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2007/7/30-8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:47465 Activity:nil
7/30    ingmar bergman died (
        \_ In a bizarre twist, Death turns out to actually be really good at
           \- in a bizarre twist, Antonioni -> dead.
2007/7/30-8/2 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47466 Activity:nil
7/30    Pet liposuction? Cosmetic testicle surgery? Root canal?
        Plastic surgery? $1200 collar&leash? Pet parties?
        Proof: pet lovers are STUPID.
        \_ And in Japan, they're robots.
        \_ Hi pet troll.  Liposuction means they have misfed their pet and
           are taking a stupid way out.  Cosmetics for pets are stupid, I
           agree.  A root canal is not stupid if your pet needs dental work.
           Having a broken tooth or exposed nerves can be incredibly painful
           for a pet, just like a human and you're a bastard if you let your
           pet suffer for no reason.  Expensive collar&leash: got it? flaunt
           it.  *I* don't have it but lots of people with more money spend it
           on lots of things I wouldn't.  Maybe I would if I had that kind of
           money.  shrug.  Pet parties: we call this socialization.  Having
           your pet interact with other pets in a controlled environment is
           generally a good thing if you have a social creature like a dog.
           I hope I didn't ruin your troll by partially agreeing with you
           and rationally explaining the rest, sorry.
           \_ Root canal < put the animal away
              Unsocialized animal < put the animal away
              Pet insurance < put the animal away
              Lots of people are dying of famine and diseases and it's
              ridiculous seeing yuppies paying $$$ to save their dying
              *ANIMAL*. Just put the damn thing away.
              \_ Sorry, friend, but that dog don't hunt. (hah! I'm so funny).
                 Troll harder next time.  Really, it was a good effort but
                 way too obvious and hammer to the head.  If your final bit
                 was about how farm dogs are treated instead of yuppy dogs
                 you might have been able to pull it off, but the pseudo I'm-so
                 -concerned-about-my-fellow-humans thing falls flat on the
                 floor, nose first.  Your troll has been rated: C+
2007/7/30-8/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47467 Activity:nil
7/30    Love Hello Kitty? Love real kitties? Here ya go         !oj
2007/7/30-8/2 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea] UID:47468 Activity:nil
        Fattest states: The South.
        \_ Hmmm, let's see.  Diet high in fats.  Highest obesity rates....
           Eureka!  You've discovered the secret!  Wowerz!
           \_ Does the cheese explain Wisonsin?  Or was that Michigan?
           \_ I bet the heat also plays a part. It's too hot to want to
              be active outside. People just drive around everywhere with
              the AC on. White people are suited to live in shady forests,
              not sweltering suburbs.
2007/7/30-8/3 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:47469 Activity:moderate
        A War We Just Might Win
        Never expected that title on the nytimes op-ed page.
        \_ Are you high?  The NyTimes has been shilling for this clusterfuck
           since before it started (c.f. Judith Miller onwards).  See
           Glenn Greenwald for a good response to this shite:
           \_ The constant leaking of secret memos underminig the war is what
              has led me to that opinion, not anything that might make me high.
              \_ What's different here is that Kenneth M. Pollack is not
                 usually a hawk or a fan of current policy in Iraq. Cf. his
                 article on Securing the Gulf in Foreign Affairs magazine.
                 (Easily Googleable.) That said, this op-ed remains at odds
                 with most of what you read from my man, Juan Cole. -!pp
              \_ One of the main responsibilities of The Press in a
                 democracy is to keep the people informed about what their
                 government is doing, Bush Administration claims to be able
                 to classify everything under the sun notwithstanding.
                 \_ It is one thing to say we have secret prisons, it is
                    another to announce which countries they're in causing
                    diplomatic problems and yet another to print the tail
                    numbers of the planes which puts lives at risk for no
                    reason.  There are degrees to things.  Mindlessly printing
                    everything just because you can is irresponsible.  The
                    story can get out without details that can get people
                    \_ Announcing which countries they were in was precisely
                       the correct thing to do. The govt. that sanctioned the
                       prisons was not about to abandon the project or admit
                       wrongdoing; political pressure from other govts. is a
                       a fine and measured response. Printing the tail
                       numbers of the planes bespeaks a greater problem than
                       merely negligence of journalistic integrity: it says we
                       do not have people in the intel business who know how
                       to carry out illicit operations. I don't know about you,
                       but that level of incompetence scares the hell out of
                       me. Best not to be conducting black ops in foreign
                       countries, I suppose, but at least have the decency not
                       to get caught.
                       \_ So you think all the journalists who were aware of
                          various activities over the last umtpeen decades
                          should have published everything they discovered just
                          as a 'lesson' to our intel agencies?  Wacky.
                          \_ You are responding to someone different than the
                             pp, btw. I personally think everything except the
                             tail numbers was fine, because when first
                             confronted with the accusations, the WH response
                             was to deny and stonewall, remember? Publishing
                             the countries added veracity to the charges.
                             Putting CIA agents life at risk was stepping
                             over the line, imho, but not illegal.
                             over the line, imho, but not illegal. Good job
                             changing the topic from the NYTs constant pre-war
                             cheerleading to the Freeper talking points though,
                             I congratulate you on your verbal judo.
                         \_ WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!  DUBYA EMM DEEEES!!!!
                             \_ I'm ok with publishing about foreign prisons.
                                I'm not entirely ok with naming foreign
                                countries as that can create a bigger mess
                                than the prisons themselves and I don't think
                                the media has the brains required to figure
                                out when publishing can do more damage than
                                the thing they're reporting on.  I'm entirely
                                not ok with tail numbers.  There is absolutely
                                no reason for that.  It isn't news.  I didn't
                                comment either way on whether it is legal or
                                not.  I think it is stupid whether or not it
                                is legal and it is not newsworthy or fit to
                                print, as they say.  BTW, I came into this
                                a few posts after we left the NYT pre-war
                                reporting behind so I can't take credit for
                                the direction of the thread to where we are
                                \_ The government should have admitted what
                                   they were doing.  When the government
                                   denies denies denies you have to step up
                                   the level of proof.  If the people in charge
                                   had actually stepped up and said, yes, we
                                   are doing this, then you wouldn't have seen
                                   as much details in the papers.
                                   \_ So anything a reporter finds out and
                                      publishes, the government should just
                                      go ahead and spill the whole story even
                                      if it puts American and allied lives
                                      at risk.  Whatever.
                                      \_ Setting aside the plane numbers,
                                         explain to me how exposing the illegal
                                         kidnapping program put American and
                                         allied lives at risk.
                                      \_ In general, the government is
                                         accountable to The People, yes. I know
                                         for some reason the GOP has lost sight
                                         of this fundamental principle, but I
                                         still hold out hope that the "small
                                         government" types will regain control
                                         of their party.
                                         \_ Uh, no. The whole point of
                                            the R party is to preach
                                            COMMUNITY and SELF RELIANCE.
                                            Localized interest for
                                            greater good. You liburals
                                            just don't get it.
                                            \_ No, the R party is based on
                                               large national debts.
                                \_ I would say we are 95%+ in agreement.
        \_ Compare Pollock's parroting of the official line with statements
           from the general who is actually training the Iraqi troops:
2007/7/30-8/2 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:47470 Activity:nil
7/30    Berkeley Breahted on Thompson:
2007/7/30-8/2 [Uncategorized] UID:47471 Activity:nil
7/30    what is EDA?
        \_ Lots of things.  Here's a list:
2007/7/30-8/3 [Transportation/Car] UID:47472 Activity:nil
7/30    Wiimote used to measure car's performance:
2007/7/30-8/3 [Uncategorized] UID:47473 Activity:nil
7/30    I was watching news and this anchor person said
        Kim Jong The Second. HILIARIOUS!!!
        \_ That reminds me of that anchor person for some Tech TV thingy
           saying, "Three DFX" instead of "3D FX (effects)."
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