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7/27    New Batmobile in Lego: (
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7/27    TOS on HD-DVD:
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7/27    I'm on business in DC for a week. I had last been here 10 years
        ago. The whole area is teeming with women just like Silicon Valley
        was teeming with men and devoid of women. They aren't perhaps as
        fit as the women in Atlanta, but they are thin and attractive and
        there are so many of them! The ratio in Georgetown tonight of
        women to men was probably 5:1. So many women walking alone or in
        small groups. Amazing.
        \_ holy shit DC is a fucking humid shithole this time of year.
           have fun.
           \_ It hasn't been so bad overall. I was expecting the worst, but
              it hasn't been over about 88. Last time I was here was also
              in July and I was miserable. I understand they are having a
              drought, so maybe that's why it's not as humid and hot.
           \_ Maybe OP has an anal fatish and is looking for fucking humid
              shithole all along.
           \_ Maybe OP has an anal fatish.
        \_ And yet you still couldn't get laid.  I wonder why?
           \_ Probably because my girlfriend is with me. I am just trying
              to help out my CSUA brethren. If you're into Asian chicks
              I even saw lots of hot Japanese girls at the restaurant
              we ate at last night. If I was looking for a woman I would
              consider moving here (and then leaving later).
        \_ DC has been like that as far as I can remember. -- From DC
           \_ Maybe. This is only my second time here. I wonder why they
              aren't more careful given the high crime. I keep thinking
              about Chandra Levy. I also wonder where all the men are.
              I read on Wikipedia that there are 100 females for every
              86 males overall, but it seems more than that in the wealthier
              areas - especially when looking at populations of young whites.
              \_ White people have no reason to go to the dangerous parts
                 of DC. -- From DC
        \_ There's certainly something going on there. Maybe it's the number
           of interns, law students, wannabe polticos, and tourists, but yeah,
           DC has a large number of beautiful women. Mind you, it also has
           more than its fair share of crazy homeless people, so there are
           tradeoffs everywhere.
           \_ Yes, but it's like Berkeley in that way, but with lots of pretty
              white women.
           \_ In my experience, it's young women with political / activist
              ambitions. The tourists are dressed differently. -- From DC
              or law ambitions. The tourists are dressed differently.
                -- From DC
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