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2007/9/18 [Uncategorized] UID:48091 Activity:nil
9/18    More Tasers!
2007/9/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:48092 Activity:nil 60%like:48095
9/17    Shades of "Andromeda Strain"
2007/9/18-22 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:48093 Activity:moderate
9/18    So why isn't Mr Oh So Dissapointed in the Dems because Jefferson
        was corrupt so obviously all Democrats are corrupt spouting the
        same line about Ted Stevens and the Republicans?
        \_ There's a difference between finding $90K in the freezer and an
           ongoing corruption investigation.  By all means though, get rid of
           Stevens.  When will you call for Jefferson to be ousted?
           \_ The guy admitted in open court to bribing Stevens.  If that's
              not as damning or more than Jefferson's cold cash, you're smoking
              shit you shouldn't be.
           \_ I called from him to be ousted from day one.  Both of them
              are not yet found guilty, but for both of them the evidence
              is pretty fucking damning.  Both should not be in the Senate.
              \_ His "bridge to nowhere" was enough for me to want him out.
                 Glad we can agree on something. -pp
                 \_ And so why isn't Stevens not a stunning example of
                    why all Republicans are corrupt?
                 \_ And so why is Stevens not a stunning example of
                    how all Republicans are corrupt?
                    \_ Can you decide how many negatives you want there?
                       \_ Bad edit, fixed now.
                    \_ He's an example of *him* being corrupt.  And I'm
                       dissapointed the R's aren't removing him from the
                       appropriation committee.  Good thing I'm not an R.
                       \_ I agree with you 100%.  I just want to point out
                          that the all dems are evil dude is a pathetic
                          hypocrite.  -op
                          \_ If only such a person existed as more than straw.
        \_ I guess I've not seen the "All Dems are Evil guy."  I seen the "all
           Rs are evil guy" a lot....
           \_ You must be new around here.
              \_ Are you sure it isn't just a case of only seeing what you
                 want?  The motd is a huge lefty echo chamber of dittoness.
                 Anyway, op is a troll since there is no "All Dems are Evil
                 guy" here.  There *is* "Dems are no better guy" and there
                 is "A pox on both your houses, you're all Evil guy", though.
                 \_ Yeah, I remember during the runup to the War, me and one
                    other guy were arguing against it and like 10 people were
                    arguing for it. Such a lefty echo chamber.
                    \_ Yeah I remember this one time 4 years ago when there
                       were like a few people in favor of something that most
                       of the country was also in favor of... yeah.  Whatever.
                       \_ And now that almost everyone in the country is
                          against it, guess what opinion on the motd seems
                          to be? Whatever, indeed! But yeah, the most
                          vitrolic right-wingers seem to have abandoned
                          the field. Maybe they are out shooting photos
                          to put up on zombietime.
                          \_ Whats your point?
                             \_ That the motd is reflection of society, not
                                a "lefty echo chamber."
                                \_ You *really* believe that the motd which
                                   is all college educated *berkeley* students
                                   is a good reflection of society?  Oookaaay.
                                \_ That would explain why the motd is
                                   a seething mass of stupid.  Of course the
                                   lefty echo chamber theory would explain that
                                   too.  -- ilyas
                          \_ Out of curiousity am I considered a vitriolic
                             right-winger? -- ilyas
                             \_ No, just a libertarian kook. Not the same thing.
                             \_ more of a vitriolic nut case
2007/9/18-22 [Uncategorized] UID:48094 Activity:nil
9/18    Barry Manilow:  Another lefty pussy.
        \_ My favorite is Could It Be Magic, from Chopin Prelude Op. 28 No. 20.
2007/9/18-20 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Politics] UID:48095 Activity:nil 60%like:48092
9/18    Shades of Andromeda Strain: (Yahoo! News)
2007/9/18-22 [Uncategorized] UID:48096 Activity:nil
9/18    Moray eels have 'alien' jaws, freaky.
2007/9/18-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:48097 Activity:nil
9/18    What does "qq/.../" in Perl mean? I don't want to ask my "leet"
        stuck up co-workers because they'll think I'm an idiot. Well
        maybe it's already too late but whatever. ok thx.
        \_ 2 q's mean same thing as double-quote.  Now for the bonus question:
           what does "q/.../" mean?
           \_ Please don't do other people's homework.
              \_ Why not?  We're old.
        \_ man perlop
2007/9/18 [Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Physics] UID:48098 Activity:nil 75%like:48099
9/18    "Shrinking kilogram bewilders physicists"
        *The* kilogram is getting smaller in mass.
2007/9/18-22 [Politics/Domestic, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:48099 Activity:nil 75%like:48098
9/18    "Shrinking kilogram bewilders physicists"
        *The* kilogram is weighing less.
        \_ Old news.
        \_ Even worse, WE DON'T KNOW WHY!!!!
           \- maybe the dildo really is 9lb!
              \_ It's completely natural for a dildo to lose weight when it
                 goes from erect state to flaccid state.  Oh wait ...
2007/9/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:48100 Activity:high 63%like:48110 78%like:48113
        Rather than getting a taser (which requires background check which
        I will most likely not pass) I bought the state of the art pepper
        spray instead. Totally kick ass.
        \_ Uh, hostile liquid projectile that shoot out at 270MPH is not
           safe, is it? At that speed, a liquid is as hard as concrete
           and you can literally blow out someone's cornea. I hope this
           is for law enforcement only; this thing is too deadly for
           civilian use.
           \_ Nice liberal sheep - must let others protect me from me.
        \_ I once accidentally pepper sprayed myself.  Just the littlest
           bit.  That stuff fucking SUCKS.
           \_ How did you accidentally pepper spray yourself?
        \_ I was pepper sprayed by police once in a night club parking
           lot...that shit hurts!  -sky
           \_ Why were you sprayed? Were you acting like a jerk?
        \_ Why wouldn't you pass a background check? Are you sure you
           should be carrying pepper spray?
2007/9/18-20 [Recreation/Food] UID:48101 Activity:nil
9/18    when will flemish eat walloon?
2007/9/18-20 [Uncategorized] UID:48102 Activity:nil
9/18    Kill two people?  Not guilty.
        Commit a strong arm burglary?  Up to 30 years per count.
        \_ Hey, he got away with the first one, why not try again?
2007/9/18-22 [Finance/Banking, Finance/Investment] UID:48103 Activity:low
9/18    So, the lesson of the fed rate cut is: borrow as much as you can, get
        way over your head, make risky investments as well. make big bucks on
        the way up. if you get into trouble, the Fed will bail you out. if
        you're a saver you're a sucker... your life savings just took a hit
        through dollar devaluation.
        \_ If you are a saver you ALWAYS take a hit through dollar devaluation
        \_ I've been busy the last few days... I thought they were going to
           let everyone bite it.  What sort of bailout did the Fed do?
           \- "If you owe your bank a hundred pounds, you have a problem.
               But if you owe your bank a million pounds, it has." --jmk
               BTW, this is an example of why taxes should be progressive.
               \_ It's amusing that you jump on progressive taxation to remedy
                  this particular problem rather than, you know, eliminating
                  bailouts.  -- ilyas
                  \- progressive taxation isnt a solution to this.
                     this is an illustration of the fallacy of some of
                     the "how should we split the dinner bill" type bogus
                     \_ The best argument for progressive taxation I know is
                        that marginal benefit increases exponentially, but
                        hedonic value increases logarithmically (if that),
                        for money. -- ilyas
        \_ Investors and risk takers will always do better than nervous
           nellies.  You would rather the whole economy suffered a recession?
           \_ They're not taking risks if the government bails them out.  And
              considering that the only reason the economy is in danger of
              suffering a recession is *because* of this kind of risk taking,
              it shouldn't be encouraged.  -tom
              \_ I think you'd have a hard time substantiating your last
           \_ Investors, probably, risk takers? That's ridiculous. The kind
              of fevered speculation that goes on in these "booms" is not
              sound business and should not be encouraged. But unless those
              who do this feel pain, it won't stop. And it does endanger the
              economy. The "lemming" mentality should not provide safety
              from stupidity.
              \_ Yeah, I don't approve of fevered speculation and lemming
                 mentality either. Feel better?
2007/9/18-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:48104 Activity:nil 56%like:48111
9/18    Hillary Clinton is an idiot and if she insists on pushing her
        stupid healthcare ideas as a major part of her platform then I
        will certainly not vote for her. Requiring all Americans to
        present proof of health insurance is beyond ridiculous and, to me,
        very un-American.
        \_ Well, it's also outisde the power of the Feds to do so.
           \_ So is a bunch of other things they do every day.
        \_ I am pretty sure that every Democratic presidential candidate
           has a healthcare reform platform at least as extensive as
           Hillary's. So you are voting Republican. Tell us something
           we didn't already know...
           \_ Biden doesn't. I think "healthcare reform" != "universal
2007/9/18-22 [Reference/Military, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48105 Activity:nil
        Iraq: 3783 deaths, 27,848 wounded.
        Question: How much does it cost for each death (payment for burial,
        family, ceremoney, etc) vs. treat for the wounded (doctor's
        bills, shrinks, compensation packages, etc)?
        \_ Are you trying to make the case that we should let the wounded
           die because it is cheaper?
2019/10/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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