      Must be a lab.
                          \_ I'd pay cash money for a brick that could do that.
                             \_ How much?  I'll sell you that brick for the
                                right price.
                          \_ Labs come in 7 on the intelligence list below.
                          \_ That's pretty bright for a dog which will get
                             fat if it doesn't exercise a lot, which is what
                             the link below says about labs.
                             \_ Chasing tennis balls for hours is smart?
                                \_ That's the thing. A dog sees another dog
                                   on TV and starts looking around and
                                   behind the TV and the husband says
                                   "Look honey, he's so smart, he
                                   recoginizes another dog!" and the wife
                                   fires back "That is so stupid, he should
                                   know by now there's no other dog."
                                   To each his own man.
                                   \_ Actually when the dog responds to a dog
                                      noise on tv, I say, "I guess they used
                                      a real dog for that sound clip", but
                                      that's just me.  To each his own dog.
                 train.  Training is about attitude, not smarts.  I notice
                 all the dogs you list are very small and have personality
                 flaws.  Just noting.
                 \_ Standard poodles are considered small? Ooookay!
                    \_ Yes poodles have personality issues.  The important
                       thing in training is not size.  You missed the point.
                       \_ What kind of personality issues have you seen?
                          I haven't experienced them myself. Please share
                          your experiences, thanks.
                       \_ Standard pooldes are one of the smartest breeds
                          and do not have any personality issues that I am
                          aware of. Why do you think they are?
                          aware of. What personality issued do you think they
                          Poodles are #2
                          \_ Poodles attack more people every year than
                             pitbulls.  They just do less damage.  Not getting
                             killed by a dog is always a good thing but
                             getting 'only' bitten is still no fun.
                             \_ URL?
                                Dog attack statistics (not maimed but
                                just "attack"). Poodle: 2. Rottweiler: 109
                                Pitbull terrier: 397. There ya go. Let
                                me just say from my personal experience
                                at 4-5 different dog shows and agility
                                and obedience/ralley, that I've never seen
                                aggressive poodles in my life. Maybe
                                your one experience skewed your bias but
                                still, it is a bias and does not reflect
                                \_ My one experience?  You're making that up.
                                   I think your experience with the super
                                   trained robot dogs seen at dog contests
                                   has biased you a bit.  Pun intended.  I'll
                                   go with the stats over the personal
                                   anecdote.  I do appreciate you posting
                                   them honestly though instead of trying to
                                   hide them or making shit up like a few
                                   others here would have done.  Anyway, I
                                   would not let the typical pet poodle near
                                   my kids.  It won't kill them but they don't
                                   need their faces bit or to learn to hate
                                   \_ What a great comeback. "Thanks for
                                      posting facts that indicate poodles
                                      are quite harmless (2 bites) but I'm
                                      still not convinced."
                                      Faith over facts. Great.
                                   \_ Oh you're so scared of POODLES!
                                      One bad experience and you're scared!
                                      What a fucking retard.
                                      \_ I already said I've never been
                                         attacked by a poodle.  You're simply
                                         stupid.  I don't know what else to
                                   \_ Are you talking about the standard
                                      poodle or toy poodles?  They have very
                                      different temperaments.  And to the
                                      guy who posted the URL, thanks--pit
                                      bulls are a breed apart and I'm glad
                                      no one will insure them.
                                      \_ I'm talk standard poodles.
                                      \_ The sop (scared of poodle) guy
                                         thinks they're all the same even
                                         though they're not. Toy/tea-cups
                                         are yappy snappy and get scared
                                         easily. They're the one that bite
                                         eagerly partly due to bad breeding
                                         and low self esteem, and partly due
                                         to bad owners (usually first time
                                         owners). However this is not limited
                                         to toy poodles but to the rest of
                                         the toy breeds in general. Now,
                                         standard poodles on the other
                                         owners). Standards on the other
                                         hand are confident, smart, scary
                                         smart and have been said to have
                                         the IQ equivalence of a 5 year
                                         old kid (vs. 2-3 for average dogs).
                                         They are intelligent, elegant, easy
                                         to train, obedience, and for 100's
                                         of years have been the favorite
                                         choice for those who want to have
                                         substitute kids and those who
                                         can actually afford them. Yes,
                                         I have a poodle.
                                         \_ Are you the same poodle-loving
                                            can't-read clown from above?
                                            Why are you posting such a huge
                                            amount of crap about a dog you've
                                            never even seen?  What's wrong with
                                            \_ I have a poodle, so until
                                               you provide facts that show
                                               poodles bite more than any
                                               other breeds in America,
                                               shut the fuck up. -pp
                                               \_ ah the truth comes out. go
                                                  read the url above to see
                                                  attack stats.  have a nice
                                                  day, poodle-lover-boy!
2007/10/16-17 [Transportation/Car] UID:48336 Activity:moderate
10/16   My car's gas light came on as I approached my company's parking
        lot this morning. My home is 14 mils away. Do I have enough
        gas to drive to the gas station near my house? It's all
        highway. I hate to drive around my company after work to look
        for gas station... Thanks!
        \_ If you have a newer car (>1999) it will tell you approximately how
           many miles 'range' you have left and you don't have to guess.
           You can probably make it 14 miles, but I'd stop and get gas.
           Use this Internet thing to find the closest gas station.
           \_ Or the low-tech way -- stop at a grocery store and ask.
        \_ most cars have quite a bit of gas left when the low fuel indicator
           light comes on. however it varies  from car to car.  Check your
           manual to find out.   From my experience, you should have plenty
           of gast to make 14 miles, unles you waste it along the way (stop'n'
           go traffic, running AC, etc). But, as always, YMMV -ERic
        \_ My gas light in my 2003 toyota corolla goes on when 10 gallons
           of the 12 or 13 gallon tank are used up.  Assuming that last
           2-3 gallons are accessible, I have between 30-90 miles of range.
           of the 13.2 gallon tank are used up.  Assuming that last
           3.2 gallons are accessible, I have between 30-90 miles of range.
           \_ The ONLY thing that really matters is your oil level.
              Check your oil, and if you have enough, go ahead and drive.
              If not, then you'll get a piston melt-down and you'll need
              to spend $3000 to replace then engine.
              \_ Cars tend not to move too well when they don't have gas.
                 \_ Oh you're right, I thought he op was refering to the
                    "CHECK ENGINE" light. Nevermind. Yeah in most Jap cars
                    you've got AT LEAST 25miles left when the light is on.
2007/10/16-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:48337 Activity:moderate
10/16   Obama and Cheney are eighth cousins
        \_ Eighth cousins means absolutly nothing.
        \_ I'm both of their 8th cousins, too.  So are you.
           \_ I am not even sure which of the current presidential candidates
              has the smallest 'ancestral join' with me.  -- ilyas
        \_ He also has a Bacon number of 3.  -tom
        \_ I recall John Kelly was a cousin of some degree to Bush.
           \_ John KELLY? Bahahaha. Are you Chinese?
              \_ Sorry, John "Flip-Flopper" Kerry.  Ninth cousin twice removed
                 of Dubya.  And yes I'm Chinese.
2007/10/16-18 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:48338 Activity:moderate
10/16   The Religious Right has boatloads of cash on hand.
        \_ Interesting. I wonder if there's a sense among the RR that 2008
           is pretty much a wash and that it would make more sense to save
           money for 2012.
           \_ The RR is a single minded entity with a single bank account?
              Sort of a giant Jesus Multi-Body Entity(tm) with a single
              group mind?
              \_ You have a question/answer/real point to make? Or you just
                 like using question marks?
                 \_ It's there.  Try again.
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