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2007/7/15-18 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47293 Activity:kinda low
7/14    Woman Killed by Her Own Pet Dog. Chow chows rule.
        \_ Clearly, she did not establish herself as the alpha.
           \_ Chow chows and chow mixes do not enjoy being beta.
           \_ While this is true, chow chows are independent and aloof
              and behave like cats. They're not your usual dog breeds that
              behave according to the hierarchical status. The concept
              of co-operation has not been a factor in breeding the chows--
              they're bred for their looks (cute and fury) and for food.
              Chows have 25% bedience intelligence (meaning they'll
              respond to your command less than 25% of the time) and with
              a naturally dominant nature ("Hey *I* am the boss"), they
              are one of the most difficult breeds to train with. A chow
              pup requires 80 or more repetitions to learn a trick. Smart
              pups like [border] collie, poodle, lab, learn in less than
              5-10 reps; and once they got the trick they will listen and
              respond correctly 95% or more. TV shows will never show a
              smart and obedient and co-operative chow chow-- they nearly
              don't exist. Pretty yes. Bad temperament and low IQ, that too.
              \_ Why do you keep posting this made up stuff?  Did someone's
                 Chow snarl at you when you were 5 or something?
                 \_ !pp: chow's are dangerous, dumb and not worth owning.
                    \_ Great meat.
                    \_ "The strong-willed Chow needs an equally
                       strong-willed owner. They have definite minds
                       of their own and can easily become your master
                       if you allow it. Chow puppies are naturally
                       well-behaved, more so than most breeds. They're
                       seldom destructive or disobedient. Because of
                       their good behavior, many people fail to train
                       them properly. When an untrained Chow reaches
                       adolescence, that dreadful teenage stage all
                       dogs go through, he may refuse to accept your
                       authority. We've found that most people who've
                       had behavior problems with their Chows failed
                       to train them and earn their respect."
           \_ I met a chow-mix owner one time and it was his 4th dog.
              He had laborador and german shepherd mixes and loved them
              all except the chow-mix, which is the laziest and dumbest
              dog he ever adopted.
                \_ From everything, it seems like Chows are fit only
                   to be eaten.  How do they taste?
                   \_ Like chicken.
              \_ Anyone who ever owned a Shepherd or a Lab wouldn't get Chow
                 if they had any dog clue.  As always, do research before
                 getting a dog.  Lab is a great family dog.  Shepherd can be
                 a great family dog if raised right.  Chow is a horrible family
                 dog but can be great for a single person if raised right.
        \_ If you watched the video, the dog in question has smooth fur not
           fluffy chow fur but let's not let facts get in the way of a
           sensational story.  A pure chow is too small to kill an adult but
           mixing a chow with something much larger and then dumping it in the
           backyard wouldn't be smart.  As far as dumping her dogs in the
           backyard goes, she should've read this:
2007/7/15-18 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47294 Activity:nil
7/14    Is it socially acceptable to name your pet after a person? Like
        Joseph, Michael, Jacob, Abraham, etc?
        \_ No, the only socially acceptable name for a pet is "Sex":
        \_ Why not? All of my pets have had human names: Fred, Holly,
           Geoffrey, Gerald, Gigi, Fiona. What do you think people name
           their pets? Fluffy?
        \_ Sure. It's also acceptable to name it after a deity, such as
           Apollo or Jesus.
        \_ The most popular name for dogs in Japan is John. No joke. --erikred
2007/7/15-17 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47295 Activity:nil
7/13    Motd poll:
        The Canadian dollar will be worth more than the US dollar:
        this year:
        before Bush leaves office: .
        someday, but not soon:
2007/7/15-17 [Uncategorized] UID:47296 Activity:nil
7/15    Do lions/tigers ever hunt elephants?
        \_ yes.. lions do cuz they hunt in packs..
        they will only attack an elephant who wanders alone
        at night
        \_ Watch "Planet Earth"
2007/7/15-17 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea, Science/GlobalWarming, Science/Electric] UID:47297 Activity:nil
7/14    Korean Researchers Develop Plastic Solar Cells: (
2007/7/15-17 [Uncategorized] UID:47298 Activity:nil
7/15    for all your crazy person documentary needs
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