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2007/10/10-12 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:48278 Activity:kinda low
10/10   One good thing to come out of MS.  The Consolas font.
        Anyone else have a preferred monospace font?
        \_ bleach, that looks awful especially in low point sizes.
           My preferred font is ProFont
           It is clear, excellent for coding, and quite compact. -ERic
           \_ Ooh, that's nice and haven't seen that.  I'll try it out for a
              while.  Thanks for the pointer. -op
              Oh, the bold is kind of weak.  The "m" and "w"s turn into blobs
              at 8 point. (The TTF version)
           \_ no Chinese glyph
           \_ Ooh, that's nice and haven't seen that.  I'll try it out though
              the bold is kind of weak.  The "m" and "w"s turn into blobs at 8
              point. (The TTF version) -op
              \- what abou the ENTRELLA FONT
2007/10/10-12 [Recreation/House] UID:48279 Activity:nil
10/10   Forget about copper and fiber optic, go plants! (Yahoo! News)
2007/10/10-12 [Uncategorized] UID:48280 Activity:nil
10/10   The Orange Box rocks
2007/10/10-12 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:48281 Activity:nil
10/10   "Press Release: Betty T. Yee Says Gasoline Use Down for Both the
        Month of June and Second Quarter of 2007"
        Cool!  Whatever it was (carpooling, public transit, smaller cars,
        hybrid, ...), it's probably working.  I just hope that it's not
        because people are leaving the state.
        \_ It is because people are leaving the state. None of that
           hokey works as long people keep popping out kids. Keep
           smoking that bong if you think environmentalism works.
           \_ Do you honestly think that the population of the state
              of California is decreasing? Pass that bong this way,
2007/10/10-12 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Taiwan] UID:48282 Activity:nil
10/10   Happy Double Ten Day. Go Taiwan! Sing along our national songs
        ~Go Freedom, ~Defeat communists, ~Take back our Mainland!
        \_ Double Tenth.
        \_ ?
        \_ Taiwan?  Hello!  It is a celebration of overthrown of 4700 years
           of imperial rule and establishment of the first democratic republic
           in entire Asia.  If you can actually read Chinese, I suggest you
           do some reading on Dr. Sun's writing.
2007/10/10-12 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48283 Activity:nil
10/10   Pelosi vs. the anti-war activists
2007/10/10-12 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:48284 Activity:kinda low
10/10   the WSJ has a pretty horrible dot portrait on here
        \_ Maybe the subjects really are just that ugly.
        \_ It's so they can subtley manipulate the picture in order to
        \_ It's so they can subtly manipulate the picture in order to
           sway opinions.
        \_ Honda's fucked. Civic Hybrid sucks. The new Accord's butt ugly.
           What else? Lame management and PM; the souped up Accord Hybrid
           is one of the many major fuck ups. What the hell were they
           thinking when they created the Accord Hybrid monster?
           \_ Diesels kick ass, now that we have better fuel standards I hope we see diesel
           \_ That's subtle?
2007/10/10-14 [Transportation/Car/Hybrid] UID:48285 Activity:high
10/10   Is it just my imagination or it seems like the new Civic is bigger
        than my 1987 Accord?
        \_ I don't know, but my impression is that car models generally get
           bigger and bigger over time.  The 2008 Accord is classified as
           full-sized sedan.
           \_ Yeah, I've noticed that too.  I have a theory.
              1. People buy car for price and fuel effeciency.
              2. People like car, but give feed back they "wish it was larger"
              3. Company makes car larger.
              4. Repeat until car is discontinued because it no longer has 1.
              \_ Oh, and the only exception I know of is the discontinued
                 Celica, where the last model year one seemed smaller than the
                 1980 one which my dad has when I was a kid.  -- PP
              \_ Yeah, each model gets bigger and bigger but they introduce
                 new tiny cars to fill the gap (like the Fit).
              \_ 5. American people get fatter and fatter but want the
                    same car.
        \_ Honda's fucked. Civic Hybrid sucks. The new Accord's butt ugly.
           What else? Lame management and PM; the souped up Accord Hybrid
           is one of the many major fuck ups. What the hell were they
           thinking when they created the Accord Hybrid monster?
           \_ Diesels kick ass, now that we have better fuel standards I hope we see diesel
              \_ I hope we see diesel hybrid.
                 \_ I think the batteries and expense are not really worth it.
                    There's more to the picture than just max mpg.
                    \_ Diesel and electric engines are about as complementary
                       as you can imagine two technologies to be.  Diesels
                       are best at providing steady power at its optimal rpm
                       forever, electrics are good at variable loads, but lack
                       range.  Most heavy industrial equipment, along with
                       ships and locomotives uses some sort of diesel/electric
                       hybrid system.  The only thing stopping its adoption in
                       cars is cost.  Diesel/electric hybrid cars are already
                       being developed in Europe; Toyota is likely to develop
                       one as well now that they have access to Isuzu engines.
                       Diesels by themselves are very efficient, the only thing
                       preventing their wide adoption in the States is
                       brain-dead legislation.  Clean diesels compliant with
                       US emission standards will likely lose 15-20%
                       efficiency.  My opinion of hybrid technology has
                       improved considerably after doing some reading on the
                       subject. -- ilyas
                       \_ The best technology is a society that does not
                          waste resources (e.g. stop living in the suburbs)
                          \_ I have a better idea!  How about I live where
                             I want, and you go fuck yourself!
                             \_ I have an even better idea! How about I
                                kill all the selfish assholes who are
                                destroying our planet.
                                \_ Out of all the problems which beset this
                                   vale of tears we call Earth you want to
                                   hunt down suburb-dwellers?  You are fucking
                                   \_ At least we're not so retarded as to
                                      buy a fucking lame Accord Hybrid.
                                      Retard.                   !op
                                      \_ Yes, a Hummer would be so much
                                         better. Why trash anyone who is
                                         willing to support hybrid
                                         \_ Hybrid Humvee:
                                            350hp.  0-50mph in 7sec.  18mpg.
                                            Climbs 60% grade at 17mph and
                                            fords 5ft of water.
                                            \_ You are under the mistaken
                                               impression the only point of
                                               hybrids is reducing
                                               emissions and increasing
                                               efficiency.  You are wrong.
                                               You are also stupid.
                                               \_ What are the other reasons?
                                                  \_ Maybe you should read this
                                                     thread.  Just a thought.
                                               \_ Huh?  Where did you get that
                                                  impression?  The stealth mode
                                                  in the Hybrid Humvee above is
                                                  already one reason outside
                                                  the two you listed.  Another
                                                  one is that hybrid can
                                                  submerge under water
                                                  completely (not too deep, of
                                                  course, or else it floats)
                                                  w/o a snorkeling kit which
                                                  gives away its position. --PP
                       \_ If so, great. I'm just skeptical of hybrids. I feel
                          the tax breaks and HOV-lane access were bullshit.
                          \_ Well, using tax breaks and HOV-lanes for
                             efficient vehicles is bad enough, but what was
                             even worse was how, say, a Jetta TDI didn't
                             qualify for either while essentially matching
                             a Prius in terms of efficiency (and not having
                             the complicated manufacture).  Hamfisted government
                             efforts aside, I think hybrids are fundamentally
                             a good idea, for three reasons.  Firstly, hybrids
                             decouple the generation of power from consumption
                             of power.  This is fundamentally sound
                             engineering, which is why heavy industry is using
                             hybrid systems already without any environmental
                             considerations whatsoever.  Secondly, hybrids
                             replace multiple mechanical systems with
                             electronics, which, while more complicated than
                             mechanical systems, are also more reliable.
                             Priuses are bulletproof, despite being perhaps
                             the most complex mass produced passenger car
                             in history.  Finally there's the touted
                             incremental development path towards EV.
                             Personally, I think the only technology which
                             isn't ready is energy storage, and mass hybrids
                             encourage R&D in this area. -- ilyas
                          I have other reasons I'm sort of biased against
                          them and the practice of spending lots of money on
                          cars and treating cars as disposables to be kept only
                          a few years, but it's late and I'm not up to clearly
                          formulating these weird ideas.
                             \_ I think the jury is still out on how
                                bulletproof the Prius is.
                                \_ Um, the Prius has been out on the road
                                   since 1997. -- ilyas
                                   \_ And how long have most internal
                                      combustion engines been out on the
                                      road? 10 years is not really a long
                                      time. I'd give it 10 more years at
                                      least before making such a
                                \_ 2009 Prius: --!OP
                                   \_ That's a picture of the concept car, not
                                      of the prius.  The third gen prius looks
                                      almost the same as the second gen prius.
                                      In fact, toyota wanted to use lithium
                                      batteries in the third gen, but couldn't
                                      get around the safety issues.
                                      \_ Please scroll down to the text about
                                         the 2009 Prius.
                             \_ Yeah but if it's so great, it shouldn't need
                                special government incentives. The batteries
                                are indeed the main issue: I don't hear so much
                                about the cost, environmental impact, and
                                longevity of the batteries. I have admittedly
                                not studied the issue. I always liked the
                                flywheel storage concept but I guess it isn't
                                practical yet, maybe someday.
                                \_ I hate batteries and like flywheels too.
                                   Toyota does recycle/refurbish most batteries
                                   (it makes economic sense:  a lot of battery
                                   components are expensive and can be reused,
                                   and even nickel is getting expensive now).
                                \_ Government incentives kick-start the process.
                                   At least, that is the theory.
                             \_ Why is decoupling the generation of power from
                                consumption of power good?  I'd think there is
                                energy loss both when charging the batteries
                                with generated power, and when discharging the
                                batteries to do work.  Are these two steps
                                actaully very efficient?
                                \_ Because some engines are good at operating
                                   at variable loads, while others are good at
                                   operating at constant loads.  Any time
                                   there's a conversion, there's loss, of
                                   course.  But the trade off is (apparently)
                                   worth it, since you recover the losses by
                                   leaving diesels in their optimal regime
                                   all the time.  Most heavy industry setups
                                   don't even use batteries, but
                                   capacitors (or in some cases even
                                   flywheels).  Decoupling is an old idea --
                                   it's why we have powerplants. -- ilyas
                                \_ I think the main thing is combustion engines
                                   (esp. diesel) can be made to work very
                                   efficiently within certain narrow operating
                                   parameters (RPM etc). So generating it this
                                   way gets the most out of your dino juice.
                                   Battery storage and discharge must be pretty
                                   efficient compared to combustion losses.
                                   (or what ilyas said).
           \_ You forgot about the awesomness of the Fit.
        \_ Yes, it is a lot bigger. The Accord used to be a small car. The
           new Corolla is like a Camry, too.
        \_ '87 accord was a 'compact'.  Has grown to mid-size and now full-size
           (US version).  Civic went from "sub-compact" to "compact" around
           2000.  So yea, it probably is bigger.
2007/10/10-14 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:48286 Activity:high
10/10   Two suggestions for elections: 1) Voter lottery: each person who
        votes gets entered in a $10M lottery. 2) Electoral points: each voter
        gets to allocate a pool of "electoral points" to whichever candidates
        he or she prefers; say six "electoral points," so as to allow pyramid-
        ical ranking of 1, 2, and 3. Thoughts?
        \_ Obviously, voting is too difficult of a job that the average
           American does not want to participate in. We should outsource
           voting offshores. We should also offshore our politicians to
           reduce conflict of interests.
        \_ Yes.  Your understanding of math and civics is poor. -dans
           \_ dans: shitting in other people's cornflakes for the hell of it.
              \_ Others' responses below elaborate on my points nicely. -dans
        \_ 1) Don't like it. if they don't want to vote, let them not vote.
              Work on making voting easier. Absentee ballots are probably
              easier for most people but it's a bit of a hassle to get them.
           2) I think this is
              I prefer IRV for a single-winner election because it doesn't
              make you compromise your support. Dividing points to create
              ranks is inferior to simply ranking them outright.
        \_ Lack of voting is a signal that is often interpreted as 'none of
           the above.'  -- ilyas
        \_ How about an IQ test or a test of knowledge? So many people who
           *do* vote don't know most of the issues and do more harm than
           \_ Or how 'bout a poll tax!  Do you know anything about our country,
              constitution, or history?
              The point that would be valid here is that since democracy is
              predicated on an educated populace, access to education is an
              inherent right.
              \_ Hah!  Do your research on rights.  Oh and on the difference
                 between a republic and a democracy.
              \_ Maybe we should abandon voting altogether and use the
                 jury selection method: random lottery selection per election
                 period. Apparently this is how ancient Athens appointed
                 We could use multi-member districts and use approval voting
                 or cumulative voting etc. to let voters elect representatives
                 from a pool of randomly selected residents (somewhat akin to
                 how juries are approved). Perhaps the pool should be limited
                 to those who "sign up" to be in the pool, to avoid personal
                 liberty issues.
                 The advantage over direct democracy would presumably be that
                 dedicated officials would have the time to fully educate
                 themselves about the issues. The advantage over elected
                 reps is to remove the money-driven election apparatus and
                 get ordinary people rather than giant political parties.
                 \_ That's what we thought about representative democracy.
                    \_ It's still representative democracy. The method for
                       choosing representatives can vary.
            \_ Perhaps only Veterans should be allowed to vote. -Vet
               \_ There are many vets who aren't even citizens and cannot vote.
                  \_ I was under the impression that serving in the US
                     military guaranteed one citizenship.  Is this incorrect?
                     \_ You're thinking of Starship Troopers. There is fairly
                        recent legislation to expedite citizenship for members
                        of the military, but it's not automatic.
                     \_ We are increasingly going the route of Rome in its
                        later years, with an Army made up primarily of
                        non-citizens and mercenaries.
               \_ Perhaps only people of my ethnic/socio-economic/education/
                  geographic/professional background should be allowed to vote.
                  \_ At least one person got my point. It is disingenuous for
                     a bunch of CS geeks to argue for an IQ requirement for
                     voting. -Vet
                     \_ A basic civics requirement wouldn't be too much to
                        ask, would it?  "Here's a pamphlet in all 300 official
                        US languages.  Call this phone # toll free to hear it
                        read to you."
                        \_ Actually, yes it would be too much.  Education
                           requires funding and free time.  Making it a
                           requirement for voting makes it equivalent to
                           a poll tax.  Education is the silver bullet. A
                           more educated populace yields a "better" electorate
                           and, one would hope, a "better" democracy.  This
                           is what I speak about above, that the idiotic
                           replier doesn't understand.  --scotsman
                           \_ So making sure someone had read a flyer or
                              listened to a 2 minute explanation of our
                              government system on the phone or at the
                              polling place is too high a burden to ask a
                              voter?  If someone can' be bothered to do so
                              little to vote I don't want them voting.  I
                              think you're taking the poll tax concept way
                              too far.  Do you think non-citizens should be
                              allowed to vote?  If not, why not?  Is that not
                              a burden which puts a person in a position to
                              be a victim of government with no say?  Taxation
                              without representation, etc?
                              \_ Citizenship is a prerequisite for voting.
                                 I would not change that.  I think it's a
                                 very sad thing that non-citizens likely
                                 know more about US civics than natural born
                                 The solution is not to make people prove
                                 they're "capable" of voting.  It's to
                                 improve education.  As to non-citizens,
                                 I assume you mean people who are seeking
                                 citizenship, or people working (and taxed)
                                 under a visa.  In those cases, they are
`                                working under pre-agreed conditions.  If
                                 you're talking about undocumented people,
                                 I don't speak on that subject for lack of
                                 knowledge. --scotsman
                                 \_ My idea is about improving education
                                    "on the spot", if you will.
                                    \_ It's not the place for it, and I'd
                                       presume law and precedence on the
                                       matter would back me up. IANAL.
                                       \_ It isn't a literacy test.  You're
                                          way too focused on that part.  How
                                          do you expect your populace to get
                                          \_ An educated populace doesn't
                                             solve the problem. You need
                                             to demonstrate you care
                                             enough to know the issues.
                                             Knowing a lot about EE
                                             doesn't mean you know diddly
                                             about Prop XYZ, or even read
                                             it. Therefore, I think some
                                             sort of test of knowledge
                                             would be useful. "Do you know
                                             what Prop XYZ is about?"
                                             \_ An EE degree != educated. I
                                                think it was clear that in
                                                the context of this discussion
                                                we're talking about a basic
                                                knowledge of civics, not about
                                                requiring a 4 year degree. Ok,
                                                let's try again: I want to see
                                                voters who know what they're
                                                voting for/about and I want
                                                their votes to count without
                                                going to direct nationwide
                                                polling.  What is your
                                                \_ And I want a pony and a
                                                   blowjob, but wishing
                                                   doesn't make it so.
                                                   Actually, I'll probably get
                                                   the blowjob.  What is your
                                                   point? -dans,!PP
                                                   \_ If you have nothing to
                                                      contribute, don't.  I'll
                                                      stick to the validity of
                                                      my 'civics lesson
                                                      requirement' for voting
                                                      since no one here can
                                                      come up with a flaw in
                                                      it, just childish noise.
                                                      \_ Read a fucking
                                                         history book.
                                                         Reading requirements
                                                         for voters were
                                                         historically abused
                                                         to systematically
                                                         disenfranchise poor
                                                         and black voters.
                                                         Your civics lesson
                                                         nonsense would be
                                                         subject to similar
                                                         abuse.  Others have
                                                         made this point.  I
                                                         shouldn't have to do
                                                         it again.  Enjoy your
                                                         pony. -dans
                                                         \_ You are totally
                        ignoring what I have been saying.  It can be read, it
                        can be a phone call, it can be read to you, I don't
                        care what form it takes and you keep intentionally
                        ignoring that which makes you a troll.  If there is a
                        Hellen Keller voter out there who can't read, hear, or
                        anything else then we'll give her a pass on the
                        requirement.  You're just trolling.  I'm not tom, stop
                        trolling me like I'm him.
                                                         \_ So because
                                                            someone may abuse
                                                            a law that means
                                                            we should not
                                                            have it? The status
                                                            quo, with only a
                                                            few people at the
                                                            polls and many of
                                                            *those* having no
                                                            clue what they are
                                                            doing is not being
                                                            abused by
                                                            \_ Hyperbole; we're
                                                               not there yet.
                                                               Also, as to yr
                                                               first q, when
                                                               there's a track
                                                               record, yes.
2007/10/10-14 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48287 Activity:low
10/10   My google-fu is weak.  Can anyone point me to the 11 items the UK court
        ruled had to be pointed out as errors in "An Inconvenient Truth"?
        \_ Here's some more for you based on my prior research.  I don't have
           anything to add on the other items I don't mention:
           re: error 2: The Pacific atolls are slowly 'sinking' due to plate
           tectonics, not rising sea level.  This has been going on since
           before the industrial age.  If you find a map of the Pacific plates
           you'll see there's a direct correlation between subducting plates
           and which islands are 'sinking'.
           re: error 5: lost snow on various mountains is caused by local
           environmental change (such as locals chopping down trees which
           changes the humidity levels).
           re: error 7: Katrina caused high levels of damage in New Orleans
           due to insufficiently maintained levy system (because of local
           corruption going back decades).  Florida gets hit by much stronger
           hurricanes without nearly the same level of damage.
           \_ Maintenance and inspection were the responsibility of the local
              government but the problem was that the original design by the
              Army Corps of Engineers wasn't good enough and money was never
              allocated to improve them (Bush consistently underfunded the
              Army Corps of Engineers)
              \_ Sorry, but there was tons of cash devoted to the repairs over
                 the last few decades.  This is not a Bush generated mess.
                 It would be fair to be critical of the post-mess reaction from
                 FEMA (and thus Bush), but it is not fair to say that they
                 collapsed because of Bush.  That runs contrary to the reality
                 of the situation.  As if you repair decades of needed repairs
                 in a year or two.  No.  The entire infrastructure of this
                 country has been left to rot for decades.  Bridges, roads,
                 water ways, everything.  The world did not magically startup
                 in perfect conditon on 1/20/2001.
                 \_ I agree with you on this, but claiming that global warming
                    certainly had nothing to do with it is quite a stretch. It
                    is open for debate, as are pretty much all of the
                    nine "errors." -!pp
           re: error 9: nevermind, the Judge in the article got this one down.
2007/10/10-14 [Recreation/Food] UID:48288 Activity:high
10/10   I'm in my 30s and I'm finding that I'm unable to eat In & Out
        burgers & soda & frys & shakes without feeling really really
        lousy within an hour or two. Has anyone noticed your ability to
        digest unhealthy comfort food decrease as you age?      -30s man
        \_ I think it's a good thing.  Your body is telling you that
           you no longer need these extra fat/sugars.  The wise thing to do
           is to listen to it.  Having a small appetite is not that big of a
           deal.  The alternative is that you are forcing these food down
           your throat.  you would feel sick a little bit, but the worse part
           is that these food you consumed will be end up on your belly.
           and eventually you will need to take high-blood pressure pills
           which has side effect of impotency.  So, it's your choice.
        \- I can no longer eat 1lb of bacon at a time. --psb
        \_ It's a common complaint.  I can't each to much sugar without getting
           a headache now.
        \_ Isn't it a good thing?  Now you won't eat junk food.
        \_ Isn't it a good thing?  Now you won't eat junk food anymore.
           \_ No, because I hang out with super hot mid-20 year old
              girlfriends all the time and I hate to show signs of aging.
              \_ Join their purge circle, and you won't have this problem.
              \_ If you want to date the young hotties you are either going
                 to have to get rich or start hitting the gym.
                 \_ Or accept that you aren't mid-20s and pay for good food.
                    Take them on a date and spend some money you cheapskate.
                    \_ This is a good advice.  I'm assuming you are at a
                       point in your life where you can afford more than a
                       meal for two at In-n-Out.  Maybe you'll even get to
                       impress some gold-digger if it's a nice enough place.
              \_ If they keep eating junk food they won't be hot for long
                 anyway.  Find some super hot girls who don't eat that crap.
        \_ I miss eating KFC. Seriously. It makes me feel good to eat it
           but it makes me feel lousy afterwards. Getting old.
        \_ I can only eat two platefuls at Todai.
           \_ Speaking of which, I used to be able to eat 3 platefuls
              but now I can barely eat 2. Maybe my matabolism is slowing
              down or something, but it's no longer worthwhile going to
              all you can eat restaurants anymore.
              \- is Todai worth trying? I'm not a sushi snob, but I've
                 also heard some of the stuff there is disgusting/inedible.
                 \_ Todai is tolerable if you don't care and terrible if you
                    do care. However, it's less expensive than Isobune or
                    any of the other sushi-boat places and comparable in
                    quality. If you just want to eat a bunch of fish meat,
                    go to Todai on your birthday. --erikred
                    \_ Has anyone eaten at Coach (formerly MR Sushi)?  Had
                       a great meal there the other night.  Nomihoudai for
                       $3.50...  Friendliest host/staff ever...
                       \_ That nomihoudai sake is hard to beat, even if it's
                          not good sake. The sushi was so-so, but you're
                          right, their staff is excellent. --erikred
                       \_ You're not talking about Mr. Sushi on Grand Ave
                          by Lake Merritt, are you?  This place taught me
                          never to go to a restaurant named Mr. <food type>
                          without some trustworthy recommendations.
                    \_ The birthday comment is for a free meal, but requires
                       you to be accompanied by at least one paying adult.
                       As for quality, it really depends from location to
                       location.  I rate Daly City one as poor.  San Jose one
                       (don't know if there's more than one) a lot of people
                       (Todai fans) rave about it, but I found it subpar
                       (meaning quality did not meet pricing.)  In bay area,
                       only Todai I would be willing to pay is the one in
                       Pleasanton.  I've also been told that SoCal ones are
                       overall better than bay area ones.  If the one SoCal
                       experience I had was a good representation, I would
                       agree.  But if you want similar style buffet, I think
                       Moonstar Buffet (across street from Orpheum Theater)
                       is a better value.  I haven't tried their new
                       location in Daly City.  But I generally try to avoid
                       buffets except in vegas.  Wynn's buffet is amazing.
                       \_ The one in Pleasanton is good?  It's the only one
                          I've been to, and I wasn't all that impressed.
        \_ Heh, the motd aging... next up will be serious questions about ED.
                \_ Speaking of which I'm having the opposite problem as I
                   am getting older -- the um "volume" and "distance" are
                   getting ridiculous.
                   \_ Get her some goggles. - grumpy not getting laid guy
                        \_ Him
2007/10/10-14 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:48289 Activity:low
10/10   Anyone know emacs has a session saver? It drives me nuts to have
        to reload and restore.
        \_ I looked at this six or twelve months ago, and they do exist, but
           no one implementation seemed simple nor robust enough for my needs.
           Let me know if you find anything. -dans
        \_ run emacs in screen, never kill it!
        \_ emacsserver/emacsclient
           \_ What do these have to do with saving sessions?  -- !OP
           \_ If you never 'quit' emacs, there is no need to 'save' sessions.
        \_ I have an idea.  How about you do "kill -9" to kill emacs every time
           you want to quit it, then user M-x recover-session to restore it?
           you want to quit it, then use M-x recover-session to restore it?
           You might even map C-x C-c to do "kill -9" on itself, and add
           recover-session to you ~/.emacs.
        \_ Can't you just boot directly into emacOS and use the system suspend
           and restore functions?
        \_ The following works for me without having to do too much work:
           basically, add an entry to your .emacs and then do
           "M-x desktop-save <path>"   for the very first time, and subsequent
           launch of emacs from <path> will auto reload previous files,
           buffers, history, etc. I have this setup in less than a minute.
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