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2007/9/14 [Uncategorized] UID:48056 Activity:nil
        A paper on efficiency vs justice, and inevitability of disagreement.
          -- ilyas
2007/9/14 [Uncategorized] UID:48057 Activity:nil
9/13    34HH! goddamn.
              \_ Maybe you should re-evaluate your extremist views, dans.
                   The June 1995 issue of WIRED magazine quoted a member of the
                   Electronic Frontier Foundation as saying that EPIC "made
                   everybody else at the table look moderate. It's the old
                   good-cop-bad-cop routine."
                   \_ In 1995 the EFF was radical.  They realized there was
                      a damn good chance important rights were going to be
                      stomped on and acted quickly to fight that.  That was
                      12+ years ago, when almost noone had any concept
                      of digital privacy and rights.  Then there was this
                      whole thing called the .com revolution and now, and
                      while the EFF may not be mainstream it is far from
                      \_ Anyone who does not support the Patriot Act is
                         an extremist. EFF does not support the Patriot Act.
                         Therefore EFF is extremist. Q.E.D.
                         \_ Nice strawman.
2007/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:48058 Activity:nil
9/14    Hey, trust cue person, how do you tell the difference between these
        and Bush's constant and inane use of catchphrases and sloganeering?
        Are there any differences?
2007/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Reference/Military] UID:48059 Activity:nil
9/12    CLEANSE.
                 \_ Sure, you can counteract the effects if you actually have
                    the time and discipline to do so, but how many have that?
                    Are you familiar with the studies correlating miles
                    driven with heart disease and obesity?
        \_ Where do you live?  In some counties you can get a CCW without too
           much trouble.
           \_ What is CCW?
              \_ Carry Concealed Weapon.
2007/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:48060 Activity:nil
9/14    Does America Want a Clinton Monarchy?  By Steven Stark
2007/9/14 [Uncategorized] UID:48061 Activity:nil
9/12    CLEANSE.

                           _/_,---(       ,    )
                          /        <      /   )  \
                         |  (   / :: \ / :  \     |
                          \/ ::::::: :: \ :::) :: /
                          (_(::::\::( ::::>::::::\)
                           \\_(:_:<:::>_>'::::/ //
          - ------===;;;'====------------------===;;;===----- -  -
                                   ` ^'"`-' "
                         __   __ ,Z/V7V|HIH\\..  _  _
                __/~\___/  \_/  \XX/~~\##/~~\\\_/ \/ \__/~~\_/\_
2007/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:48062 Activity:high 66%like:48063
9/14    How does she do this? (NSFW)
        \_ She reminds me of the Fat Man bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki.
           Incidentally, see the ASCII art below.
           "Dean, I'm getting too big," sobbed Liz, "My breasts are gonna
        pop out of my shirt soon." "I know I know...we are almost there."
        reassured Dean. The elevator stopped and the pair got out, Liz
        continuing to hold onto Dean's back like a little babe. They walked
        down to her room and Liz handed her key to Dean. He quickly opened
        the door and they both dove into the room. Slamming and locking it
        behind them, Dean turned to look at Liz. Her breasts were
        stretching the shirt to it's utmost limits now, the fabric
        noticeably becoming more and more thin. Liz stood there watching
        her chest inflate, not knowing what to do about it. She grabbed
        herself again and tried to push in, but her tits were too sensitive
        to the touch now. Every time she touched herself, she nearly came
        in her shorts. Liz's shirt was so tight that Dean could she the
        imprint around her front of the too small bra all around the
        circumference of her bust. Liz just stood there with her hands near
        her chest, wanting to hold them in, but knowing if she did it would
        drive her crazy. " the store!" Liz gasped. Dean stood
        motionless as he noticed the second button beginning toquiver a
        bit. Liz looked down just in time to see it pop off too,careening
        around the room. Her breasts spilled out of her shirt a bit more
        now, and modesty took over. She reached around and tried to block
        Dean's view, but too much flesh was there, and it was still
        growing. "Dean!" shouted Liz and Dean snapped out of his mammary
        trance and grabbed the phone book. Liz took in short breaths now,
        trying to expand her chest anymore then it already was. Soon, Dean
        found the number and dialed the place up. "I feel it....I'm gonna
        pop another one." gasped Liz and she shot her hand to her front to
        try and hold her shirt together, but she was too late.

                           _/_,---(       ,    )
                          /        <      /   )  \
                         |  (   / :: \ / :  \     |
                          \/ ::::::: :: \ :::) :: /
                          (_(::::\::( ::::>::::::\)
                           \\_(:_:<:::>_>'::::/ //
          - ------===;;;'====------------------===;;;===----- -  -
                                   ` ^'"`-' "
                         __   __ ,Z/V7V|HIH\\..  _  _
                __/~\___/  \_/  \XX/~~\##/~~\\\_/ \/ \__/~~\_/\_
    Motd nuked, for great justice.
    It was the only way to be sure.
2007/9/14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48063 Activity:nil 66%like:48062
9/14    How does she do this? (NSFW)
        \_ She reminds me of the Fat Man bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki.
           Incidentally, see the ASCII art below.

                           _/_,---(       ,    )
                          /        <      /   )  \
                         |  (   / :: \ / :  \     |
                          \/ ::::::: :: \ :::) :: /
                          (_(::::\::( ::::>::::::\)
                           \\_(:_:<:::>_>'::::/ //
          - ------===;;;'====------------------===;;;===----- -  -
                                   ` ^'"`-' "
                         __   __ ,Z/V7V|HIH\\..  _  _
                __/~\___/  \_/  \XX/~~\##/~~\\\_/ \/ \__/~~\_/\_
    Motd nuked, for great justice.
    It was the only way to be sure.
2007/9/14 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:48064 Activity:nil
9/14    Argentina museum displays Incan mummy - Yahoo! News:
        This mummy is creepy.
        When Dean started to explain that he needed to make sure that his
        friend understood everything that he needed, Liz gave up and
        whispered, "I'm having a little trouble". Dean looked at her
        quizzically, and then thought that she needed to go to the bathroom
        and told her to hold it. She then gave up on trying to hide her
        problem and stood up a bit straighter and gave Dean a quick look at
        her "growing concerns." Instantly Dean told his friend good-bye and
        started walking swiftly with Liz under his arm, she walking a
        little hunched over to try and conceal her chest. Dean whispered,
        "What are you doing? You trying to get me all excited with those
        fake.. "They're not fake, Dean...something is happening to
        breasts are growing..I can actually feel them inflating. What's
        going on? Wait.. What was in those pills I took?" Dean explained
        the whole story to her as they tried to make it quickly across the
        quad. Liz punched him in the arm when he told her about the pills,
        telling him he should have warned her. Dean tried to plead his
        case, but it didn't matter now. Liz's chest was near a D-cup now,
        and she noticed that they seemed to be expanding faster as time
        passed. She was almost walking with her back hunched at a 45 degree
        angle now so that she didn't show any curves, looking rather
        silly. Dean dove his hand into his pocket and retrieved the vial
        again. He studied it, trying to find anything on it that might
        help, and noticed some writing on the bottom of the cork. It read:
        Ego Builders: Take one each night and triple your doubt. Find
        happiness and all will be as it should. Dean thought carefully and
        then realized what was happening: Liz must have doubted that her
        chest attracted men and they were now tripling in size, but she had
        taken 30 pills, so that meant... "Oh my god!" both Dean and Liz
        said as they figured out the meaning. Liz started breathing heavy,
        which wasn't helping conceal her chest. Dean could do nothing but
        continue walking faster towards Liz's place.
2007/9/14 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:48065 Activity:nil
9/14    Motd nuked, for great justice.
        It was the only way to be sure.

But by the time they reached the door, they had blown up too much and were
too wide to fit through the door frame. Dean tried pressing themtogether,
his fingers almost disappearing into the inflating flesh, but all this did
was make Liz cum in her shorts. She gasped as the sensation passed
momentarily, but she weakened enough to beg Dean to do it again.Dean, more
centered on his task, stepped back and tried to come up with asolution, and
couldn't. He ushered her back to the middle of the small room and shut the
door before anyone noticed. Every step Liz took made her breasts sway and
the movement of the air on her enormous nipples started her up
again. Giving in to the intense waves of passion that were raping her
system, she grabbed her incredible tits and began massaging them all over,
sending waves of electricity through them and making her privates literally
oozefrom her hot juices. Dean grabbed the phone and told the woman that she
was stuck in her room and that they couldn't get out. The woman thought for
a second, then told Dean that for the pill to wear off, the person had to
experience the sheer joy, joy that only came from a cataclysmic orgasm. She
then thought that maybe if he tried to make her have one, her breasts would
revert back to
normal. She told him that the growth was happening underneath only one
layer of her skin and that they would pop painlessly once it happen,
letting her be normal again.
2007/9/14-18 [Politics/Domestic] UID:48066 Activity:low
9/14    10:00pm  ABC  60min  2007
        Whose Body Is It Anyway?! Health Care in America
        A John Stossel report on health care weighs the pros and cons of the
        U.S.  system and others around the world, and looks at U.S.
        innovations. Included: a segment on health care in Cuba, featuring
        filmmaker Michael Moore, Miami-based Cuban activist Jose Carro and
        George Utset, who runs an anti-Castro Web site.  Also: Harvard Business
        School professor Regina Herzlinger; and Canadian physician David
        Gratzer, author of .The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health
        \_ John Stossel's reporting is almost all of the 'I am a complete
           corporate tool' variety, but maybe I'll watch, thanks.
           \_ Is there an equivalent term for 'I am a complete big government
2007/9/14-18 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign/Asia/India] UID:48067 Activity:low
9/14    Argentina museum displays Incan mummy - Yahoo! News:
        This mummy is creepy.
        \_ All mummies are creepy.
           \_ This one is more creepy than the Egyptian ones.  She looks alive.
              \_ I find the dried husk look more creepy.
2007/9/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:48068 Activity:kinda low
9/14    As her ______ sag, so does her career (Demi Moore):
        \_ Did Demi Moore ever really have a career?  She's done what?  The
           ghost movie thing with whoopie goldberg and what else anyone can
           \_ Blame It On Rio. St. Elmo's Fire.
2007/9/14-18 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:48069 Activity:low
9/14    Rule 240 in airline: if an airline couldn't get you to your
        destination on time, it was required to put you on a competitor's
        flight if it would get you there faster than your original airline's
        next flight. Airlines were even required to put you in first class
        if that's all that was available. But then, deregulation happened
        and no one wanted to follow Rule 240. It's just not profitable.
        \_ Deregulation: proving Milton Friedman wrong for years.
           \_ Corporate profit in 21st century: proving commoners will
              always be bitter.                                 -GWB
        \_ On the other hand, most people can now afford to fly frequently.
           \_ Which is bad because I'm sick and tired of being crammed
              with dumbasses who smell or talk loudly on the cell phone.
              \_ I'm willing to tolerate it if my airfare is 50% less.
              \_ If you're rich enough to afford the old-style pricing, you're
                 rich enough to get into business or first class, you prole.
           \_ With the introduction of "Economy Plus," expect that number to
2007/9/14-22 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:48070 Activity:low
9/14    Another radical leftist on Bush's economic policies:
        "Little value was placed on rigorous economic policy debate or the
        weighing of long-term consequences," Greenspan writes of the Bush
        Greenspan said he unsuccessfully urged the White House to veto
        "out-of-control" spending bills while the Republicans controlled
        Congress. Republicans "deserved" to lose control of Congress in last
        year's election because they "swapped principle for power," he said.
        \_ Who are you baiting?  I don't recall anyone here being an ardent
           proponent of high spending.
           \_ There sure are (were?) a lot of pro-war pro-spending folks
              posting a few years ago. Nice if they all had a change of heart.
              \_ You're confusing pro-war with pro-spending.  I was appalled
                 when Bush's first action in 2001 was to do an across the
                 board increase to every federal budget.  I'm still anti-tax,
                 anti-spending.  That has no relation to my opinions on the
                 war which is a foreign policy decision, not an economic or
                 political one (for me).
                 \_ You think the war is free?
                    \_ Don't strawman, of course it isn't.  It also isn't a
                       "spending" decision as I explained.
                       \_ It's not a spending decision, it's just a decision
                          which requires spending!  As much spending as all
                          our other decisions combined!  Right!
                          \_ Snarky was cute in HS.  If you have something
                             worth saying I'll gladly discuss it further with
                             you but if all you've got is snarky one liners in
                             response to my serious explanations then don't
                             bother.  Snarky is no longer a successful debate
                             tactic at this stage of life.
                             \_ You don't have a serious point.  "war is a
                                policy decision, not a spending one" is
                                tautological and meaningless.  Whether to
                                embargo Cuba is a policy decision; whether
                                to go or war or not is a spending decision.
                                \_ Well, going to war without cutting anything
                                   else is certainly an interesting spending
                                   \_ Oh they cut things.  Taxes for one.
                                      \_ Well, duh... CUTTING TAXES INCREASES
                                         REVENUES DIDN'TCHAKNOW
                       \_ No, it is not a "strawman" to point out that starting
                          wars costs money. It is kind of willfully blind to
                          pretend that it does not.
                          pretend that it does not. Would you support starting
                          a war that had a moderate foreign policy gain if it
                          cost $10T? $100T? Of course cost considers into the
2007/9/14-18 [Uncategorized] UID:48071 Activity:kinda low
9/14    psb was pretty hot a few years ago
        \_ Which one is she?
        \_ Psb is dark, handsome, square faced, and is very GQ. In short,
           psb is classy, unlike these 2 skanks.
           \_ and ambiguously gay.
                   \_ The requested URL /aAfkjfp01fo1i-32462/loc733/28512_ \
                      224322898_123_733lo.jpg was not found on this server.
        \_ Is that a Mont Blanc pen?
        \_ The busty one is hot.  But what do these two "Do I Look Like a
           Slut?" chicks have to do with psb?
        \_ Does this vid go anywhere? I mean, what's the point? Thank god I
           fast-forwarded this, or I'd have to kick your ass for wasting my
           five minutes.
           \_ Here's the video you should have pointed to:
2007/9/14-18 [Industry/Jobs] UID:48072 Activity:low
9/14    Hey Tom or whomightknow, how much does something like this: pay ?
        It says "commensurate w/ experience" but is cal really going
        to pay 6 figures for this?
        \_ It's an odd listing.  It probably means they'll hire it as
           PA III or PA IV depending on who they get in the pool.  -tom
        \_ They didn't really say they would pay market rates.
        \_ Given they want experience as team lead and project management,
           it will probably go as a pa3/4 as tom said but it is chock full
           of low end crap like writing html and configuring apache.  It
           will very likely pay over 100k to the right person but not much
           more.  If the job itself sounds interesting to you, then go for
           it and see what happens.  At worst you'll waste some interview
           time and won't take the job.  Don't apply for UC jobs for the
           money, there isn't any.   -!tom but knows a bit about cal, also
        \_ While I had not heard of this particular job opening, I doubt
           it'll pay six figures. Also, this particular position will suck
           out souls of lesser individuals.
2007/9/14-22 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:48073 Activity:moderate
9/14    So, exactly what did the surge accomplish again?
        My feeling is that Republican just want to drag this until
        2009 and blame Democrats for "loosing the war."
        \_ It accomplished exactly what it was intended to accomplish:
           it lined the pockets of the defence contractors, all who
           donate to the GOP.
           \_ Are you kidding? Most large companies donate to both
              parties. It only makes sense to do so.
              \_ Do you really think that defense contractos donate the
                 same amount to both parties? How about oil companies?
                 \_ Dunno if they donate the same amount or not, but I'm
                    quite sure they donate to both parties.
                    \_ Easy enough to look up:
                       Big Oil: 3:1 Republican, 4:1 recently
                       Defence: 60:40 GOP, 2:1 lately
                       The latter actually surprised me a bit, I thought that
                       it would be more one sided.
        \_ It used to be that the timeline for ending a war was "when we've
           won".  Now it seems like the timeline is "we haven't won and this
           is really frustrating so let's just call it a day and go home and
           pretend it never happened".  The tactics, strategies, equipment,
           man power levels, focus, and diplomatic efforts may all be wrong
           and require a complete change of plan but retreating because we're
           and re
Elsewhere in the programme, we meet glamour model Lucy Pinder, whose breasts hav\
e made her famous. With contracts to the Daily Star and Nuts magazine, Lucy has\
made a name for herself using her body quire a complete change of plan s got a b\
rain as well as a pair of  The programme follows Lucy on a shoot for Nuts and he\
ars what life is like when you have some of the most famous breasts in the nation.

Also on Wednesday, model Jo talks about how her attitude towards her breasts cha\
nged dramatically after she had her baby, and Gemma explains what life is like w\
hen you have to spend up 800 a year on hiding an embarrassing nipple problem.

to boobs!Shebut retreating because we're
           and but retreating because we're
           "bored of this war and it's no fun!" is detrimental to our long
           term standing in the world and our ability in the future for
           generations to apply non-military pressure to accomplish our
           national goals.  No one follows a loser or a quitter.  The war has
           become so political that no one in DC seems to care about the
           consequences anymore.  It has become a faxed memo talking points
           political item.  How sad for all of us.
           \_ The war was a mistake. If you make a mistake, the thing to do
              is stop making it, not stubbornly keep doing it because you
              are worried about pride and saving face. This whole thing has
              already damaged our standing in the world. Talk about
              consequences? What is your definition of "winning"?
              \_ "The thing to do is stop making it": far too trivial an
                 answer.  The answer is to finish what you started, not get
                 bored and go because it is annoying.  We'll never win by
                 my definition.  Our leaders (in both parties) are too gutless
                 to do what needs to be done.  I read an interview with Powell
                 a few days ago where he said we should have shot a bunch of
                 looters on day one as a lesson to the rest.  I'm with Powell.
                 \_ You still haven't answered the question as to what it
                    would mean for us to win.
                    \_ Win = defeat your enemies.  In this case that would
                       mean closing the borders with Syria and Iraq to cut
                       off support and crushing groups such as the 'mahdi
                       army'.  Once your enemies are defeated you can talk
                       about diplomatic solutions among the rational people
                       who remain.  While these groups exist and still think
                       they can get more from fighting instead of talking
                       there can be no diplomatic solution to anything.  War
                       is about breaking the will of your enemy to continue
                       fighting, which we haven't even *tried* to do yet.
                       That might get a bunch of folks into a tizzy and we
                       can't have folks in a tizzy, can we?
                       \_ Fighting it the way you want to fight it would require
                          many more men that the military has. I don't think
                          there is any way you are going to sell a draft,
                          especially at this point. And even if you could, I
                          don't think it would work, since it basically requires
                          breaking the Iraqi will to have an indepedent
                          government. It didn't work in Vietnam, why would it
                          work here? Iraq has a long history of defeating
                          colonial powers, you know.
                          \_ We're not colonizing, we're SETTING IT FREE!!!
                             Give me freedom or give me death!     -Neocon
                             \_ How about choking to death on some Freedom
                 \_ You CAN'T finish it. That's the fucking point.
                    \_ In your opinion.  Fighting it like we have, you are
                       correct since we haven't been fighting, which includes
                       the surge in recent months.
                 \_ Whether Iraq should have been invaded or not is
                    neither here nor there. What people need to focus on
                    is the fact that we *are* there. Now what? Packing up
                    and going home is not a good solution, so what are the
                    other options?
                    \_ The only other option I can think of is to arm some
                       Saddam Hussein like strong man and let him kill as
                       many Kurds and Shi'ites as he needs to keep the
                       country together. Too bad we killed SH, eh?
                       \_ Then it is a good thing you're not making any
                          \_ Yes, far better to listen to you and blow $1T,\
                             3k lost lives, 30k maimed and our credibility
                          \_ Yes, far better to listen to you and blow $1T,
                             3k lost lives, 30k maimed and our credibility
                             on a pointless invasion. I notice you haven't
                             been able to come up with any withdrawal strategy.
                             It is either the one I came up with or an out
                             and out civil war, which will be worse, and
                             just end up with the same kind of strongman
                             in the end anyway. Oh, and I warned that the
                             invasion of Iraq would most likely result in
                             a civil war there *before* the invasion. So yes,
                             it is a "good thing" that I am not making any
                             \_ Stop focusing on the past. What's done is
                                done. Who cares about what you warned
                                against? So your withdrawal options are
                                what again? And what options are there
                                other than withdrawal, if any? Dems like
                                to say "I told you so". Fair enough. Now
                                they want to lead the country, so what's
                                the plan? Most of what I hear is BS that
                                panders to the "I told you so"'s in hopes
                                of getting elected. I'd like to hear some
                                real plans. So far my favorite is the
                                Biden-Gelb plan, which basically calls for
                                splitting Iraq up and guaranteeing the
                                Sunnis a share of oil profits. I think the
                                people who want our troops out of Iraq now
                                are thinking with their hearts and not
                                their minds.
                                \_ Actually, I think we should do the same
                                   thing I suggested two years ago and it
                                   starts with impeaching Bush and handing
                                   him over to an International War Crimes
                                   Tribunal. But I am sure you are not
                                   interested in hearing it again, so I
                                   won't bother. Any "solution" that doesn't
                                   start out with hat in hand to the Iranians,
                                   Turks, Syrians and Saudis is just a big
                                   waste of time. You stilll are dreaming of
                                   waste of time. You still are dreaming of
                                   victory, when what you should be doing is
                                   trying to cut your losses. Okay, I just
                                   looked up the Biden-Gelb plan and it at
                                   least recognizes the idea that the US needs
                                   to engage Iraqi neighbors to have a hope
                                   of a chance of success. But that chance that
                                   Bush is going to effectively engage Iran is
                                   nill. Maybe the next President will, though.
                                   read the Biden-Gelb plan and I think it
                                   focuses on the important points, which
                                   are recognizing the inevitable need to
                                   draw in and get the support from Iraq's
                                   neighbors. I still think you are stuck
                                   in fantasyland though.
                                   nil. Maybe the next President will, though.
                                   \_ Vote for Biden. People should stop
                                      wasting their time with Hillary and
                                      Obama. They are probably the 3rd and
                                      4th best candidates the Dems have
                                      but they have NAME RECOGNITION. The Dems
                                      suck and I have low expectations for
                                      the next President.
                                      \_ Joe "never met a credit card company
                                         I wouldn't fellate" Biden?  Seriously,
                                         Biden can't get the base.  Without
                                         primary voters, you can't get the
                                         \_ I understand that, but I still
                                            think he is the best man for
                                            the job.
                                      \_ I like Biden quite a bit, mostly just
                                         from watching him at the debates, but
                                         I don't think he has a chance. But
                                         my candidate (Edwards) doesn't have
                                         much of a chance either.
                                         \_ Edwards leads the pack in Iowa.
                                            Or, had for a while... It's neck
                                            and neck, apparently.
                                         \_ I don't think he has a chance
                                            either and that's too bad. Why
                                            is everyone all over Hillary?
2007/9/14-22 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:48074 Activity:nil
9/14    Gay or straight? Improve your Gaydar by watching his walk:
        \_ I think you are gay for making me look at videos of a guy's
2007/9/14-15 [Uncategorized] UID:48075 Activity:nil
9/14    Thanks for deleting a thread I was participating in, you fuck!
        \_ You're welcome!      -deleter
2007/9/14-18 [Uncategorized] UID:48076 Activity:nil
        ... as an Internet discussion grows longer (and more heated), it
        becomes more and more likely that someone or something will be
        compared to Hitler.
        \_ Uh, why did you quote that and not the blood and treasure thing
           which was the point of the article?
        \_ I find it amusing that Godwin's law has now been referenced in a
           mass-consumption newsweekly magazine. -dans
2007/9/14-22 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:48077 Activity:nil
9/14    Paging AGONZALES :,0,5893599.story
        [considering what LSUMMERS was booted for, as BDELONG says "Why does
        MDRAKE still have a job?"
        \_ Right Wing Political Correctness run amok.
        \_ Political Correctness run amok.
           \- speaking of LSUMMERS:
           \- speaking of LSUMMERS and UC:
2019/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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