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9/21    only $120 an hour!
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9/22    How George Bush became the new Saddam
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9/22    I just heard there's no cure for genital herpes! SHIt!!! Doesn't
        this mean it's just a matter of time (in the history of mankind)
        before EVERYONE in this world get herpes?               -pissed
        \_ No.  It doesn't mean that *at all*.
        \_ Only 25% of the people have it. If all 25% of the promiscuous
           carriers have sex with each other, that percentage should
           remain at 25%.
           Herpes Dating, with Pictures. Now you can meet other singles
           who have herpes and not worry about anything anymore!
           NINETY percent of Americans have already been exposed to HSV-1.
           Americans are HORNY!
        \_ it's just herpes.  it won't kill you.
        \_ You're an idiot.
        \_ If everyone could keep it in their pants, all STDs would die out.
           Chew on that one for a while.
           \_ And if the sun burned out tomorrow, everything would die out.
              Your tautology is astounding.
              \_ Keeping it in your pants is your choice.  Therein lies the
        \_ It's just herpes.  over 70% of the world has a cold sore.
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