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2007/7/5 [Recreation/Food] UID:47176 Activity:very high
7/5     Chinese villagers eat dinosaur bones - Yahoo! News:
        Only $0.23/lb!  Cheaper than pork bones here.
        \_ Eating 100 million year old food -- I see the Chinese officials
           are really doing something about ensuring the food supply there
           after the toothpaste/pet food scares.
           is safe after the toothpaste/pet food scares.
2007/7/5 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47177 Activity:high 69%like:47152
7/4     Happy 4th of July! Support our troops! Support our president!
        Why Bush commuted Libby's sentence instead of pardoning him: (Economist's View)
           "Great news!"
        \_ More obstruction of justice.                 -ausman
2007/7/5 [Uncategorized] UID:47178 Activity:high
7/5     wow scooter libby pays his 250k fine already
        \_ Why is that 'wow'?
        \_ i do not have 250k hanging around. do you?
           \- $250k is pocket change to libby. if you dont know that,
              you dont know anything abut him. he's not some random
              govt employee in his mid 40s making $72k/yr. libby made $2m
              represeting marc rich. do you have any sense of how the
              "other half" live? note also in libby's case, he's from a
              reasonably wealthy background.
        \_ This not on
2007/7/5 [Transportation/Car, Reference/Tax] UID:47179 Activity:very high
7/5     "All we really want is to get paid and get laid." (Yahoo Business)
        \_ "How much money buys happiness? A wide body of research suggests the
           number is approximately forty thousand dollars a year." Uh, the
           poverty line in SF is $60K/year. Maybe 40K a year will buy you
           everything you need in hick states.
           \_ No the poverty line is not 60K.
           \_ Maybe you don't need what you think you need.
              \_ Start with $40k.  Tax it (fed, state, sales, etc): $25k.
                 Subtract rent for $1k/month dump: $13k.
                 Subtract $1k/month for Food+utilities+life misc: $1k.
                 Cool.  You now have $1k in your pocket at the end of the
                 year.  Way to live the good life.  How's that retirement
                 plan going?
                 \_ 1. You are way off on your taxes.
                       \_ Ok, give us your numbers then.  All taxes.
                        \_ 30K or so.  Sales tax isn't fair cause it's
                           not part of your rent and you are counting that
                           into the daily living expenses.
                           \_ Ok fine sales taxes are in other things.  Adding
                              5K/yr back isn't that much. I had you in a
                              $1k/month rental.  That rental could easily and
                              fairly be a lot higher, it would still be a dump
                              and you'd be at the same post-rent level.
                    2. 40k in the city, you are going to need to budget, yeah.
                       If you are spending 1k/month on general stuff you
                       are probably overspending.
                       \_ Food+utilities+clothes+transport+whatever else you
                          do with your life not adding to $1k?  Ooookkaaaayy.
                          \_ Dude right now I'm at about 1K/month for life
                             expenses.  I get out.  I do stuff, I eat out
                             at nice places.  1K/month is plenty for general
                             happiness.  That goes double when outside of
                             the Bay Area.  You do realize that people outside
                             of the BA buy houses with incomes around 40k.
                             \_ So how's your retirement plan going?  What
                                happens if you lose your job and it takes a
                                month to find a new one?  3 months?  6+ months?
                           \_ You know that median income in the Bay Area is
                              less than $40k/yr, right? Somehow most people
                              manage to get by on an income you think is
                              \_ The other person below says it is $60k.
                                 \_ Median per capita income is $30k, household
                                    (family) income is $62k.
                    3. Yeah, living in the second or third most expensive
                       area in the country you probably need to add a bit
                       to the numbers given in a fluff journalism piece.
                       \_ I wasn't the one who said you could do it in SF for
                          $40k.  I was only responding.
                          \_ 40k is journalism fluff for no frills middle
                             class.  Not having to worry how you will pay
                             rent.  Not having to worry about every dollar
                             you spend.  It doesn't mean being able to buy
                             anything you want.
                             \_ I didn't say it did.  I don't know where you're
                                going with this line of reasoning.
                    4. One of the points of the article is that having that
                       extra money, while nice, generally doesn't make
                       people happier.  It buys people nice toys but that
                       doesn't really lead to long term happiness.
                       \- having to worry less about "if my car/kid needs
                          $2k/$10k in repairs" does make life better.
                          \_ I've lived for a long time on a lower middle
                             class wage.  You know what, I didn't spend my
                             time worrying about what if my car broke down.
                             The only real sacrifice that I had to make that
                             ever bugged me was lack of health insurance for
                             a year, and that was something I porbably could
                             have gotten if I was willing to make a few cuts
                             in my spending.
                             \_ If your car or your leg broke you would have
                                worried a lot more about it.
                                \_ As I said, health insurance worried me.
                                   The car, on the other hand, was a <5K
                                   beater.  It got me from A to B.  If it
                                   needed 5K in repairs I would have just
                                   gotten another car.  That I could afford.
                                   \_ So you have no health insurance, a
                                      broken leg would ruin you and when your
                                      car breaks you're wiped out.  Maybe
                                      that's ok when you're 23 and can live on
                                      a friend's couch for a while or your
                                      mom's basement but that's not living.
                                      We haven't even talked about marriage or
                                      kids and you skipped my comments on
                                      retirement.  I don't think working until
                                      the day you die is living.  Maybe that's
                                      ok for you, but count me out of that
                                      plan, thanks.
                                      \_ As I said before, lack of health
                                         insurance WAS something that bothered
                                         me.  It just wasn't something I dealt
                                         with.  Instead I let it bug me until
                                         I got a better job that had health
                                      \_ Median household income in the Bay
                                         Area is $62k. That is how most people
                                         have to live. Count yourself blessed.
                                         \_ You read the part where we're
                                            talking about $40k in SF, not $62k
                                            in the Bay Area, right?  Also, the
                                            above person says it is below
                                            $40k.  Can you two get together on
                                            this?  I'm not going to respond to
                                            two drastically different numbers
                                            at the same time as if both were
                                            \_ Do you know the difference
                                               median and average?
                                               \_ Sorry, should have said median
                                            \_ In the City of SF, median
                                               household income is even lower.
                                               Don't get confused between
                                               per capita and household income.
2007/7/5 [Recreation/Music] UID:47180 Activity:nil
7/5     Four-fingered pianist
        (Not four fingers on each hand, but four fingers total.)
        \_ Very very touching and inspirational. I almost cried. Thanks
           so much for the link we need more stories like these.
        \_ FYI she was playing Chopin's Fantasy Impromptu and later on
           Mozart's piano concerto #21 in C major K. 467 Elvira Madigan,
           third movement (Andante Vivo Assai)
2007/7/5 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:47181 Activity:high
7/5     Lack of civil liberties, not poverty, causes terrorism: (The Economist's View)
        \_ Civil liberties are a relatively new concept.  Global terrorism
           is also a relatively new concept.  Therefore GT is caused by CL.
           \_ By relatively new, do you mean since the French and
              American Revolutions? Or do you mean 1215, when the
              Magna Carta was signed?
              \_ I meant the late 1700s but I'll accept the MC as relatively
                 new, yes, compared to the span of human history.
2007/7/5 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley] UID:47182 Activity:nil
7/5     i love berkeley
        \_ I thought DMV requires one to explain the meaning of the custom
           license plate number when one is requested.  (Unless DMV thinks one
           'k' and two 'k's are different enough.)
           \_ If you can't make up something you don't deserve a plate like
2007/7/5 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:47183 Activity:nil
7/5     hi. motd liberal here.  if bush commuted this guy's sentence,
        i will immediately convert to the cause of gwbush conservatism.
        no fooling.
        \_ "So one particular day, my friend Robert called me at Louisiana to
           ask me, could I introduce the two parties? I said, 'Yes.' He say,
           'Well, if you can introduce us, I'll get you fifteen hundred
           dollars, if you can introduce us we can come to some type of
           agreement.' I said, 'Oh, I have no problem with that.'"
           Um, sounds like he may have known more than he claims.
        \_ i think he's guilty.  he says he's guilty.  guilty guilty guilty.
           do you really think deserves life in prison?  we're talking
           life here.  he's not getting paroled.  he will die in
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