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2007/9/16-22 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:48082 Activity:nil
9/15    I just got an old PS/2 (SCPH-30001R), and it works, except that it
        seems to take about 20 seconds for it to even start spinning the disk,
        let alone load the thing.  Is this normal?  Shouldn't it load the
        game right off?  -never owned a PS/2 before
        \_ More than likely you have a dirty lens on your laser.  If you open
           up the case you can then open up the disk tray (lots of tutorials
           online, but you don't really need them).  Then you can wipe off
           the lens with a Q-tip and alcohol.  The extra 20 seconds is from
           the laser focusing.  -scottyg
           \_ Ah, thanks.  So it is supposed to start right up? Cool.  It's
              supposed to go right from the floating cubes screen to the game
              loading screen, right?  I actually think I need to adjust the
              laser I already cleaned it.
              \_ I have a first generation PS/2 and mine never did that.
                 It goes from the cubes to spining dots screen and
                 sits there for 10-20 seconds before the game starts.
                 \_ Oh, really?  Hanging out for 20 seconds at the spinning
                    dots is normal?  Huh, I guess as long as it works I'll
                    quit worring about it.
              \_ laser adjustment is primarily necessary for the first few
                 models that had early laser failures where it had trouble
                 reading blue PS2 discs and/or dvd movies.  If it's spinning
                 up and down and up and down, that's probably the cause.  If
                 it just spins up slower, it may be the drive motor.
        \_ Addendum: I timed it tonight, it takes 65s to spin the disk, then
           10s to start loading. -op
           \_ That is waay too long.  I hope you didn't pay for it and got
              it from someone tossing theirs.  I've noticed that many
              online game accessory stores carry replacement parts for most
              consoles.  Maybe you can find a drive for cheap?  If you have
              the patience, I guess you can play until it finally dies.  I
              can see if I still have the old PS2 that had the laser death
              if you want to try a bit of surgery, though I think I tossed it
              during my last move.
              \_ I paid $5.  I guess I'll just play it till it dies.
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