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2007/8/2-3 [Reference/Religion] UID:47506 Activity:low
8/2     I want to get a job, to make money, to feel closer to God, to
        get a promotion, to give someone else a STD-- bottom reasons
        to have sex:,2933,291646,00.html
        \_ How is bottom decided here?  Least respondents, or most respondents
           voted it worst reason, or what?
           \_ They voted 1-5 on each reason so presumably the one with the
              lowest average response.
        \_ "To feel closer to God"?  Oh, so all those Catholic priests were
           just trying to bring those boys closer to God.  I see.
2007/8/2-3 [Academia/GradSchool, Politics/Domestic] UID:47507 Activity:nil
8/2     US high school education in action:
        Kinda odd that the teachers are allowed to talk about a student by
        \_ This would violate FERPA if they never got a written permission
           from the parent(or the student if she was 18):
           The writer definitely was one-sided, but it does remind us of
           some problems that is probably wide-spread. (like budgetary
           pressure on the schools to pass kids and parents who fail to
           see the fault of their kids or themselves regardig school
           matters.) For a young mind that becomes a teacher because s/he
           wanted to make a difference, the situation this teacher was in
           is certainly difficult. All the while, the areas where these
           same minds want to make difference in are also the same school
           districts with the budget constraints. Chicken and egg problem.
           But I do think a teacher that wants to make a difference should
           have given the student a retake on the final to force her to
           at least for one day in her life.
2007/8/2-3 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:47508 Activity:moderate
8/2     Does anyone know if ATI or NVIDIA is currently trouncing the other?
        I use Linux, so I pretty much only see NVIDIA around, but it seems like
        people must still be buying ATI...
        \_ What do you use the nvidia stuff for in Linux?
           \_ TuxRacer (AKA Planet Penguin Racer)
           \_ Beryl
              \_ ... so, that stuff doesn't work on ATI or what?
                 \_ This ATI drivers are flaky, slow, and constrained.
                 \_ The ATI drivers are flaky, slow, and constrained.
        \_ Trouncing in what sense?  The *nix drivers don't perform as well
           as the Win* drivers in both cases.  If you want real video
           performance without buying a $100k workstation or something you'll
           get a Win* box and the top end card with the prettier box.
           \_ In the business sense.
2007/8/2-3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47509 Activity:high
8/2     John Edwards hints he cracked his wife's rib during sex
        and this is how they discovered her cancer came back.  I'll vote
        for any candidate virile enough to still be living out their
        biological imperative.  Hillary obviously hasn't had sex since
        1998.  Fred Thompson probably bones his 50 year old wife every
        chance he gets.  Kucinich's 30 year old wife is TOTALLY HOT.
        \_ Kucinich's wife's pics please?
           \_ obgoogle.
           \_ yeah use google.  she's fucking hot and 30 years younger
              than him, no joke.
           \- Look for "Human Mole" in /csua/lib/wall/wl.20070426
              \_ Are we talking about Newt Kucinich or Dennis Kucinich?
           \_ She's a redhead, but she's not all that hot. Average looking
              white redhead chick who is not fat. Would I bang her? Sure.
              Would I brag about it afterwards? Not really, unless I was
              as old as Dennis Kucinich. For a guy his age she's a score.
        \_ I wonder how Arnie the macho man does in bed.
           \_ Perfect combination: steroid-damaged genitalia and anorexic's
              phobia of sex. A true Republican couple.
              \_ Wow, 4 kids out of "steroid-damaged genitalia and anorexic's
                 phobia of sex." That is A True Republican Couple!
        \_ At least you're not voting blindly....
        \_ Fred Thompson's wife hot!
        \_ Fred Thompson's wife HOT!
        \_ "To feel closer to God"?  Oh, so all those Catholic priests were
           just trying to bring those boys closer to God.  I see.
        \_ Wife:    "What the heck?  John's Johnson is on vacation again?  Gee,
                    you're worse than a dildo."
           Edwards: "You bitch!" (Crack)
        \_ Huh? I read that his wife cracked her rib moving furniture. URL?
           \_ At least she didn't "fall down the stairs"
2007/8/2-3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47510 Activity:moderate
8/2     ha ha ha:
        "Rove tells Bush to tell Rove not to testify"
        \_ what?
           \_ E_TOOSHORT
           \_ E_TOOSHORT - Rove always tells Bush what to do and Bush told Rove
              not to testify - ok it isn't funny if you have to explain the
              \_ Following unix error conventions, this should be E_HEIGHT
                 \- except it is following Rap Conventions.
                    \_ E_YERMOM
2007/8/2-3 [Politics/Domestic/911, Reference/Tax, Politics/Domestic/SIG] UID:47511 Activity:nil
8/2     these personal plates are totally awesome   Fight terrorism!  Choose life
        \_  NRA
        \_  Square & Round Dancers
        \_  Adoption
        \_  Neuter your pets!
2007/8/2-3 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:47512 Activity:nil
8/2     Neal Krawetz at Black Hat makes the claim that image manipulation of
        Al Queda tapes happened at the SAME TIME, suggesting that US agencies
        are manipulating or manufacturing Al Queda tapes.  Remember the bin
        Laden tape that came out 3 days before the 2004 election?
        \_ And his control is?
        \_ Hey urltea nazi, your 2nd link isn't found
           \_ They removed it
2007/8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:47513 Activity:moderate
8/2     my thoughts 01-18-08 - turin
        \_ I have absolutely no fucking idea what this is
2007/8/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:47514 Activity:nil
8/2     Most people hate kids when they have to sit near them
        on the airplane:
2007/8/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:47515 Activity:nil
8/2     How Giuliani is going to win the election: MEDIA CLOUT!
2007/8/2 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc, Computer/SW/Languages/Python] UID:47516 Activity:nil
8/2     We're using python optparse to parse arguments to a python script
        that then calls another program.  The usage is supposed to be:
        script [options] program [program_options]
        The program_options are supposed to be passed to the program directly,
        optparse should not try to parse them.  Unfortunatly, it does, and
        crashes in a case I just found.  Does anyone know how to get it to
        not parse anything after program?
2007/8/2-3 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:47517 Activity:nil
8/2     One Trillion dollars later, the water is running out,
        the electricity is off 22 hours a day, and still no
        apology from the war's cheerleaders:
        \_ at least oh nevermind i'm too depressed to taunt anyone.
        \_ "Could" cost.  Not has cost.  And please stop referring to
           "economistsview".  It's more of a crackpot site than Michelle
        \_ But the cost of FREEDOM is PRICELESS! Give me FREEDOM or
           give me DEATH! FREEDOM!                      -Republican
           \_ Except in the case of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia where we're
              just fine with a despotic government. Same with China really.
2007/8/2-22 [Health/Disease/General] UID:47518 Activity:nil
8/2     Detect cervical cancer at home! (You need a speculum):
2007/8/2-22 [Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:47519 Activity:nil
8/2     U.S. highway system badly in need of repair. No funding!
        \_ Ronald Reagan is proud of his tax cuts.
           \_ Reagan is dead.  He is not proud of anything.  2007.
        \_ Obviously, the hgihway system is one of the many government fat
           that needs to be cut and privatized. There is no need to raise
           tax. Free market will solve the problem.             -Conservative
        \_ Don't worry, President Guiliani will protect us from the
        \_ Now that the majority of the budget is just wealth transfer, how do
           you expect to pay for roads?
           \_ You aint seen nothin yet!  Wait til you start getting charged a
              carbon use tax on everything you buy.
2007/8/2-3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47520 Activity:high
8/2     Dear married & sexually frustrated men: what do you do if your
        marriage is pretty good but is without sex? What do you do to
        relieve your frustration and/or get your mind off sex?
        \_ I take variants of SSRI (prescribed by my doc) and it suppresses
           my urges. It redirects my sexual energy into useful work. I've
           my urges. It redirects my sexual energy into gay urges. I've
           my urges. It redirects my sexual energy into other urges. I've
           noticed my productivity at work increased drastically and I'm
           getting a promotion soon. I also started to appreciate the
           finer things in life like eating at fine restaurants and
           listening to opera. I wish I knew about SSRI inhibiters earlier--
           I might have done better in school and work instead of chasing
           women. SSRI is the best lifestyle enhancement drug I've ever
           taken in my life.
           \_ but it's also supposed help those with premature ejaculation.
              maybe your wife is actually willing to have sex with you now!
              \_ See this (women taking forever to O) is another issue.
                 Why does it have to be so much work? No wonder they don't
                 enjoy it if it's so hard for them to get off. I can last
                 a long time with a condom but then it feels stupid, like
                 doing some aerobic exercise.
                 \_ Let me guess... you are the same guy who thinks that
                    women don't enjoy sex. Am I right?
                    \_ No. He's obviously another guy involved with an
                       anomalous woman who doesn't like sex, because most
                       women love to wake up in the morning and scrape
                       fetid cum out of their cooches.
        \_ I jacked off 9 times today.  No joke.
        \_ I'm thinking about getting a Fleshlight.  RealDoll would be much
           better, but it's too expensive and I have no place to hide it.
        \_ Is the problem just in the bedroom or is the entire relationship
           soul sapping?  If the latter, take a hard look at yourself and
           ask "Am I a loser" and "What would I settle for".  If you are not
           fat and greasey or in a McJob, see what your exposure is if you
        \_ Cheat. Strippers. Put all your energy into work. Divorce. Any
           other options? Therapy just puts the therapist's kids through
           \_ UFC
2019/01/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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