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2007/9/29-30 [Industry/Startup] UID:48210 Activity:nil
9/29    Currahee!!! Easy Company!
2007/9/29-10/5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48211 Activity:high
9/29    Someone was asking about Sameer. He is at Quantico right now,
        just starting OCS. I am sure he would appreciate your letters. -ausman
        \_ As someone who has met Sameer but never really knew him that
           well: WHY?
           \_ My theory is that he's convinced that the government needs
              to change, and badly.  However, the people with the most
              credibility and ability to change the government are those
              who have risked their lives in service to this country.
              I think his long-term plan is to honorably serve, and then
              return and work for political change.
           \_ Perhaps 9/11 convinced him of the urgent need to defend his
              country. -- ilyas
              \_ Or maybe all that money made him really lose his mind.
                 Also he wanted something to do with his life since he doesn't
                 have to work anymore.
                 \_ Are you implying you must be insane to join the military
                    without economic duress? -- ilyas
                    \_ Nope.  I am implying Sameer went insane.
                       \_ Isn't Sameer gay?
                       \_ In this case it's just a non sequitur insult.
                          I salute you sir, you make the motd a better place.
                       Actually I'm not implying.  I STATE:
                       Sameer went insane.
                       \_ I don't know Sameer, how did he go insane?
           \_ He talked about WHY in his blog a while back. Check the archives.
              \_ This appears to be the relevant post.  Wow.  I totally respect
                 \_ and more in
                 \_ I don't make a habit of reading his blog (or any blog
                    for that matter). His reasons sound pretty selfish. He
                    should have just gotten a dog if he wanted to feel
                    \_ Here on the motd we can show the selfish pricks like
                       Sameer how it's done!
                    \_ Wow.  You're a dick! -dans
                       \_ A realist. There's no point going over there to
                          get killed. We dont need another Pat Tillman.
                          When people do dumb things someone has to say so.
                          \_ Ok, I'll volunteer.  Your post is dumb, dick.
                             \_ Yes, because the best way for Sameer to
                                benefit the USA is to be KIA in Iraq.
                                \_ To join the chorus, you are fucking
                                   retarded. -- someone else
                                \_ The best way for Sameer (or anyone who wants
                                   to help) to benefit the USA is to get the
                                   training needed to lead US troops in Iraq
                                   and work to _keep_ them from getting KIA.
        \_ I do not think any skills Sameer acquired while getting extremely
           wealthy in the dot com glory days will translate well into our
           glorious quagmire in Iraq.  As the above poster says, Sameer
           should have just gotten a dog if he wants to be needed.
           \_ There's a big need for IT type of personelle
              \_ Sameer is certainly not going to OCS to contribute
                 IT services for the tar pit war effort.
        \_ seriously, I read his blog and don't fault him for his reasons, or
           the tenacity to get him where he is, in spite of being well over
           normal cutoff recruitment age.  hat's off to him!  -ERic
           \_ I think early 30s is not over the cutoff age these days
              \_ Me thinks he just needs to get laid and settle down.
                 Less complaints, less bitching, more homey.
              \_ At least according to his blog, it is for the Marines.  The
                 army has raised their cutoff age, apparently the maries have
              \_ read the damn blog, he talks about it there.  29 is the cutoff
                 for Marines OCS, though exemptions can be gotten on an
                 individual basis, as Sameer has gotten. Cutoff for other
                 branches of the military is up in the low 40's now.  If you
                 want the exact details talk to a recruiter. -Eric
2007/9/29-10/5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48212 Activity:nil
9/29    The country is just kicking the wounded Vets to the curb:
2007/9/29-10/4 [Uncategorized] UID:48213 Activity:nil
9/29    History Channel, MMA fighting. Gotta watch it.    -sexless guy #3
        \_ hey maybe we should hang out. - motd bitter sexless guy #1, the
           original baby!
           \_ How do you deal with it? I'm thinking about buying
              Fleshlight. What about you?               -#3 guy (op, pp)
           \_ You guys should hook up.
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