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2007/8/25-30 [Consumer/Camera] UID:47750 Activity:nil
8/25    javascript question. Is there a way to change
        window.href.location without the browser reloading?
        \_ No. This is intentional.
the long end. I really dont take a lot of serious pictures
              in the super-telephone ranges [birds, wildlife, sports], and the
              decent lenses in that area are multi-thousand dollar lenses.
              \- oh you mean the 35mm f/2. look it's probably silly for
                 somebody with say a $1-1.2k photo budget to spend 25-30%
                 on a prime lens unless he wants it for something very
                 specific. the 50mm 1.8 is $100 ... which would be around
                 the 85mm FX FoV and is a fast lens of decent optical
                 quality, eventhough not the most solid construction
                 [less imp for a small, light lens]. now are you going to
                 tell him the 50mm/1.4 is nicer.
2007/8/25-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47751 Activity:nil
8/25    Hi.  This is the worst thing ever.  I AM WARNING YOU.
        \_ deleted. Seriously, if it's the worst thing ever, wtf did you
           post it. It was a shitting video btw.
        \_ Sorry, tub girl and shit eating porn banned on motd.

                                                  as simple as brushing his
                                                  teeth better.  Look at her
                                                  actions: she comes on to
                                                  him, then turns off when
                                                  they get close.  Better
                                                  brushing and bathing will
                                                  probably fix his problem
                                                  asssuming he's for real,
                                                  which I doubt.  As for me
                                                  it has been 15 years also
                                                  and yes she's great and I
                                                  went through a number of
                                                  losers before finding her
                                                  but talking is necessary
                                                  to keep things good by
                                                  avoiding some minor thing
                                                  turning into something big
                                                  for no reason.  I fail to
                                                  see why talking to your
                                                  own wife about something
                                                  could be considered bad or
                                                  useless in any way.  And
                                                  for the record, my wife knows
                                                  I hate PB and there's no
                                                  such thing as too much J. :-)
                                                  \_ I am also clean. -emarkp
                                                  \_ [please don't edit my
                                                      posts, thanks.  if you
                                                      were really that funny
                                                      then you could be funny
                                                      without changing what
                                                      someone else has said]
                                                  \_ It's certainly not bad
                                                     to talk to your wife.
                                                     In fact, I'd say it
                                                     is mandatory. However,
                                                     thinking it will solve
                                                     anything is where you go
                                                     wrong. So, yes, in
                                                     that sense it is
                                                     useless. Necessary,
                                                     but useless.
                                                     \_ So you talk just to
                                                        pretend you care?
        \_ Umm, none of these are particularly out there.
2007/8/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:47752 Activity:nil
8/25    Why would I want to create a swarm of attack hornets from
        my own mutated flesh?  Yuck.
2007/8/25-27 [Uncategorized] UID:47753 Activity:nil
8/25    Why does soda sometimes authenticate me and sometimes not? This
        has been happening off and on since yesterday.
        \_ I think LDAP has been failing intermittently.  It seems to
           happen more under heavy load, but I haven't had a chance to
           track it down further than that.  --mconst
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