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2007/8/3-22 [Uncategorized] UID:47521 Activity:nil
        Human transformers.
2007/8/3-22 [Uncategorized] UID:47522 Activity:nil
8/3     wow
        \_ I like how his legs run in the air.
2007/8/3-22 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47523 Activity:low
        Survey shows just 3% of Americans approve of how Congress is handling
        the war in Iraq; 24% say the same for the President
        \_ The Republicans support the war and the Democrats do not. That is
           not really news.
           \_ "This lack of confidence in Congress cuts across all ideologies.
              Democrats--some of whom had hoped the now Democrat-led Congress
              would bring an end to the war in Iraq--expressed overwhelming
              displeasure with how Congress has handled the war, with 94%
              giving Congress a negative rating in its handling specifically of
              that issue."
              \_ So we agree. The Democrats are upset at Congress for not
                 taking stronger action against the war and the Republicans
                 are upset at Congress for taking action against the war.
                 \_ How many are upset that the Democrats ran on a platform of
                    cleaning up corruption in DC and not only did nothing to
                    clean it up but went out of their way to make it worse?
                    \_ Show me how it's worse. Then show me how the Dems made
                       it so.
                       \_ Because they're doing the exact same thing with
                          earmarks but are also hypocritical liars about it.
                    \_ What do you have against the Ethics Reform Bill? At
                       least it is a step in the right direction.
                       \_ Nothing except the fact they left so many holes in
                          it they shouldn't have bothered.  With control of
                          Congress and a President who will sign it, they
                          could have done a real reform bill but they're all
                          so addicted to giving away other people's money to
                          buy campaign funds they'll never do real reform.
                          It is just a PR bill so in 2008 they can say they
                          cleaned up DC like they promised, meanwhile having
                          filled their pockets with your cash.
                          \_ Bush would never sign real campaign finance
                             reform. The GOP sucks at the teat of big money.
                             \_ Of course he wouldn't.  It was never sent to
                                his desk, duh.  Of course the GOP requires
                                big money.  Hint: so do the Dems.  I find this
                                whole "my guys are angels and your guys are
                                devils" line of non-reasoning both amusing and
                                somewhat sad at the same time.  Try some
                                critical reasoning skills before posting in
                                the future.
                                \_ Are you the same guy who said "did nothing
                                   to make it better but went out of the way
                                   to make it worse." If so, you are a
                                   hypocrite. If not, no one was talking to you.
                                   \_ There is absolutely nothing hypocritical
                                      about saying the Dems are hypocrites on
                                      the issue.  I've always been very
                                      consistent on the motd: both parties
                                      suck equally.  Party politics sucks.
                                      Your pet party is no better than the
                                      opposition party.  Deal.
                                      \_ Nope. The GOP has been more corrupt
                                         this last six years than the Democrats
                                         have ever been. The two parties are
                                         not exactly the same and you are just
                                         a cynic with no idea or hope to
                                         improve things. It is very easy to
                                         sit on the sidelines and whine. Learn
                                         to make some positive change and maybe
                                         someone will pay attention to you.
                                         \_ You're either ignorant or blind.
                                            Both parties have been corrupt,
                                            robbing the tax payers, stealing
                                            elections, and serving themselves
                                            first and foremost for far longer
                                            than anyone here has been alive.
                                            I'm not here to 'make positive
                                            change' nor am I 'sitting on the
                                            sidelines'.  I reject your
                                            ridiculous and damaging two party
                                            scam system.  It is not a mindless
                                            "our guy" or "your guy" choice.
                                            So tell me oh great bringer of
                                            justice and wisdom, what have you
                                            done to make positive change?
                                            \_ For one thing, I was one of the
                                               people that circulated petitions
                                               and then got endorsements from
                                               the Democrats, Republicans and
                                               Greens for a campaign finance
                                               reform initiative on the SF
                                               city ballot, one that passed by
                                               80%+ of the vote.
                                               More recently, I have joined
                                               Common Cause. And if you are who
                                               I am pretty sure you are, it is
                                               kind of amusing your sudden
                                               conversion to independent.
                                               Weren't you posting pro-war
                                               Freeper links not that long ago?
                                               \_ I not only have never posted
                                                  freeper links, I think the
                                                  freepers are just as stupid
                                                  as their counterparts at
                                                  dailykos.  So, no.
        \_ This Dem is angry at the Dems for not killing the Farm Bill. I'm
           angry with the vetoing President and the filibustering Republicans
           for everything else.
           \_ Bush has barely vetoed or even threatened to veto much of
              anything compared to most Presidents.  Both parties have
              abused the Senate rules to make almost every vote require 60
              votes to pass anything.  This is all pot, kettle, black.
              \_ Bush's own party had controlled both houses for the majority
                 of his time in office.  I have no actual numbers, but I'd bet
                 that his veto/threat pace this session outstrips many other
                 There's some numbers.  Fuck off with your kettles.
                 \_ "Fuck off"?  Childish.  Ok, so where in this article does
                    it say Bush vetoed or even threatened to veto more bills
                    than any other President or even any particular President?
                    You've added absolutely nothing to this but you have shown
                    you're immature and not too bright.  I also see you
                    entirely ignored my point about abuse of Senate rules
                    by both parties which is what PKB was a reference to.
                    Have a nice evening.
2007/8/3 [Reference/Tax] UID:47524 Activity:nil
8/3     Here's a good idea, tax the ethnic studies dept!{C36D653C-804B-4E35-96A0-501F3DC84FC9}
2007/8/3-22 [Finance/Investment] UID:47525 Activity:nil
        "Bond market turmoil sending investors fleeing from risk may be a worse
        predicament than the 1980s stock market fall and Internet bubble burst,
        Bear Stearns Chief Financial Officer Sam Molinaro said on Friday."
        ... well that's not a good headline
        \_ It's a cyclical market! Lalalalala!
           \_ Housing prices are going to crater in 2005!  Lalalalala!
           \_ Markets are cyclical.  This is news to you?  Maybe Sam is
              entirely right.  Things drop.  You believe they'll stay that
              way forever?  Do you *want* them to stay that way?  I don't
              see the reason for your snarkiness and sarcasm on such a
              sky-is-blue issue.
2007/8/3-22 [Uncategorized] UID:47526 Activity:nil
8/3     Jim Cramer goes crazy (about 2-3 minutes in)
2007/8/3-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47527 Activity:nil
8/3     Hypothesis: Many guys don't care whether the woman they're
        having sex with is enjoying it.  Women who enjoy sex in general,
        don't enjoy having sex with one of these guys.  Bitter Sexless Guy
        is one of these guys, therefore he doesn't get to have sex with
        women who enjoy it.
        \_ Why should you care if she enjoys it when she herself doesn't
           care and just wants it over with as quickly as possible?
           \_ begging the question.
              \_ My sister used to refer to sex with her husband as her
                 'wifely duty'. That is just such a turn-on for us guys,
                 but it is how women perceive sex.
                 \_ What does she refer to sex with you as?
                    \_ Incest
        \_ So what has the motd taught us about women?  They don't like sex,
           unless they're porn stars or psychologically damaged, but they
           still have sex but it is only to get to a guy's wallet, except for
           the 0, 2, or 30% of women are who nothing like that, except for the
           ones that BSG runs into who all can magically detect he is one of
           'those guys' who doesn't care if the woman is enjoying it.  Did I
           miss anything?  And oh yeah, a few people are morons, idiots, and/or
           misogynists but that goes without saying around here.
           \_ It's not that women can tell BDG doesn't enjoy sex, it's that
              women can tell BDG doesn't like women.
        \_ I don't think the idea was that the guy doesn't care, but that
           regardless if he cares, the woman still doesn't really enjoy it
           (on average as relationship time increases or some such).
           Actually I think that this really does apply to guys too... guys
           get bored of women too. There is still the issue that guys get off
           WAY more easily than most women.
           \_ No, there is science (as well as plenty of anecdote) which
              shows that many women enjoy sex.  So the question is why BSG
              has the impression that women don't enjoy sex, when many of
              them clearly do.  A possible answer is that he has no clue in
              bed.  -tom
              \_ What science is that?
                 \_ The recently-posted study, as well as dozens of others,
                    going back to the Kinsey Report.  -tom
                    \_ You don't believe Kinsey, do you?
                       \_ No, I trust Bitter Sexless Guy as the ultimate
                          authority on women's sexual behavior.  -tom
                          \_ Did you ever read Kinsey and what academics
                             think of it? Kinsey and Hite are crap.
                             \_ And Bitter Sexless Guy is respected as the
                                ultimate arbiter!
           \_  # According to an article published in the Journal of the
               American Medical Association, 43% of women suffer from some kind
               of sexual problem or another.
               # In a recent survey conducted by Laumann and colleagues at the
               University of Chicago, 33.4% of American women ages 18-59
               reported that HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire) was their most
               common sexual problem.
               \_ 18-59 is a huge age range.
               \_ Of those, almost 100% also mentioned other stresses in their
                  lives, including unromantic partners who were just interested
                  in getting off and rolling over.
               # I would make the argument that the 33% number is just
               self-reporting and the real number is much, much higher. I
               base this on anecdotal evidence, but for sake of argument
               let's assume that number is correct. You still have a 1 in 3
               chance of ending up with a frigid wife no matter how good
               of a lover or husband you are. To me, that's pretty
               indicative of women not really being into sex. What's the
               number for men? 5%? Less?
               \_ Asserting something doesn't make it true.  You must be
                  \_ "let's assume that number is correct"
               \_ Lots of old guys are not interested in sex anymore.
2007/8/3-6 [Reference/BayArea] UID:47528 Activity:low
8/3     more oakland fun  [ black muslim bakery troubles ]
        \_ Berkeley/Oakland residents read this article!  Heard of
           Black Muslim Bakery?  See also:
        \_ how did that guy get on the bus with a shotgun?
           \_ It's unclear that the shotgun-wielder actually got on the bus.
           \_ Yeah i think shotgun-wielding-man may not be related.  also
              i dont think 19 year old shotgun wielding man decided
              all by himself to kill the reporter from a newspaper
              that i have never heard of
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