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2007/10/9-11 [Recreation/Pets] UID:48268 Activity:low
        The world's smartest dog with over 1000 tricks in the Guinness
        World Records belongs to...  a fucking TOY POODLE? WTF, I
        thought toy breeds are suppose to be stupid.
        \_ A lot of very smart dogs flunk out of guide dog training.  It
           requires too much attention to something that just isn't
           interesting to them.  Same thing for assistance dog training.
           Playing fetch all day long for the disabled is simply boring for
           the smarter breeds so a lot of them fail out.  The ones that are
           not quite so smart but still trainable and more eager to please are
           much more likely to succeed in these roles.  They aren't as fast and
           don't always get it right but they don't give up and serve well in
           those roles.
           \_ This is true with engineers. If you hire someone too smart
              for your code monkey job, he/she gets will get bored easily
              and jump ship or transfer to a more challenging job. On the
              other hand if you hire someone patient but not too brilliant,
              that person tends to stay a bit longer.
              \_ Why would you hire a smart engineer for a code monkey
                 job?  Of course the smart engineer will leave when
                 given a code monkey job.  He/she has better things to
                 do with his/her abilities.  It's as simple as right
                 tool for the right job.
        \_ Smarter dogs would refuse to learn tricks and still get fed, like
           \_ You have a stupid definition of "smart".  Smart dogs do tricks
              so they can have more offspring--people don't usually breed
              cat-like dogs.  So it's:  want more chance of having kids?
              do tricks.
              \_ And you have a restricted view of smart, too.
                 Wanting to have kids is more instinctive thing than
                 "smart" thing.  When I watched "March of the
                 Penguins," I thought, "is it worth that kind of
                 trouble to reproduce?"  If a penguin decides to enjoy
                 the life it's been given without succumbing to
                 instinctive desires?  Is that a "smart" penguin or a
                 "stupid" penguin?
              \_ You're assuming that dogs want kids.
                 \_ Whether or not they want kids, they want to get laid.
                    \_ Then the smart dogs will run away before they're old
                       enough to get fixed.
        \_ Wow, this topic got stupid fast.  Really fast.
           \_ Actually, I find it interesting. Why is it stupid?
2007/10/9-11 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:48269 Activity:nil
10/9    It's great that soda's been more or less up for the past few months,
        but I really hate Linux and all this gnu shit... ELinks, crappy vi,
        etc.  I miss links and a tcsh that works.
        \_ What's wrong with the current tcsh on soda?  Why don't you just ask
           root to install links or build it yourself?  Also, barring things
           that actually need to talk to the kernel, e.g. threading libraries,
           why would running a gnu licensed kernel stop you from installing
           non-gnu software? -dans  [formatd]
        \_ ftp ; unzip ; untar ; make install
        \_ Oops, it just went down.
2007/10/9 [Uncategorized] UID:48271 Activity:nil 52%like:48270
10/8    Question for the motd perverts.  I was talking to some friends
        about flypussies.  It's well known that one problem with pussies is
        their resistance to perverts (it's the well known effect that keeps
        us virgin).  One proposed way of handling this is to take
        supplements so our geekiness counteract each other.  The question is,
        how much supplements should you take to beef up?  -- ilyas
2007/10/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:48272 Activity:nil
10/9    Soda's down, YAY!
2007/10/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:48273 Activity:nil
10/9    "approval voting *eliminates* the spoiler problem, how
        do you feel it fails to address it?  IRV,
        however, partly because it is not monotonic,
        and due to several other side effects risks
        *severe* spoiler effects. -dans
        \_ I don't think IRV's shortcomings in voting theory really
           are a practical concern. In common cases the results seem
           acceptable to me. How does approval voting eliminate spoilers?
           If there are A,B,C and I prefer A>>B>>C, do I vote for B or not?
           If I want A to win, I could not vote for B, but then I risk
           C winning which I really don't want. It depends on the perception
           of how likely each one is to win. It doesn't appear that different
           from the winner take all thought process.
2007/10/9-11 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Recreation/Humor] UID:48274 Activity:low
10/9    Soda is useless: discuss.
        \_ worksforme.  Closing bug. -dans
           \_ "sense of humor" is defined as the ability to discriminate
              funny from not-funny.  -tom
2007/10/9-11 [Recreation/Humor] UID:48275 Activity:moderate
        \_ geek comics not by Shin Kao tend to be pathetic.  -tom
           \_ Heh.  Not only are you delusional, but you have a poor
              sense of humor too.  Awesome! -dans
              \_ "sense of humor" is defined as the ability to discriminate
                 funny from not-funny.  -tom
                 \_Err.. no it's not:
                   \_ Nice try: now go look up "humor."  -tom
                      \_ tom vs. the world, part XI!  Yes! -dans
                         \_ S: (n) humor, humour (the quality of being funny)
              \_ I didn't find it all that funny
           \_ That may be true, but xkcd is the exception.  It's hilarious.
              I don't bother to post them because I assume everyone already
              reads it regularly.
           \_ Thank heveans I have tom to tell me what's funny!
           \_ Thank heavens I have tom to tell me what's funny!
2007/10/9-11 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:48276 Activity:nil
10/9    Is there a chat program for OS X that allows me to chat with
        people on AIM, MSN messenger, and yahoo? Thanks.
        \_ Adium.
           \_ Adium is best. Trillian Astra works as web client and
              they are porting as a native app as well but i still
              like adium more than astra -shac
2007/10/9-11 [Uncategorized] UID:48277 Activity:nil
10/9    Something up with the /var/mail? *Poof*
        \_ People still read mail here?  *boggle*
           \_ Well, one has to catch up on one's Viagra deals...
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