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2007/7/31-8/3 [Finance/Investment] UID:47474 Activity:nil
7/31    Why is everyone freaking out about Murdoch buying the WSJ? Are they
        afraid it's going to become a rightwing corporate mouthpiece (lol)
        \_ Yeah, actually I am.  The WSJ NEWS reporting is excellent.
           the WSJ EDITORIAL PAGES are a bunch of 100 percent free market
           loons.  It's an easy distinction.
2007/7/31-8/3 [Uncategorized] UID:47475 Activity:nil
7/31    Look for criminals in your family tree. Anyone related to anyone
        else from Australia?
2007/7/31 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:47476 Activity:nil
7/31    What size is Chelsea Clinton's rack?
2007/7/31-8/3 [Uncategorized] UID:47477 Activity:low
7/31    Hey Michelle Malkin readers (you know who you are) I saw your girl
        walking around SOMA this morning. She is 1/3 smaller in person.
        Does she live in The City or something? -ausman
        \_ Is there a Fox affiliate in SF?  Maybe she's taping an interview?
           \_ Your fucking dog puppy weaning bullshit got boring?
        \_ She is 1/3 smaller comared to what? Your big screen TV?  What does
        \_ She is 1/3 smaller compared to what? Your big screen TV?  What does
           this mean?
           \_ When she does that thing with the ping pong balls it is even
              more impressive.
           \_ For the clue impaired this means she is short.
           \_ It means she is short.
        \_ For the acronym challenged, what's SOMA?
           \_ Shit On My Adidas, which is what happens when you walk around
              there enough.
           \_ South Of Market.
        \_ I'm about to move to SOMA, Folsom between 7th and 8th.  Are there
           any ultra-scary places to avoid there like 6th street?
           \_ The whole area right next to the Hall of Justice (the jail)
              is pretty sketchy. Not as bad as 6th Street though.
2007/7/31-8/3 [Uncategorized] UID:47478 Activity:nil
7/31    the dirty bomb is about to hit.  who do you call and tell
        them that you love them?
        \_ Report the bomber's email to us. We'll spam him to death
           before he even has a chance to set off the bomb.
        \_ Call ed.  He's the standard.
        \_ Dirty bomb?  Just seal the circulation system and windows or run
           away.  It's not a neutron bomb, sheesh.
        \_ Yermom.
        \_ dirty bomb is unlikely to kill injure or damage in an area larger
           than a few square blocks.  i hop on the next bart train.
2007/7/31-8/3 [Recreation/Food/Alcohol, Recreation/Food] UID:47479 Activity:kinda low
7/31    Go vegetarian to save money - MSN Money:
        \_ I just spent $204 on a dinner for two at Millenium.  I guess I'm
           eating the wrong vegetarian fair.
           \_ Don't eat a fair next time
           \_ And what, half that was wine, plus 15-20% was tip?
        \_ Does that include the huge carbon footprint caused by shipping in
           interesting veggie items from all over the world?
           \_ Be smart, eat what's in season.  It's cheaper, it gives you
              interesting variety, and the food tastes better.
           \_ veggies have much less carbon footprint than beef.  -tom
              \_ Oh great, veggies are less evil.  How about taking the
                 health of our only planet seriously and stop playing the
                 "I'm less evil than you so what I'm doing is ok!" game, huh?
                 \_ I don't think it's about people feeling "okay," but
                    about making a conscious effort to do less damage to the
                    environment. We've gotten to where we are because we didn't
                    pay attention to what industrialism and advancement of
                    human kind has gotten ourselves into. Now people eat more
                    meat because they can be bought "cheap," and we have to
                    subsidize the farmers if we want non-meat stuff. Human
                                \_ say what?  where'd you get the idea that
                                   farmers are subsidized for the purpose
                                   of creating non-meat food items?
                    actually are what we consider locusts to be. We devour
                    resources beyond what eco-systems can handle. While less
                    evil is NOT "okay," it's still a lesser of the two evil.
                    \_ I think it is better to live in harmony with the planet
                       than to destroy it a bit slower.  I see no point in
                       that.  So it takes 100 years instead of 50 to make the
                       planet unlivable, so what?
                 \_ Who's playing that game?  I also think local sourcing is
                    important.  It's just silly to talk about the carbon
                    footprint of veggies as being bad relative to meat.  -tom
                    \_ Only you were talking about that strawman.  The rest of
                       us were talking by then about how importing your veggies
                       from all over the world at all times of year is very
                       hypocritical if you're doing it to save the planet.
                       \_ A lot of veggies can be imported by slow frieght.
                          That's actually amazingly efficient in large
                          quantities.  Yes it isn't as good as local; yes
                          there is a bigger carbon footprint, but it's still
                          way less than cheap factory farmed meat.  Probably
                          orders of magnitudes less.  It's the air freight
                          veggies that are a disgusting waste of fossil fuels.
                       \_ Uh, you're the one setting up the straw man.
                          Did anyone defend importing veggies from all
                          over the world?  -tom
                          \_ You're just pulling my leg now, right?  Did you
                             even read the Op or the article or anything or
                             just came around looking for another motd ring
                             around the rosie rhetorical dance?  Whatever.
                             Have the last word to say whatever.  I'm not going
                             to waste more time or precious bits on this.
                             \_ The article talks about saving by focusing on
                                seasonal/local produce.  You are the only
                                person to have brought up importation.  Your
                                troll fu sucks. --scotsman
                                \_ Actually his troll fu is mighty, since he
                                   started a huge flamewar over nothing but
                                   his inability to read and comprehend
2007/7/31-8/3 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:47480 Activity:nil
7/31    After 911, the government gains surveilance power to eavesdrop.
        What are some things they actively monitor on these days?
        USPS mail? Email? Do they have complete access to YahooMail/Gmail?
        What about my history of library checkouts? Are credit card
        companies cooperating fully to expose our spending patterns?
        \_ They can subpoena your email provider
        What about my history of library checkouts?
        \_ They may request these
        Are credit card
        companies cooperating fully to expose our spending patterns?
        \_ It is all classified because in a Democracy, your government
           has full authority to keep track of what you are doing and you
           have no right to know what they are doing with your tax dollars.
           \_ We're actually a democratic republic but ok.
              \_ Hi, Mr. Pedantic?  It's your country calling.  They'd like
                 you to wake up now.  Ok thx.
                 \_ It isn't pedantic.  It is an important difference, but ok
                    if you want to keep thinking that.
2007/7/31 [Uncategorized] UID:47481 Activity:nil 80%like:47483
7/31    wow.
2007/7/31 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:47482 Activity:nil
7/27    I just wrote a perl script to delete your puppy bullshit
2007/7/31-8/3 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:47483 Activity:nil 80%like:47481
7/31    wow. NSFW
        \_ oops. sorry.  NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
           \_ heh, I "lynx -dump"ed it to find that out
2007/7/31-8/3 [Reference/BayArea] UID:47484 Activity:nil
7/31    where can i get a khafiyah in San Francisco?
        \_ kafiyah?
           \_ Find.  Kafiyah.  Where?
              \_ % find /sf -name Kafiyah
2007/7/31-8/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47485 Activity:high
7/31    Lust trumps love when it comes to having sex
        \_ I knew this all along. Girls just want to have fun.
           \_ The motd taught me that women don't want to have sex.  I'm soooo
              confused now.  Oh please help me Motd Girl Gods!
              \_ By the way, this is the reason that they have sex but it
                 doesn't say anything about frequency or enjoyment of the act.
              \_ They just don't want sex with me.
              \_ They say they want to have sex. They may even act like it
                 if it helps them land a man. However, they do not
              \_ They say they want to have sex. They may even act like they
                 like it if it helps them land a man. However, they do not
                 actually like it and would be just happy if they never
                 had sex again. Witness how lesbians progress in
                 1. Date
                 2. Move in together
                 3. Get a dog
                 4. Have sex
                 \_ in addition to being unable to get laid, you apparently
                    have never met an actual lesbian either.
                    \_ I'm sure you're an expert on lesbians and also
                       think that the actions of actors on "Sex in the City"
                       are representative of reality. Women like sex so
                       much that some even fake the Big O to get it over with.
                       Yes, I'm sure they can't wait for more. Give them
                       a Black Amex card and never touch them again and
                       they'll be happy as shit. You know which women love
                       sex? Psychos, traumatized women, and fat chicks.
                       I'm sure most of your experience is in the latter
                       category. Not that they like the act itself either,
                       but it's a big ego boost for them that someone is
                       actually interested in them.
                       \_ project your issues much?
                          \_ Fucked a lot of fat chicks, huh?
                       \_ Hey BDG is that you? I have probably dated more
                          women than you and in any case I have dated many.
                          And I can say that while there is a whiff of truth in
                          what you say, I have known many women who enjoyed
                          sex who were good looking, not crazy and not
                          traumatized. I even married one. I am sorry that your
                          experience has been otherwise.
                          \_ The key is that women who like sex and aren't
                             a big bundle of issues are way out of BDG's
                             league.  Women can smell that kind of misogyny
                             from a mile off, and the ones with their heads
                             screwed on straight know to stay the fuck away
                             from that kind of crap.  The sane like to fuck
                             the sane.  Crazy that.  (Note, this also is the
                             reason stupid frat guys think the crazy ones are
                             the best in bed.)
                             \_ So in a nutshell what you are saying is
                                that it's hard to date the 2% of sane
                                women who enjoy sex. I would agree with
                                that. It would be a lot easier if, say,
                                90% of sane women enjoyed sex.
                                \_ No I'm saying that by being a creep you've
                                   limited youtself to the bottom 10%, but if
                                   it makes you feel better you can pretend
                                   that that is a larger chunk of the female
                                   \_ Bottom 10%. Haha! What a laugh! You
                                      base this on what exactly?
                                         \_ It's not just me. Look at how
                                            many married men are unhappy with
                                            their sex lives. Look at how
                                            many women say they aren't
                                            really into sex. I've heard
                                            two ex-wives (neither mine)
                                            say "I don't care if I ever
                                            have sex again" and also
                                            heard women say that their
                                            husbands wanted sex too often.
                                            Face it: sex isn't a big deal
                                            husbands want sex too often.
                                            Face it: Sex isn't a big deal
                                            to most women like it is to
                                            men. Reason: It's not that
                                            interesting to them.
                                            \_ Married men tend to be happier
                                               with their sex lives than single
                                               men. No one is arguing that women
                                               want to have sex as often as men
                                               do, we just object to your
                                               characterization of every woman
                                               who enjoys sex as psycho. I
                                               would like to have sex with my
                                               wife every day, but she does not
                                               want to have it that often. That
                                               does not mean she is frigid or
                                               that I am unhappy.
                                               "Eighty-three percent of men
                                                enjoy sex "a great deal"; that
                                                falls to 59 percent of women. "
                                               I don't think anyone would
                                               dispute that men tend to have
                                               higher sex drives than women.
                                               I wish I could have sex every
                                               night with my wife, but she does
                                               not want it that often. That does
                                               not make her frigid or mean that
                                               I am unhappy with my sex life.
                                               \_ No. It just means she doesn't
                                                  like sex that much. 31%
                                                  of women report they aren't
                                                  into sex from your own
                                                  survey. You then say
                                                  your wife doesn't want
                                                  it often. End result:
                                                  Women don't enjoy sex
                                                  that much. I will claim
                                                  (with only anecdotal
                                                  data) that the 31% number is
                                                  actually twice that or
                                                  more. 31% were being honest.
                                                  It also includes newlyweds.
                                                  Check out that ~50% of
                                                  people over 30 are
                                                  dissatisfied with their
                                                  sex lives for a dose of
                                                  reality - and that's
                                                  just those willing to be
                                                  honest about it.
                                                  \_ At least you are changing
                                                     your tune from "no women
                                                     enjoy sex" to "2%" to
                                                     at least 1/3. Everything
                                                     isn't black or white, like
                                                     in a computer program.
                                                     \_ If you put a gun to my
                                                        head and asked me
                                                        if women ejoy sex my
                                                        if women enjoy sex my
                                                        answer would be no.
                                                        There is some contingent
                                                        of women (e.g. porn
                                                        stars) who seem to enjoy
                                                        it, but my argument is
                                                        that they  are effed up
                                                        in some way.
                                                        \_ porn stars appear to
                                                           be among the women
                                                           who least enjoy
                                                           \_ Based on their
                                                              proclivity for
                                                              fucking all the
                                                              time? I wonder
                                                              what they'd be
                                                              like if they
                                                              actually enjoyed
                                      \_ While either 90% of my relationships
                                         have been with this magic 2% that
                                         actually has a spine and enjoys
                                         sex or your numbers are off.  I know
                                         full well I'm not enough of a super
                                         hottie to be consistantly getting
                                         the best of the best, so I'm going
                                         to go with the problem being you.
                                         \_ How would you know if they actually
                                            enjoyed sex?? -!bdg
                                            \_ Not only that, but how long
                                               were the relationships?
                                               Every women will claim to
                                               Every woman will claim to
                                               love sex for the first year
                                               or two. That doesn't mean
                                               they do. Look at how common
                                               "inhibited sexual desire"
                                               is for women.
                                               is for women. After that
                                               euphoric "honeymoon phase"
                                               in a new relationship where
                                               she sucks you off every day
                                               the sex dwindles to where
                                               women prefer it to be: minimal.
                                               That's why guys divorce
                                               even superhotties in favor
                                               of fresh meat. Women don't
                                               put out if they don't feel
                                               they have to. Men will
                                               screw a knothole in a tree.
                                               Why? They like sex!
                          \_ When you first meet women they will of course
                             pretend to enjoy sex.
                             \_ right, and they also lie about it to people
                                conducting surveys!
                                \_ Because no one ever lies on surveys.
                                   Hell, some lie about it to themselves.
                                   \_ I'll take the survey results over the
                                      assertions of a misogynistic MOTD
                                      idiot, thanks.  -tom
                                      \_ I don't think it's misogynistic
                                         to say that women don't enjoy
                                         sex. How does that put women
                                         down? It's just how things are.
                                         If women were biologically wired to
                                         enjoy sex then they would have more
                                         children than they could care
                                         for. Women *are* wired to please
                                         their mates so that they stick
                                         around, but that's not the same
                                         as enjoying sex for the sake of
                                         the act. The women who enjoy sex
                                         for the sake of it are either
                                         young and inexperienced or messed
                                         up in some way. It sounds misogynistic
                                         to say that until you realize
                                         it's biological.
                                         \_ maybe you're not misogynistic,
                                            maybe you're just an idiot.  -tom
                                            \_ Or maybe I'm right.
                                               \_ I think that has been
                                                  thoroughly eliminated as a
                                                  possibility.  -tom
                                                  \_ Yes, because you
                                                     believe what your wife
                                                     tells you. BTW, is
                                                     she fat? Just wondering.
        \_ go read
  (, PDF)
2007/7/31-8/3 [Health/Women] UID:47486 Activity:nil
7/31    World's most beautiful paintings of women around the world:
        \_ All of the beautiful women in history have been white??
           \_ Well, DUH! It's implied throughout my Art History 27 class.
2007/7/31-8/3 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:47487 Activity:nil
7/31    What's the deal with chicks and flipflops? It is barely okay to
        wear flipflops to the mall. Flipflops to work is lame and
        flipflops paired with an otherwise nice outfit is even more lame.
        Can women not afford shoes or sandals anymore? Plus, they are
        so bad for your feet! I have been watching out for flipflops
        lately (no I do not have a foot fetish) and the problem is
        reaching epic proportions!
        \_ Sir!  We have a flipflop gap!
        \_ Just move to The City. It is too cold for flipflops here.
        \_ "Future President John Kerry!"
2007/7/31-8/3 [Uncategorized] UID:47488 Activity:nil
7/31    01-18-08 Monster is Cthulhu?
        "Bloop" sounds are used .. utube Cthulhu meditation (FmhfA9578Fg)
        at 0:13-0:20 this sound is used for 01-18-08 monster
        at either 1:14-1:26 or at 4:26-4:35 this sound is used when the
        monster throws the head of the statue of liberty
        if not. .it's a nice rip off for his monster
2007/7/31 [Finance/Investment] UID:47489 Activity:nil
        Why does today's Taiwan stock market index look like this?  I thought
        exchanges only halted trading on significant dips, but it looks like
        they stopped trading from 10:15am - 12:45pm when it was trending up.
2018/11/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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