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2007/7/20-22 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:47350 Activity:nil
7/20    Does anyone here know anything about the quality of the
        software product/programming team at a company called
        Permabit ( Are the brilliant hackers,
        goobers, or somewhere in between?  Thanks.
2007/7/20 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:47351 Activity:nil
7/19    Hitler Hitler Hitler!
2007/7/20-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47352 Activity:high
7/20    I've concluded that both cats and dogs are stupid and are not
        worthy of my companionship. Is there a place to buy pet monkeys?
        I'd appreciate any info on monkey breeders. I only want to buy
        from ethical breeders and not evil monkey mills. Thanks!
           \_ Thanks for injecting a rare dose of reality into the motd.
        \_ Why not just have a child?
           \_ The condomless (aka it feels so much better without) guy
              is probably working on it right now.
              \_ Given I know someone who had a kid despite using both pills
                 and condoms, I see cheer the condomless guy's desire to
                 enjoy sex (assuming she's on the pill.)
                       - guy forced to wear a condom
                 \_ Asian women in general don't like taking pills, and
                    are not as active or motivated by sex as Caucasians
                    Are you by any chance dating an Asian?
                    \_ This implies that any women that haven't been
                       molested or are into drugs (or both, like strippers)
                       are actually sexually active and/or motivated by sex.
                       Women like sex for one reason: to have kids.
                       \_ Plenty of women are motivated by sex.  Just not
                          sex with *you*.  -tom
                          \_ I disagree vehemently. Sex is a tool for
                             women. Reason being: They can get laid
                             whenever they want. Where's the excitement in
                             that? It's about as exciting for them as jerking
                             off is for men: fun when you're 13 but not so
                             fun at 38.
                             \_ I'm with tom on this one.  It isn't about that
                                they can get laid (but with *who* is an import-
                                ant question), but that actually having sex is
                                good if the sex is good.  Maybe you need one
                                of those 'sexual pleasure for dummies' books?
                                Are you related to BDG?
                                \_ BDG is a very wise man. Let me tell
                                   you, I'm a *guy* and I find sex boring
                                   these days. It was really fun at 18.
                                   Now, eh. Like roleplaying games and
                                   illicit drugs, its time has past.
                                   \_ I think they have pills for that now.
                                   \_ Find a new lover and get a book on better
                                      sex.  BTW, there's more to sex than
                                      missionary + 30 seconds (you @18).
                                   \_ If you find sex boring, that explains
                                      why women don't want to have sex
                                      with you.  -tom
                                      \_ "Women don't want to have sex
                                         with you" is your own proposition.
                                         with you" is your own assertion.
                                         I never said that. I said women
                                         aren't into sex except for
                                         procreation beyond the
                                         experimentation stage unless they
                                         are addicts or psycho. They might
                                         have sex. They might pretend to like
                                         it. They don't, except perhaps if it
                                         makes their man happy. I know
                                         this because I've heard a lot of
                                         women say it and they weren't talking
                                         about me when they said it. Tom,
                                         as a guy, wouldn't know anything
                                         other than what his doting wife
                                         told him to his face.
                                         \_ actually it was yer mom.  -tom
                                         \_ Which explains why so many married
                                            women cheat?  Because they hate
                                            sex and do it for their man?  Ok.
                 \_ Seriously, if someone had a kid while using pills and
                    a condom I'd suspect intentional sabatoge.
                    \_ I was gonna post this too. You can't really know that
                       she was really on the pill. And... what if it's not his
                       kid? Haha.
                       \_ Those of you with kids have 6 months to get you and
                          the kid tested and contest your fatherhood before
                          you're stuck forever raising some red headed kid.
                          The going rate for accidental discovery of
                          mismatched blood types (usually discovered many
                          years later for medical procedures) is about 10%.
                          Contested rates are about 1/3rd.  So, if there are
                          10 motd parents out there the odds are really good
                          at least one of you is raising some other guy's kid.
                          \_ uh, that's not what those stats mean.
                             \_ It's exactly what they mean.
                 \_ You're not forced to wear a condom.  You chose your mate.
                 \_ My wife doesn't want to go on the pill either. So now
                    we just have anal all the time.
2007/7/20 [Uncategorized] UID:47353 Activity:high
7/20    hey dittoheads:  you are losing.  And still wrong.
        \_ I kind of doubt any motd posters are regular Limbaugh listeners,
           though I suppose a few of the more psycho pro-War Freeper types
           could be lurking.
2007/7/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:47354 Activity:nil
7/20    I think this ends with a 12 minute shot of the guy
        \_ Dear god that man is annoying.
2007/7/20-22 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:47355 Activity:nil
7/20  I was handed a templeted code that builds with gcc3.3.3 but not 3.4.4.
      I'm not all that hot with templetes, so I'm having trouble figuring
      out what's wrong.  The error I get is:
        TxBoundedFunctor.cpp:29: error: `template<class RetType, class ArgType>
           class TxFunctorBase' used without template parameters
      where TxBoundedFunctor extends TXFunctor extents TxFunctorBase. Like so:
        // Constructor specifying the pointer to a functor and the dimension.
        template <class RetType, class VecType>
        TxBoundedFunctor<RetType, VecType>::
        TxBoundedFunctor(size_t dim) :
          TxFunctor<RetType, VecType>(dim), TxBounds<VecType>(dim) {
            TxFunctorBase::className += ":TxBoundedFunctor"; }

         Any idea why it won't build with 3.4.4, but will in 3.3.3?
         \_ First, it's "template" not "templete".
            Second, can you post the code to a public file so we don't have to
            parse it from the motd and guess what comes before it?
         \_ Note: this is called a 'pastebin'
            Third, you're never able to get away with dropping template arguments,
            and it's most likely that GCC dropped a nonconforming extension.
            Checking the release notes for 3.4:
            G++ is now much closer to full conformance to the ISO/ANSI C++
            standard. This means, among other things, that a lot of invalid
            constructs which used to be accepted in previous versions will now be
            rejected. It is very likely that existing C++ code will need to be
            fixed. This document lists some of the most common issues.

            Here it is:
            In a template definition, unqualified names will no longer find
         members of a dependent base (as specified by [temp.dep]/3 in the C++
            members of a dependent base (as specified by [temp.dep]/3 in the
            C++ standard).
            \_ That appears to be it, thanks.  Prefixing with this-> works.
2007/7/20-21 [Recreation/Media] UID:47356 Activity:low 50%like:47320
7/20    Rejected Harry Potter Endings:
        \_ Can I get the 30 seconds of my life back that it took me to
           paste this worthless link into a browser and read it? ok tnx.
           \_ What inspired you to read it anyway?
2007/7/20-22 [Uncategorized] UID:47357 Activity:nil
7/20    Visit Dante's Inferno In 2d Life:
2007/7/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:47358 Activity:nil
7/20    4.2 Quake just north of 13 @ 0440. Woke me right up. --erikred
2007/7/20 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:47359 Activity:nil
        RETARDED:  Hitler Hitler Hitler!
2007/7/20-26 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:47360 Activity:kinda low
7/20    Anyone here ever work with a Japanese organization? I find it very
        frustrating! At least with the firm we deal with, although I am
        sure they are very bright based on their achievements, they are
        constantly making small mistakes. Their first course of action is
        always to blame us first! Not once has the error ever been on our
        side once tracked down and yet they always blame us first! And we
        can't tell them that because it would be disrespectful to do so.
        In fact, we have to tell our senior managers to tell their senior
        managers because direct assignment of blame (i.e. your guys
        screwed up) is a no-no, too.  I am frustrated with their way of
        doing business and I find it adversarial, which wouldn't be so bad
        if they weren't the ones always screwing things up and then trying
        to call us on it.
        \_ why give them respect if they don't desever it. let them
           commit sepaku
        \_ Make sure you learn the phrase "Gama Su!, Gama Su!"
           Seriously, this is a free market. You don't have to put up with
           bullshit like this. Switch to another provider/partner. That
           is the beauty of our efficient free market economy.
        \_ Leave messages around saying "You will be crushed by China"
        \_ Which Japanese comapny is that?
        \_ This almost seems like a troll to me, as it appears that the op
           has had to deal with only one firm.  But regardless: isn't this
           how every company/group is?  Playing the passing-the-blame game?
           \_ Not if it's clearly never our problem. If they spent time
              diagnosing it before quickly calling us right away they
              would find the problem themselves. That is, they always find
              the problem themselves, but not before calling us to blame
              us first. It's the cultural thing that bugs me. We can't
              say "Not our problem. Check out your end." because it is
              disrespectful, but they seem to have no problem telling us
              "Please check things out on your end." My management got
              mad at me because their management was upset that we told
              them that the problem was theirs. I was told "You are 100%
              correct, but you can't do that in Japan. You have to tell
              your senior, senior management (way far out of the loop) who
              will relay it to their senior management and then back down
              to people at your level." Is that true or is that a load of crap?
              If that's the way they do business it's a wonder they can
              accomplish anything. There's also a doublestandard, because
              their engineers have no problems telling us the problem must
              be ours even when it never is.
              \_ If they blame you directly, blame them directly. Who cares
                 about the consequences. Why is it you that has to adapt
                 to their customs and not the other way around?
              \_ I hope with the global economy we have, that this is not a
                 widespread case and this company/group is just trying to use
                 the "stupid Americans who don't understand our culture" as
                 an unfair leverage to themselves.  I only know one person
                 who works with a Japanese company on regular basis, and the
                 only complaint he has is how much he is forced to drink
                 whenever he has to have a meeting with them.  Of course,
                 he is Asian, so they may treat him differently.  It's also
                 possible that your manager or his/her manager IS a "stupid
                 American..." and blowing things out of proportion.  Also,
                 is this venture an equal partner venture, or is one company
                 benefitting more from the other?  I am not a Japanese, but
                 I wouldn't expect to have to worry about culture gap/respect
                 issue to come into play at engineer level.  Maybe the guy
                 you "offended" is sleeping with his company exec's daughter
                 or something.  But I still wouldn't blanket the statement
                 to cover the Japanese as a whole if you've only dealt with
                 this one firm.
                 \_ The Japanese are benefitting by this arrangement far
                    more than we are. Also, the reason I used a blanket
                    statement is that other people at work (my management)
                    who deal with the Japanese claim that it's endemic to
                    Japanese culture. I have no experience otherwise,
                    hence my question if anyone else has experience with
                    working with the Japanese.
        \_ If you think that is bad, get Sun, EMC and Veritas in one room
           together and get them to agree who is responsible for an
           \_ Or Oracle, Sun, and Veritas.
        \_ Just to be clear: this is not endemic to all Japanese companies,
           nor is it unique to Japanese companies. Unless this company is a
           make-or-break client, screw cultural sensitivity and call them on
           it. --erikred
2007/7/20 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47361 Activity:nil
7/20    Quick!  You're Dick Cheney and you get to be "preznint" for only a few
        hours while Bush has a colonoscopy.  What do you do?!
        \_ Kill a man on live tv and then claim executive privilege
        \_ Bush, Dick, Colin -- The White House Sex Trio.
2007/7/20-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47362 Activity:low
7/20    Is there a difference between a regular X rated movie vs. a
        XXX rated movie? Does XX exist? Does the number of X increase
        the level of eroticism?
<<<<<<< Other Changes Below
        \_ 'X' ratings are purely a construct of the adult entertainment
        \_ XX is BUSHCO's ass inspection.
        \_ None of them 'exist' officially.  Officially, there is no 'X'.
        \_ I was told this by a female friend: X is softcore, XXX actually
           shows the penetration and beyond. I forget what XX summarized to.
           But accoring to wikipedia, these ratings are not governed or
           accepted by an organization and the porn maker can put how many
           ever Xs they want.
>>>>>>> Your Changes Above
           \_ Given that R can show almost anything except penetration, how
              does your friend figure X is the same thing?  The letter doesn't
              mean anything.  There is no ratings board for porn so they just
              slap a few X's on everything.
           \_ What would a chick know about this?
              \_ A bit more than the motd poster.  Maybe you're hanging out
                 with the right/wrong chicks?
2007/7/20-26 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:47363 Activity:low
7/20    "Marine spared prison time in Iraqi death"
        Wow!  What justice is that?
        \_ Which part are you talking about?
           \_ The part that he doesn't even go to prison after a murder.
              \_ You skipped that part where they dropped the murder charge,
                 huh?  So it wasn't murder.  At least read your own links
                 before posting, please.
                 \_ you're begging the question
                    \_ Enlighten me.  The court decided he wasn't a murderer
                       so he didn't get the penalty for murder.  And?  Are you
                       one of the people who think Libby is a liar solely
                       based on the fact that he was convicted of it despite
                       all facts to the contrary?  Hope not, it would be so
                       disheartening to think there were hypocrites on the
                       motd. ;-)
                    \_ please describe your parameters
2007/7/20-21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47364 Activity:nil
7/20    Tell us about Chico jrleek! Is it safe from evil liburals and
        homeless people?
        \_ MOTD quiz!  Is this the most pathetic troll in the history of the
           Yes: .
           No, there's too much competition: .
2007/7/20-21 [Uncategorized] UID:47365 Activity:nil
7/20    tom, please stop deleting my posts. Asshole.
        \_ The only post I deleted today was the one from erikred, after
           he emailed me.  Asshole.  -tom
2007/7/20-21 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:47366 Activity:low
        Top gay names.
        \- This was stupid. Although they mention Rick, they did not
           mention Mark and (especially) Steve.
2007/7/20-23 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:47367 Activity:nil
7/20    How the great state of CA has been stealing from people for decades:
        \_ But, but, but, the CA state legislature are Democrats!
2021/10/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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