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2007/7/19-21 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:47336 Activity:kinda low
7/19    For NetTrek fans - MacTrek, a Native NetTrek implementation for
        OS X (its a UB as well):
        \_ Wow.  It's been a long time since I played (like over a decade).
           Does anyone here know the origin of the term "ogging" to be a
           massive suicide assault?
           \_ Yes.  Terence Chang (Exxon Valdez) started playing here at
              Berkeley, and then went to grad school at CMU and started
              a server there.  The CMU guys are all weenies, so he played
              much more aggressively than they did, and there was one
              particular game where the server was full, and Terence joined
              as an Orion in one of the extra slots (Og) and started
              dooshing people with armies.  One of the weenies, I forget
              which one (probably Rick) started messaging that Og kept
              coming after him, he was being Oggggggged.
              "Doosh" was a Berkeley term, coined by annoyed CS60C students
              to describe the noises made by Buen (Freeman) while he played
              netrek.   -tom
              \_ Were you actually there for that game tom?  As much as I
                 disagree with your politics, hearing nettrek games in the Web
                 or Evans 2nd floor are some of my fondest memories of 1991-2.
                 \_ I certainly heard Buen going "doosh doosh" a lot.  The
                    term kind of got coined in the GRIPES file, which was
                    a world-writable file in the c60c directory that
                    students could write stuff in.  After a bunch of
                    complaints, games were "banned" with a couple weeks to
                    go in the semester.
                    After the semester, a bunch of us (me, kube, oj spring
                    to mind) had a game where we started up DOOSH DOOSH
                    characters, and dooshed everyone in site, which is what
                    brought the term into the lexicon.  -tom
                    \_ Awesome.  I don't know if anything will match the
                       fun/frustration of playing nettrek on diskless Suns.
                       \_ Trying to write papers on those self-same machines
                          while roy and others were constantly renicing,
                          xroaching, or meltdowning your machine probably comes
                          close in the frustration category. --erikred
                       \_ It used to take 45 minutes to compile out big ass
                       \_ It used to take 45 minutes to compile our big ass
                          app on a single Sun machine.  Then we changed the
                          compile process to distribute the compiles across
                          both the web and the E260 machines, and it compiled
                          in 5 minutes.  The best part was watching the netrek
                          players start cursing and yelling "LAGGGG!!!" when
                          2 or 3 of our compile processes hit their machines.
                          \_ in the age of xtrek/RIP routing, the real lag was
                             caused by "out of band" bttacks like routing the
                             packets through MIT.
                    \_ My memories are a little bit fuzzy but I was a CS60C
                       grader at that point and I vaguely remember a message,
                       it could have been from the gripes file or an e-mail,
                       complaining about a "dorky guy with a ponytail
                       constantly yelling out 'doosh doosh' in the computer
                       lab" -eric
                       \_ Exactly.  -tom
2007/7/19-21 [Science/GlobalWarming, Recreation/Food] UID:47337 Activity:low
7/19    Group says sharks face extinction due to fin soup:
        "Sharks could face extinction within a generation from overfishing for
        their fins, a conservation group said on Wednesday"
        \_ Plus these people are killing our dogs! BASTARDS!
        \_ "More jobs, less sharks!"
        \_ And gasoline is peaking thanks to the same groups of people. DAMN!
           Stop consumption, use organic only, and eat vegetarian now! Better
           yet, go kill yourself to reduce the overall carbon foot print.
           \_ We're already lowering the # of people in Iraq, hence
              reducing the overall carbon footprint.
           \_ "These animals have been here for 400 million years and they may
              disappear in one generation, not to provide people with basic
              food, but for a solely luxury item,"
              \_ What about the idiots killing the last wild tigers and
                 rhinos right in the fucking game preserves? Sharks are
                 hardly the most pressing problem at present.
                 rhinos right in the fucking game preserves?
                 \_ And the people who shot buffalos from the train.
                    They should make it into a video game.
                 \_ The surest sign the intelligent life exists in the
                    universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.
2007/7/19-21 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:47338 Activity:moderate
7/19    hey wall cranky conservatives:  give Ted Rall a read.  Don't
        worry, I doubt he will change your mind about anything:
        So now my question is: why do you think this is?  Why does the
        media listen to the rabid right wing, who are at this point batting
        .000, and never to the so-called "liberals," who, because they
        based their Iraq war opinions on fact rather than wishful thinking,
        were right?  Why is that?  conjecture about human nature welcomed.
        \_ You think Ted Rall is somehow new on the scene?  I just read
           DK when I want to see that stuff.  I get everything all at once
           on a single long page on every current topic.
        \_ I think for one thing he's mischaracterizing all conservatives as
           "radical right Bushists" and you're doing the same calling people
           "rabid right wing".
        \_ The so-called "liberal" media is owned and controlled by big
           dollar corporate interests.
           \_ Which still spews out liberal propoganda on a continuous 24x7
              \_ Uh huh. That is why the NY Times, the Washington Post, the
                 Atlantic Monthly, Fox News, etc all ran 100% pro-war articles
                 Atlantic Monthly, Fox News, etc all ran pro-war stories
                 in the months leading up to the Iraq War. Or is that all
                 an example of "liberal" propaganda, in your worldview?
                 \_ Of course they did.  You have no idea why, huh?  It is
                    not the VRWC.  It is because everyone in the media, in
                    government, etc believed the intelligence reports that
                    going back several years all said SH had WMD and was
                    involved with AQ.  I'm sure the tin foil paranoia thing
                    makes for a better story though and really gets your
                    blood boiling.  Remember, always assume evil when
                    ignorance or incompetence will do.
        \_ I see I have underestimated the uselessness of the MOTD.  not
           only are there no comments about this, somehow editors have
           attempted to un-ask the question.            -op
           \_ No, you posted a useless Ted Rall link.  GIGO.  Everyone here has
              too much clue, no matter their political beliefs, to take TR
              seriously or waste precious bits downloading his junk.  Dailykos
              is a much more efficient source if you want to read that side of
2007/7/19-21 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:47339 Activity:nil
7/19    Oracle DBA position available up here in Chico
        Contact me if you have questions. -emarkp
        \_ Do you live in Chico emarkp? -ausman
           \_ Yep.  Not much for night life if you don't hit the bars, and the
              restaurants aren't nearly as diverse as the Bay Area (though we
              just got another Indian restaurant, yay!).  But it's a great
              place to raise a family. -emarkp
              \_ For once I agree with emarkp. Chico is far away from
                 gays, lesbians, homeless, winos, and evil liberals
                 all trying to corrupt my children.
                 \_ Never been to Chico I take it? -jrleek
                    \_ Ya guilty! Plz tell us about Chico       -pp
                 \_ Housing is more affordable than bay area (though it's gone
                    way up since I moved here), traffic isn't bad, and the
                    schools are good.  Though Chico is has the highest density
                    of liberals in the county, at least the winos and
                    tweakers stay near the county seat in Oroville for their
                    monthly checks. -emarkp
              \_ I went to high school in Red Bluff and used to go to Chico
                 all the time for the, ahem, night life. And my brother lived
                 there for years. Yes, it is a nice little college town. -ausman
2007/7/19-21 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47340 Activity:nil
7/19    from
        From Maria Bartiromo's interview of Condi Rice in the current issue
        of BusinessWeek:

        MB: Would you consider a position in business or on Wall Street?
        CR: I don't know what I'll do long-term.
            I'm a terrible long-term planner.
2007/7/19-21 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:47341 Activity:low
7/19    city of berkeley just inspected my heater and said it was
        pumping out carbon monoxide, that i was gonna die, and they
        disconnected it until i get it fixed.   they said it had
        probably been broken for several years.  moral of the
        i guess is get it inspected?
        \_ The City of Berkeley is a total dump and you should save
           yourself and move out ASAP.
           \_ How do you go from broken heater in one home to the city
              being a dump?
                \_ inspection thing started because berkeley passed law
                   mandating all heaters must be inspected after the Reddy
                   realty sex slave died from carbon monoxide poisoning
        \_ If you are renting, heating is one of the core requirements that
           need to be addressed by the landlord.  You can usually file
           for a deduction in monthly rent if the landlord takes too long
           for loss of service.  If you own, how old is the heater and when
           was the last time you had it inspected?  Anyone know if it's a
           requirement to get it inspected every few years?  My apartment
           just had PG&E inspect all units at once.
        \_ Yeah, inspections are key.  In addition, you can buy inexpensive
           carbon monoxide detectors that plug into low electrical outlets.
2007/7/19-21 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:47342 Activity:nil
7/19    Wow.  Checkers has been solved.
        \_ International checkers (which is a much better game) has a 10x10
           board and rules that much culling much harder.
2007/7/19-21 [Health, Politics, Recreation/Dating] UID:47343 Activity:kinda low
7/19    After you try sex without condom, everything else is like...
        watching Gigli (the movie). Blah!
        \_ Hint: Caucasian girls are more likely to take the pills.
        \_ Is this condom guy? Did you finally get your wish of
           condomless sex? Congratulations!
           \_ Good news: Yes, he did
              Bad news: It was with a guy.
              \_ Good news: he's not a father!
2007/7/19-21 [Recreation/Food] UID:47344 Activity:high
7/19    1 beef cow = 10,000 POUNDS of carbon dioxide equivalent.
        Cows -> green house -> kill.
        Cows are killing us!
        \_ Don't have a cow, man!
        \_ You didn't hear about the UN report about the greenhouse gasses
           attributable to the meat industry?  It's more than all cars
           combined. -emarkp
           \_ Don't forget that eating 1 pound of beef from an arid region
              uses up more water than one year of showering every day for 7
              minutes with a low flow showerhead ...
        \_ There is also that whole thing about cow flatulence and methane
           contributing to global warming. go veg.
           \_ Save the earth.  Stop farting.
        \_ It's okay, though, because the overall biomass must be
           decreasing now that there aren't any wild animals left (bison,
           tigers, sharks, rhinos, and so on). Placing the blame on cows
           is ridiculous unless they produce more C02 than similar
           animals. If that's the case, make the move to produce meat from
           other animals then.
           \_ I think we don't want to produce meat from other animals because
              of Mad Cow disease.
           \_ You do understand that CO2 is a minor green house gas compared
              to methane, right?  No one would post to the motd unless they
              knew what they were talking about, right?
              \_ ^C02^methane
                 Does yout nit change the point?
                 Does your nit change the point?
                 \_ Yes.
                    \_ Not. The question is: Do cows emit more of XYZ
                       green house gases per pound of flesh than some
                       other animal that we can eat instead? So, if zebra
                       emits less then I guess we will all have zebra
                       steaks. I would guess that cow, buffalo, ostrich,
                       whatever are about the same per pound, but I have no
                       idea. Do you? Is this a cow problem or a 'large
                       herbivore' problem?
                       \_ Yes, because meat is ESSENTIAL TO HUMAN EXISTENCE
                          \_ It is essential to my existence. Regardless,
                             please answer the question. Is the problem the
                             cow (seems an easy problem to fix by substitution)
                             or animals bred for meat in general? If, e.g.
                             buffalo  produces 40% fewer greenhouse gases
                             then it gives me a good reason to buy buffalo
                             steaks instead of regular beef. If your
                             solution is for everyone to become a vegan
                             then please kill yourself.
2007/7/19-21 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:47345 Activity:moderate
7/19    75 year old Swedish women makes every soda geek green with envy, she
        gets the world's fastest residential internet connection at 40
        \_ and just uses it to check email...
          \_ at the rate spam growth is happening, you'll need 40gb/s to keep
             up with all the spam soon enough...
           \_ I remember when I worked at Sun and the new Sparc-10s came out
              (lighting fast compared to Sparc-2) -- the first person in my
              department who got one was a manager who only used it to read
              \_ But he read e-mail very fast!
              \_ And no one logged in remotely to take advantage of the
                 unused hardware?
                 \_ That used to be the meanest thing you could say back when
                    differences in hardware speed actually made a huge difference
                    differences in hardware speed actually made a huge impact
                    in things like compiling:
                    "You can log in remotely to do a compile if you want" (smirk)
                    \_ In a place I used to work where we used a mixture of
                       Sparcs to do cross-compiling, the default setting for
                       the make tool was to export compilation jobs to 4 other
                       machines (chosen by current load and CPU speed) and
                       only link locally.  (One could adjust the number
                       according to taste, or set it to 0 to compile locally.)
                       So having a fast machine means jobs would more likely go
                       to your machine.
2007/7/19-21 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:47346 Activity:nil
7/19    tom cruise makes a good Nazi
        \_ You VILL have your strezz levuls meazured
2007/7/19-21 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:47347 Activity:kinda low
7/19    H. Clinton slammed by The Pentagon for talking about withdrawl:
        \_ ^The Pentagon^Dick's lackey
           \_ Because the guy who said it can't be a partisan and be right at
              the same time.  Everyone who has a different opinion is part of
              the VRWC and couldn't possibly be giving an honest assessment
              based on history and reality.
              \_ Dog bites man, no story. Man bites dog, story. Partisan hack
                 employed by administration that's taken loyalty to a whole new
                 cult level bagging on front-running opposition candidate for
                 dissing Pres.'s plans, no story.
                 \_ You can be partisan and still be telling the truth.
2007/7/19-21 [Health/Women] UID:47348 Activity:nil
7/19    Rich, horny, and enjoy taking drugs? Build a hideaway
        right under your estate filled with women and drugs:,2933,289899,00.html
2007/7/19-20 [Politics/Domestic/California, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:47349 Activity:moderate
7/19    GOOG has almost 14,000 employees. For a search engine. What do
        they do?! I read one whitepaper from them about analyzing MTBF
        for disk drives, which is kind of cool, but low on the profit
        generation side of things.
        \_ You're right, google doesn't make any money.  Kill yourself.
           \_ I am not saying that. I am asking how many of those
              14,000 employees are relevant. We can build a rocket and a
              spacecraft to send on it and send it to Mars with fewer people
              than that - and that's with government bureaucracy.
              Obviously, there are a lot of people doing good work, but
              is there a lot of dead wood already? I checked and Edison
              has 12,000. Stanford has 10,000. Amgen has 7,000.  Walt
              Disney has 6,000 in California. Oracle has 8,000 in
              California. 14,000 would make GOOG the 6th largest employer
              in all of CA if all the employees worked in CA. The first 5 are
              PacBell/AT&T, the Naval Base in San Diego, UCLA, UC Davis, and
              Edwards AFB. Most of the top of the list is comprised of
              government entities. GOOG isn't in a really manpower
              intensive field like, say, McDonald's.
              \_ it is interesting you worry about the number of
                 non optimal people at one of the most successful startups
                 of all recorded history.  please get a life, or
                 optimally, write out a check for your net work to your
                 favorite charity, THEN KILL YOURSELF.  ok thanks.
                 \_ I'm not worried. I just wonder if there's really a
                    need for that many people or if GOOG just hired people
                    because it could. Even the CEO said that they would
                    really think hard about hiring much less.
                \_ Microsoft has about 30k employees, + 30k contractors,
                   I think they fired all of the non programmers / managers
                   and hired all support staff back on as low paid contractor
                \_ What is wrong with you?  The pp raises a good question, what
                   is GOOG doing with all those employees?  He didn't say
                   "GOOG WILL FAIL! DOOM!" Stop putting words in his mouth.
                   It might also be pointed out, Atari could have also been
                   called "one of the most successful startups of all recorded
                   history" at a similar point in it's lifetime, and Atari had
                   a similar business strategy...
        \_ dimwit, is that you?
        \_ Wow, you're an idiot. Gmail. Maps. Earth. ADVERTISEMENT
           (AdWords, AdSense). Video/YouTube. Huge infrastructure to
           store and deliver contents. Where have you been since 2004?
        \_ you're right in a sense - most of their money is off ads displayed
           with their uber-fast/-relevant search results
        \_ Not when you have as many hard drives as google has.
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