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2007/9/12 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:48032 Activity:nil
9/12    why do you hate my friend's former 32DDD breasts?
2007/9/12-14 [Transportation/Car, Industry/Jobs] UID:48033 Activity:nil
9/12    Woz sells 350Z to raise money for Cal
2007/9/12-14 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:48034 Activity:low
9/12    I need to receive a fax. I don't have a fax machine. What are
        some decent PC fax software for Windows? It's been too long since I
        used one. Thanks.
        \_ Doesn't efax still have a free service?
           \_ Apparently:
        \_ Doesn't windows (xp) come with one?
        \_ kinko's for a single fax.  It probably isn't worth the effort to
           mess around with pc-faxing for your offer letter.
        \_ If you still have a modem, most later modems are actually fax
        \_ "Just the Fax" seems to be the right ticket. I am going to
           try it tonight. Thanks everyone. -op
           \_ just curious, was this a job offer?
2007/9/12-14 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic] UID:48035 Activity:moderate
9/12    High School students not allowed to wear US Flag
        \_ On 9/11
         \_ The day that changed everything!
        \_ More imporantly, stupid school bans wearing flags, has
           to deal with the consequences of such an assinine rule.
           \_ The US flag isn't a foreign flag.
            \_ It's a stupid fucking rule.  Start banning things just because
               they are foreign and you are asking for a much deserved
               \_ I'm pretty sure schools can ban pretty much whatever they
                  like Anyway, it is a stupid rule, I agree.  But the leap
                  from that rule to baninng the US flag is
                  mind-boggling. -op (!pp)
                  \_ No they can't.  There are free speach limits even at a
                     school.  And let's take a hypothetical.  Hispanic
                     students start wearing Mexican flags, people get upset
                     some kids get into fights.  The school bans Mexican flags.
                     (And it doesn't get smacked down.)  Now some of the
                     love it leave it assholes who were also part fighting
                     start wearing American flags as a fuck you this is America
                     display (not hard to imagine now is it?)  Why is one
                     acceptable and the other not?
                     \_ Umm.. because this actually IS ths US?
                      \_ So why are they banning flags then?  Because
                         "This is America damnit (tm)" or because flags
                         were causing a significant disruption?
                         \_ What is wrong with "This is America damnit (tm)"
                            anyway?  Is this *not* America?
                            \_ Besides the xenophobic viewpoint it's not
                               appropriate for schools to degenerate into
                               violence.  Why were flags banned in the first
                               place?  Until you get answer that, this is just
                               \_ Flag Code aside (because that isn't why they
                                  were banned): Banning flags is not the real
                                  issue.  The issue is violence.  Banning flags
                                  doesn't make the hatred that causes the
                                  violence to go away.  Now that I've answered
                                  that, tell me what is so wrong about loving
                                  your country and putting your own nation
                                  above others.
                               \_ Why not look it up yourself, squwaker? You're
                                  the one asking.  Why is it my job to answer
                                  your questions?
                                  \_ Because I'm not the one in hysteronics
                                     about the evil anti-american flag cabal?
        \_ Wearing the US flag is a violation of the Flag Code:  -tom
           \_ So is lowering the US flag to half-mast when some local hero
              (e.g. firefighter in your community) dies while in line of duty.
              But people do it arbitrarily anyway.
              \_ You are incorrect.  Half-staff may be ordered by the
                 president, but that does not preclude respectful displays
                 by other local authorities at other times.
                 (Oops.  I'm wrong.  The order to half-staff can only come
                 from the President or a Governor.  Never mind.)
              \_ Yes, it's just funny to see rah rah U-S-A types defending
                 violations of the Flag Code.  -tom
2007/9/12-14 [Reference/Religion, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:48036 Activity:high
9/12    Obama: strong backer of Israel.
                \- BTW, Mearshimer and Walt are two quite well regarded
                   people in the International Relations fields. They are
                   "standard" in the grad IR curriculum. It would be
                   like say Susan Graham and Jeffrey Ullman weighing in on
                   compliers ... ok neither are Donald Knuth, and regular
                   people dont know who they are, but they are top in the
                   field. Walt did his PhD at Berkeley under Kenneth Waltz
                   [who would be like Knuth, or John McCarthy in the earlier
                   analogy]. Anyway, just pointing out these arent two randoms
                   or fringe fruitcakes ... like that dood Dershowitz went
        \_ I thought blanks and jews hate each other.
           \_ Who told you that, Rush Limbaugh?
              \_ Probably not that big a deal in recent years but the further
                 you go back, you more true it is.  I'm sorry if you're unaware
                 of your own nation's history to such a degree you think only
                 Rush Limbaugh might know the ugly truth.  --sad for you
                 \_ You mean during the Civil Rights movement when Blacks
                    and Jews worked hand in hand, literally, to help stop
                    segregation? Or do you mean further back? What
                    specifically are you talking about?
                    "From the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement,
                     Blacks and Jews marched arm-in-arm. In 1909, W.E.B.
                     Dubois, Julius Rosenthal, Lillian Wald, Rabbi Emil G.
                     Hirsch, Stephen Wise and Henry Malkewitz formed the
                     National Association for the Advancement of Colored
                     People (NAACP). One year later other prominent Jewish and
                     Black leaders created the Urban League. Julius Rosenwald
                     and Booker T. Washington worked together in 1912 to
                     improve the educational system for Blacks in the South."
                     \_ No, I mean pre-Civil Rights when jews from Europe
                        were coming to the US to avoid being slaughtered in
                        European pogroms.  The fact that there are a few well
                        known people who worked together at the time does not
                        change the fact that the average black and the average
                        jew hated each other.  They were competing for jobs,
                        housing, etc.  Today you won't find many jews and
                        blacks living in the same areas so distance makes the
                        heart grow fonder.  Each has other concerns in the
                        modern era so the typical jew/black-on-the-street has
                        no special animosity towards the other.  If you're
                        either black or jewish, ask your grandparents how they
                        feel about the other.
                        \_ You are misinformed about pre-Civil Rights history,
                           both in terms of race relations and overlap of
                           employment seeking. Read books like Low Life by
                           Luc Sante for more perspective.
                     \_ Most likely this perception of animosity between Jews
                        and blacks stems from anti-semitic rhetoric from Elijah
                        Muhammed and Louis Farrakhan, not to mention choice
                        mis-steps from the good Reverend, quoted below.
                        mis-steps from the good Reverend, quoted below. -!pp
                        \_ And don't forget about Professor Griff.
                        \_ Still waiting for a reply that shows knowledge about
                           my "nation's history." I assume I will never get it,
                           nor the mea culpa I deserve.
                           \_ Are you the same moron who thought GWB was
                              the principal person behind the PATRIOT Act?
                              Look at the post 3 posts up or the one below.
                              Or try STFW your damn self.
                              \_ Just like I thought, you haven't the foggiest
                                 clue what you are talking about. Even funnier,
                                 you think "Professor Griff" is history. Read
                                 a history book some time, before you make
                                 a fool of yourself again.
                                 a fool of yourself again. Hint: the civil
                                 rights movement started quite a bit *before*
                                 Elijah Muhammed, contradicting your "further
                                 back" claim. Furthermore, the overwhelming
                                 majority of Blacks are Christian, not Muslim.
                                 \_ The Elijah Muhammed comment was from a
                                    different poster, not the one telling you
                                    to STFW. -!pp
                                 \_ Jesse Jackson = Christian. It doesn't
                                    matter either way. The point is that in the
                                    recent past, relatively high-profile blacks
                                    have made some very anti-Jewish statements
                                    and even though Prof. Griff may not be a
                                    historical figure in your opinion, what is
                                    significant is the lack of backlash these
                                    high profile blacks received within the
                                    black community. Jesse Jackson was more
                                    than one remark and yet he is still the de
                                    facto Emperor of Black People. STFW.
                                    Seriously. I'm not doing anymore of your
                                    fucking homework.
                                    \_ No, your point was that blacks and jews
                                       hate each other. This is an over-
                                       generalization. -!pp
                                       \_ I didn't make the statement that
                                          blacks and jews hate each other.
                                          blacks and jews hate each other. I'm
                                          just pointing out that it's not that
                                          far-fetched to believe this is the
                                          case and that you didn't need Rush
                                          Limbaugh to reach the conclusion.
                                          -pp, but not pppppp
                                       \_ Yep, thanks. Also, the idea that
                                          blacks "hate" Jews more than they
                                          "hate" other whites, is quite
                                          frankly, laughable. -pp
                                          \_ Fine. Live in ignorance. I can't
                                             make you STFW and I really don't
                                             care if you feel like you won
                                             some sort of stupid Internet
                                             \_ Are you taking your ball and
                                                going home, too?
              \_ Jesse Jackson. Hymietown.
                 \_ Because of course, Jesse Jackson speaks for all blacks
                    in America. And one remark is proof of "hate."
              \_ Could it be because Jews dominated the slave trade?
                    \_ He told my dad he speaks for all black people...
        \_ Does he plan on bombing them?
        \_ "Brzezinski praised Obama for offering a "new face, a new sense of
            direction, a new definition of America's role in the world,"
            giving the junior senator from Illinois a strong boost of
            credibility in the foreign policy department."
           Yikes! An endorsement from the author of the "fund the Mujahadeen in
           Afghanistan" policy is mixed blessing!
2007/9/12 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:48037 Activity:moderate 66%like:48030
9/11    Russia's 32GGs four times more powerful than our 32Ds.
        \_ "Unlike a nuclear weapon, the bomb doesn't hurt the environment,
           he added." Hahaha!
           \_ Well, obviously he means no residual radiation.  The stripping
              the earth bare is part of the intent of the explosion.
              \_ The environment really isn't hurt by conventional explosives.
                 You make a big hole, scatter some metal bits, kill a few
                 trees.  It'll all regrow over soon enough.
           \_ Efficiency and progress are ours once more, now that we have the
              Neutron Bomb.
        \_ They also built the only 100 megaton nuke ever made.  Didn't
           help them any.
        \_ This bomb weighs significantly less than the US MOAB too.
2007/9/12 [Uncategorized] UID:48038 Activity:nil
9/12    Wrong Grammar| "Dean.|
        LowOff 941 HighOff 947
        Wrong Grammar|.|
        LowOff 948 HighOff 948
        Wrong Grammar|.|
        LowOff 949 HighOff 949
        Wrong Grammar|.|
        LowOff 976 HighOff 976
        Wrong Grammar|.|
        LowOff 977 HighOff 977
        Wrong Grammar| I don't know if it's gonna break or not.|
        LowOff 1000 HighOff 1040
        Wrong Grammar| Hurry up with her so you can take it off.|
        LowOff 1041 HighOff 1082
        Wrong Grammar|around and looked at Liz's ballooning boobs.|
        LowOff 0 HighOff 43
        Wrong Grammar| They almost reached down to her shorts now and they
        stuck out a good foot and a half or so, inflating inches a second
        or so now.|
2007/9/12-14 [ERROR, uid:48039, category id '18005#15.0238' has no name! , , Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:48039 Activity:kinda low
9/12    NY Times gives a discount (
        \_ This is completely standard for media advertising. No one pays
           the posted rates. -works in media
           \_ Other groups have since come out to say that they were charged
              the full rate or more for the same size ads.  Whoopsie!
           \_ How dare you!  It's obviously AN EVIL LIB'RUL PLOT!
           \_ Really?  I had no idea.  What's the point of the posted rate
              then? -op
              \_ You must be new to this concept of bargaining.
                 \_ Not really, but a 60% discount is quite the bargain.
                    \_ So without any idea of what is common practice, you're
                       jumping on a Drudge-style bandwagon?
                       \_ What are people complaining about it? it gave
                          the senators tons of mileage to complain about
                          the stupid ad for 10 minutes per questinoingoning
                          round instead of asking the general "do you
                          reall honestly think we are leaving iraq in the
                          next 10 years?
                          \- i dont think the question is "are we leaving
                             iraq in 10 yrs" but "how many iraqis are the
                             walking dead" ... "chronicle of a death foretold"
2007/9/12-14 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Reference/Law/Visa] UID:48040 Activity:nil
9/12    immigration by numbers
2007/9/12 [Finance/Investment] UID:48041 Activity:very high
9/12    REDMOND, Wash., and Santa Clara, Calif. — Sept. 12, 2007 —
        Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq “MSFT”) and Sun Microsystems
        Inc. (Nasdaq “JAVA”) today announced that Sun has signed on as
        a Windows Server® OEM.
        \_ If you're gonna cut and paste, please get rid of funky chars.
           It is pretty annoying.
              \_ works for me.  turn on UNICODE.
2007/9/12-14 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/Audio] UID:48042 Activity:moderate
9/12    My mother-in-law bought an iPhone. I have a CD she would like to
        load onto her iPhone. I ripped the CD into MP3s and imported them
        into iTunes. How can she listen to the CD on her iPhone w/o
        blowing away the music she already had on there (from home) which
        is what iTunes wants to do. I don't have access to her home
        computer, which is the one the phone is registered with. How can I
        do this? Why does Apple make these trivial things (copying a file
        from one device to another) so effing difficult? It's not a DRM
        issue. I own the CD!
        \_ I copy files from one Apple device to another all the time.
           What's so effing difficult? By the way, if you didn't do the
           obvious thiing of just giving your inlaw the files on a USB
           stick, CD, or even the iPhone itself, your effing answer is:
           \_ This article talks about iPod. iPhone is not an iPod and
              behaves differently. Do you have experience with iPhone?
              AFAIK, you can only sync music to an iPhone from a single
              computer. There is some 3rd party s/w which claims to do
              this as a kludge by creating a new Library, but 1) That's
              not the same thing and 2) That costs money. Your "obvious"
              answer requires access to her home computer, which we don't
              have right now. I am guessing you think you know more than
              you know:
              I am getting really sick of Apple.
        \_ huh what? I thought everything was supposed to be easy with Apple
2007/9/12-14 [Health/Disease/General] UID:48043 Activity:high
9/12    I just found out a horrific crime occured this weekend on a
        shady street corner where I usually walk to/from home. I'm
        pretty shocked and at the same time not too surprised.
        I'm thinking about buying a taser for personal safety. What
        are the legal requirements for getting a taser? Age, safety
        class, waiting period, citizenship, background check, etc?
        Thanks for any help. I spent two hours crying!  -concerned
        \_ Take Karate lessons. It's a lot safer, plus you'll look good.
        \_ Format Windows, install Linux, and work from home. And ride bike.
           \_ super buff guy riding bike gets mugged by two huge guys
                knocking him out and taking his bike.. karate? ..
                concealed weapons carry a gun
        \_ Now you see why so many of us drive cars instead of taking
           public transit or walking. With a car you are not immune from
           crime, but it sure beats walking on the street alone at night.
           \_ troll++ well done.
           \_ Bahahahaha this is funny. How about a Hummer? You can run
              over gun wielding assholes and still be safe. Also you can't
              possibly find parking in downtown or Berkeley without having
              to walk through shady spots.
              \_ Even a Geo Metro can run over gun-wielding assholes and still
                 be safe.
                 \_ You must have missed the episode of Mythbusters testing
                    guns vs. cars.  Guns win.
                 \_ But...but...the movie always shows cars explode if you
                    shoot the hood, and flip if you shoot the tires!
                    \_ But if you shoot the driver he slumps over and the
                       horn stays on for a long time.
           \_ I am sure your chance of becoming a lardass and dying of
              heart disease from avoiding walking is much higher than your
              chance of dying in a mugging. But go ahead and live in fear,
              it doesn't bother me one bit.
              \_ Because if you drive you're not allowed to exercise.  You are
                 only allowed to exercise by walking in dangerous areas.  Got
                 it, thanks.
                 \_ Sure, you can counteract the effects if you actually have
                    the time and discipline to do so, but how many have that?
                    Are you familiar with the studies correlating miles
                    driven with heart disease and obesity?
        \_ Where do you live?  In some counties you can get a CCW without too
           much trouble.
           \_ What is CCW?
              \_ Carry Concealed Weapon.
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