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2007/9/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47958 Activity:kinda low
9/8     Didnt get laid last night.  I know you are all shocked.
2007/9/9-10 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel, Science/Biology] UID:47959 Activity:nil
9/8     Are Jews really smarter due to selective gene pool,
        environmental pressures, and other factors? Find out here:
        \_ Racist!!! All men are equal!!!
           \_ Agreed.  Damn race-based admission preferences.
        \_ This is all nonsense.  Everyone who really knows whats going on
           in the world knows Jews are superior due to a thousand generations
           of ZOGian breeding techniques.  How else would we run the world,
           control the US Govt, the US media, all the banks, and have the
           finest piece of oil rich and fertile land in the entire middle
           east?  We even set you up the bomb and got you to attack Iraq,
           help us oppress the entirely innocent and peace loving Palestinian
           peoples, we control 4 of the 5 permanent security council seats
           at the UN, constantly issue calls from the UN human rights
           commission against our enemies, and we wrote all your christmas
           songs.  The Truth Is Out There!
           \_ Which 4 of the 5 seats?
2007/9/9 [Uncategorized] UID:47960 Activity:nil
9/8     32JJ
2007/9/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:47961 Activity:nil
9/8     for guys like me with ED, there's the motd.
2007/9/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:47962 Activity:nil
9/8     Is there a free emailing list service availible somewhere?  Currently
        I'm using mailman on a friend's server, but it seems like it would
        be a good idea to get it off that.  I would also like to have a
        feature where I have some big list everyone on it, then sub-groups
        within that list that I can move people between.
2007/9/9-10 [Reference/Tax] UID:47963 Activity:nil
9/8     How much tax payer's $$$ is Steve Fosset going to cost?
        \_ Less than an hour of the Iraq war, you can bet on that.
2007/9/9-10 [Consumer/PDA] UID:47964 Activity:nil
9/8     "In my career as a writer, I need my phone to do work. I have tight
        deadlines, and I need to communicate with lots of people in a
        hurry.  When I'm in a tight spot, my BlackBerry always helps me
        out. It also sends a subtle signal to my correspondents that I'm
        getting a lot done. An e-mail that says "Sent from my BlackBerry"
        gives the impression that you're on the move but still chained to
        work, e-mailing from the elevator. An e-mail that says "Sent from
        my iPhone" conjures an image of a doofus who wants you to
        know he has an iPhone."
        \_ Actually, "Sent from my Blackberry" just tells me you're a self-
           absorbed idiot with no technical understanding and you're probably
           driving your poor IT support staff nuts with your stupid requests.
2007/9/9 [Uncategorized] UID:47965 Activity:nil
9/4        Get them!  But let the blonde survive, I want her as my love slave.
2007/9/9 [Uncategorized] UID:47966 Activity:nil
9/4        I am Ewa Barbara Sonnet, that is my stage name. I was born in
           1985 in Rybnik, Poland. When I started high school, my breasts
           were getting bigger and growing at a fast rate. Today, I have a
           bra size of 32D/32DD/70E, if anyone wants to know. In 2003, when
           I was 18, I was approached by a person who got me job in the
           adult entertainment industry. I became a photomodel for
           It is a softcore adult website. I posed for many pictorials
           and videos, where I was featured topless. In modeling career, I
           have also posed for the Polish edition of the CKM Magazine. In
           2005, I began my music career, when I released my first single.
           I have released more singles. The same year, I released my first
           album, Nielegalna. Polish composer Robert Janson helped me out
           with my music career, who I thank. My second album is on the way.
2007/9/9 [Uncategorized] UID:47967 Activity:nil
9/8     Being careful is very important to me.
        Because I have genital herpes.
        (Proven only in heterosexual couples)
        Poor homos!
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