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2007/9/24-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:48159 Activity:low
9/24    hey bitter no sex guy here.  I found out my girlfriend being
        celibate is part of her way of accumulating 'chi'.  Do people
        in relationships where you are hot for each other and bone
        constantly 24/7 at every opportunity when not sleeping, eating
        or at work accumulate chi?  How do you do this chi thing without
        being celibate?  Is this some Asian thing I am not aware of?
        How come I never got the memo?
        \_ Congratulations you've found the problem! Dating an Asian woman.
           Look. Every single woman in my family turned out to be a complete
           nutso as they get older. My mom has schizo and makes everyone
           around her all stressed out (
           Weird behaviors and bizzare acts from aging Asian women...
           very very common. The only reason we don't hear about
           it is because the Asian community keeps their problems quiet.
           Other cultures and races talk about their problems openly but
           we pride on secrecy. Keep it quiet, and give the illusion that
           we're totally bad ass and superior and all that. Look. Asian
           women on menopause are CRAZIER and BITCHIER than other women on
           menopause. I KNOW. My mom and my aunts and etc are perfect
           examples! Listen up bitter man. I've stopped dating Asian
           women because they're picky and bitchy and opinionated and
           think they're all smart. Even more importantly, they have
           this thing we don't talk about openly. Time to blow the whistle
           now. It's called COAAG (Crazy Old Age Asian Genes). Most purebred
           Asian male (excluding Phillipinos because the actually have some
           European genes) are carriers of the defective X chromosome
           containing COAAG and that is why our women are CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY.
           As it is we purebred Asians have enough common genetic diseases
           already, like gastro-intestinal ulcers, liver diseases, and
           COAAG. Here is my advice, bitter man. Date and breed with another
           race. Your offsprings will be as smart as you are and as
           healthy as the other race. It's your duty to restore GENETIC
           VIGOR back to the human race. I understand that your offsprings
           may still be carriers of COAAG and your grandchildren may
           inherit full dominant COAAG genes but at least you won't
           be around to see them suffer.        -Really Bitter Asian Guy #2
           \_ Any other Asian people care to weigh in here?  The two Asian
              women I've dated have been totally nutso, and, actually,
              *most* of the Asian women I know have serious issues.  On
              the other hand, a 50% Asian woman I'm dating now is
              mostly fine, but hermom was similarly nutso to RBAG#2's
              \_ My wife is Japanese. She is 100% not nuts. Her sisters are
                 similarly not nuts. Her mom may be a little nuts, but none
                 of her nutty habits were brought on by age.
                 \_ My wife is Korean, and she is not crazy, except around
                    PMS time.  Her mother is also not crazy.
        \_ If she's going to be THAT asian on you, she should understand
           when YOU do the traditional asian thing and go *uck someone
           \_ or the other traditional asian thing where you just tie her
              to the bed and screw her brains out while she screams for
              mercy.  Sometimes "no" means "yes please"
              \_ I'm going to try that tonight but let's be honest here,
                 I'm doomed.
        \_ Actually, on second thought, tell her that she's got it
           exactly backward.  Men expel "chi" when they have sex,
           women receive it.  She is depriving herself of your "chi"
           \_ I want to give this girl my chi.
              \_ big boobs, ugly face, has a bra but may not be SFW
           \_ I hate having to wash the sheets when I get chi all over them.
2007/9/24 [Reference/Religion] UID:48160 Activity:nil
9/22    God, my ass hurts.
2007/9/24 [Consumer/TV] UID:48161 Activity:nil
9/22    I want to buy a small (15 inch or so) LCD television to use mostly
        as a TV in my bedroom and/or outside on my covered patio. It has
        to be able to receive HDTV (digital) signals over the air when
        regular NTSC stops in 2009 (it will not have cable or satellite TV
        connected to it but I am willing to buy a small "rabbit ear" type
        of antenna) and I also want to be able to connect a computer to
        it and use it as a monitor occasionally for a headless server I
        run.  Any good brands or models? What should I look for? Where will I
        find the best prices?
2007/9/24-26 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48162 Activity:nil 88%like:48150
9/22    How George Bush became the new Saddam (
        \_ And I was called nutty for suggesting we should wish SH back.
           It looks this is (roughly) US policy.
           \_ This was a great article but it says nothing like you seem
              to think it says.  You should read the whole thing instead
              of just looking at the title and the pretty picture at the
              top of each page.
2007/9/24-27 [Uncategorized] UID:48163 Activity:nil
9/24    Does genital herpes transmit from mother to child?
           \_ It's possible... but in 99.9999999999 percent of the time
              it won't happen.  While the kid is in gestation, the kid
              shares in the antibodies the mother generates and is immune
              while going through the birth canal (note this doesn't help
              the kid later in life when he/she starts slutting it up).
              there is this window where the mother gets infected with HSV,
              doesn't know it, has not developed the hsv antibodies,
              and gives birth, then the kid has a slight
              chance of catching eye herpes and being born blind or with
              a brain infection.  you avoid this by giving the mother
              a c-section.
              \_ Yeah, if the mother is at a high risk herpes outbreak
                 (which is very rare when about to give birth) the
                 doctors will strongly recommend a c-section.
        \_ It can, and it can do so dangerously.  See the wikipedia
           \_ It's possible... but in 99.9999999999 percent of the time
              it won't happen.  While the kid is in gestation, the kid
              shares in the antibodies the mother generates and is immune
              while going through the birth canal (note this doesn't help
              the kid later in life when he/she starts slutting it up).
              there is this window where the mother gets infected with HSV,
              doesn't know it, has not developed the hsv antibodies,
              and gives birth, then the kid has a slight
              chance of catching eye herpes and being born blind or with
              a brain infection.  you avoid this by giving the mother
              a c-section.
              \_ Yeah, if the mother is at a high risk herpes outbreak
                 (which is very rare when about to give birth) the
                 doctors will strongly recommend a c-section.
2007/9/24-27 [Recreation/Food] UID:48164 Activity:nil
9/24    What brand of ranch dressing will actually taste as good as the
        ones from restaurants?
        \_ Ken's Steak House Ranch
2007/9/24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:48165 Activity:nil
9/24    has anyone gotten php working on apache via fastcgi? I have to
        set this up as a test environment for deploying a site i've
        been working on and cant get it working. any good docs out
        there? I've found several but none seem to work for me. thx
2007/9/24-27 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:48166 Activity:nil
9/24    Gosh, why do we even have Proxy Vote for stocks? It's not like any
        of us commoners have any power. Look at this for example where
        the Board of Directors vote against all commoners' wishes:
           2008 EXECUTIVE BONUS PLAN.
           Directors Recommend: FOR <--- uh, DUH, they want my MONEY
           FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING MAY 31, 2008.
           Directors Recommend: FOR <--- uh, DUH, they suck
           Directors Recommend: AGAINST <--- uh, DUH, human rights will
                                             get in the way of PROFITS
           Directors Recommend: AGAINST
        \_ Duh, of course the recommend stuff that lines their pockets.
           Sheesh.  This is direct plutodemocracy.  You vote with your
           dollars.  Don't have as many dollars = less voting power.  Why
           should someone who invested $100m into a company have less say
           than you who dropped $5 in?
2007/9/24-27 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:48167 Activity:nil
9/24    Hillary's cackle
2007/9/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:48168 Activity:nil
9/24    Uh, dumb question but whatever happened to /csua/tmp?
        \_ dang, looks nuked!
2007/9/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:48169 Activity:nil
9/24    R.I.P. Marcel Marceau
        Query: would holding a moment of silence be considered in bad taste?
2007/9/24-25 [Health, Health/Disease/General] UID:48170 Activity:moderate
9/24    So you deleted my honest, 100 percent truth request for advice
        for how the fuck do i get all this blood out of my pants
        after I leaked blood all over the fucking place, but you left in
        the stupid 'oh no everyone in world has herpes!' obvious
        troll?  thanks.
        \_ use COLD water, because hot will solidify the irons (red) stain.
           Don't use bleach, it will not disolve hemoglobin. Use cold water
           with LOTS of ENZYME cleaners. You need to watch Court TV if you
           ever want to kill and get away with murder. Hope this helps.
        \_ Just out of curiousity, have you consulted a doctor about this
           blood coming out of your ass?
           \_ It's called hemroids.  Look it up.
                \_ Or not enough lube
              \_ Yeah, I've had hemroids, but I've never had blood pour out
                 of my butt.
                 \_ I crap bigger than you.
                    \_ I have had much reduced issues with hemroids (sp?)
                       since I improved my diet to include more fruits&
                       veggies and fiber in general.  Also, drink more
                       water, and don't "hold it"--shit when you have to
                       shit, don't postpone it.
2007/9/24-25 [Uncategorized] UID:48171 Activity:nil
9/24    Where can I buy a Snapes action figure in San Francisco?  thanks.
        \_ Things From Another World at the Metreon, Jeffrey's Toys on Market
           and 3rd, and there's a comic book & toy shop on Geary around 18th.
2007/9/24-25 [Health] UID:48172 Activity:nil
9/24    When Rachel Ray dyed her hair blond, she looked cute and chubby.
        Now she just looks... fat. She should keep dying her hair blond.
        Blonds just look better.                        -i like blonds
2007/9/24-27 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:48173 Activity:nil
9/24    NYTimes:  our $70K discount to was a "mistake"
2007/9/24-27 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Others] UID:48174 Activity:high
9/24    Wow, they don't have gays in Iran
        \_ There are no gays in the US military, either.
           \_ Why pick on Iran?  How about Saudi Arabia?  How come we have
              no issue with Saudi chopping people's hands off, gauging eyes
              off, and stone women to death?  In fact, we love Saudi so much
              that we outsource our torture to there.
           \_ The difference between the USM and Iran being that the worst
              that happens in one is they kick you out, in the other they
              execute you.  So yeah, you make a highly valid comparison.
              \_ samething can said about WW2.  We only put Japs into
                 concentration camps, not gas chambers.  Thus, it makes us the
                 good guys.  Now, get back to your own drinking fountain.
              \_ To point out that the USM also ignores the existence of gays
                 in its ranks is not the same as to suggest that the USM
                 executes gays. It is possible to draw parallels in parts and
                 yet recognize differences in the whole: the USM is not Iran.
                 \_ Maybe I should have added 'sarcasm' tags to my post, above.
           \_ Tellingly, this is why Columbia U. says they won't allow ROTC on
              campus, yet the Iranian nutjob is there today.,_rotc_is_out
              \_ Is ahmadenijad recruiting students?
              \_ Dinesh D'Souza is almost as short as you.
                 \_ I'm 6'0".  You?
                    \_ A link to D'Souza is enough to dismiss you as a troll.
                       Take your failure like a man.
                       \_ Sometimes things are true even if someone you don't
                          like says them.
                          \_ Yes.  But not this time.  D'Souza is an imbecile,
                             his "point" puerile, and you ignorable for posting
                             \_ What about his point do you find purile, and
                                \_ What part of "ignorable" don't you
                                   understand? Eh, it's a slow day.  I'll
                                   throw you a bone.  Do you see any difference
                                   between an organization looking to recruit
                                   students and a foreign head of state
                                   attending a forum?  I mean, other than
                                   their clothes.
                                   \_ Well, the claim isn't that they're
                                      precisely the same.  In 2003 a majority
                                      of the students voted to have ROTC on
                                      campus.  The president says there should
                                      be a forum for all ideas, yet ROTC isn't
                                      allowed.  What is recruiting other than
                                      presenting your ideas and asking people
                                      to sign up?
                                      \- ROTC isnt an idea. An ongoing
                                         recruitment program is different
                                         from a one shot speech. [BTW, I'm
                                         not sure what I think about ROTC
                                         on private campuses which get public
                                         monies, so I'm just saying the
                                         comparison is bogus, not anti-ROTC].
                                         \_ I think it is quite clear that if
                                            you take the public's money you
                                            need to take the public's
                                            responsibilities which includes
                                            having the military around trying
                                            to recruit if that's one of the
                                            strings.  The Feds use highway
                                            funds all the time as a stick for
                                            totally unrelated State bashing.
                                            If that is ok then it should
                                            certainly be ok to pull Federal
                                            dollars from a school that directly
                                            opposes something harmless like
        \_ "Why is it that the Palestinian people are paying the price for an
            event they had nothing to do with?"
           Please to be asking Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.
           \_ Wasn't this a speech to the UN?
              \_ He was talking about the Holocaust. RTA.
           \_ I think he just points out the unconvenient fact.  Without
              Nazi, there will be no political will to establish a Jewish
              state.  By the way, there was a draft to settle Jews in Alaska.
              It never made out of committee.  No one in USA want Jews
              establish their homeland in US soil.
              \_ There is/was at least a tenuous historical basis for est. of
                 Israel in the Levant/Palestine.
2007/9/24 [Uncategorized] UID:48175 Activity:nil
9/24    help, my ass is bleeding and I can't seem to get fastcgi working
        in apache. anyone have a working example of either that I could
        take a look at? thx
2007/9/24-27 [Reference/Military] UID:48176 Activity:kinda low
9/24    Does there exist a thing as missile-to-missile intercepter?
        \_ What, do you mean like the Patriot?  Or do you mean a missile
           carried on a missile to take out a Patriot?
           \_ Sorry I didn't make it clear. I mean an air-to-air anti-
              missile missle. You know, like what they do in Robotech
              where they shoot out 32 missiles at a time and they counter
              with 32 other missiles in space.
           \_ Uh, that does not exist. ICBM's deploy flak, multiple reentry
              vehicles, and decoys, but not active countermeasures. Not very effective
              to try and hit a bullet with a bullet launched from a bullet,
              when they're already trying to hit a bullet with a bullet.
              \_ No, it's much more effective to confuse and outmaneuvre when you can.
2007/9/24-27 [Politics/Domestic] UID:48177 Activity:nil
9/24    In America, nobody is allowed to exploit 9/11 for political gain except
        \_ C'mon, this is the weakest troll the motd has seen all year.
           You're not even trying.  This wasn't even phoned in!
2007/9/24-27 [Uncategorized] UID:48178 Activity:nil
9/24    Is alcohol a good way to deal with flying anxiety?
        \_ Depends.  Are you the type to get violent when drunk and get
           arrested?  How much anxiety are you talking about?  You get
           sick?  You go nuts and try to open the doors in mid air?
        \_ Weed is probably better. Bring some hash brownies.
           \_ Yeah, because no one gets paranoid on weed.
        \_ Not unless you pass out easily/quickly.
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