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2007/10/1-4 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW] UID:48214 Activity:kinda low
9/31    So people using Net.Bank with over 100K. Did they lose
        $(What they had in the bank) - $100K ?
        \_ They are now creditors against the assets of the bank. They may
           or may not lose that much depending on how things shake out.
           However, they are only guaranteed their $100K.
           \_ Is FDIC guarantee per account or per "entity"
            \_ Per account
               \_ Per depositor, although accounts held by different
                  entities may count separately. For example, if you have a
                  single account and a revocable trust then you may be
                  eligible for more insurance (in this case $100K per
                  beneficiary of the trust in addition to $100K for the
                  single account). If you have, say, four checking
                  accounts in your own name at a bank then you are insured
                  for only $100K total.
                  \_ More example: if you and you wife have a single joint
                     account, by default you and your wife are covered for
                     $100K each.  It gets complicated if you and your wife
                     own the account at some ratio other than 50%-50%.
                     account, you and your wife are covered for $100K each.
                     Say there was $200K in the account.  If you and your wife
                     own it at 50%-50%, each of you gets $100K.  But if you and
                     your wife own it at 75%-25%, you get $100K while your wife
                     gets $50K.
2007/10/1-5 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Physics] UID:48215 Activity:high
10/1    "Time travel machine"
        Is this real?
           There was a piece on him on This American Life that was utterly
           heartbreaking. An amazing person.
           \_ I can't see the top link, but the wiki article makes it clear
              that to this point he doesn't even having a working theory as
              to how time travel might work.
              \_ It's a hard problem when you're sane.
              \_ I think that drawing this conclusion from a wikipedia article
                 really does justify the fears that people have about the
                 level of misunderstanding something like wikipedia can
                 engender. He appears to be both sane and knowledgeable enough
                 to be worth listening to.
                 \_ Wikipedia is shit.  Citing wikipedia on a subject
                    generally signals 'I know nothing about the subject
                    \_ Uhm, what?  This is *time travel*!  There is no one on
                       the planet who truly understands *time travel*.  Going
                       to wikipedia is better than reading this guy's papers
                       that no one is going to understand.  Hey, did I mention
                       this was about *time travel*?  *TIME TRAVEL*!  Sheesh.
                       \_ No it's not.  One of the reasons wikipedia is so
                          dangerous is it makes people think it's a better
                          source than the source, so to speak.  Your first
                          impulse if you don't understand something is to try
                          to understand it, or ask someone who does understand,
                          not consult wikipedia.  In this case, if you want
                          to know if the guy is a kook, talk to a physicist.
                          Wikipedia is the source of McDonaldization of
                          Wikipedia is a source of McDonaldization of
                                                   \_ This is an excellent
                                                      phrase. I hope you don't
                                                      mind if I adopt it.
                                                      \_ This is due to George
                                                         Ritzer.  At any rate,
                                                         ideas belong to all
                                                         mankind. -- ilyas
                          knowledge.  -- ilyas
                          \_ Lacking any physicists nearby who understand the
                             math and high energy physics involved in this
                             guy's work, I'll take the dime store version at
                             wp.  Lacking the time and honesty, having a great
                             deal of apathy towards the entire time travel
                             silliness, I'll skip trying to decipher his
                             actual papers and be satisfied knowing that he's
                             having fun at some Uni tucked harmlessly out of
                             the way mumbling, "They mocked me at the Academy!
                             But I'll show them!  I'll show them alllll!!!!!
                             Muahahahhahahaaa!!!!!"  *TIME TRAVEL*!
                             \_ You are better off simply admitting ignorance
                                than assuming a contrarian is wrong simply
                                because he's a contrarian.  Biased certainty
                                is not better than unbiased uncertainty.
                                If you are interested in rationally evaluating
                                things, that is.  It's great fun to poke fun
                                at contrarians.  -- ilyas
                                \_ tell us about the stars, ilyas
                                \_ Uhm, duh, it is *TIME TRAVEL*.  How can I
                                   not be ignorant of it?  That is what I've
                                   been saying since this topic went up. Please
                                   do tell exactly who on this planet is not
                                   ignorant of how *TIME TRAVEL* works.  It is
                                   great fun to poke fun at people who try to
                                   seriously discus *TIME TRAVEL* as if it was
                                   something we could rationally discuss as a
                                   scientific concept and not a philosophical
                                   one.  And yes when I finish my *TIME TRAVEL*
                                   machine I am so going back to whack your
                                   grand dad just to put an end to this silly
                                   nonsense.  Nothing personal, I think you're
                                   an ok guy.
                                   \_ Time travel is a scientific concept.
                                      You are operating using a very strange
                                      distinction between science and
                                      philosophy.  -- ilyas
                    \_ Wikipedia is great for some things.  One prof's
                       vaugly out there research is not one of those
                       \_ The problem with wikipedia for 'some things' is
                          you never really know if the information is
                          accurate.  So the only thing wikipedia is good for
                          is procrastinating.
                          \_ 1. Many times I do know if the information
                                is accurate, or it's not something I'm
                                worried about being exactly right.
                             2. If I do care about if information is right
                                using wikipedia as my only or primary source
                                is fucking stupid, yes, however it can be
                                a very useful starting point.  Go to wikipedia
                                get the basics and then research those to
                                make sure they seem reasonable.
                             3. The problem with this prof isn't the accuracy
                                or lack thereof.  The problem is it's a poorly
                                written article about something very few people
                                care about.  What it told me was this dude is
                                someone who cares a lot about time travel and
                                has done research in the field that isn't
                                obviously batshit insane.  If I want to know
                                more I can research other places and come to
                                my own conclusions.
        \_ On a vaguely related note there is some good discussion on the
           blogs about 'contrarian' vs 'conservative' strategies in science.
             -- ilyas
2007/10/1-5 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:48216 Activity:moderate
10/01   Murtha is sued by Marine cleared in Haditha case for defamation.
        Federal judge refuses dismissal and orders Murtha to testify.
        \_ I am sorry, but this is idiotic. This is like filing defamation
           charges against a DA because he calls someone a drug dealer.
           \_ If you're not convicted, even a DA is not allowed to call someone
              \_ "even" = "especially"
              \_ What do you call what the DA does every single day of the
                 week, when he files charges against people?
                 week, when he files charges against people? He has what is
                 called "absolute privilege" when he is doing his job as a
                 DA and so does a Senator. This judge is a nut case.
                 \_ His court room job is to find out the truth of the case,
                    not to assume guilt.  How sad that our system has come to
                    this.  He is not supposed to run around calling unconvicted
                    people criminals.  They're not.
                    \_ Google "absolute privilege" and get back to me. Murtha
                       was doing his job from the floor of the Senate. It is
                       an open and shut case.
                       \_ Murtha is a criminal scumbag and slamming innocent
                          American soldiers from the senate floor is an abuse
                          of his senate privileges.  Google "Murtha scumbag"
                          and get back to me.  He called innocent men murderers
                          and that's ok with you, apparently.
                          \_ No, I don't think it is okay. I also don't think
                             it is illegal. Do you understand the difference?
2007/10/1-5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48217 Activity:moderate
10/01   Military deaths way down for the last few months.
        \_ This is great news. Maybe the surge really is working.
           \_ Not sure if you're trolling or not, but just in case...
              The Iraqi insurgents aren't stupid.  They're just lying low
              until we leave, so they can really start killing off
              $RIVAL_SECT.  It doesn't matter if we're there or not. I guess
              it matters as in if we're there, we lose soldiers or they
              horribly maimed for no reason.
              \_ So if our being there reduces the death totals don't we have
                 a moral obligation to stay?
           \_ yeah, who cares if Iraqies are dying
              \_ If you had RTFA, you'd see Iraqi deaths are down too, moron.
                 "More dramatic, however, was the decline in Iraqi civilian,
                 police and military deaths."
                 \_ Unfortunately there was an 2000% increase in the number
                    of Iraqis who "slipped in the bathtub"
                    \_ There are bathtubs in Iraqi home?  I thought it was a
                       third world country.
                       \_ It's a post-apocalyptic third world country. They
                          used to have all sorts of amenities. Now they have
                          the remnants.
                       \_ Did no one pick up on the "if you get shot in the
                          face it's ok" killing reclassification reference?
                          \_ I'm not ok being shot in the face, thanks though.
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