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2007/7/26-31 [Uncategorized] UID:47426 Activity:nil
7/25    obesity is contagious... should we quarantine fat people?
        \_ Stupidity is contagious. Please wait in your room for the CDC
           to arrive.
        \_ I like this girl's fat
        \_ Wait a week.  Someone will find a negative correlation to reverse
           this result.
        \_ What my friends eat has no bearing on what I choose to eat.
           People should stop acting like lemmings
        \_ concentration camps.. er.. Fat Camps
2007/7/26 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:47427 Activity:high
7/26    Tom McClintock's floor speech about the ridiculous state budget
        "And while on the subject of 'irrational exuberance,' the budget
        also depends on a brisk comeback in the real estate market next year,
        defying every economist that I'm aware of - not to mention our own
        Legislative Analyst."
        \_ Sigh.  The dems have really been in power too long in CA.
        \_ Isn't this the same guy who is pushing for more tax cuts?
           \_ Sort of.  He tends to push "cut expenses, then cut taxes."
              Usually at least no new taxes.  He believes CA spending is
              out of control, and maybe restraining income will help restrain
           \_ Consider the budget is $27B more than when Davis was recalled,
              and we're taking in considerably more in taxes.  Spending and tax
              cuts make sense in that kind of environment.
              \_ Are taxes as a percentage of GDP generally going down or up?
                 I was under the impression that they went down from 1999-2004
                 and are going up slightly now, but I have incomplete data.
                 I am only talking about California state taxes here.
                 \_ I'm only talking about the CA budget.
2007/7/26 [Finance/Investment] UID:47428 Activity:nil
7/26    help, the stock market is falling, and it can't get up!
        \_ is it not at near historic highs?
2007/7/26-29 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:47429 Activity:nil
7/26    zonealarm bites  bigtime.. BSODs..  can't upgrade to latest
        software even though i have 365 days to do it.. only has
        renew button . pathetic software programmers
2007/7/26-8/1 [Health, Health/Eyes] UID:47430 Activity:nil
7/26    ilyas, in your conversation with tom below, you mention a study you
        have linked to twice, but I can't find your links.  Could you repost
        it? -jrleek
        \_ stfw         -ilyas
           (Don't sign my name, dickwad.) -- ilyas
2007/7/26-8/1 [Industry/Jobs] UID:47431 Activity:moderate
7/26    [ Restored ]
        Don't know if it's the weather or what, but I am just damn tired.
        Anyone else out there in a funk, or should I get screened for Lyme
        \_ I feel run-down too, but I live in NM.
        \_ I definitely do.
        \_ Yeah, I've been tired the past couple of weeks also. I figured it
           was because of the humidity.
        \_ you should get a dog!
        \_ I am damn tired too, but that is b/c I just finished the last
           day of the bar exam.
           \_ Congrats! How'd that go?
              \_ Well, I survived. Hopefully I passed, but I won't
                 know until Nov 17.
                 \_ Please let us know how this goes, as well as whether you
                    feel it was worth going through law school, etc. I keep
                    being told that engineers do well in law school. Tempted
                    to go down that road myself....
                    \_ I really enjoyed LS despite the difficulty. For
                       me, it was a great career move, esp. considering
                       the *huge* salary jump and increased job security.
                       Some engineers and scientists do do well in LS,
                       but I can't say that every engineer or scientist
                       does well. Some people have a hard time adjusting
                       to the "socratic" method and the reality that your
                       grade in the class is based on a single final exam.
                       \_ Is it really that huge a salary jump? Mid-career
                          programmers make $100k, except for the very few
                          partners in big firms, don't mid-career lawyers
                          make a similar amount?
                          programmers make $100-120k, except for the very few
                          partners in big firms, don't starting lawyers
                          make less than that?
                          make about that?
                          \_ The starting salary for a 1st year is
                             between $135K-$160K plus bonus at many
                             large firms. Partners at most firms
                             make crazy money.
                             \_ says you're about $40k too high
                                with your estimate for SF.
                                \_ I don't know what says, but
                                   I do know what I and my classmates are
                                   making in the south bay.
                                \_ Perhaps is incorrect b/c
                                   most of my classmates got offers in
                                   that range (and I didn't even go to
                                   a very good LS).
                                   \_ has always come in low in
                                      my experience.
                                      \_ In my experience it has been
                                         accurate and I have known the salary
                                         of the two dozen or so people I have
                                         managed throughout my career.
                                         \_ That sounds circular.  "
                                            is accurate so I pay at
                                            \_ Only perhaps because you think
                                               that managers are the primary
                                               determinator of their direct
                                               reports salaries. I never got
                                               to build a team from scratch,
                                               so I always inherited a bunch
                                               of people with salary already
                                               in place. Sometimes I was able
                                               to use to justify
                                               getting HR to do a market
                                               analysis, but that was always to
                                               move salaries up, not down.
                                               \_ Where were you that the mgr
                                                  had no/little say?  Also,
                                                  when you had a new hire did
                                                  you determine their offer or
                                                  did HR?  If it was you did
                                                  you use
                             \_ There are probably more Google millionaires
                                than "partners" in the Bay Area. Your chance
                                of actually making partner are quite small and
                                you will bust your ass trying to make it.
                                \_ I agree that there are probably many
                                   more google millionaires in the the
                                   bay area than partners and that I
                                   will probably never make partner.
                                   But, for me even the 1st year salary
                                   is far more than I could hope to make
                                   using my mediocre programming skills.
                                   I didn't go to LS to get rich, I just
                                   more google millionaires in the bay
                                   area than partners and that I will
                                   probably never make partner. But, for
                                   me even the 1st year salary is far
                                   more than I could hope to make using
                                   my mediocre programming skills. I
                                   didn't go to LS to get rich, I just
                                   wanted to buy some job security and
                                   get a moderate salary increase.
                                   \_ You probably did the right thing then,
                                      especially if you end up enjoying your
                                      new job better.
                                      \_ That's the key. He might make
                                         a little more money (and after
                                         factoring in law school costs
                                         and lost wages for 3 years it
                                         might be the same) but he has to
                                         enjoy law. A lot of lawyers find
                                         it boring, but it pays too well
                                         to quit - just like a lot of s/w
                                         engineers. However, I have read
                                         surveys which show lawyers to be
                                         among the careers most dissatisfied
                                         with their jobs. By the way,
                                         there is no way any 1st year
                                         lawyers from anywhere except
                                         Harvard are making $135-160K.
                                         Your classmates are lying to you.
                                         Lawyers? Lie? Naw!
             You are right re the cost of LS. It is not _/
             cheap and may not work out economically for
             everyone. LS worked out fairly well for me
             b/c I worked part-time and got a scholarship.
             (The firm salary during 2d year summer was
             quite nice as well).
             I suppose that if you are making $100K+ as a
             coder and have decent job security, there is
             really no reason to switch. Like I said, I
             was a mediocre coder and was not making the
             big bucks like people at google, &c., so LS
             made sense for me.
             Re 1st year salaries, here are some numbers
             for the bay area:
             Palo Alto:
             (both links from
             Also, I was offered in the range I mentioned,
             and I have no reason to think that others in
             my class were not offered the same. Finally,
             I went to fairly low ranked LS, not Harvard
             or the like.
        \_ Nope, not tired, though I am starting to feel like I need
           a vacation.
2007/7/26-31 [Consumer/Audio] UID:47432 Activity:nil
7/26    If I have a quality stereo system that's iPod compatible,
        is there going to be a difference in sound quality between playing
        music from the iPod using some lossless format versus the CD?
        \_ The CD player will most likely have different sound quality.
           Whether that's better, worse, or detectable by you depends on
           it and you. (DACs).
2007/7/26-29 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:47433 Activity:nil
7/26    Ten real-life superheroes!  More-or-less literally.
        \_ #10: Foxfire (Michigan)
           Foxfire is a 25-year-old woman who patrols the highways of
           information.  She is dedicated to helping those in need, preserving
           computer resources, and, most importantly, "rescuing anyone who are
           unfortunate users of Internet Explorer ......"
2007/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:47434 Activity:nil
7/26    HARD BOILED out in a nice DVD format.  get it.
2007/7/26 [Consumer/Audio] UID:47435 Activity:nil
7/26    how hard is it to adopt my car stereo to use my ipod/mp3 player?
2007/7/26 [Uncategorized] UID:47436 Activity:nil 66%like:47451
7/26    dear motd dog guy, i hate you
        \_ seconded
2007/7/26-8/1 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47437 Activity:nil
7/27    Why is this getting deleted? I need help with my giant puppies.
        Please.  Look at them.
        It's been said that my puppies  should get LOTS of socialization
        from birth to 3 months. However, it's also
        been said that they should not play
        with other dogs until they've gotten their 4th shot at around 12 wks,
        or 4 months. How can I socialize the pup safely if it hasn't had all
        the shots before the 4th month?
        \_ Your not a "parent" unless you fucked the bitch yourself.
        \_ Aren't you supposed to socialize your dog with people?
        \_ Marinate. Cut into fillets. Barbeque over medium heat for 3 hours.
        \_ Take your dog to puppy training.  Usually after the 2nd shot your
           pup should be safe enough for that but ask the training place.  I
           liked Sirius for the all-treat positive-only training method.  If
           you live in SF, Berkley, Oakland, or there abouts do not not not
           not not let your pup out on public streets or meeting other dogs
           you don't know from those areas.  The rate of $disease_name_I_cant_
           remember_but_kills_pups_easily is very very high in those areas and
           simply walking through an area an infected dog has been is enough
           to catch it.
2007/7/26-27 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:47438 Activity:kinda low
7/26    Regarding the contradiction between Mueller and Gonzales.  The Bush
        admin's story is that there were two surveillance programs:  the
        #1 Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP) and #2 an unnamed one.  Comey
        was going to resign over #2.  Mueller said Gonzales came to see
        Ashcroft for #2.  Gonzo said it was #2.  Dems think Gonzo said #1
        and Mueller said #2.  No one could talk about #2 clearly because
        of national security.  See?!  Perjury trap!!!11
        \_ Someone should get Gonzalez a lawyer, and maybe someone who
           can tell him to stop sounding like a fucking idiot.  What
           do they call those people?
           \_ The Bush admin's story is he's only being obtuse to avoid
              disseminating classified information that revealing could only
              INCREASE the potential of mushroom clouds over major U.S. cities.
              disseminating classified information that revealing could
              only INCREASE the potential of mushroom clouds over major
              U.S. cities.
2007/7/26-29 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:47439 Activity:nil
7/26    Clean butts while you fly:
        \_ How do they afford the extra space and weight to carry enough water
           for the bidets?
        \_ "ANA executives said they have persuaded Boeing to install an
           automatic window-washing system for the 787 cockpit windows."  The
           Commercial airplane industry is finally catching up with the
           automobile industry.
2007/7/26-27 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:47440 Activity:nil
7/26    at least it wasn't black people this time
2007/7/26-29 [Uncategorized] UID:47441 Activity:nil
7/26    Hey, RvW-Legislating-from-the-bench person: Sorry, wasn't trolling.
        What specifically about RvW trips the legislating flag?
        \_ Don't bother, he's just nuke the thread again.
           \_ bite me.  I not only didn't nuke the thread but I was annoyed
              that someone else did before I saw any replies.  jerk.
        \_ busy right now but I'll get back to this later today hopefully.
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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