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2007/7/7-8 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:47208 Activity:nil
7/6     21ST CENTURY CATCH-22
        Journalists: "We've been spied on by the feds, we're gonna sue!"
        Federal Court: "Sorry, you have no standing, your case is thrown
        Journalists: "What do you mean, no standing?"
        Federal Court: "You can't prove you were wiretapped."
        Journalists: "But it's a secret program!"
        Federal Court: Sorry, ask the white house."
        White House: "We're sorry, we can't give you that information."
        Journalists: "But then how can we prove we were harmed by your
        illegal program?"
        White House: "You were saying?"
2007/7/7-10 [Uncategorized] UID:47209 Activity:nil
7/8     Yasmin, "it's what's inside that counts." Hmmmm
        \_ Yes take Yasmin so you can cum inside. Clever marketing.
           \_ Why would you cum inside when you can cum on her face?
              \_ Because I can't make her climax by cuming on her face.
2007/7/7-10 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47210 Activity:high
7/7     Dear cat owners: What is it about cats you like?        -dog guy
        \_ dog: Everyone's equal except the master. Communism rules!
           cat: Fuck you and fuck everyone else. Libertarianism rules!
        \_ The cat kingdom doesn't have a complex social hierarchy.
           Likewise cat owners tend to hate hierarchy. They do what
           they damn please. The two have a lot in common.
        \_ Great apes and wolves have a similar social structure.  Most
           dogs view the human as the alpha.  Dog owners get a pet to fulfill
           the need to be an alpha in a social hierarchy.
           \_ Funny. Dog expert Cesar Milan says *most* owners are not
              being calm & assertive owners, and are treated by their
              dogs as equals or even inferior member of the pack. You
              can easily confirm this fact by the number of dogs that
              walk their owners (when the dogs lead the leash) instead
              of the other way around, and how unobedient many dogs are
              with constant barking and uncontrollable behaviors because
              their owners are not being calm and assertive leaders.
              In reality, most owners are *not* perceived by their dogs
              as the alpha. Sad.
           \_ I understand that. I like dogs. I like having a companion
              with whom I can share my social structures with. I'm
              baffled as to why people love cats. I don't understand cats.
              They give me no respect, and don't recognize any of their
              owners. They sleep 2/3 of the time. They're lazy, unmotivated,
              and they're slightly smarter than furnitures. In fact, they
              are moving furnitures.
                If my dog is 200 pounds, it is still my best friend. If
              a cat is 200 pounds, I become its meal. Other than the fact
              that they're clean and low maintenance and provide a little
              bit of entertainment (they're obsessed about yarns and
              strings and curtains), I really don't understand why
              people love cats but I'm curious and I want to know why.
                Thank you for your useless response.            -dog guy
              \_ You like having a slave or a wingman.  Dog owners measure
                 dog intelligence by how much of a beta the dog is.  (Back in
                 the old days folks in the South used to measure the
                 intelligence of black slaves in the same way -- by how well
                 \_ Well I have to say that the southerners did a pretty
                    bad job because many many African Americans
                    are anything but submissive.    -robbed at gunpoint
                 they followed instructions.)  You don't
                 understand cat owners because you have a lot of social
                 insecurity, so much so that you crave 'respect' from an animal.
                 \_ The ability to communicate is one trait that separates
                    smart animals from others. Smart cats can understand up
                    to 50 different human words. Average dogs understand
                    250 different human words. Smart cats are often said to
                    communicate with the human equivalence of 18 months
                    old baby. Average dogs communicate with the human
                    equivalence of 2 year old kids.
                    \_ Cat communication is more subtle and involving of body
                       language and expressions with eyes/ears/tail. I agree
                       that dogs are more attuned to individual human words.
                       But they aren't attuned to cat communication. If you
                       pay enough attention to cats you can communicate
                       enough. They will be more likely to respect you if you
                       are able to do this.
                       \_ Why would you expect dogs to be attuned to cat
                          communication?  Say what?  Dogs are very responsive
                          to human non-verbal cues and express plenty of their
                          own through non-vocal means.  What are you trying to
                          say here?
                          \_ I'm just saying that communication ability isn't
                             defined by understanding human words.
                             \_ Of course not but cross species communication
                                is a good indicator.
                 \_ Actually Mr. Freud, it's a lot simpler than that.
                    Obedient slave will do tasks that alpha slaves will
                    not. Economically speaking, beta slaves yield high
                    ROI (return on investment) whereas alpha slaves are
                    liabilities. Likewise, dog owners need to have beta
                    dogs to yield a higher ROI where their definition
                    of investment is time/training/vets vs. how much
                    fun it is to be with their dogs. From what you're
                    saying the only ROI dog owners want is a psychological
                    need to feel superior, which may be true for some
                    dog owners but is certainly not a universal need for
                    all dog owners. Many dog owners are just as
                    content having cats around for companionship.
                 \_ Your comments were insightful and I thought it was
                    going to lead to a logical conclusion, but alas, it's
                    just the usual motd ad-hominem
                    \_ Sometimes an insult is the logical conclusion.  The
                       OP started the thread to try to troll cat owners --
                       he got exactly what he deserved.
                       he got exactly what he deserved.  What's funny is
                       a typical cat owner would find the original comment
                       of 'wanting to be an alpha' insulting, but I think
                       it's too subtle a jab to be caught by a dog owner.
                       \_ in general a generalization like yours makes
                          you appear to be a person who likes to generalize.
                       \_ What's up with the giant trollish net you're
                          tossing over all dog owners?  It's kind of hard to
                          respond to someone in a serious way who makes such
                          grandly sweeping trollish statements.
                          \_ I don't know about you, but I stopped taking this
                             thread seriously after OP's first response.
                             \_ It's the motd, none of it is serious.  With
                                that in mind, I just wanted to point out the
                                giant hand waving trolling sweeping over-
                                generalisation since it went beyond motd norms.
                                \_ I don't think the motd can survive without
                                   your observational skills.  Thanks!
                                   \_ No problem, I'm here for you, Brother!
            \_ Cats are beautiful creatures that still have a lot of the
               \_ beautiful as in "wow I love the color and the fur, let
                  me put on Gucci decorations and make it cuter!" or
                  beautiful as in "it moves with god given grace" ?
                  \_ Graceful, agile, and overall attractive. They seem
                     to be very proud animals.
               wild in them. They *do* recognize their owners and they can
               be very loving. They are small and clean and don't smell
               bad, like dogs do. I've had both as pets and while I grant
               that it's better to have a dog sometimes (e.g. for
               security) as pets I far prefer cats. I think cats are
               smarter than dogs are, btw.
               \_ I'm still not hearing a single specific about any case
                  where cats are smarter than dogs in any way.
                  \_ Let me guess, you're a dog owner?          -pp
                     \_ I've had both.  Going to answer the question or keep
                        attacking at a personal level?  What is 'smarter'
                        about cats?
               \_ In a 1:1 match the cat wins hands down. Cats have better
                  agility and faster reaction time. They're born with
                  better survival instincts and individual hunting instincts.
                  They track targets well, hide better, and attack only
                  when they're in an advantageous position. In an even
                  n:n match where n is greater than say, 5, a pack of dogs
                  wins hands down. This is mainly because dogs learn and
                  adapt as hunters and are able to co-operate with
                  others. God built cats with faster CPU and bigger ROM,
                  but gave dogs much more RAM.
                  \_ Where do lions fit in?
                     \_ Once again lions have superior hardware but
                        wolves have slightly better written software.
                        One on one, lions win hands down, but the slightly
                        better designed software will allow a pack of
                        wolves (5-25) to wear down loner lions.
                        \_ What makes it better? Packs of lions work
                           together better than wolves do. Go watch some nature
                           videos. -troll#319
                           \_ I've seen plenty of videos of both.  Both pack
                              hunt in pretty much the same way in everything
                              I've seen.  What have you seen different?
                              \_ I've seen them cooperating to get prey in
                                 ways wolves don't do. But whatever: if you
                                 say they're pretty much the same way, then
                                 why do you think wolves have better software?
                                 \_ I'm not the software analog guy.  I think
                                    it comes down to pack vs. non-pack.  Lions
                                    will do things like encircle prey, have a
                                    chaser lion spook the target into other
                                    waiting lions, etc.  So do wolves.  I dunno
                                    exactly what ways you're talking about.
                                    \_ Why are you replying then? I was
                                       responding to the claim that wolves
                                       are smarter than lions.
                                       are smarter than lions.  -troll#319
                                       \_ You've been chatting with me since
                                          lions were brought into this.  I'm
                                          still not mammals=computers guy.
                                          \_ uh? he was the one who claimed
                                             wolves have "better designed
                                             software" and my reply was to
                                             him.  -troll#319
                                             \_ Okey dokey.  He hasn't been
                                                here for a while though.  Maybe
                                                you're on the wrong thread?
                                                Try Google's New MOTD Maps!
                     \_ Mostly lazing around while the few females hunt once
                        a week or so on the pride's behalf.
                        \_ Sounds pretty smart.
                           \_ You mean "Sounds pretty lucky." They didn't
                              "think & act" to reach their status.
                              \_ You base this opinion on what?
               \_ So if I repeatedly put a dog & a cat in an identical maze
                  (at separate times of course), a cat will learn to
                  traverse the maze faster than a dog?
                  \_ Not really what I meant, but I've read that cats are
                     capable of learning tasks that dogs cannot.
                     \_ Yes like learning to climb a tree. SMART!
                     \_ Such as?  With patience you can train a dog to do
                        almost anything.  It probably won't understand why
                        you've taught it to use the vaccuum cleaner but it
                        can be taught to do so.
               \- can you elaborate on your definition of smart?
                  \_ Capable of more advanced thought processes.
                     \_ You mean they're too smart to obey commands
                        because they know they'll get food anyways?
                        \_ Intelligence is domain specific.  The cold virus
                           is more intelligent in its own domain than the
                           entire human race.  If you define intelligence
                           as the capacity to obey commands then computers
                           are smarter than people. -- ilyas
                           \- Most scientists today will agree that
                              intelligence is defined as capacities to
                              reason, plan, solve problems, think
                              abstractly, comprehend ideas and language,
                              and learn. There is no doubt that the cold
                              virus is WELL SUITED for its domain (host)
                              and the cat is WELL SUITED for its domain
                              (jungle). I.E. the germ is WELL SUITED but by
                              no means INTELLIGENT for its domain. It
                              doesn't reason, plan, and comprehend ideas
                              but certainly its offspring variants LEARN
                              to defeat anti-biotics.
                              \_ Do you believe an observational test is
                                 sufficient to determine intelligence?
                                 (The Turing Test is observational).  It
                                 sounds like you don't, because you are
                                 appealing to the 'causal structure' of the
                                 mind as found in human beings
                                 (e.g., implementation: planning,
                                 etc.)  Blockhead doesn't plan, but some
                                 people would consider it intelligent.
                                 I don't consider any collection of cold
                                 viruses to possess 'general intelligence,' but
                                 I am not sure that concept is well defined
                                 anymore.  -- ilyas
                                 anymore.  The architecture of the human mind
                                 The architecture of the human mind
                                 has more in common with that of a cold virus
                                 strain than of Blockhead.  -- ilyas
                                 strain than of Blockhead.  I don't consider
                                 any collection of cold viruses to possess
                                 'general intelligence,' but I am not sure that
                                 concept is well defined anymore. -- ilyas
                    \_ Exactly what are these more advanced thought processes
                       that the cat has?  I've had both cats and dogs, often
                       at the same time, and didn't ever once see or hear of
                       my or any other cat doing anything smarter than leaving
                       dead things in the house as a gift.
                       \_ HOW DARE YOU question cats' intelligence! They
                          climb trees, kill pests, clean themselves, and
                          are self sufficient. Dumb dogs cannot do any of
                          the above. -dog guy pretenting to be a cat guy
                          \_ I didn't expect to get a real reply from a cat
                             person, so thanks for filling in.  :-)
2007/7/7-10 [Uncategorized] UID:47211 Activity:nil
7/6     Hey mice, whatever happened to the kitty you rescued on August
        14th of 2005?
2007/7/7 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion] UID:47212 Activity:nil 85%like:47216
7/7     Curtains for Fred:,0,54260.story?coll=la-home-center
2007/7/7-10 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47213 Activity:low
7/7     Nearly half of Americans support impeaching Bush.  More than half
        support impeaching Cheney.
        \_ So? More than half believe in the law of Jesus Christ
           \_ Jesus Christ is not a fringe idea, and neither is impeachment.
              However, it is routinely derided as such.
              \- i dunno who this dood is, and i think he goes off the rails
                 a bit at the end with the mob boss stuff, but this is a
                 good paragraph ....
                    Now, George Bush and his cronies are showing America
                    in the  worst possible light.  They are illuminating
                    the  chasm between  the weak  and the  powerful, the
                    rich   and   the  poor,   the   connected  and   the
                    disconnected. They are doing  all they can to find a
                    death  row  cell for  the  American  Dream and  when
                    crunch  time comes,  giving none  of us  hope  for a
                    commutation of that sentence.
        \_ I suspect far fewer even know what impeachment means.
        \_ More than 85% of Americans believe in the personification of
           the Biblical Angels, too.  They're still looking for a pin, though.
2007/7/7-10 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:47214 Activity:nil
7/7     One lawyer's opinion on the fed government's use of
        conspiracy charges:
        \_ Unless you are Scooty Libby or some other well connected GOP
           insider, in which case you are above the law.
2007/7/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:47215 Activity:nil
7/7     When we calculate who is or is not a millionare, do we include money
        in the person's 401(k) account which will be taxed when the person
        withdraws it?
        \_ Of course. A millionaire is not (usually) someone who has a million
           in cash sitting in the bank, it is someone who has over a million
           in assets.
2007/7/7-10 [Politics/Domestic/Abortion] UID:47216 Activity:nil 85%like:47212
7/7     Curtains for Fred: (
2007/7/7-11 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Reference/History/WW2] UID:47217 Activity:nil
7/7     I just saw Band of Brothers. Curahee!! Like I said,
        German artillery is the best.
        \_ D-Day Weekend on the History Channel.
        \_ In WW2, are parametics somehow magically exempt from getting
           targetted? German snipers could have easily picked them off
           but didn't. Why?
           \_ Who says they didn't?
           \_ Geneva convention, I guess.  Paramedics are not armed and
              fighting, although they are in uniform.
              \_ GC were violated all over the place by all parties in WW2.
           \_ my guess is that in the battle field, they were so busy killing
              those who has potential to threaten them (i.e. those in arms),
              that shooting parametics are simply very low on their priority.
              \_ I read something a few years ago that said most rounds fired
                 in WW2 weren't aimed at anyone in particular, just the
                 general direction of the enemy to get them to stay down and
                 not shoot back.
2007/7/7-8 [Reference/BayArea] UID:47218 Activity:low 93%like:47185
7/6     SF fireworks mayhem: (
        and then there's this guy
        \_ sfist is racist? huh?
        \_ The girl who lost a finger is in this photo:
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