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2007/8/9-13 [Reference/Tax] UID:47567 Activity:high
8/8     IRS tells guy who caught the Bonds ball you now owe 200k
        \_ The dude won a $600K+ ball.  He owes taxes the income.  How is
           that so strange?  You pay taxes on gambling income and lottery
           winnings too.
           \_ The ball has no measured value until it's sold.  Why should he
              pay taxes now?  Oh, and the guy who claims there's a tax
              liability isn't the IRS, it's a (surprise) lawyer. -emarkp
              \_ probably under the AMT laws, just like the dot
                 com folks in the early crash days, who owed taxes on their
                 options' value at time of grant, rather than their later
                 real value (or more accurately, lack thereof).
                 \_ Which are stupid laws as well. -emarkp
                    \_ Some parts of the constitution and amendments are
                       stupid as well. What is your fucking stupid point?
                    \_ [pointless off topic rude stupid troll purged]
                    \_ What if, instead of paying you cash, I pay you in a
                       magic card, that you can use to get cash at any time,
                       that gives you intrest on the income you have on the
                       card, and that you can even use as collateral to borrow
                       money off of.  Should you have to pay taxes on that?
                       \_ No, we should move to the system, and
                          eliminate personal income taxes. -!emarkp
                          \_ I think the only problem with fairtax is the
                             rebate.  But it would be an improvement, and would
                             have the advantage that the gov't doesn't know
                             what everyone is making. -emarkp
                             \_ Consumption taxes are incredibly regressive,
                                rebate or no, and if you really believe they
                                will do anything but be a giant tax burden
                                on the middle class you are a fool.
                                \_ Well, with that kind of argument, who can
                                   respond!  We have tons of regressive taxes.
                                   So what.  Imagine the wealth freed from
                                   dealing with tax forms and laws, etc.
                                   Oh, and if you're going to complain about
                                   regressive taxes, are we going to get rid of
                                   the confiscatory tax on cigarettes?  What
                                   about the Lottery?
                                   \- "The state lottery is a public subsidy
                                      of intelligence"
                                      of intelligence" --WVOQUINE@HARVARD.EDU
                                   \_ Sin taxes: ok if moderate, especially
                                      if for things that cause a significant
                                      harm to public health.  I do think
                                      cigarette taxes have gone way past
                                      a reasonable limit.
                                        \_ Even with the so called "confiscatory"
                                           tax, are smokers paying for their own
                                           medical expenses?
                                      Sales taxes: ok if low or moderate.  Yes
                                      they are regressive, so keep them fairly
                                      Lottery: Not quite the same thing at all.
                                      Noone makes you pay the lottery.  That
                                      being said I really don't like goverments
                                      having a lottery monopoly.
                                      \_ Does it matter that you're not forced
                                         to buy a lottery ticket?  Funds are
                                         used for public spending, and the vast
                                         amount of lottery tickets are bought
                                         by low-income people.
                                         Why are "sin" taxes okay?  Who are you
                                         to declare what public policy is
                                         toward sin? -emarkp
                                      \_ No one makes you pay the BMW either.
                                \_ No! YOU are the one who is fool.
                                   It's fair is what it is, saves ordinary
                                   people from dealing with massive bureaucracy
                                   and removes the incomprehensible system of
                                   writeoffs and loopholes that the rich
                                   already exploit. Encourages saving and
                                   earning income, and discourages wasteful
                                   consumption that liberals are always
                                   complaining about. If, after all this, you
                                   still want to take wealth away from the
                                   rich then there are other means: just
                                   directly tax their property and such,
                                   or set up some special total wealth tax.
                                   The truly rich are few in absolute numbers.
                                   90+% of people shouldn't have to deal with
                                   income tax. Also:
                                   Consider the payroll tax. Consider all the
                                   401k/IRA and flexible spending account BS.
                                   If you think a fairtax with rebate is
                                   "incredibly regressive" you need to show
                                   numbers. Also, with no income tax, the
                                   "death tax" makes a lot more sense: it's
                                   no longer double-taxed.
                                   \_ Ok, I'll let the rest of your blather
                                      stand but this double-tax bullshit has to
                                      go.  We tax people when money transfers
                                      from one individual to another.  For
                                      instance if I pay someone to clean
                                      my house, the maids income is taxed,
                                      even though I had to pay taxes on the
                                      income I made to pay her.  If I go and
                                      buy something from a store the store
                                      pays taxes on their profit, even though
                                      my money was taxed.  There is no "money
                                      only gets taxed once" rule and anyone
                                      who says that estate taxes are double-
                                      taxed is either an idiot or medicious.
                                      taxed is either an idiot or mendacious.
                                      Which one are you?
                                      \_ Wow, look at that big word.
                                         Short answer: I shouldn't have brought
                                         it up. Really it should not be taxed
                                         either when there is no income tax.
                                         Ultimately someone has to spend the
                                         money and it will get taxed then.
                                         I appended that about the death tax
                                         without thinking about it. (Feel free
                                         to dance in glee at this point.)
                                         I could, however, argue that in the
                                         current scheme, inheritance isn't
                                         a "new production". It isn't being
                                         given in exchange for goods or
                                         services. So it is "double taxed" in a
                                         way that your examples aren't. But
                                         I really don't care about this issue.
        \_ The reason politics is such a mess is because people aren't willing
           to be scientific about politics.  I think the reason is, there
           is a low cost for believing stupid shit in politics (some economists
           view beliefs are a 'good' that people 'purchase'), but a fair bit of
           psychological benefit (belief as 'tribal markings' for instance, or
           beliefs which reinforce convenient internal attitudes) .  In other
           domains (medicine, engineering, etc) the penalty for believing
           stupid shit is high, so people were forced to turn to science to
           make their bridges stay up so to speak.  This analysis applies
           to some other areas, but the discreet lexicographer does not
           name them... -- ilyas
           \_ I've learned everything I need to know about politics from the
              motd: "My guy is Good!  Your guy is Evil!"  What could be more
              scientific than that?
           \_ Are you still a libertarian drawing a government paycheck?
              \_ Libertarians are not opposed to all government so it is not
                 hypocritical of a government employee to be a libertarian.
              \_ I no longer think 'big political theories' are productive.
                 What ends up happening is you spend most of your time worrying
                 about coherence and thinking about silly edge cases which make
                 no practical difference.  These days I rely on 'political
                 intuitions' and mostly concern myself with what direction
                 the current state of affairs must move to get better.
                 Similar insight in SVMs: only points close to the separating
                 hyperplane matter.  -- ilyas
2007/8/9-10 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47568 Activity:high
8/8     Did you know Islams hate dogs? Muhammad is said to have given an
        order to kill all the dogs in Medina because the archangel Gabriel
        does not enter a house in which there is a dog. Islam casts the dog
        in a negative light by emphasizing its impurity and often identify
        dogs as demons or minions of the Devil. Did you know most Muslims
        do not have them as pets? According to Sahih Muslim, Muhammad
        declared that he who keeps a dog except for hunting, shepherding,
        or guarding will have his Godly reward [for good deeds] reduced by
        "two carats" per day. According to Sunan al-Nasa'i, Muhammad
        commanded Muslims not to trade or deal in dogs. Muhammad said that
        dogs and donkeys, if they pass in front of men in prayer, void or
        nullify that prayer. Christians love dogs, Muslims hate dogs.
        Go figure.
        \_ dogs are fucking gross and you are breathing in a pound
           of dog shit every year.  fuck dogs.
        \_ fuck dog.  RIDE CAT.  or something
        \_ Muslims hate a lot of things.
           \_ RACIST! Or, um, Muslimcist!
           \_ They only hate Christians, and anything Christians love.
              For example Christians love dogs, women, and freedom. By
              transitivity, Muslims have no choice but to hate dogs,
              women, and freedom as well.
           \_ So do Christians and so do Jews. Go figure, huh?
2007/8/9-10 [Academia/Berkeley] UID:47569 Activity:kinda low
8/9     correct me if im wrong but i think someone has to 'add'
        you in Facebook before you can see their profile so I don't
        understand this story
        \_ If a person is in one of your networks, and you have your profile
           set to viewable by anyone in your network (eg. Silicon Valley
           network or Berkeley network), then they can see your profile.
2007/8/9-13 [Computer/Networking] UID:47570 Activity:low
8/9     Is there an automated way to change the IP of an XP machine? I have
        tests that need to get run on two separate sub-nets that now require
        me to physically go in and change the IP address of the test box.
        Cygwin is also installed if that helps any. Thanks
        \_ There are a few sort of hackey ways to do it:
           1) automate the mouse clicks and key strokes witto do it:
           1) automate the mouse clicks and key strokes with a macro program
           2) ipconfig /release, followed by merging in a .reg file with the
              network settings you want (this probably isn't worth the effort)
           3) futz around with dhcp.  use a short lease and have the server
              send a different ip.  and maybe use ipconfig /release + /renew
              instead of the short lease for better control.
           If it was me and I couldn't find a more professional way to do it
           not being the super uber windows guru I'd go with #1 or #3.
        \_ netsh?
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