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2007/7/16-19 [Transportation/Car, Consumer/Camera] UID:47299 Activity:moderate
7/16    Is there a place to report people who illegally laminate license
        plates of their vehicles trying to avoid being caught by red light
        \_ Is there a place we can complain about the poor timing of
           traffic lights that would cause people to run red lights?
           \_ Some engineer who was ticketed by the traffic light camera at
              Alvarado Niles Rd cross H St in Union City actually won the case
              in court and got someone to change the timing of the light.  I
              don't know who was responsible for the timing though.
           \_ Ditto.  Northbound Shattuck turning onto University light seems
              to have gotten much shorter since they installed the camera.
              I see the flash going off almost every time I'm driving through
              it (on someone else, not me.)  I wonder what percentage of those
              flashes actual end up being ticketed?
        \_ Not a central place, no. You could contact your local DPT.
        \_ You could just shoot them.  Why do you care?
           \_ I just think that a speedning Mustang with a laminated plate
           \_ I just think that a speeding Mustang with a laminated plate
              probably tends to run red lights.  I just want him/her to get
              caught when he/she actually does.
              \_ Mythbusters tested various techniques.  The camera gets you
                 \_ Good to know.  Thanks.
              \_ That is between the cops, the driver and the dmv.  The last I
                 checked the legal system in this country still had a
                 presumption of innocent until proven guilty not "you're in a
                 mustang and i don't like your plate so the State needs my
                 help to bust you".  And no I don't own a mustang, have
                 laminated plates or run red lights.  Do you drive exactly 65
                 in the fast lane to keep people from speeding, too?
                 \_ I'm trying to report a violation of laminated plate which
                    I am a witness, not trying to report a possible violation
                    of running red light which I'm not (yet) a witness.
                    \_ You think the cops don't have better things to do?
                 \_ In my mind there's a huge difference between running
                    a red light and speeding a bit on the freeway.  The
                    former is very likely to result in harm.  I think every
                    instance of red light running is serious and should
                    be punished.  I mostly don't care about speeding.
                    \_ In this case the driver hadn't done either.  They have
                       a laminated plate.  They haven't sped or run a red
                       light that anyone knows of.
                    \_ I would agree with you if everything was as simple as
                       you make it out to be. In reality, it's not that
                       simple. In the vast majority of cases, most red-light
                       violations are more accidental than anything else.
                       When you subtract the reaction time of a perfect
                       driver without any kind of hesitation, it requires
                       the driver to execute a violent emergency stop
                       (straight line braking with ABS kicking in) in
                       order to stop before the light turns from yellow
                       to red. At that point, the driver runs the risk of
                       being rear-ended. This is the problem with many
                       intersections. They don't design the length of yellow
                       lights or the time between a red light to green light
                       transition to account for these kinds of things.
                       \_ In your scenario, the party which should be
                          punished is the city for having unsafe yellow-
                          light timing!  It is still very serious and
                          should be punished!  Just not necessarily the
                          driver, if he's not at fault.  I say again,
                          *every* instance of red-light running is serious
                          and should be punished.
                       \_ I see assholes in SF running the red light,
                          nearly barreling into pedestrians, all of the time,
                          it's certainly not a case of breaking distance,
                          it's driver assholism.  Maybe a few stiff red
                          light tickets will cure them of Chronic
                       \_ they absolutely do design the length of yellow
                          lights and the time between a red light and green
                          light based on human reaction times.  What makes
                          you think they don't?
                          \_ Oh they do.  To insure that you run the red.
                          \_ The light on the left turn around the corner from
                             me goes yellow when the first car gets 3/4s
                             through the intersection and the timing is really
                             short so the last car or two *always* run the
                             red even though they entered on green.
                             \_ Those cameras snap only if you enter on red.
                                I know because I enter on yellow all the time
                                at an intersection with a working camera,
                                and I haven't gotten any tickets.
2007/7/16 [Uncategorized] UID:47300 Activity:high
7/16    at least someone is archiving all those deleted youtube vids
        \_No more fat chicks.
        \_ This site is NSFW.
2007/7/16-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Jblack] UID:47301 Activity:low
7/16    we haven't had a good motd thread fight in a while
        \_ what fight?  i was deleting old junk off the bottom.
        \_ what fight?  i was deleting old junk off the bottom.  fine, keep
           your junk.
           \_ I have had a couple of threads deleted "out of order" in the
              last three days. Methinks the Holy Keeper of All MOTD Sanity
              has returned from his extended hiatus. Am I right ilyas? -ausman
              \_ No.  But thanks for being an ass. -- ilyas
                 \_ You are welcome. -ausman
            \_ Who is deleting the Freeper threads?
            \_ Freeper Guy VS. Peak Oil guy
               round 1
2007/7/16-17 [Uncategorized] UID:47302 Activity:nil
7/16    In Linux 2.6, how long does it take for a crontab change to take
        effect?  Say, if the current time is 10:15:30, and I run "crontab -e"
        to add a cronjob for "16 10 * * *" and save it right away, will the
        new job be executed at 10:16?
        \_ yes.  -tom
2007/7/16-19 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47303 Activity:moderate
7/16    Sims Pet Stories from EA is out! Alice, a woman who faces financial
        problems and is about to lose her home. So she enters her pet
        Dalmatian into a local dog show to try to earn enough money to save
        her house.
        \_ Why are land-owners frequently portrayed as the villain?
           "The land-owner (who owns a poodle) wants to evict Alice
            for her selfish needs."
           \_ Presumably because the Sims target audience does not usually
              own property.
              \_ So why a poodle? Why not something meaner, like a
                 rottweiler or a pitbull.
           \_ It is pretty hard for a renter to evict someone.
        \_ I don't get it, why was this posted?
           \_ Sims 2 -> game -> geek -> CSUA.
              Therefore, Sims 2 -> CSUA.
           \_ My guess is because of the ridiculous premise. It's about
              pimping out your dog for your own personal gain.
        \_ Her house can't be worth much if a local dog show ribbon is going
           to save it.
2007/7/16-17 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:47304 Activity:nil
7/16    Are all German women this distracting German John?
        \- E_ZU_SEXY_FUR_DEN_BUS
2007/7/16-19 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:47305 Activity:low
7/16    Is there a website that lists the most senior friendly laptops?
        This would be for someone in their 80's with vision issues and
        arthitis. Not to mention some level of tecchie phobia.
        Serious replies please. Thanks
        \_ One would expect Macs to be more senior friendly, because of
           better UI design.
           \_ OS X also has a nice universal access feature that can
              zoom all or part of the screen for those with vision
        \_ Maybe AARP can recommend one?
        \_ Does it have to be a laptop?  A 30" LCD would go a long way.
           \_ Or a wall projector.
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