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2007/7/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47324 Activity:high
7/17    i can't figure out if the strapless bra i bought (32DD) is too big
        or too small in the cups.

        if i hold the cups right up against my chest and i don't fasten
        the bra, my breasts fit into them perfectly. once i fasten the bra,
        everything is a mess.

        there is some gapping of the cup and there is some sort of crease on
        the bottom of the cup near the underwire, like the cup is folding
        over itself. it seems that the bra is either being pulled very
        tightly there (band too tight?) or that the cup is too big and
        it's falling down. also the underwire absolutely will not sit at
        the bottom of my breasts. it's about a centimeter too low and that
        crease that has come about sits where the underwire should.

        on the top of the cups, especially near the armpits, i have
        serious spillage. i can't figure out if this is just chest fat
        being constricted or if it's breast tissue spilling over, but it
        looks awful. this makes me think that maybe the cup is too small.

        or maybe the cups are too tall. when i try to pull them up
        (this is almost impossible) the bra digs into my armpits, but it is
        then and only then that my breasts fit properly into the bra.

        what do you think my problem sounds like? too big? too small?
        i'm so frustrated. i'm not returning it because i'm only going to
        be wearing it once or twice and i'd rather look bad once or twice
        than go through the process of ordering and returning 15+ strapless
        bras before i find one that fits. by the time that happens
        it will be too cold to wear the pretty dress i bought
        \_ Your boobs are sagging.  Spare us from your pix please.
2007/7/18-20 [Transportation/Airplane, Transportation/Car] UID:47325 Activity:high
7/18    Can we put anti-lock brakes on airplanes?  This may prevent landing
        accidents in rainy weather.
        \_ You would think most of the braking comes from the reverse
           \_ Then the crash in Brazil shouldn't have been caused by the rain.
              You'd be surprised that this hasn't exactly been perfected.
        \_ would it surprise you to hear that anti-lock braking systems were
           originally developed for use on airplanes?
           \_ By SUPERiOR German engineers?
           \_ Yes I'm surprised.  How come commercial airliners don't have it?
            \_ Antilock brakes help when your tires are your main braking
               force.  Commericial airliners do not brake via tire friction.
               There isn't nearly enough tire to slow down a big ass 747.
               \_ Yeah, but it's not just about brakeing.  It's also about
               \_ Yeah, but it's not just about braking.  It's also about
                  controling the direction.  When the tires skit the plane can
                  veer off the runway.  These accidents have been on the news
2007/7/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:47326 Activity:high
7/17    we haven't argued about the latest useless congressional
        gesture to pull america out of Iraq and deny the simple fact
        we're gonna be there for the next 60 years like Korea/West Bank/
        Japan, is everyone on vacation?
        \_ It's 7/18 now btw
        \_ We're in the West Bank?
        \_ How about Vietnam. Iraq is more like Vietnam, at least so far...
           \_ And our troops are still there! Oh, wait....
           \_ How long were US troops in Vietnam?
              \_ Zero days after we decided to pull out.
        \_ just pointing out israel is still in the west bank.
           \_ And despite your ZOG fantasies, US != Israel.
                \_ sorry.  didnt explain.  when Israel invaded west bank
                   they said they'd only stay a short time.  They're still
                   there, much to everyone involved's pain.
                   \_ Ye-es, but WE are not THEM.
                      \_ I agree, but I'm using an example from history.
                         \_ Why *that* example, then?  How about how the
                            Gaulic tribes are *still* in France 1500 years
                            later!  The bastards!  Save France for the French!
                            Kill the Gaulic invaders!
                            \_ you probably mean "gallic" or "gaulish"
                               \_ garlic
                               \_ Why do you hate the French?  We must save
        \_ All we are asking for is an up or down vote.
        \_ Why is it "useless"? Let me guess, you are a war supporter...
           \_ Am not war supporter.  I just think we're going to be in
              Iraq F O R E V E R.
              \_ I think President Hillary Rodham Clinton will have us out
                 in less than six months after she takes office. We shall see.
                 \_ You won't see.  She's not getting elected.
                    \_ And if she does get elected she won't be able to
                       get the US out in 6 months.
                       \_ That's true, too.  She isn't exactly pushing hard on
                          the "get the troops out now" agenda.
                          \_ Not according to all the right wing newspapers.
                             I think she is just tacking to the center and
                             will get bowled over by events, after she wins.
                             \_ "... after she wins".  You're trolling or
                                drunk.  I don't care what left/right wing
                                newspapers say she says.  I read what she
                    \_ Really? Who is going to win in her stead?
                       "None of the above?"
                       \_ My dog.  Anyone with a heart beat, age 35+.  Charles
                          Manson.  Rowdy Roddy Piper.  Anyone.
                          \_ Are you the same guy who predicted that we would
                             find WMD in Iraq? Just wondering, because I am
                             predicting that Hillary will not get beaten
                             by a Republican. BTW, I predicted that we would
                             *not* find WMD in Iraq, so my record is pretty
                             curious how good your track record is.
                             \_ No.  But given the lack of serious effort put
                                into controlling the country after the attack
                                started and all the trucks rolling in various
                                directions before I wouldn't be at all
                                surprised if we hear in 30 years they were
                                there and the Bush admin decided it was less
                                stupid to have invaded and not found them than
                                invaded and let them slip away.  Now then, if
                                it was Roddy Piper vs. my dog, it'd be a really
                                interesting race.  Piper still has a lot of
                                wrestling fans, but my dog can speak English
                                better so he's going to win all 3 debates.
                             \_ The US is not ready for a female President,
                                especially a polarizing one like Clinton.
                                The Dems should push hard to make sure she
                                does not get the nomination, because if
                                she does (or if Obama does) then I predict
                                another Republican win. I have always
                                voted Democrat for President (even though I am
                                a 'decline to state') but I would not vote
                                for Hilary Clinton. I would vote for Bill,
                 \_ Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've
2007/7/18-19 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:47327 Activity:nil
7/17    aspo is this you
        More than 25 Sprint and Nextel handsets will receive loopt
        functionality over the next few weeks with users looking at a
        monthly fee of just $2.99 USD (plus standard charges) in order to
        enjoy an even closer and more convenient relationship with
        both their mobile and their friends.
                \_ it's not                     -brain
2007/7/18-20 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:47328 Activity:high
7/18    So the Dems keep the Senate up all night for a publicity stunt.
        Wouldn't this be illegal if it were at Gitmo?
        \_ weak troll.  you get a D.
        \_ Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the term "filibuster."
           \_ Interesting how the MSM won't call it a filibuster unless the
              Dems do it.
              \_ Too bad the Republicans didn't use the "nuclear option"
                 when they had the chance.
              \_ That's because it's not a filibuster.  It's just the Senate
                 leader pulling a hissyfit.
                 \_ BBZZZZTT.
                 \_ From the Washington Post: "The Republican success, using
                    the power of the filibuster, came after a marathon
                    all-night debate on an amendment to the defense bill. The
                    52-47 tally left Democrats eight votes short of the 60
                    necessary to force a vote on the measure."
                    Facts are such bitter, stubborn things.
                    \_ No need to be snotty.  I actually hadn't heard it was a
                       filibuster.  Thanks for the correction.
                       \_ Which is part of the point.  Almost noone in the
                          media is willing to admit this is a filibuster.
                          \_ When Democrats do a filibuster, it's because they
                             hate America.  When Republicans do it, it's
                             because they support the troops.  I hope that
                             clears things up.
                             \_ No, the Dems are filibustering something that
                                we know the Pres would veto, so if they can't
                                even muster cloture, they can't override the
                                veto.  So why waste the time pandering to
                        When Pubs filibustered court
                                nominations, they were asking for a simple
                                up-or-down vote.  There is a difference and
                                pretending that there isn't one makes you look
                                silly. -emarkp
                                \_ The dems are not filibustering here.  I think
                                   you are unclear on your terms.
                                \_ The dems are not the ones filibustering
                                   here.  I think you are unclear on your terms
                                   \_ Yep, I mistyped.  I know that the
                                      filibuster takes place with the minority.
                                      Replace "are filibustering" with "are
                                      pushing". -emarkp
                                \_ Dude, not being able to muster cloture MEANS
                                   FILIBUSTER.  That's what a filibuster is,
                                   refusing cloture.  The senate, unlike the
                                   house, has slightly different rules so you
                                   don't need to stand up at the podium and
                                   read from a phone book, but refusing
                                   cloture filibustering.  The dems don't have
                                   the votes to get around a veto, true, but
                                   that is an entirely differnent issue.  Why,
                                   pray tell, won't the republicans in the
                                   senate let them vote on the bill let it
                                   go to the president to veto or not.
                                   \_ Oh and also, the vote is on an amendment
                                      to bill.  (A amendment to a bill that it
                                      is strongly related to I'll add.)  If the
                                      president vetos the bill he has to veto
                                      the entire bill.  A veto that may not
                                      be politically feasable to do.
                                \_ Why bring attention to a policy that
                                      over 2/3 of the voting public agrees
                                   over 3/4 of the voting public agrees
                                   with? Is that a serious question?
                                \_ Overriding the veto has nothing to do with
                                   it.  Nice dodge, though.
                                   \_ Why does it have nothing to do with it?
                                      It's legislation that Bush has vowed to
                                      veto, and he's proved that he will veto
                                      something like this (when they tried this
                                      with the last appropriation bill for the
                                      war).  So unless they can muster 2/3,
                                      it's pointless. -emarkp
                                      \_ Again, do you really think it is
                                         pointless to show your support for
                                         a policy that an overwhelming majority\
                                         of Americans agree with? You dismiss
                                         a policy that an overwhelming majority
                                         of Americans agree with? You dismiss
                                         the anti-war opinion as the "moveon
                                         crowd" but the truth is half the
                                         country wants out of Iraq now and
                                         another 1/4 wants out soon.
                                      \_ Yeah, instead of wasting time
                                         debating stuff the country actually
                                         cares about, Congress should
                                         follow the model of the Republican-led
                                         Congress and spend their time
                                         debating gay marriage and
                                         flag-burning amendments.  That
                                         wouldn't be pointless at all!  -tom
2007/7/18-20 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:47329 Activity:nil
7/18    Am I the only one that thinks that many non-fiction books being
        published these days would be better suited to a series of online
        columns? To wit, Sara Bongiorni's "A Year without 'Made in China'":
        \_ Yes.
2007/7/18-20 [Uncategorized] UID:47330 Activity:kinda low
7/18    tom, do you check tom@csua? --erikred
        \_ Yeah, but it's 99% noise now so I may accidentally delete a
           legit message.  Try  -tom
           legit message.  Try  -tom
           \_ What is your email?
           \_ Thank you. --erikred
2007/7/18-21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47331 Activity:nil
        Which of you sodans already has one of these?
        \_ One of whats?  No one is going to read your link to find out.
        \_ I doubt if they are better than RealDoll.
2007/7/18-21 [Recreation/Humor, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47332 Activity:low
7/18    How many neocons does it take to change a lightbulb?
        \_ One neocon with a shotgun. Point the shotgun at a liberal and
           the liberal will do whatever he/she is asked to do.
           \_ these are supposed to be funny, not stupid.
              \_ hint: they're never funny.
                 \_ Sorry crankypants. I found the "War on Darkness" one funny.
                    \_ I'm sure you did.
        \_ None. George Bush predicts the light bulb will be fully capable of
           changing itself within 3 months.
        \_ None. The socket welcomes the light bulb with candy and flowers.
        \_ Neocons don't bother with light bulbs. They declare a War on
           Darkness and set the house on fire.
        \_ Only the Almighty who gave the gift of light to all can make a
           lightbulb change. Its sort of a theological perspective I have.
        \_ "i have other priorities" --dcheney
        \_ Why do you hate America?
2007/7/18-21 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47333 Activity:high
7/18    Most popular dog breeds in different cities (smart city=smart
        dogs, dumb city=dumb dogs):
        \_ In NYC, well educated poodles drink latte and capuccino and
           espresso, AND listen to jazz. Poodles are gay, and #1 in NYC.
        \_ San Francisco: Labrador Retriever.  Stupid dog.
           \_ I'm down to Miami and with the exception of Miami and Detroit
              every other city has Labrador Retriever as the #1 dog.  In
              Detroit it's #2 after german shepard, in Miami it's #3 after
              german shepard and yorkie.  Can't blame SF on this one.
              \_ Hint: the whole post is stupid.  The op didn't even read
                 their own page.  Do you actually believe that "smart city=
                 smart dogs, dumb city=dumb dogs" like the op said?  C'mon....
           \_ Is this some kind of troll?  Labs are very smart.
              \_ No they aren't.  They are very friendly, they are very willing
                 to do repetitive tasks, they'll chase a tennis ball for hours,
                 they are not very smart.  The troll is the recent spat of
                 bizarre dog related posts, probably from some evil cat person.
                 \_ Yep all dogs are smart. Cats are smarter!
                    \_ Pigs are smarter than dogs or cats, but aren't that
                       smart by being born tasty.
                       \_ It's probably less to do with being tasty and
                          more to do with being not-cute-enough. They are
                          probably easier to fatten up too (omnivorous) and
                          aren't escape artists like cats.
                          \_ Cats go better with ketchup.
                 \_ wikipedia disagrees with you.  wikipedia uses the word
                    "intelligent" on them at least three times in their
                    article.  You have no credibility.
                    \_ *LAUGH*  Ouch!  You made me bust out loud in the office.
                       Using Wikipedia of all things to say someone else has
                       no credibility goes way beyond funny.  Were you trying
                       to be funny?  I'll just assume you have a really dry
                       sense of humor and you win this week's Most Funny Motd
                       Post award.  Congratulations!  I am your #1 Fan!
                 \_ I have to agree with you entirely.  Once you've been around
                    a truly intelligent dog (queensland heeler for example)
                    you would never call a lab "smart".  Wikipedia is hardly
                    a credible unbiased source either.
                    \_ (
                       Not on the list. Is this a common breed?
                       \_ Australian Cattle Dog is the breeder name.  They are
                          a little too independent to be considered easily
                          trainable.  Also they tend to bond to one person
                          very strongly.  They are the worst dog to have if
                          you don't have time to spend with them as they are too
                          intelligent to just sit around.  They are a young
                          breed.  Dingo crossed with Timon's Biter about 50
                          years ago I beleive.  Insanely intelligent though.
                          \_ Working dogs are all smart high energy breeds that
                             get bored easily and tend to have annoying traits
                             like trying to 'herd' you, other dogs, the cat,
                             and the kids if they're that kind of working dog.
                             Most people are better off with a happy dopey lab.
2007/7/18-21 [Uncategorized] UID:47334 Activity:nil
        If you have kids... FUCK YOU!!!
        \_ Hmmm, yes, kids... bad.  Let's all just not have kids around the
           entire world for, oh say, 50 years.  That'll fix everything.  You,
           Sir, are an uber genius!
        \_ This article is weird to me.  "I really want kids, but I'm not going
           to until you obnoxious mothers stop sucking so much!" Huh?  Not that
           I don't agree with her critisism of many parents, but her motives
           seem a little out of alignment.
2007/7/18-21 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:47335 Activity:low
7/18    Zacks predicts Peak Oil in the next five years:
        \_ I was saying that 3 years ago on the motd and everyone said I was
           a tin foil hat wearing nutcase.
           \_ You were. Anyway, the article doesn't say there will be
              peak oil in the next five years. It says demand will
              outstrip capacity to supply. There's a subtle difference
           \_ You still are.
        \_ This article points out the vicious circle ... Oil prices go up,
           which floods oil exporters with cash.  Domestic demand skyrockets
           due to the new wealth, which reduces exports and makes oil prices
           go up more.  Some big oil exporters (like the UK was) will no
           longer be exporting any oil, domestic consumption will use it all
           up, even without falling production.
           \_ Uh, circle?  How about this instead: there is X amount of oil in
              the world.  Each year we use Y more oil than the year before,
              reducing X at an ever greater rate.  As X->0 the price of oil
              goes up and easy access to more goes down.  What circle?
2019/09/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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