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2007/9/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:48189 Activity:low
9/25    Wolf pups for sale. Is this even legal?
        \_ Wolves aren't an endangered species so yeah I think it is.  Is it
           *smart* to own a completely wild/undomesticated hunter who can
           kill you?  The law doesn't bar being stupid.
        \_ Troll-wannabe?  The site explicitly states they're wolfdogs
           (~half wolf), and warns repeatedly that it's not for most people.
2007/9/26-27 [Uncategorized] UID:48190 Activity:kinda low
9/25    I just started soaping my ass.  Will girls like me now?
        \_ No.
        \_ Gay guys might.
        \_ Not if you keep doing that in public.
2007/9/26-10/2 [Recreation/Food] UID:48191 Activity:kinda low
9/26    Actually, one thing I've noticed about asian-guys married to white-
        women, to me, they almost look like white guys.  I think 20 years
        of eating american food makes you kind of look american.
        \_ But our dicks are still smaller.  Damn.  -- Asian guy
                \_ Nah, just yours
                   \_ Stats please?
           "I love burger fries jam tarts ..."
           \_ "The page cannot be found"
        \_ You mean like this?
2007/9/26-10/2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:48192 Activity:high
9/26    Not a troll, just a hypothetical question. If I breed with a
        Caucasian woman, will I help increase gene pool diversity, restore
        the "genetic vigor", and improve the human race in general? In
        another word, what is the probability that our children be as
        smart as I as and as healthy as she is, vs. the probability of
        our children be as dumb as she is and as weak as I am?    -SAM
        \_ Hapa nation!  We Will Bury You!   --brain
        \_ Fat blonde crazy ass Britney Spears genes need not be
           passed on to the human race.
           \_ Too late for that.
        \_ That you're asking this question seriously brings into doubt the
           idea that any given Caucasian woman is dumber than you are.
           \_ Not only that, but the guy has it wrong. Asian women breed
              with white men. Asian guys don't get the caucasian poon.
              \_ hypothetical means "in theory" which has no implied
                 correlation with reality, right?
              \_ As I recall, 45% of asian-american women are married to white
                 guys, 36% of asian-american men are married to white women.
                 \_ Based on personal accounts I believe the 45% number. I'm
                    a bit dubious about the 36% though. Are these
                    Asian-American men married to REAL white women, or virtual
                    from Second Life and World of Warcraft?     -Asian
                    \_ I don't know, at church I know 2 asian-asian couples, 2
                       asian-man white-woman couples, and 1 white-man asian woman
                       couple (mine).
                       \_ Interesting. How about outside of church?
                          \_ I think in my experience, for marriage, the 36% is
                             born out.  I think there's a lot of white-man/asian-
                             woman dating that doesn't result in marriage.
                             \_ Interesting. We've been married 11 years, but
                                many people assume we're just dating. Is this a
                                function of the WM/AW phenom?
                   \_ You recall incorrectly. Or your source was wrong.
                      WM-AF marriage is about 2.5X as likely as the converse.
        \_ They are more or less equally probable, you must have lots of kids.
           According to my asian wife, white women can have more children.
           \_ They WANT to have more children or they are more CAPABLE
              of having more children?
              \_ can == capable
           \_ The key is SELECTIVE breeding, a known and proven technique
              used since the dawn of domestication. Basically, assume
              the attributes are either/or (dominant/recessive), which
              is NOT the case here but for the sake of simplicity, you
              have the followings:
              1 25% chance of smart + healthy
              2 25% chance of dumb + healthy
              3 25% chance of smart + weak
              4 25% chance of dumb + weak
              So if you have LOTS of children and kill off all 2,3, and 4
              then only the smart and healthy one will propagate and
              improve the race.
              \_ Since, as you point out, this is not how the genetics of IQ
                 work, people who follow Punnett Squares for eugneics are
                 really working to remove themselves from the survival pool.
                  \_ the problem comes when you want to implement "kill off all
                     2 3 4." Not exactly socially acceptable here, especially
                     when humans are involved.
                     \_ Non-show quality, companion pets are usually neutered.
                        \_ It is too bad that the Nazis gave such a bad name
                           to eugenics. No, I am not being sarcastic here.
                           \_ If Hitler hated the Jews so much, he should have
                              have just NEUTERED them. By doing so, he would
                              have kept the Jew scientists to make THE BOMB
                              while satisfying his goals of 1) decreasing
                              the Jews population 2) winning the war.
                              Thank God Hitler wasn't too smart to figure
                              it out.
                              \_ The Nazis had a number of sterilization
                                 projects.  One of the research areas for which
                                 human beings were used in the camps was cheap
                                 and effective methods of sterilization.  Learn
                                 your history.  -- ilyas
                              \_ The U.S. was also engaged in sterilization
                                 of our own citizens and we were doing it
                                 before the Nazis even existed.  There is a
                                 reason we don't do this anymore.  Our society
                                 has a higher sense of morals than we did then.
                           \_ When we try to make our horses/dogs better
                              (faster, smarter, stronger), it's called
                              "improving the breed." When we encourage
                              smart people to breed (e.g. Singapore has
                              tax incentives for educated ppl to have
                              more kids), it's called eugenics. Go figure.
                              \_ When you can tell the difference between live
                                 stock and humans, come back and we'll talk
                                 about it.
                                 \_ Well, there isn't really that much
                                    difference, when you come right down
                                    to it. -!pp
                                    \_ And it is the inability to see that this
                                       both true and not relevant to society
                                       at the same time that separates the
                                       geeks and freaks from the norms.
                           \_ Eugenics appeals to geeks because it appears to
                              be an elegant solution. The reality is always
                              much messier.
                              \_ Yeah like the day someone decides that skinny
                                 smelly people are to all be executed in favor
                                 of muscle bulging thick jawed wrestlers.
           \_ China bears her observation out, huh?
2007/9/26-27 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:48193 Activity:nil
        Products for busty women
2007/9/26-10/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:48194 Activity:nil
9/26    The new CSUA home page looks cool!  But where did the soda machine
        history page go?
        \_ Request: from the main page, have another page that goes to
           users' homepage. This is the best way to get our pages go
           higher on PageRank.
        \_ How about a page that introduces a totally cool retroactive chat
           system (nwrite and wall) from the 70s?
           \_ 80s, Please.
2007/9/26-10/2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:48195 Activity:nil
9/26    Gotta love that taser!
        \_ Don't tase me brah!

        9/26    Actually, one thing I've noticed about asian-guys married to white-
        women, to me, they almost look like white guys.  I think 20 years
        of eating american food makes you kind of look american.
        \_ But our dicks are still smaller.  Damn.  -- Asian guy
           "I love burger fries jam tarts ..."
           \_ "The page cannot be found"
        \_ You mean like this?
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