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2007/7/17-19 [Reference/Religion, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47306 Activity:moderate
7/17    Here's some flamebait for you.  Holy freakin shit:
        "It's more of a theological perspective. I do believe there is an
        Almighty, and I believe a gift of that Almighty to all is freedom. And
        I will tell you that is a principle that no one can convince me that
        doesn't exist."
        \_ Ummm, so?  The Declaration of Independence says the same thing.
           \_ He's saying he makes decisions based only upon religious
              considerations.  In other words, we're in Iraq because God
              told him that was the Right Thing To Do.  Read up on the history
              of the Crusades and you might see why this is a Very Bad Thing.
              \_ The above quote said this?
                 \_ "God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and
                     then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did,
                     and now I am determined to solve the problem in the
                     Middle East."
                    "Events aren't moved by blind change and chance" ...,
                     but by "the hand of a just and faithful God."
                    "I believe God wants me to run for president."
                    Yes, all actual Bush quotes.
                    \_ Belief in Providence was common among the Founding
                       \_ So was Diesm, which discounts religion.
              \_ You do the atheists proud, my friend.
        \_ Freedom isn't unambiguous. Does the Almighty advocate anarchy?
           Communism? Both are freedom in some sense. Freedom from what?
           Strictly from a Biblical perspective, it seems pretty clear that
           Yahweh likes pious kings with many concubines (an autocratic king,
           no wimpy separations of powers or Magna Cartas).
           The Bible also recognizes slavery as legitimate...
           \_ If the Almighty told Bush to invade Iraq, obviously he does
              advocate anarchy.  The fact that he talks to Bush at all means
              that he is not on our side, since his advice seems to be always
              \_ Bush: Worshipping Loki since sobriety.
              \_ Or else he doesn't exist and Bush imagines God talking to him.
                 Or else /something/ talks to him, but it turns out it's not
                 actually God as Bush likes to imagine it. It's the CIA
                 talking through a receiver in his tooth filling (or else
                 the Jews, but the Jews run the CIA so it's the same thing).
                 Or else Bush doesn't even believe it but says it for
                 political points to the religious constituency. Or else
                 Bush doesn't exist and Bush is a sniggering automaton.
                 \_ Sort of like the NASA automatons on the old Mission to Mars
                    ride?  A moment of silence for the M2M ride, please.
2007/7/17 [Uncategorized] UID:47307 Activity:nil 66%like:47309
7/17    'None Of The Above' surges into the lead in Republican primary
2007/7/17-19 [Health/Dental, Health/Disease/General] UID:47308 Activity:moderate
7/17    Americans actually wait *longer* for health care than in
        countries with socialized medicine:
        \_ While this may be true, don't forget that Americans get
           HIGHER quality health care, like Cialis and Viagras. No
           other countries enjoy sexual lives like we do.
        \_ This blog is a joke, and so is Krugman.  Every study I've seen shows
           the opposite to this.  Bring a few more and I'll start to care.
           \_ Both of them are professors in Economics, but they disagree with
              your opinions, so they are "a joke." Hers is a study quoted in
              Busness Week, no doubt another "joke"
              Where are all these studies you have seen? I have not seen them.
              \_ This is the blog which was saying that tax cuts tanked the
                 economy pointing to the post-2001 drop, while ignoring other
                 events of 2001 (like say certiain terrorist attacks).
                 The studies I've seen are about how long it takes to go from a
                 GP to a specialist in socialized systems.  Like how long it
                 takes to get an MRI.
                 Note: also an economist.  -emarkp
                 \_ No, the entry you point to does not claim or even infer
                    that "tax cuts tanked the economy." How did you even
                    possibly get that from that entry? What it does claim
                    is that the post-2001 recovery was very weak. The economy
                    was already in recession before 9/11, you know that right?
                    The actual economic effect of the WTC attacks was very
                    slight, but I guess you can try and claim that it retarded
                    the recovery somehow, though you are the first person I
                    have ever seen make that claim.
                    slight, but I guess you can say that it retarded the
                    recovery somewhat, though most economists disagree:
                    recovery somewhat:
                 \_ Waiting times in Canada are shorter for critical
                    treatment (oncology) and longer for elective treatment
                    (plastic surgery, hip replacement).
                    (plastic surgery, hip replacement). Note that your
                    article does not compare Canadian waiting time to
                    US waiting times.
        \_ I'd be willing to fund preventative care (e.g. checkups) for
           everyone, but nothing beyond that basic. That's basically what
           dental plans cover. If you implement universal care then you
           will see costs spiral even more out of control like they have
           in Europe. There was a time two decades ago when European health
           care was better than in the US, but that time passed once they
           had to deal with immigration from poor countries in the same
           way we have.
           \_ Waiting times less in Canada than the US:
              Recent statistics from the Institution of Healthcare Improvement
              document "that people are waiting an average of about 70
              days to see a provider."
              "In many circumstances, people initially diagnosed with
               cancer are waiting over a month, which is intolerable."
              And you know that Germany and France spend *less* per capita
              than the US, right?
              \_ I don't know about Germany and France, but I do know that
                 I wouldn't seek out care in Spain or Canada and that
                 health care in the Netherlands (see below) is not exactly
                 improving over time. By the way, do you know anyone who
                 had to wait 70 days to see a doctor? I don't, unless it
                 was some specific doctor they wanted to see.
                 \_ I know people who have completely been denied medical
                    care they needed because they didn't have insurance.
                    I don't know if that counts as more than 70 days or not...
                    \_ It shouldn't.
                       \_ I had a chance to talk to this guy last night
                          since I had dinner with him and his daughter.
                          He is waiting on average two months for his
                          appointments. He is impoverished and has to
                          depend on SF General for all his care. He has
                          some kind of kidney problems.
           \_ We spend twice as much, per capita, as other countries on
              health care, so it's our costs that are spiraling out of
              control, not theirs.  Universal health care just creates the
              largest insurance pool possible, do you also want to make
              private insurance illegal (except for basic dental services)?
              Whether you pay premiums to your for-profit insurance company
              or taxes to the government really doesn't make that much
              difference except the government doesn't have a profit motive.
        \_ One of the main reasons health care in the United States is
           so expensive is we spend the bulk of money over the lifetime
           of a human on medical care, in the last 6 months of life.  Near
           The End, American doctors order heroic tests and procedures
           to prolong the life of the patient, often cutting short
           those expected 6 months.  In those glorious socialist paradises
           those expected 6 months.  In the glorious socialist paradises
           of Europe, near The End, the doctor tells the family, and orders
           pain killers to keep the patient comfortable.  How would
           pain killers to keep the patient comfortable.  How
           would the United States gradually move closer to the European
           model?  I have absolutely no idea.
           \_ Can you back this up with any data?  I'm wondering if
              your source is legitimate or just word-of-mouth or
              \- San Francisco has many sidewalks.
                 \- Do you have some data to back that up?
           \_ I have seen it both ways. American doctors told my aunt to
              go home and die while Dutch doctors tried heroic measures
              that saved her life. I also have seen Dutch doctors give up
              on elderly patients and euthanize them. I think it depends
              on the age of the patient. (My aunt was in her 40s at the
              time.) Dutch medicine then was much better than in the US,
              but my aunts living there now say it is no longer the case
              and that benefits have been slashed from what they used to be.
              I have aunts in France and Holland, a friend who is a doctor in
              Greece, and ex-coworkers in Mexico, Japan, Korea, France,
              and Spain, and US health care (with the exception of some
              experimental treatments the FDA will not approve) is the
              best in the world. It is also not free. Imagine that. The
              Socialist Paradises in Europe and Japan are facing an upcoming
              nightmare that makes the US Social Security problem seem
                                       \- the people who know what they are
                                          talking about all agree Medicare
                                          is a much bigger financial liabiliy/
                                          problem than Soc Sec.
              small in comparison. They just cannot provide the services
              they used to when faced with larger, less wealthy populaces
              of the sort that the US has been absorbing for a long time.
              \_ In what way is the US health care system the best in the
                 world? Do you have any evidence for that, other than your
                 assertion? The government pays for about half of all
                 healthcare in the US, btw, so your comment that it is
                 not "free" is somewhat misleading. In places like Germany
                 and France, the government pays for about 3/4 of all
                 health care costs.
        \_ I am surprised nobody is discussing the RAND healthcare study, which
           found that on average, medical spending has no effect on health (!):
           If this study is correct, discussions of comparative health care
           quality would have to come with some serious qualifiers.
             -- ilyas
                \- yes, obviously something complicated like this comes
                   with qualifiers. for example the US's infant mortality
                   rate is "higher than it should be" because "the US"
                   tries to save some high-risk newborns, while in certain
                   (poorer) countries with allegedly lower IM rates, these
                   DOA cases get listed in a different column. however, that
                   doesnt change the large scale incentive issues here, e.g.
                   insurance companies foot dragging ... just like TIH hasnt
                   solved the cable problem, "the market" wont magically
                   "solve" the pathologies in insurance [actually it is not
                   exactly like cable, which is due to concentration, but this
                   is a problem of moral haz and adv selection also] and
                   it's not clear what "solve" means, since there are competing
                   public policy goals here.
                   \_ It seems that if spending doesn't result in statistically
                      significant return, AND there's isn't a lot of noise to
                      figure out why and correct this (or at least clamor for
                      bigger studies), then return isn't what
                      the spending is about.  Hanson has some conjectures on
                      the reasons for our common attitudes about healthcare
                      spending.  -- ilyas
2007/7/17-19 [Politics/Domestic] UID:47309 Activity:nil 66%like:47307
7/17    'None Of The Above' surges into the lead in Republican primary ( [PDF]
        \_ Just remember "Hillary doesn't have a chance."
           \_ When confronted with numbers, retaliate with slogans.
        \_ I remember once when Jon Stewart said that some Republican was going
           to lose against a yet-unnamed Democratic opponent.  "However, once
           a Democrat is actually named, they tend to do much worse"
2007/7/17 [Uncategorized] UID:47310 Activity:nil
7/17    Chorus:
        I'm gonna knock you out [HUUUH!!!]
        Mama said knock you out [HUUUH!!!]
        (REPEAT 4X)
2007/7/17 [Recreation/Food] UID:47311 Activity:nil
7/17    Boredcast Message from soda!ahm (ttyRd) at 10:23 ...

        when i was in preschool, they gave us dixie cups full of cheese
        and ham cubes for snack before naptime.  i would cram them in the
        holes of my sneakers because i couldn't eat them and they'd never
        find them there
2007/7/17 [Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:47312 Activity:nil
7/13    CSUA Life Roster

1 point each for:                                               key:
                significant other (out of county rule applies)   G
                car (Chevy Novas do count)                       C
                housing (dorms DO NOT count)                     H
                own computer running reasonable multi-tasking OS U
                job (selling lemonade on the corner counts, too) J
                        \_ how about selling Yermom?

There are no unofficial rules.  All rules are official, and have been laid
down.  Clarifications are available only from the Life God.

The out of county rule is as follows:  if you are not in the same county
as that which would give you a point, you do not get the point.
Please note: the out of county rule applies to all points.

Please keep yourselves sorted.

              __        _____ _   _ _   _ _____ ____  ____
              \ \      / /_ _| \ | | \ | | ____|  _ \/ ___|
               \ \ /\ / / | ||  \| |  \| |  _| | |_) \___ \
                \ V  V /  | || |\  | |\  | |___|  _ < ___) |
                 \_/\_/  |___|_| \_|_| \_|_____|_| \_\____/

                        Winners at graduation

Just as a note, any game that allows people like these to call themselves
"winners" get my point.

alawrenc                G+C+H+U+J       5       whee...

brianm                  G+C+H+U+J       5       Yes!  I really did graduate!

Philip Brown            G+U+J+H+C       5       I win, I win!
                                                \_ and you are?
                                                        \_ If you have to ask
                                                        you weren't around
                                                        before 1992.
                                                        \_ post1992 update:
                                                           married. But that
                                                           happened after,
                                                           so I still win :-)

Dan Wallach             G+H+J+C+U       5       G/F: Debra Waldorf
                                                \_ creator of the famous salad?
                                                House: 1665 Scenic
                                                Car: Nissan 240SX
                                                Job: Berkeley Systems
                                                Computer: Sparc 1+ clone
    -- a total winner when he graduated May 22, 1993 at 9am.
        (it should be noted he never got the secret life point)

Doug Young              G+C+H+U+J       5       Wow...ooooooh...aaaaaah
                                                G - Getting married Jul 19
                                                C - 1987 Van
                                                H - Which one - I /_OWN_/ two
                                                    and am buying a 3rd!
                                                U - Which one?  Linux?  NT?
                                                J - PeopleSoft ROCKS!

kchang                  G+C+H+U+J       5       LIFE IS SOOOOO GOOD!
                                                No $, no honey! 9/1/92
                                                \_ kchang should be the CSUA
                                                \_ No $, but still has a
                                                   honey! I work hard for
                                                   all my 5 points.
                                                \_ I run Linux, NT, and
                                                   95, I'm so cool! 128RAM
                                                   8gigHD, Zip, ViewSonic
                                                   PT800, Millenium II 8MB,
                                                   and a lot of warez :)
                                                \_ That doesn't change the
                                                   fact that we had to
                                                   squish your ass. --root

Julie Lin               G+C+H+U+J       5       G: if you have to ask...
                                                C: 97 toyota corolla
                                                H: southside apt
                                                U: colocated FreeBSD box
                                                J: sysadmin
                                                \_in my flakiness I made a
                                                  mistake that technically
                                                  allows me to have acheived
                                                  these things _before_
                                                        \_ It's _at_ graduation
                                                           that counts.
                                                                \_this was true\
at and before graduation

psb                     G+C+H+U+J+S     6       Psb is too cool!

Scott Drellishak        G+C+H+U+J       5       Finally got the U...

Nevin Cheung            C+U+H+G+J       5       Yeeeess!!!  5/96

Mike Scheel             G+C+H+U+J       5       And, I've graduated.

Peter Norby             H+J+U+G+C       6       Okay, I've won, Now what?
                                                \_ How is that 6? Anyways,
                                                   it's not YOUR car... (-8

randal                  G+H+J+U+C       5       Beautiful girlfriend whose
                                                still at Cal unfortunatly.
                                                Moving to Seattle to work
                                                at  Got a car,
                                                choose not to drive it.

raytrace             H+J+U+C+G          5       Life is here or someting.
                                                Am I supposed to be happy now.

ryan                    C+J+G+U+H       5       Life is good!
                                                \_ Name them.  When did you
                                                   get the car, and can we have
                                                   a ride?
                                                   \_ Is she a good ride?
                                                G = (4/??/96) Esa Yu
v                                               C = (5/8/96) '96 Mustang Gt
                                                U = (6/9/94) 486/DX 33 w/ Linux
                                                J = (1/4/96) LBL Sysadmin
                                                H = (6/1/95) 2446 Dana St Apt 1
                                                \_ Secret Point
                                                        \_ Yes, I have it!

                      *Those Who Have Succeeded*

hoser                   components      score                   comment

alanc                   C+G+H+U+J       5       Wow...amazing how these
                                                things sneak up on you
                                                when you're not looking.
                                                Now comes the tricky part...

bwli                    G+C+H+U+J       5       Hard to believe...

ivy                     H+J+C+U+C       5
garyg                   G+C+H+U+J       5       Pure luck

kim                     G+C+H+U+J       5       Good thing there's no points
                                                for sleep

marco                   C+H+U+J+G+S     6       Now all I need is time to
                                                *ENJOY* this life...
                                                \_ S?  Secret? -- Yah.
                                                  \_ Are you ever going to

russwong                G+C+H+U+J       5

sameer                  G+C+H+U+J       5

seano                   H+C+J+G         5       I get extra secret life point
                                                \_ why does seano get
                                                   extra life point?
                                                   \_ it's a secret

setol                   G+C+H+U+J       5

shipley                 C+H+U+J+G       5       Do extra girlfriend
                                                want-a-be's count as extra?
                                                Can you set someone up with
                                                points and take a percentage?
                                                \_ Peter has not noticed that
                                                   there is a math deficiency
                                                   going on...
                                                   \_ Aren't you graduated yet?
                                                        \_ Or just dropped out?

uctt                    G+C+H+U+J       5       spanking new G, C, and H!

                        WhothefuckamI (if you still care)

aubie                   C+H+U+J         4       I have a harem, but no
                                                .sig other. Car's on
                                                perminant loan. apt w/3
                                                person shower&gets use.
                                                PII 233 w/fBSD, BeOS,
                                                Rhapsody. sysadmin fer
                                                "Steve's other company."
                                                WHAT'S THE FUCKING
                                                SECRET LIFE POINT YOU
                                                TWINKISH LIFEGOD?

                        Normative Person

aaron                   J+C+H           3       G out of county. i might go
                                                postal over it so don't push
                                                \_ Didn't you graduate?

ali                     C+J+J+J+H       3       Ass kicking machines given
                                                to you by asskicking employers
                                                count, right?

amee                    J+H+G+U         4       Someone teach me to drive
                                                stick shift cars, please?

aspolito                U+H+C+J         4

atom                    H+C+J+G         4       Duty now for the future!
                                                New Girl and New Job!

bbehlen                 G+C+J+H         4       So what if you live with your
                                                girlfriend in an apartment,
                                                and you both have cars?  Does
                                                my Indigo at work count?

coganman                J+H+C+U         4       The embarrassing thing is
                                                that my second year here
                                                I was at 4 (GHCJ), then sank
                                                down to 2 (HC) for a while.
                                                Now I'm at least gainfully
                                                employed. My car does, too,
                                                count, even if it's powered
                                                by two gerbils on treadmills.
                                                \_ Update: a couple of the
                                                   cylinders are misfiring.
                                                   Call it 1 1/2 gerbils.
                                                \_ Update 2: Not only do I
                                                   possess the Secret Life
                                                   Point, but I am perhaps the
                                                   only recipient of the
                                                   Secret Life Penalty as well
                                                   \_ What's the penalty? Using
                                                      the car cylinders for
                                                      something they weren't
                                                      intended for?
                                                   \_ Using that Indian over
                                                      there, Tonto, to perform
                                                      an unnatural act.
davem                   C+H+U+J         4       Life is at best, an illusion.
davidf                  C+H+U+J         4       Okay, so I've got a car, an
                                                apartment, a Sun, and a
                                                handful of jobs.  Who cares.
                                                Anyone have a spare
                                                girlfriend? ;)
dpetrou                 H+U+C+J         4       Languish in your misery.
                                                Wallow in your excrement.
fab                     G+H+C+J         4       Would have U, but it's in
                                                Orinda (ie., Contra Costa

fernando                U+H+G+J         4       U: FreeBSD
                                                J: Does CEA count?
                                                G: She was in LA last summer,
                                                   but so was I!

ksanthan                J+C+H+U         4       H - Finally out of the dorms!
                                                U - Running Linux!
                                                C - My trusty Honda!
                                                \_ J?
                                                \_ What happened to my Honda?
                                                I'm sorry babe, I had to crash
                                                that Honda.

meyers                  J+U+C+G         4       J - Documentum!
                                                U - Linux!
                                                C - way cool Saturn
                                                G - way cool gf

mogul                   C+H+U+J         4       Once again I'm in good shape...
                                                \_ J is in Marin County, no?
                                                   \_ Uh, so? -mogul
                                                     \_ Are the H and U?

moray                   C+H+J+U         4       I don't think I deserve this.
                                                Technicalities help me.

niloc                   G+H+V+J         4       You don't know me.  :)
                                                It's all technicalities
                                                \_ but somebody lovers you
                                                   somewhere, maybe.

nweaver                 H+U+C+J         4       H: The NickCave (tm)
                                                U: P5 133 with Linux
                                                C: 95 Saturn Coupe
                                                J: Herder of Cats

philbo                  G+C+H+J         4
philfree                C+H+J+G         4

scotsman                C+H+U+J         4       as for G, I have a roommate..
                                                does that count?

sls                     H+J+U+C         4

sony                    H+J+C+U+G       5       H: cute studio in Oakland
                                                J: It has *NOTHING* to do with
                                                   my major (thank god).
                                                C: I think psb calls it "the de
                                                   la sol chick car"
                                                U: FreeBSD v.2.2.5
                                                G: He's really cool.

susann                  C+G+H+U         4       G: Leo, I lubs you.
                                                   P.S. Hehehehe.

tomcheng                C+H+J+U         4       *sigh*

                    We Who Are About To Cry, Salute You

agee                    C+H+U           3       Traded a way out of county
                                                J for a barely out of
                                                county G.

ahsrah                  C+H+J           3       C: can't afford the
                                                   insurance, but still can
                                                   afford the tires and CDs 4
                                                H: Jesus Freaks as
                                                J: Screen Savers are
                                                   important dammit!!!

blojo                   U+H+J           3       Burned to a crisp and bloody
                                                as hell.
                                                \_ Yum, can I have some?

daveh                   u+h+c           3
dickylee                G+J+H           3       i _still_ have more points
                                                than matter how many
                                                accounts i lose, no matter how
                                                many times i'm banned,
                                                _still_ have more points than
                                                ali!  muahahahahaaa.
                                                \_ no you don't, twink
                                                        \_ ali, yer one
                                                           fugly cocksucker.

jenni                   G+J+H           3       Now if only the ghia was in
                                                in this county.....

jwang                   C+H+J           3       <plus motorcycle cool points>

lindsay                 C+H+J+J         3       man-eater

max                     H+C+J+J         3       Okay.  So I lost the G to
                                                marriage.  But my computer runs
                                                Unix and I've ditched the third
                                                job.  And, yes, the car is mine,

mikeh                   H+J+U           3       Woo woo.  Housing, at last.
                                                Job, if only to pay for U.

rsr                     G+H+J+U         4

runes                   J+H+C           3

sowings                 H+J+G           3       Ohnog.

Lincoln Myers           U+J+C           3       Linux.  Working at Network
                                                Appliance.  But I'm graduated
                                                so I lose the game.
                                                \_ then move your entry over
                                                   to the graduates area.

lolly                   H+G+J           3

                        Too sexy for life

cje                     H+J             2       It's not fair, my girlfriend
                                                broke up with me...

gregory                 H+J             2       This test is biased by our
                                                society and it's damn
                                                dependence on cars, not being
                                                alone, a stationary
                                                existence, an upward moving
                                                and speeding career, and
                                                using those around you to
                                                further your own goals: It
                                                makes me sick.

kane                    H+J             2       HA, i had a girlfriend
                                                but she got rid of me.
                                                I was too much trouble.
                                                I think about computers?
                                                what ever happened to horses?
                                                \_thou damned inconsistency!

lisha                   H+C             2       F*CK! back i go to too sexy.
allenp                  H+U             2       Running Linux

aymless                 H+J             2       VIXENS!!!!
                                                \_ *pant* *pant* *pant*

drex                    H+C             2       H: Alpha Epsilon Pi - Single
                                                |_ Frats count?
                                                  \_ frats don't count!
                                                  \_ Especially loser ones
                                                C: '85 Honda Prelude (red)
                                                J: Don't want one
                                                   (I was a reader, but it
                                                    wasted time I wanted)
                                                U: Need to buy 16megs (4 now)
                                                G: $#!+ happens, my last girl-
                                                   friend went psycho, now I
                                                   fear women.
kenji                   U+J             2       Suckage.
                                                \_ shouldn't that be +J+J+J+J?
                                                  \_ there are even rumors of
                                                        a +G
                                                   \_ Doesn't suckage imply
                                                        G?  (Even if only
                                                        temporarily hired G?)
                                                  \_ privacy?
                                                        \_ privacy is not
                                                           allowed in the life

raja                    H+J             2       Does having a girlfriend 10K
                                                miles, three continents away
                                                give me extra bonus points?
                                                   NO.  -- life god
                                                Does having three computers
                                                in one (Mac and IBM emul)
                                                \- Three lame computers still
                                                don't add up to one real one.
stevie                  J+H             2       \_ Hey, you guys just broke up.
                                                You're right.  so noted.
                                                And, I was lying about the
                                                I'd like to mention that I'm
                                                completely anti-car, but I'm
                                                sure that does me no good.
                                                \_ nope, none.
donsw                   H+J             2       The computer at home can be
                                                multitasking if I ever use it.
                                                But it doesn't run UNIX so I
                                                let it rot. Hope it counts.
                                                \_ keep hoping...
dci                     G+H             2
badams                  C+H             2       pure cane sugar . . .
jctwu                   H+J             2

Matt Saunders           H+J             2       if I'm hard up for life
                                                points, I'll just steal one
                                                of your cars.

hahnak                  J+H+U           3       no G, no C.  life has been kind
                                                to me.

mlee                    C+H             2       I have actually gotten out
                                                of that rathole so many of
                                                you would despise, but I
                                                called "home".
                                                G:  I should try to get
                                                one just.for.the.point.

nolram                  J+H             2       *sigh*

                        Life facing suspension

brg                     0x1b            4+i     Live orthogonally. Zort.

                        Set Phasers on "Spank"

anitac                  G+H+J           3       Three! I have three points
                                                now. Can I get out of this
                                                category oh Benevolent Life

benco                   U               1       I'd give up the U for a G

Andy Collins            U               1

jon                     H+U+J           2       No G (yet)
                                                well, certainly not in county
                                                at least i have a place to
                                                sleep 'sides csua.
                                                Car is gone.  Completely.
                                                jkuroda@cs, whee
                                                \_ finally.
                                                \_ that doesn't stop you though
                                                \_ OpenBSD.

danh                    J               1       C - 1980 black GMC van
                                                H - my house is rad you
                                                    are jealous yes
                                                G - punk rock girl decided
                                                    to date girls, oh well
                                                \_ I thought danh gets all
                                                   the babes?
                                                        \_ girls are icky
                                                           \_ coming from
                                                                someone whose
                                                                lived with ahm,
                                                        we can understand why
                                                        you have a distorted
                                                        view of gurlz

                        Vegetarians (Flounder in our fleshless glory)

hh                      J+C             2       House is in Egypt, so it
                                                counts not.
                                                \_ Graduates belong at the
                                                   bottom, Eric.

russman                 G-H-J-J-C       1       G- out of county
                                                H- in berkeley
                                                J- in SF and LA (out of county)
                                                C- in LA
                                                U- OS2 should count

schoen                  J+U             2       Linux, of course.  If
                                                consulting counts: J+J+J.

                        Transcendent of Life

kosh                    *+*+*+*+U     NaN       You are not ready for life.

cthulhu                 D+E+A+T+H     666       *BURP*

Dolly                   S+H+E+E+P     aleph-0   Come on, baby, light my fire.

zuul                    Z+U+U+L       ZUUL      There is no life, only...
                                                well, me
                                                \_ I thought it went "There
                                                   is no life, only Nick
                                                   \_ How about "Here is no
                                                      life but only rock /
                                                      Rock and no life and
                                                      the sandy road..."
                                                   \_ No, it goes "There is
                                                      no life, only DYNIX/ptx
                                                      v4.0.1." Yer all hoes.

                        Total L00zerz

Jim Casaburi (casaburi)                 0               General meeting, Sep 14 1998

Michael Heldebrant                      0       Hows my driving, call:
                                                1-900-9-bite-me, anyways
                                                OS/2 gives me my only point
                        \_READ THE DAMN RULES... OS/2 Doesn't count...
                                \_ But it *should* count. I'm protesting.
                                        \_ protest noted and quashed.
                                        \_ rebel!
bhchan                                  0       "No signs of life here"
                                                Do I get a prize for being
                                                The most lifeless and not
                                                afraid to admit it?  Do I?
                                                \_ No
                                                \_ Isn't it about time for
                                                an update Billy? Last I
                                                checked you had C, G, J
                                                and even H (sorta)
thepro                                  0       I am beyond your petty,
                                                lying morality, and so I
                                                am beyond having a life.
                                                \_ And beyond hope... -imp
                                                \_ Who said that morality
                                                had anything to do with it?!

                                                By the way, I've decided that
                                                my REAL county is Ulster, in
                                                Ireland.  As I've never been
                                                there and know no one there,
                                                I'll never have to revise my
                                                life file, as any girlfriends,
                                                boyfriends, jobs, cars,
                                                housing, or computers I
                                                may get will be out of county.
                                                \_ Ulster's a province, not a
                                                   county, ted. -seano
                                                   \_ seano stores Ulysses
                                                      in his butt for handy

Sam Trenholme                           0
                                                \_ Golly, nice quote.-dickylee
                                                 \_ you're an idiot, dick. -ali
                                                  \_ Yer stoopit. -dickylee

utsai                                   0       I suck.
                                                \_ Yer right, Jeff! Ya do
                                                   suck. -dickylee

                        LOSER EXTRAORDINAIRE

AHM                                     1       I GET THE SECRET LIFE POINT
                                                CAUSE I DID SOMETHING
                                                TERRIBLY ICKY.
                                                \_ AHMS ARE ICKY
                                                \_ You obviously have no idea
                                                   what the secret life point
                                                   IS, fool.

Donald Kubasak          -                       ...

NIVRA                                           Judgement of life lies not
                                                within this realm. Thus,
                                                judge me as the dead. I careth
                                                not. To all others, Peace and
                                                Happiness in thy Confounded
                                                \_ OK EVERYONE WAVE TO THE
                                                   FREAKS IN THE PINK FLOYD
                                                   SECTION - Dr. John

                        Lost by graduation

Sean Welch              G+H+J+U         4       Happiness is a Sun 4 at home.

Adam Glass              G+H+U+J         4       skip the car, I'm happy enough
                                                ^That's pretty scary.

ERic Mehlhaff           H+J+U+C         4       Amiga UNIX, dude
    "Moved on to Unlife"                      Car older than the microprocessor
        \_(Wow! An xtrek player who didn't flunk out! )
                \_ It happens!   Can you say the same for MUD players?
        \_ Wait...  Don't you work in San Francisco county?????
           \_ I do now.  The above was at time of graduation...
    \_Post graduation update:  (should I even bother? )
                        H+U+C+U+U+U+C+C+N 3     (Job in SF.-- out of county
                                                 rule needs refining!)

cgd                     C+H+U+G         4       There is no comment, only Zuul!

dim                     G+J+H+U+C       5       Too bad I graduated with 4.

Jennifer L. Hom         G+H+C+J         4
                                                \_ Pretty good write-up.
                                                   Almost as good as thepro's.

Byron C. Go             G+H+C+J         4       Lost by graduation, 5/92
                                                  -- working on getting into
                                                        grad school, though,
                                                        so I may return
                04/96 Update:  Lost the J for a year and a half while I was
                        at Netcom in San Jose, but gained a U.  Now that I'm
                        back in Berkeley I have the J back and retain the U.
                        Ergo, G+H+C+U+J = 5.

Doug "Lips" Simpkinson  G+C+H+J         4       Lost by graduation, 12/92

Ian Barkley             G+C+H+J         4       Lot'o life points - still
                                                 no life - do CO-OP
                                                 apartments count as housing?
                                                \_ Post grad update:  How
                                                many points do kids count for?
Payam Mirrashidi        C+H+J+U         4

Mel Nicholson           C+H+G+J         4       lost by graduation twice
                                                96 Update note:
                                                Most controvesial G point
                                                on record (married -- was
                                                counted as I graduated)
                                                Also out-of-county did not
                                                apply to Jobs back then,
                                                as the Life God was not so
                                                clueless as to not realize
                                                that real jobs are mostly
                                                out of county.

Van A. Boughner         C+H+J+U         4       Lost by graduation, 12/91
                                                  -- 95 update: still no G,
                                                     so life still sucks in
                                                     some ways (or rather, it
                                                     never sucks at all.)

John D. Owens           H+C+G+J         4       20 May 1995, moved on to
                                                even more school. RIP.

Tobias Rossmann         H+C+G+J         4       Lost by Graduation 5/95. Moved
                                                to the Farm for another life,
                                                i.e. a red reincarnation.

Tara Bloyd              G-J-C-H         4       Been there, done that.
                                                1/23/97 update:  all 5.
                                                (been that way for a while, but
                                                 I was too lazy to update...)
                                                \_ Haven't you lost the G point
                                                   by the marriage rule yet?

cdaveb                  G+C+J+H         4       Can't get the computer
                                                point till PowerMac Linux
                                                comes out or I bum MachTen
                                                off someone.
                                                \_ So now what's your excuse?
                                                   \_I have a PCI Mac- gotta
                                                     wait a little longer yet-
                                                     besides- I graduated

Eric van Bezooijen      H+U+J           3       Lost by graduation 5/93.
                                                I think I deserved some kind of
                                                comment.  How about the fact
                                                that I was supposed to beat
                                                Dan Wallach at graduation?
                                                \_ We tried really hard to get
                                                   you a gf before graduation
                                                   -- had you gotten that,
                                                   you could have beaten Dan,
                                                   since V graduates before W
                                                   \_ Actually my name goes
                                                under "B"
                                                Life update, 8/97:

                                                G: Nope, married
                                                C: 1989 Honda Civic
                                                \_ The 75 odd gerbils have now
                                                run 180,000 miles
                                                \_ Make that 200,000.  They
                                                are really working up a sweat.
                                                H: My own house!
                                                U: K6-200 running FreeBSD
                                                J: Active Software, Inc. (ooc)

Shannon D. Appel        H+U+J           3       Which car is this?
                                                    1980 Mustang
                                                In this county?
                                                    Santa Clara
                                                Then it counts not.  See
                                                the out of county rule.

Peter Li'ir Key         G+H+J+C         3       does a car jointly owned
                                                yourself and your s.o. count?
                                                or does it have to be solely
                                                \_ it counts.
                                                \_ dudes with apostrophes in
                                                   the middle of their name

Connie Hammond          H+G+J           3       G?????? What is the ruling
                                                on this?
                                                \_ It counts until the wedding

David G. Paschich       H+U+C           3       Anyone wanna hire me for
                                                the weekend?
                                                \_ GET BACK TO WORK - pvg
                                                \_ What's yer hourly rate?
                                                \_ This won't get you the G
                                                        \_BUT, it will get
                                                          the G-spot humming.

Case Larsen             C+H+J+U         4       "Anyone wanna hire me for
                                                the weekend?"
                                                \_ No.
                                                 \_ see Paschich, D.

Donald Tsang            H+C+J           3       Real J, but C is British
                                                (i.e., not always running).

sheikh                  G+H+J           3       "I need my car back..."

Erik Nielsen            J+G             2       Lost by grad., 5/92, but
                                                now have all 5.  Amazing what
                                                graduating can do for you...
                                                Maybe some of you should
                                                try it.

lucasp                  NULL            0       Ohwell.  I had H for a while,
                                                but now I move on to grad
                                                school and dorms again...
                                                Never had G, never had U,
                                                never had C, summer J's...

Oliver Juang            C+J+H           3       lost by graduation: 5/92
                        C+J+H+U                 95 update:  hope it's not
                                                another 3 for the G point.

Gene Kan                H+U+J           3

yuen                    C+H+U+J         4       Lost by graduation: 5/93
                                                U: GEOS 2.0, a preemptive
                                                   multi-tasking multi-thread
                                                   graphical true OO OS with
                                                   virtual memory, but which
                                                   does NOT offer memory
                                                   protection (cuz it runs on

Maroo Lieuw             H+C+U+J         4       Aint life grand.
                                                Got a morticycle, a scooter,
                                                and a car. (only 1 point? :() )
                                                I finally made it out. 12/95
                                                Got me a Windows NT.

dennisc                 H+J             2       yup yup yup.  SECRET SAUCE.

Matthew Seidl           H+J+U+G         4       Rent controled appartment
                                                3 blocks from campus
                                                TCS sysadmin job
                                                Sparc I at home (19" color is
                                                \_ matt - you still have G?
                                                \_ Well, he certainly doesn't
                                                   have the TCS job...
                                                   \_ By graduation, you twinks.
                                                    \_ he should be moved.
                                                        \_ moved.
                                                6/98 update:
                                                H - living in GF's House
                                                G - Soraya Ghiasi
                                                U - PII300 with FreeBSD
                                                J - RA
                                                C - Prism LSI

                Slept with The Life God by Graduation

tmonroe                 C+H+U+F         2.1416  And it was gooood, too.  But
                                                you never return my phone

                 Shot the Life God During Graduation

geordan                 C+U+J           -(2+i)  Lives are overrated.  I'm
                                                returning mine.  And fuck
                                                you all, anyway.  I will find
                                                you in the night when you
                                                least expect.

                Vegetarians by graduation "we just don't dig on swine"

lila                    H+J             2       I still think men bring only
                                                misery and an evil streak, I
                                                have a job at the moment, but
                                                only till the end of this
                                                week.  Hopefully I will soon
                                                have a real job.  After I
                                                acquire said job, I will then
                                                break down and buy a computer.
                                                I am also buying a car, for
                                                better or for worse.  970827
                                                \_ lila is a fat ass ugly bitch

Jim Ausman              C+J             2       Sigh. I had four points
                                                three months before graduation.
                                                \_ It was the ugly hair
                                                   cut, Jim.  -John

Christine Lee           F+U+C+K         ?       trent is the life god; bite me.
                                                \_ you've got the J & H, just
                                                   get your G to buy you C & U
                                                   (since he can afford it much
                                                    more than any Taos drone)
                                                   and you'll be set
                                                   \_ i already got  my
                                                      C & U off my Taos Drone
                                                      salary.  Now, I have no
                                                      M (money), so leave
                                                      my broke-ass alone...btw,
                                                      now that i'm now a
                                                      registered student at Cal
                                                      AGAIN, do i get a 2nd
                                                      run at Life?  --chris
                                                        \_ You have the M
                                                           (monkey)  -John
                                                        \_ Your "broke ass"
                                                        will be worth millions
                                                        the day you tie the
                                                        knot, so stop whining.

Lars Smith              H+J+secret      2+1     Secret life point: if you
                                                have to ask, you don't know.
                                                G was out of county, computer
                                                was mac-a-saurus.
                                                My all time high was three
                                                (G+H+J) and my largest
                                                fluxuation was from 3 to 0
                                                to 1 in 2 months.

                        Greatly misunderstood the purpose

Victor Chang                            0       I lose.
                                                \_ You're right.

                        Too Lame To Have Entries
George W. Herbert
Craig Latta
Doug Orleans

Official Responses from the Life God

From                    comment                         response
Dan Wallach             do computers at work count?     No.  If it's not
                                                        at home, it doesn't
                                                        \_ can work be an
                                                           unofficial home?
                                                           \_ If you live
                                                              there, yes.
                                                           i have my mail go
                                                           there, for instance.

Eric Mehlhaff           how about  work-owned computer
                        at home?
                        \_ these should count.

Peter Shipley           Do extra girlfriend want-a-be's No, and no.
                        count as extra?  Can you set
                        someone up with points and
                        take a percentage?

Byron C. Go             does Microsoft Windows count?   Serious questions only.
                        \_ NT takes as much HD space as any version of UNIX
                           and it's as processor-intensive, does it count?
                                \_ It's ain't UNIX, right?
                                    \_ Yet another wonderful product
                                       from MicroSloth gets DISSED!

Scott Drellishak        clearly, this scale is faulty.  Obviously.

Case Larsen             Yes, very.                      Again, obviously.

Oliver Juang            (does grading count?)           If you get paid, yes.
                        work count?                     above.

Eric Hollander          Computer is 286, but runs       OS/2 counts not.  See
                        OS/2.                           the rules, under
        \_ Hasn't the OS/2 ruling changed with the new version?
           \_ Get Real. (Get Round Table)

Eric Hollander          House is in Egypt.              House in Egypt counts
                                                        not.  See the out of
                                                        county rule.

Donald Wihardja         Hope it counts.                 If it's not running
                                                        a real OS, it doesn't

Connie Hammond          G?????? What is the ruling      G is merely a code,
                        on this?                        not a judgement.

Dormie Scum             Whaddya mean dorms aren't       That's not saying
                        housing?  It's better than      much.
                        living in the WEB like Roy.

                        Actually, I don't even live in the dorms anymore --
                        \_ I kicked you once when you were sleeping
                           under the WEB tables cause I got all excited
                           about IRC when I was a freshman.  It was
                           a formative moment.  -John

                        But you live in the WEB, and therefore have computer
                        at home. - Dormie Scum

                        Some dorms are ok.  Only        No dorm is ok.
                        Unit 2 sux.                     All dorms suck, some
                                                        just suck more.

                        Unit 2 has its good points.  They're just few and

Scott Drellishak        What about slack?               Slackfulness has very
                                                        little, if anything,
                                                        to do with life.

Peter Norby             I've achieved negative          Possibly, but lifeness
                        lifeness.                       and life points are
                                                        much different.

                        Does your gf know this?

George Herbert          Can I be readmitted to the      No - being a space
                        game now that I'm a student     cadet doesn't count.

                                                        Besides, life ends
                                                        upon graduation.

Kumaran Santhanam       OS/2 2.0 is a preemptive multi-
                        tasking fully reentrant OS.     But is it multiuser?
                        It's gotta count.               Not.
                        With TCP/IP it is multiuser.
                        It's multiuser, complete with
                        passwords, and file protection.
                        I, in fact, run SLIP and have
                        people log in all the time.
                        \_ it doesn't count.


Dear Life God:

        how do we go about adding more life point qualifiers?

You don't.  The rules are final, and clarifications are available only
from the Life God.

        Can we have the point of the week qualifiers (eg: if you do/don't
                own a copy of wiz war, or disqualify Macs on odd
                numbered days)?

No.  Life is not a weekly process, but rather lasts forever, or at least
until you graduate.

        Co-dependent personality (eg: physio or mind fucking) girlfriends
                should *not* count

A girlfriend is a girlfriend.  Subjective judgements do not come into play.
        \_ but some of us can't STAND that term... and we still get the
           point, right?

        If you are married you should be disqualified (since you obviously
                can not be happy in any marriage situation).  Although
                a woman on the side should qualify.
                         The author of this obviously doesn't know Mel.
                         His spelling is likewise pathetic.
                         ^   \_ Some errors korekted
                         |   \_ use philspell
                         \ Is Mel married, or what?
                           Yes.  So is his wife.-^

A wife/husband is not a girlfriend/boyfriend, thus doesn't count for a point.
If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend in addition to a wife/husband, you get the
  \_ so is girlfriend soley defined by having sex? does oral sex count?
     does manual sex count? does S&M count? can you count the number of
     whip lashes? can whiplashes count for you?
        \_ see thepro's comments (in his entry above) for a relevant
           discussion of morality.

A girlfriend/boyfriend is defined by both parties agreeing that those terms
apply to them in their relationship.  Sex is not a requirement in the least.

Okay, so define this "SO lock" thing that we've been babbling about.  Needs
much clarification.

>Life God
>Do you anyone verify someones score!  or can we all cheat

The Life Points are automagically verified.  Do not dare to
offend the Life God.
        \_ I hereby dare to offend the Life God.  "Play that funky
           music, white boy!"  -- tmonroe
        \_ I ever monkey and happy red!  -John

>So is the Life God an elected position?  Or is it passed on from previous
>Life winners to their hand-picked successors?

The Life God is immortal, therefore, succession is not an issue.  Do not
concern yourself with such issues.

>O Mr. Life God:
>We need a better definition of girlfriend.
>\_Do the for-hire ones count?

If you have to hire a girlfriend, you don't deserve any points, but since
the rules are absolute, it doesn't affect your score other than that the
girlfriend for hires counts not.

>Mr. Life God:
>What bribes are required to gain more life?

Suicide will get you a point, in this case.  (But only if it is verified
as successful.)
        \_ If this is the super-secret sixth life point, then the
           Life God is pathetic.
It's not.
        \_ The Life God is still pathetic.

>Mr. Life God:
>Do girls who want to be your girlfriend count?

Only if they actually are your girlfriend.  Similiarly, someone who is your
girlfriend and doesn't want to be also counts for a point, although the
stability of this particular point is questionable.

>Oh wise and wonderous Life GOD:
>Is it possible to have less than 0 life points?

As unfair as it may seem, no.

>Does a computer which is tunred off and being used as a doorstop count?
>[it's a sparcstation]

Yes it counts, though why you would be using it as a doorstop is not clear,
unless you have more powerful hardware at your disposal, in which case you
couldn't need the sparcstation for a point anyway.

>Does it count if you aren't in the dorms but are with your parents?

Not even close.

>I want a definitive ruling on my motorcycle.  It outperforms many people's
>cars, it probably costed more than the cars some people are using for their
>life points, and it probably has more cc/kg than any car on the road.  It
>should, therefore, count.

Well, where did the definitive ruling go?       -hh
\_ the motorcycle counts.

New questions for Life God

>If you have your own workstation at work, and a dedicated ISDN line to
>it, and your home computer runs X, such that you can't tell the difference
>between it and a real computer, does that count as U?  [guessing not]

It's the computer at home that matters, not the interface to it.

>Why does Solaris count (i.e., define "reasonable")?

Because the life god has ruled so.

>Hey does living in the student co-ops count as housing?  I see a number of
>people here claiming that as housing. "Where are you living next semester?"
>"Anywhere but the USCA!"

CO-OPS count not.  They make the dorms look nice in comparision.

>What about frats?

>What about the losers who drop out but never graduate?  When have they 'lost'?
>There's a number of them in the non-grad section!    -ERic

>I think out of county rule needs to be expanded to include all areas in
>non-toll phone range of Berkeley.  County lines are pretty arbitrarily drawn
>around here...

>Does it count as graduation when all you get is a piece of paper and
>keep on going as a grad student?

>Can I have an extra life point for having a network at home?  My living
>room is a machine room.   -raytrace

>Hey, Life God, do I look like a bitch?  -- tmonroe

Motd comments on the life god
2007/7/17 [Computer/SW/Languages/JavaScript, Computer/SW/Languages/C_Cplusplus] UID:47313 Activity:nil
8/23    Update your life scores, you twinks!
        \_ Not unless life-god gets a clue and quits classifying co-op rooms
           as dorms.  Maggot.           -john
                \_ Dear Maggot Infested Peon:
                        Nowhere was it said that a co-op was a dorm.
                        Rather, the life god sayeth: "CO-OPS count not.
                        They make the dorms look nice."  Perchance we shall
                        allow you to return to the hallowed halls of life
                        when you have mastered the difficult art of clue.
                        The life god requests that you not reproduce at
                        this time.
                        \_ Good thing I have the life god's mother hogtied
                           in my closet to prove my points.  -john
                            \_ That's gotta be worth at least a G, if not C.
                \_ What about those 4 to a room co-op rooms? Dorms like
                   mighty nice compared to them
        \_  There's a lot of graduates in the wrong section of the life file,
        \_ I lost so who the fuck cares.

Welcome to John's special half-assed life point section.  This section of
the life file exists specifically for those who have it all.  Sort of.
Well, maybe not really.  But we won't get into that right now.

John            .3C+.7G+.7H+.6J+172.3U  174.5   C's a '63 Mercedes in SF
                                                    with a busted carb
                                                G's in Switzerland but hot
                                                H's a coop, what do you
                                                    want, and
                                                J's the fixing stuff I do
                                                    for it, while
                                                U's almost there, all I
                                                    need is a CD drive.
                                                    That, and I own soda.
                \_ the tank should should for an extra life point

John Update:  I'm not getting the tank, because I found out they wouldn't let me
shoot anything with it anyway, thus making the whole exercise pointless.
What counts is that I had convinced them to give me a tank.  I work
for a company called Bull, which is neat, because if they fail, they can
easily change the logo to "Bull", or if they get bought by Microsoft, they
can change it to "Bill".

2007/7/17-19 [Finance/Banking] UID:47314 Activity:nil
7/17    GMAC Bank has kick ass CD rates. Better than ING Direct and
        Emigrant Direct. I'm getting rid of ING because it's only 4.50%:
        6 month 5.30%
        9 month 5.35%
        12 month 5.40%
2007/7/17 [Uncategorized] UID:47315 Activity:insanely high
7/17    Burbage, Hedwig, Mad-eye, Scrimgeour, Wormtail, Dobby, Snape and
        Fred Weasley all die.
        \_ Who gives a flying shit?
        \_ Burbage?
        \_ I'm reading Le Morte D'Arthur instead, without wearing
           pants - !psb
2007/7/17 [Uncategorized] UID:47316 Activity:nil
7/17    Nancy Pelosi has some pretty big tits under there,
        but she's a grandmother.  Do you think they hang down
        far enough that she can tuck them into her belt?
2007/7/17-19 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47317 Activity:nil
        Barker Brothers, what I love about suburbia.
2007/7/17-19 [Transportation/Bicycle] UID:47318 Activity:low
        #ifdef OLD_FAT_BASTARD          /* Holub */
        #ifdef THIN_N_SVELTE            /* Kuroda, PSB */
        \_ I bet tom could put kuroda and psb in a distance run
           \- ???. relative to the population, my best distances are (were)
              in the 1-8mi range. i rarely ran longer than that, and never
              ran +20mi plus ... i didnt think that was healthy.
        \_ It is certainly possible to bicycle with reasonable strength
           while being overweight, and bicycling doesn't tend to take off
           weight as fast as other activities (although it depends on how
           you train).
           Mountain unicycling, on the other hand, is serious work and it
           is hard to avoid dropping weight while doing it regularly.
           In any case, weight is majorly affected by diet and by genetics,
           no matter what your activity.  My dad ran 9 marathons and I don't
           think he was below 200 pounds for any of them.  (at 6'1")  -tom
2007/7/17 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs] UID:47319 Activity:nil
7/17    why doesn't my fucking backspace key work in emacs
        \_ Maybe you need the following in your .emacs:
           (keyboard-translate ?\C-h ?\C-?)
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7/17    harry potter:
2007/7/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:47321 Activity:nil
7/17    Downloading HP7.tar.gz from 24 of 36 peers -- DL: 301.6KB/s
2007/7/17-19 [Uncategorized] UID:47322 Activity:kinda low
7/17    Trader Joes about to start building on MLK
        \_ I don't shop at Trader Joe.  Is it similar to Andronicle's?
           \_ Better prices. Think of it as a lower-priced Whole Foods.
            \_ Uhh, it's nothing like whole foods.
               \_ What is it like then?
                  \_ like Diffused Foods
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        \_ Who gives a flying shit?
           \_ Barack Obama does:
        \_ Burbage?
        \_ I'm reading Le Morte D'Arthur instead, without wearing
           pants - !psb
           \- just out of curiosity, what is your point mentioning
              LMdA in the same breath as HP? Are they supposed to both
              be "kids fatasy books with adult appeal" or something?
              Maybe Once and Future King, but not LMdA, I dont think.
           \_ I'm reading the Malazan book of the fallen series. I
              read it on the toilet so my pants are half off.
              \_ I'm reading Charlie Stross's _On Her Majesty's Occult
                 Service_, which is really good but may seem dated in about
                 five years. --erikred
        \_ I d like to point out that Harry Potter sucks, and doesn't hold a
           candle to Tolkien's stuff.  And has the adult appeal of Barney
           the fucking dinosaur. -- ilyas
              bath. --erikred
        \_ "Harry, I am your father." -Darth Voldemort
        \- (
           \_ Maybe when the next Hemingway starts writing people will
              start reading fiction again.
              start reading [new] fiction again.
              \- yes, it is too bad as with Livy most of Hemingway is lost
                 to history and everybody has read all of what has survived.
                 \_ What I mean was new fiction, rather than existing
                    fiction. I've fixed it.
                    \- i dont think the failure-to-read is the lack of
                       quality fiction. also, i dont think reading pulp
                       fiction [at least for adults] is any different from
                       watching tv. reading the da vinci code is really
                       mentally the same as watching desperate hwives.
                       \_ I guess I disagree re the failure-to-read.
                          I used to try to find new fiction to read
                          whenever I went to the library, but it was
                          almost all universally bad (except for the
                          occasional mystery novel), so I've sort of
                          given up.
                          I agree re things like da vinci code. That
                          sort of crap is really fit only as kindling.
                         \_ So what, you already read all the old fiction?
                            I'd expect most new fiction to be rather bad,
                            as frankly most people don't really have much
                            to say but they say it anyway. If they can
                            come up with some nice mindless entertainment in
                            book form then more power to them.
                          \- "is there good fiction being written today"
                             is a separate question from "are people reading
                             less today than 20 years ago". if the first is
                             true it might explain the second, if it is true.
                             i dont have an opinion on #1. and i think #2 is
                             better explained by more competion ... like i
                             think internet surfing, dvds, internet chat etc
                             i dont have an opinion on #1. and i think #2 is T
                             but better explained by more competition ...
                             i internet surfing, dvds, internet chat etc
                             has reduced tv viewing more than "there is nothing
                             good on".
                             note also, i wasnt saying davinci code was
                             good/bad. i was just saying reading pulp like
                             that ... or michael chichton, or john grisham,
                             or james patterson ... is the brain equivalent
                             watching tv than reading shakespeare ... i.e.
                             the "at least they are reading" is totally
                             hollow argument.
                             watching tv ... i.e. the "at least they are
                             reading" is totally hollow argument.
                             \_ Oh, I don't know. Books require more patience,
                                reading comprehension, imagination. They are
                                not saturated with commercial marketing.
                                It seems most people can't even read the pulp.
                                \- this might apply to children ... which is
                                   why i restricted my comments to adults.
                                   my old housemate has an mba from mit/sloan
                                   and is more or less retired before 50, and
                                   reasonably informed about the world ... so
                                   reasonably successful and not a dumbass.
                                   the "can" read pulp ... he just doesnt.
                                   he reads 0 fiction, and maybe 0-2 nonfic
                                   per year (usually a practical/howto book).
                                   judging him differently because
                                   he read a james patterson mystery instead
                                   of watching dvds/tv would be silly. he'd
                                   be the same person. on the other hand,
                                   somebody who goes though 20 books a year
                                   including 5 "challenging" books would be
                                   a different person if they replaced that
                                   time with tv.
                         \_ So what, you already read all the old fiction?
                            I'd expect most new fiction to be rather bad,
                            as frankly most people don't really have much
                            to say but they say it anyway. If they can
                            come up with some nice mindless entertainment in
                            book form then more power to them. (re: desperate
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