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2007/9/10 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47968 Activity:kinda low
9/9     Dog breed intelligence (IQ):
        There it is, Chow Chows rank at the bottom 10 (4) whereas European
        dogs like Border Collies rank at 100. I've always known that
        Chow Chow's are stupid and there's an indisputable proof. Ditto
        with oriental breeds like Shih Tzu (11), Lhasa (13), and
        Pekingese (7).                  -got bitten by Chow Chow before
        \_ German Shepherd:  98, Golden Retriever, 97
        \_ I doubt Poodles are smarter than dogs like German Sheperds.
           Also, having owned a Golden Retriever, German Sheperd, and
           Doberman I would say that the Golden was not too smart, even
           though they seem to make good seeing eye dogs.
           \_ Full sized poodles are scary smart.  Miniture poodles, like
              all animals bred for only one characteristic, are dumb as dirt.
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47969 Activity:nil
9/10    ilyas did you build delightful picture in your mind of glorious
        united states from watching Married With Children?
        check that crap ouit, hot russian al bundy wife.
        \_ I guess we finally won the cold war.
2007/9/10 [Politics/Domestic/HateGroups, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:47970 Activity:nil
9/10    White power!
        \_ '"The tragic irony in this is that they would have been chosen for
           annihilation by the Nazis they strive to emulate," the ADL said.'
2007/9/10 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:47971 Activity:nil
9/10    German John, are you as shocked as I am that a German
        documentary crew last week discovered a Nazi shrine in an old
        Hitler bunker in a mountain?  I mean what are the odds that Hitler
        would have a Nazi shrine.  I'm in shock.
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47972 Activity:nil
9/10    Do you like my new myspace photo?
2007/9/10 [Politics/Domestic] UID:47973 Activity:nil
9/10    'General Betray Us'
        HA HA HA HA HA
        I love watching Republicans get offended over language and
        ignoring the gigantic bloody trillion dollar sucking sound
        in Iraq.  Oh no someone on a blog said something mean!
2007/9/10 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:47974 Activity:nil
9/10    Is there a version of squid proxy for really pathetic slow
        machines or a laptop?
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47975 Activity:nil
9/10    Is it just me or it seems like Kate McCann is a pretty cute MILF?
        \_ Who the heck is that.
        \_ Only random MILF name i would ever recognize is President
           Thompson's wife.
2007/9/10 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:47976 Activity:moderate
9/10    emarkp are you aware that your presidential candidate's
        campaign finance manager is heavily involved with a global
        network of teenager torturers?
        I know someone who got shipped off to that, he said it was
        like the Stanford Prison Experiment.
        \_ same thing, a few months ago:
           \_ A movie about WWASP was released in theaters recently.
        \_ Hi anonymous troll!  Why are you calling him "my" candidate?
           \_ Doesn't the High Apostle decree you have to vote for the
              in the race?
              \_ You troll foo is weak.  You do know that both Harry Reid and
                 Orrin Hatch are LDS as well, right? -emarkp
                 \_ Non sequitur: neither of them are running for Pres.
                    \_ My point is that they're politically opposite.  So much
                       for obeying some sort of church order. -emarkp
                       \_ Failed Mormons like Reid will never enter the
                          inner sanctum Holy Of Holies.
                          \_ Failed trolls like you will never be allowed back
                             under the bridge.
2007/9/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47977 Activity:low
9/10   I met this really hot female but I know through a friend of
       friend of a friend that she has HPV.
       What should I do?  Use copious amounts of Lysol?
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47978 Activity:nil 100%like:47990
9/10    Does anyone else think 50 cent should retire?
2007/9/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47979 Activity:moderate
9/10    this is awesome
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47980 Activity:moderate
9/10    Steve Jobs just sold 1 million iPhones.
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47981 Activity:nil
9/10    This woman on VH1 has implants so large it looks like she has
        an ass on her chest.
        \_ You haven't seen worse.  Google for Minka.
           \_ Jesus H. Christ!
              \_ You may wish to be interested in WEEBing for
                 qw/ 'Chelsea Charms' 'Penelope Black Diamond' 'Traci Topps'
                 'Wendy Whoppers' 'Tiffany Towers' 'Nadine Jensen'
                 'Sarenna Lee' 'Letha Weapons'/; - ok tnx
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47982 Activity:nil
9/10    wow the code pink people are doing an excellent job disrupting
        The Surge speech.
        "Are you are as PSYCHED for David Petraeus’s Congressional
        testimony as we are? We are AMPED for some mild reservations about
        decreasing our troop presence! We are JONESING for some
2007/9/10 [Recreation/Media] UID:47983 Activity:nil
9/10    The Roger Ebert Thumb War
2007/9/10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:47984 Activity:nil
9/10    Hm, is cgi still diabled?
        \_ Conservatives do not use iPhones.
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47985 Activity:nil
9/10    They're doing a powerpoint presentation on
        'ethno-sectarian deaths'.  These people are idiots.
2007/9/10 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:47986 Activity:low
9/10    Hi.  I'm running a package based linux distro.  Should
        I install perl CPAN modules through the provided packages,
        or through sudo cpan> install modulename etc ?
        \_ Depends on the package system you're using, you may have to
           deal with both.  I had an experience where I installed via
           CPAN because the packaged version was older than what I needed.
           Later, I installed an RPM via yum that installed the CPAN module
           package, causing it to be downgraded and breaking my app.
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47987 Activity:nil
9/10    bitter-sexless-guy says NO BLOOD FOR OIL
        \_ You know, Osama said that in his latest video as well.
        \_ did he come out for Fairtax too?  That's hilarious
2007/9/10-13 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Industry/Jobs] UID:47988 Activity:low
9/10    cop gone bad (or always bad)
        \_ yes, all cops are always bad automatically.  any bad thing one
           cop does, they all do.  sheesh.
        \_ My anecdotal experience of LA cops: (a) fat, (b) wouldn't lift a
           finger to help you, (c) love to hit people without reason. -- ilyas
           \_ my personal experience with ~ six LAPD and UCPD cops over the
              years:  professional, polite, helpful.  CHP cops on the other
              hand ...
        \_ What's the loud annoying clicking noise? Also, what is the law
           here; are you allowed to refuse to answer questions? I guess this
           kid isn't too smart trying to debate stuff with a cop. Just shut
           up, kiss the cop's ass, and he'd probably not have to go through
Also, what is the law
           here; are you allowed to refuse to answer questions? I guess this
           kid isn't too smart trying to debate stuff with a cop. Just shut
           up, kiss the cop's ass, and he'd probably not have to go through
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47989 Activity:nil
9/10    there sure are a lot of protestors in the Congressional hearing
        room today.  How'd they get in with their signs?
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47990 Activity:moderate 100%like:47978
9/10    Does anyone else think 50 cent should retire?
2007/9/10-12 [Uncategorized] UID:47991 Activity:nil
9/10    what the hell is origin of 'everyone sit around and sing kum ba ya'?
        \_ I heard this before.  What does it mean anyway?
        \_ Research the Civil Rights movement.
        \_ 60's era protest/hippie/counter-culture music thing.  Try
           wikipedia or google for details.  I don't think anyone here
           is old enough to remember better than you'll get from the net.
        \_ for information on the song.
           The phrase is more derogatory toward idealists -- maning roughly
           'lets all sit around singing hapy songs without actually
            accomplishing anything'
2007/9/10-13 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:47992 Activity:nil
9/10    Pretty funny review of book by 'former kamikaze pilot'
        \_      "They were so obsessed with making the perfect death-scene
                that they even expected us Americans to be "impressed" with
                their mass suicide. That's exactly what Nagatsuka says
                about the thousands of Japanese civvies who walked into the
                ocean or jumped off cliffs after Saipan fell: "The
                Americans...should have been moved by the terrifying yet
                dignified spectacle of death...." Well, uh, no, Mister
                Nagatsuka. The Americans thought you were sick freaks. Some
                things don't translate as well as Top Ramen."
        \_ How can he be a former kamikaze?  He never got past training or
           he survived and got fished out of the water by the Americans he
           was trying to kill?
           \_ This is dealt with in the review.
              \_ What?  You want me to actually read a link?  Read?  I don't
                 have time for that, I'm too busy watching youtube videos.
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47993 Activity:nil
9/10    No comment:
        \_ Is that in protest of some current event?
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47994 Activity:nil
9/10    Hey where'd all the threads go.
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47995 Activity:nil
9/10    KCHANG.
2007/9/10-13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:47996 Activity:high
9/10    A reminder of 6 years ago
        \_ Lucky bastard.
        \_ Yes, I remember how the Commander-In-Chief finished reading
           _My_Pet_Goat_ and then ran away and hid, while America was under
           \_ Nice partisan shot at a non-partisan post.  I salute you troll!
              \_ Cox and Forkum is non-partisan? In what Universe?
                 \_ The post itself was non-partisan, irrespective of the rest
                    of the site.
           \_ You are so 9/12.  With everything that has happened since then
              if wasting 7 minutes for the cameras and then going to airforce
              one like he's supposed is still on your mind as being important
              at all then vote republican next time.  They can use your help.
              \_ Who decides what the President is supposed to do in this case?
                 Most past Presidents had enough personal bravery to fulfill
                 their responsibility to the nation first.
                 \_ Yeah yeah nice, join us here with our problems in 2007.
                    As far as your whining about being on AF1 6 years ago,
                    maybe standing in front of the whitehouse trying to catch
                    an incoming 747 would have been a nice gesture but they
                    still evacuate buildings for anthrax and bomb scares, too.
                    Next time congress has a scare should they stay there
                    anyway to show their bravery?  You're too stupid to
                    continue breathing.  Please fix that, trollboy.  Back here
                    in 2007 no one gives a crap about pet goats.
                    \_ That's right, join us in 2007 where we STILL need to
                       impeach the treasonous SOB.
                       \_ Treasonous and cowardly.
                       \_ At least the topic of impeachment is 2007 and is
                          about things more important than pet goats.
                          \_ I get what you're saying, but I get a serious
                             twitch thinking that we're somehow better off now
                             that we have something more than silly behavior
                             on which to base a call for impeachment.
                             \_ No we're not better off, of course but it is
                                a total head-shaker for me that anyone would
                                even bother to troll on pet goats at this
                                point.  It's just a stupid waste of bits.  As
                                far as impeachment is concerned, that is and
                                always has been a political issue, not a legal
                                one.  The *only* requirement is having enough
                                votes for it.  If you got the votes and the
                                balls, then go for it.  If you don't, then
                                there's no point in mentioning it.  I think an
                                impeachment could be exciting in a spectator
                                sport sort of way but it isn't going to happen
                                so what's the point of talking about it?  By
                                "you" I mean "whoever is in power at the time
                                and doesn't like the current administration
                                now or at any other time", not "you
                                personally".  I don't expect a random csuaer
                                to single handedly impeach the US President. :)
                                \_ You asked for "recollections of 9/11." I
                                   posted mine. Too bad that anything other
                                   than your rose colored vision of the
                                   past is "Trolling" to you.
                    \_ Yes, Congress should stay to show their bravery. It is
                       the overreaction to 9/11 that caused more damage than
                       the event iteslf. If our leaders had shown some courage
                       and self-sacrifice, the population at large would have
                       done so as well and we wouldn't be in the mess we are
                       in now.
                       \_ Hence the call for impeachment.
                       \_ You didn't peg the Troll Meter.  You just broke it.
                          You think Congress should stay in a bomb/anthrax
                          scare building to show their bravery?  Complete
                          waste of precious bits.  Get off the net.  Find a
                          bridge to hide under.
                          \_ There was a time when bravery was considered
                             a virtue by most and it still is by some of us.
                             Obviously, you are not one of them. Who are you
                             to decide who is deserving of having on opinion
                             or not? Grow up.
                             or not? Grow up. How many bomb threats a day do
                             you think Congress gets? Why did they evacuate
                             Capital Hill because a single-engined Cesssna
                             flew off course? It was all part of an attempt
                             to terrorize the sheeple, which apparently took
                             quite well in your case. Land of the Free,
                             Home of the Brave, indeed.
2007/9/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47997 Activity:nil
9/10    motd porn man here.  i broke out the porn again.  fuck.
2007/9/10 [Uncategorized] UID:47998 Activity:nil
9/10    We need more snipers to take out protesters in congress.
2007/9/10-13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:47999 Activity:moderate
9/10    Will Hsu have as much fallout as Abramoff?
        \_ No
        \_ Abramoff was a criminal working for other criminal republicans
           in an ongoing effort to subvert the usc and all that is right and
        \_ Abramoff wa s a criminal working f or other criminal republicans
            in an ongoi ng effort to subvert t he usc and all that is right and
           good in the world.
           Hsu is a victim of racism and an overzealous hostile prosecutorial
           system that seems to oppress and limit his natural free speech
           right to assist his chosen and righteous candidate obtain high
           office so she can fight the good fight for the entire village
           against the barbarians.
            Hsu is a vic tim of  racism and an overzealous hostile prosecutori
           system that se ems to  oppress and limit his natural free speech
            right to assist his c hosen and righteous candidate obtain high
           o ffice so she  can fig ht the good fight for the entire village
           ag ainst the bar barians .
           So, no.
           \_ I know you think you're funny, but I can't figure out
              how Hsu may have benefited from all of contributions.
           \_ I  kno  w you think you're funny, but I can't figure out
              ho w Hs  u may have benefited from all of contributions.
              This is an important distiction.
              \_ You can't figure out how a businessman benefits from
                 contributing lots of money to politicians?
                 contrib  uting lots of money to politicians?
                 \_ Yeah, I can't actually.  What was he selling besides
                    suckering people into a Ponzi scheme in CA 15 years
                    ago?  Exactly how does holding fundraisers jump start
                    my Ponzi scheme business that I can't tell anyone about
                     suck ering people into a Ponzi scheme in CA 15 years
                    a go?    Exactly how does holding fundraisers jump start
                    my  Ponz i scheme business that I can't tell anyone about
                    because if they figure out who I am I'll go to jail?
                    \_  If y o u can't see how bundled cash has destroyed our
                       s  yst e m of government then please don't vote.
                    \_ If you can't see how bundled cash has destroyed our
                       system of government then please don't vote.
                 \_ Sorry, is there a quid-pro-quo actually being alleged?
                    I haven't seen anything other than "convicted felon
                    gave money, politicians give it away".
                    I haven 't  s een anything other than "convicted felon
                    gave money,  p oliticians give it away".
                    \_ If yo u ca n 't see how bundled cash has destroyed our
                       system  of  g overnment then please don't vote.
                    \_ If you can't see how bundled cash has destroyed our
                       system of government then please don't vote.
                       \_ But... But... Money is SPEECH!  You don't want to
                          LIMIT SPEECH, do you?!  Until we have public funding
                          of elections, bundled money will persist.  And
                          unsavory characters will pop up.  You seem to be
                          insinuating, though, that taking Hsu's money auto-
                          matically means that politician is corrupt.  If you
                          can't see that's not necessarily true, you're the
                          one in need of the civics lesson.
                          \_ Money corrupts.  Bundled money corrupts absolutely
                             and has for a long time.  Was there quid pro quo
                             on this particular bundled cash?  I don't know and
                             I don't care and I don't think it matters.  It is
                             a systematic problem.  I have never stated a
                             preference either way on public funding or the
                             'money is free speech' concept so I don't know
                             why you're going there.  Money = corruption.  Big
                             money = big corruption.  This isn't that hard to
                             understand.  If you're still looking at this as
                             a "I must defend Hillary from her evil attackers!"
                             issue then don't bother.  She isn't that
                             important.  She's just one symptom of a greater
                             illness in the government.
                             \_ So what are you doing about it and what do you
                                think a solution would be? Just complaining
                                doesn't do much to help, if anything at all.
                                \_ This wasn't about what I am personally
                                   doing about it.  This is about "does
                                   bundled money corrupt government or not?"
                                   And my answer is "yes it does".
                                   \_ I agree with you 100%. I am just (mostly)
                                      at a quandry as to what to do about it.
                                      Got any suggestions?
                             \_ What he said, and also, this "pox on both
                                their houses crap" is for the weak.
                                \_ How very black and white Bush of you. "You
                                   are either with us or against us!".  I'm a
                                   politically aware moderate and if your
                                   party (whichever that may be) keeps pushing
                                   your one sided idiocy your asses will be
                                   out of office.  The real power is at the
                                   center in the hands of swing voters.  Your
                                   party will displease us at their peril.
        \_ Hu is Hsu?
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