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2007/10/8-11 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:48259 Activity:nil
10/7    "Cycling gains ground in NYC"
        "... according to Census figures, just 0.5 percent of New Yorkers ride
        bikes to work. That compares to 2 percent in Seattle and San Francisco
        and a whopping 34 percent in Copenhagen."
        '... cycling not only reduces air pollution but also is "a great
        competitive sport" that is gaining ground with "the hedge fund crowd."
        "The line I've been using," she said, "is, 'Bike is the new golf.'"'
          \_ Biking isn't the same as the nuts in CM.  Ride Bike!  But don't be
             a CM nutjob. -emarkp
2007/10/8-9 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:48260 Activity:kinda low
10/8    All you not-getting-laid guys, what do you do for fun besides
        watch The Hitler Channel?  I've been trying to bike more and
        I just sold my tv.  I'm not quite lame enough yet to torrent
        the History Channel.
        \_ Torrent sucks. History Channel's worth it. Get it. You just
           missed today's Columbus documentary. It KICKS ASS. Not having
           sex has made me more knowledgeable than before. I watch the
           History Channel and read books and I actually feel more
           cultured than before.          -not getting laid guy #3
        \_ Orgy with Rosy Palm and her five sisters.
        \_ I'm thinking about Fleshlight.  RealDoll is too expensive.
2007/10/8-9 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:48261 Activity:kinda low
10/8    Wow, GOOG short guy is down $500/share. How many shares did
        you short? Not too many, I hope.
        \_ You're late.  This was last week's trollfest.  Try again next month
           when it resets.
2007/10/8-9 [Consumer/TV] UID:48262 Activity:kinda low
10/8    I'm looking for a handheld video player can do hdtv (720P?) video
        out and play Xvid and Divx video.  Does such a beast exist?
        \_ I saw someone on BART about a year ago watching movies on a device
           about 1" think and just slightly larger than a DVD.  I didn't quiz
           her on what formats it supported but I was sure jealous she was
           watching a movie while I was watching Oakland go by.
           \_ And, totally oblivious to her surroundings, she will be a
              target of a crime aimed at relieving her of her gadget.
              \_ You know, if it was 1am and I was getting off at say
                 Fruitvale or Powell maybe I'd think twice about whipping
                 out fancy gadgets on Bart.  But in the middle of the day?
                 You really are worried about someone mugging you on a crowded
                 street in broad daylight?  You need to reduce the paranoia.
              \_ I've ridden BART thousands of times, never had a problem.
                 Go ahead in live in fear your whole life.
                 \_ How many times did you ride it while an oblivious woman?
                    \_ yer mom?  All the time.
              \_ ... or a crime aimed at relieving him in her.
              \_ Uh huh, it's BART not walking naked through Crime Alley.
                 Surrounded by business suits and hourly wage slaves, I don't
                 think she was at any great risk of harm.
           \_ I know there are lots of devices out there for watching video.
              I want one that does hdtv out as well.
        \_ Unlikely.  First, most portable media players have
           low-resolution, crappy color reproduction screens.  Even at
           640x480, pixels are incredibly small at 4 or 5".  Most
           don't even have that resolution.  Epson P-3000 and P-5000
           have one of the best screens (4-colors/pixel 640x480) and
           can play 720x480 (NTSC DVD resolution) MPEG2/MPEG4.  I've
           figured out mencoder options that will work with the
           player.  Epson is really meant as a photo viewer, but it
           also works well as a video player, although on the
           expensive side.  For movies, 16:9 is preferred, I'm sure.
           I'm sure such devices exist, but I doubt it'll have
           higher resolution, nor better color reproduction
           \_ It doesn't have to do hdtv on the device, I just want it to
              output an HDTV signal to a tv.  That way I can play low quality
              video when at the gym, and plug it into my tv at home to watch
              the good stuff.
2007/10/8-11 [Uncategorized] UID:48263 Activity:nil
10/8    "Interpol hunts suspected pedophile"
        Why was this man so stupid as to block his own face with some non-
        trivial yet reversible technique?  Why not just do something very
        simple yet irreversible, like covering it with a rectangle of one
        \_ Because he's an idiot?  Obviously he didn't realize the swirl was
2007/10/8-11 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:48264 Activity:nil
        FDIC chair asks industry to forego rate increases on resetting ARMs for
        owners who live in their homes and are current in their payments
        \_ Bah!
        \_ You see?  Only risk-takers win!
2007/10/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:48265 Activity:high
10/7    Hi.  Original not getting laid guy here AKA motd bitter no sex guy.
        The girlfriend has stopped shaving, anything, and has informed me that
        shaving is just thinking your body in its original form is
        disgusting, and she doesn't think her body is disgusting, therefore
        she will never shave again.  Except for her toes.  She hates how
        hair gets caught in her socks, so she'll continue to shave the top
        of her toes.  Day 190 or something stupid of not having sex.
        \_ Every AFC on csua even knows to leave.
           \_ What does AFC mean?
        \_ Let us know when she's left you because she has a new gf.  Until
           then stick a fork in it; your story is done.
        \_ Neither my ex-gr nor my wife shave their pussies.  The hair blocks
           my view when I thrust, but I just part the hair to the sides with
           my hands.  The bigger problem is when the hair gets into my throat,
           but I just quietly get it out with my finger and continue as if
           nothing happened.  I wouldn't force them to shave unless they
           want to.
           \_ Do they shave their legs and armpits though?
              \_ Yes.  -- PP
                 \_ You know OP is referring to all body hair, not just
                    vaginal hair, right?
           \_ I think shaving all the hair down there is a bit weird, but
              some trimming is nice so that when a leotard or bikini is
              worn it doesn't look so bad.
              \_ I think most American (porn-loving) guys like it, because
                 most female American porn stars except those in the hairy
                 genre shave all their hair down there.  For me, either
                 shaving or trimming is fine.  -- PP
        \_ Original poster here.  yes I meant ALL body hair.  geez.
           \_ Hairy can be sexy, but you've already pointed out that she's
              not doing this (or anything) for your titillation. Unless
              the rest of the relationship is so incredible as to counter
              your blue balls, call this one a wrap and move on.
              \_ By now the story can't be true.  He's getting nothing, he's
                 hating it and he's still there for no reason.  It's a long
                 running joke or troll of some sort.  I think now he's digging
                 for the anti-anti-feminine vote.
                 \_ Sadly, i am 100 percent serious about everything I have
                    posted.  - original not getting laid bitter no sex guy
                    \_ Ok, then why are you still with her at day 190 or
                       whatever you're at now?
                 \_ I know lots of people who are this ornery. -dans
                    \_ Maybe, but I've yet to see any of these guys explain
                       why they're still 'with' these girls despite asking
                       several times.
                       \_ There's a lot more to finding a partner than having
                          a warm place to stick your dick at night.
        \_ The only way to win this battle is to gross her out even more. Stop
           bathing. Don't shave anymore and grow out a terrorist beard. If
           she's going to stop being sexy for you, then why should you care
           about looking good for her?
2007/10/8-9 [Uncategorized] UID:48266 Activity:nil
10/8    How do I get pass by the popup in the following url?
2007/10/8-11 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:48267 Activity:moderate
10/8    Talking about fringe candidate... I always consider myself an ultra-
        left liberal, but I find Ron Paul's message *VERY* appealing.  That,
        along with the remarkable consistency he has over almost all issues.
        Have any of you guys even know this guy?
        \_ I heard that if you watch his video, seven days later you DIE!
           \_ I watched it 6.9998 days ago and I'
        \_ His strict attention to the constitution is appealing, but he's a
           bit of a dim bulb.  For instance, he's repeated the line that we
           trained bin Laden in Afghanistan in the 80s, because it supports his
           isolationist policy.
           \_ since when opposing having 135 military bases in foreign
              countries an "isolationist policy?"  Further, if anything, I
              find his foreign policy analysis by far most honest and
              intelligent.  I've been saying the same thing for years.
              Pretending establishment of Jewish State in the midst of
              arab land won't have any long term consequences?  pretending
              overthrown of Iran's democratic government won't have any
              consequences?  pretending aiding muslim extremist won't have any
              blow back?  and I haven't start talking about Iraq yet...
           \_ We kind of did, I'm sure we didn't directly train Bin Laden
              but we shipped a fuckton of weapons and supplies to the
              Afghan rebels, but completely abandond them after the Russians
              finally pulled out.  Now look what happened.
              \_ No, we didn't.  There were two groups fighting against the
                 Soviets.  One was the Northern Alliance, who we funded and
                 trained.  You may recall that they helped us when we invaded
                 to topple the Taliban.  The others were the foreign
                 Mujahideen, which was bin Laden's group.  Richard Miniter
                 verified this with the folks involved.  Just google his name
                 and bin Laden.  Here's an op-ed he wrote which addresses it
                 Of course you may discount this because it's foxnews, but feel
                 free to look for the details yourself.
                 \_ Zbigniew Brzezinski, author of the policy, disagrees with
                    you: (SourceWatch)
                    \_ Your source doesn't say that.  Remember, the Taliban
                       isn't bin Laden--they gave him haven.
                    \_ The two guys actually handing out the money disagree
                       with *you*.
                       In the course of researching my book on Bill Clinton and
                       bin Laden, I interviewed Bill Peikney, who was CIA
                       station chief in Islamabad from 1984 to 1986, and Milt
                       Bearden, who was CIA station chief from 1986 to 1989.
                       These two men oversaw the disbursement for all American
                       funds to the anti-Soviet resistance. Both flatly denied
                       that any CIA funds ever went to bin Laden. They felt so
                       strongly about this point that they agreed to go on the
                       record, an unusual move by normally reticent
                       intelligence officers. Mr. Peikney added in an e-mail to
                       me: .I don.t even recall UBL [bin Laden] coming across
                       my screen when I was there..
                       \_ First, pp already conceded that no direct funds went
                          to bin Laden; he said that we funded the Mujahideen.
                          Your quote above concerns funds to bin Laden, not
                          the Taliban. Second, Robert Young Pelton, author of
                          Dangerous Places, records meeting bin Laden in the
                          80s; given bin Laden's influence and status, it
                          beggars belief that the CIA staff in Islamabad hadn't
                          even heard of him in the mid-80s.
                          \_ In the mid80s OBL wasn't that big a name, yet.
                             \_ His was a name that was getting bandied around.
                                It sickens me to think that we might have an
                                Intel organ that didn't pay attn to names like
                                that. It's more plausible to me that Peikney
                                is mistaken about OBL not coming across his
                                screen, esp. in conjunction with the Taliban.
                                \_ If that sickens you, perhaps you were primed
                                   for being sickened.  OBL isn't important,
                                   Terrorism is a 'success tax,' levied against
                                   the rich and powerful nations of the world.
                                   a feeble figurehead more useful alive than
                                   martired.  Terrorism is a 'success tax,'
                                   levied against the rich and powerful nations
                                   of the world.
                                   \_ *shrug* Gross incompetence in general
                                      sickens me. It doesn't bother me that no
                                      one was _doing_ anything about OBL, but
                                      it's criminally irresponsible for an
                                      Intel branch that's funding a secret war
                                      not to be aware of all of the players.
        \- YMWTR: Charlie Wilson's War, soon to be a movie.
        \- as a liberal you want to get rid of the Dept of Education?
2007/10/8 [Science/Physics, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48270 Activity:nil 52%like:48271
10/8    Question for the motd physics geeks.  I was talking to some friends
        about flywheels.  It's well known that one problem with flywheels is
        their resistance to rotation (it's the well known effect that keeps
        bicycles upright).  One proposed way of handling this is to install
        flywheels in pairs so they counteract each other.  The question is,
        how much energy should you expect to bleed off in this way?  -- ilyas
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