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2007/7/1-4 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47142 Activity:nil
6/31    Resident develops new breed of dog-like cat - the puppykat:
        \_ Just get a chow chow. They like to play with their own tails and
           chase any little thing that moves and ignores most of your commands
           except the word "food". They're as dumb as cats.
2007/7/1-5 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:47143 Activity:high
                            \_ Here is the full article:
        \_ Maybe he will actually allow his OS to run in a VM some day.
           I don't get all of the iPhone hype. It's a phone. It's a nice
           phone, but it's a phone. It doesn't do anything existing
           devices didn't do, do them cheaper, or possibly even better (I
           haven't used one yet, so I can't say). Why is there so much
           hype over a flipping phone? My coworker took off work yesterday
           to go get one and when he did he had to spam us all with photos
           of him in line, him opening the box, and so on. Give me a
           break. I'm sure I'll have some similar device in a year or two
           and it will be more featureful and cost half as much. Why is
           this such a "must have" device that people will wait in line
           to pay $600 for one? And I'm not talking Mac geeks here. I'm
           talking 20 year old receptionists in Des Moines.
           \_ let me guess, you also think most people are stupid right?
              \_ Just people who wait in line for a new phone.  -John
           \_ I'm a well educated urbanite and I simply don't understand
              why people want to live in Los Angeles! It is a total dump
              because *I* hate LA and I don't see WHY anyone else wants
              to live there!</sarcasm>
           \_ What about iPod and Gucci and Louis Vouitton stuff? They are
              completely useless shit yet people want them. Why? And what
              and Porsche Cayenne and Chevy Suburban? Clearly they have
              no values for 98% of the daily commutes in the US but people
              want them. Why?
              \_ People do not typically line up at 4am a day in advance
                 to buy a Gucci bag or a Suburban. My question is not:
                 "Why do people want a phone?" as much as "Why is this
                 particular phone so hyped?"
                 \- they might line up at 4am to get a Birkin Bag. It also
                    costs 10x - 100x what an iPhone costs. Yes, I am not
                    kidding ... a bag pricier than a Suburban.
                    \_ Purchacing one of these should be grounds for
                       \- if you make me king for 6mos,
                          i will deal with them.
                          \_ Shithead.
                          \_ Welcome, King of Hearts.
                             \_ I think you mean Queen of Hearts: OFF WITH
                                THEIR HEADS!  Partha, you know that you don't
                                hit people, right?  You know, grade school
                                stuff. -- ilyas
                                \_ No, ilyas, I meant The King of Hearts,
                                   with Alan Bates. If he's King of this lot,
                                   trust me, the analogy is apt. --erikred
                                   \_ My apologies, that's even funnier.
                 \_ I can't speak for the great unwashed since I didn't line
                    up to buy one, but I'm excited at the idea of an LCARS-
                    esque interface. I know the iPhone is not that, but it's a
                    step closer, and that's worth getting excited about. That
                    said, I don't have $500 for a toy right now.
           \_ Well, iPods are the most popular mp3 players, so getting that
              with a phone and google maps and whatever must be appealing.
              It's a lot of money yeah. I don't know, a lot of people like
              to spend money on gadgets and cars. If I travelled around a lot
              I think this phone could be quite useful. My non-sexy phone
              already plays mp3s fine though and cost nothing.
              \_ I forgot to mention that you have to use Cingular's crappy
                 service. As a current Cingular customer that would seal
                 the deal for me *not* getting an iPhone right there.
              \_ "Yes, but MINE is an apple!"
                 \_ I was reading this, thinking "wow, what an amazingly
                    stupid person" then I realized it was OSC. Good for a laugh,
                    but boy is that guy clueless...
                    \_ I thought he was spot on.
                       Everybody else makes black notebook computers.
                       Apple decides to be different and makes white/silver ones
                       Apple later makes black ones just like everybody else
                       and now prices them $150 more than their white/silver
                       Apple fanbois are idiots.
                       \_ Do you really think that OS X has the same amount
                          of security and reliability flaws as Windows XP?
                          \_ Do you really think the addition of Randy Moss
                             significantly increases the odds of the Pats
                             winning the Super Bowl? What the hell does your
                             question have to do with the statement above?
                             Stupid Apple fanbois...
                             \_ Awesome: you'd rather have a cheaper, easier-
                                to-zombify machine. The irony is choking me.
                                \_ Your Alanis Morissette sense of irony is
                                   choking me.
                                \_ I don't know about "easier-to-zombify", but
                                   I, for one, would indeed rather have a
                                   cheaper machine, all else being equal.
                                   \_ I use both at work and home, so I have
                                      no emotional investment here, but the
                                      point seems to be that "all else" is not
                                      \_ Ya think? Why do you think I said
                                         "all else being equal"? Maybe because
                                         I understand they aren't? The point is
                                         that cost is not a virtue. (But if you
                                         want to get into it, I find them equal
                                         enough that what matters is the apps
                                         available, and Windows wins there.)
                             \_ Did you even read OSC's rant? If you did, your
                                English comprehension skills are very poor. Or
                                maybe I should just follow your lead and say:
                                OSC fanbois are idiots.
                                \_ Yes I did read the rant. Did you? One of his
                                   main points is that Apple fanbois seem to
                                   always think that Apple invents stuff that
                                   they just copy. I cited an actual example.
                                   Everybody makes black notebooks. Apple at
                                   first made white ones. Then when they decide
                                   to "think different" and make black notebooks
                                   like everyone else, the Apple fanbois are like
                                   like everyone else, the Apple fanbois are all
                                   OMG! Black! Must have! and Apple charges a
                                   premium for a product that now looks like
                                   everyone else. Now, idiot, please spell out
                                   everything else. Now, idiot, please spell out
                                   why this is untrue without an ad hominem
                                   attack or bashing Microsoft/Sony/Motorola.
                                   Fucking dumbass.
                                   attack on the author (I don't even know who
                                   OSC is other than that he wrote Ultimate
                                   Iron Man which sucked) or bagging on
                                   Microsoft/Sony/Motorola which was never
                                   brought up by me or OSC. Fucking dumbass.
                                   \_ Pretty amusing that the guy who says
                                      "Apple fanbois are idiots" and "fucking
                                       dumbass" now complains about ad hominem
                                       \_ It's called a demonstration of real
                                          irony, moron.
                                          irony, you fucking turd burglar.
                                          \_ Is the part where you claim there
                                             is no reference to Windows in the
                                             article supposed to be "irony" as
                                             well? I am so confused, what part
                                             of your argument is a genuine
                                             attempt to make a point and what
                                             part is just an attempt to
                                             ironically make yourself look
                                             clueless? Maybe you could use
                                             markup tags next time.
                                       attacks. Go back now and v-e-r-y
                                       s-l-o-w-l-y read the part where OSC
                                       says that Mac's are no better than
                                       Windows because they have security
                                       bugs, too! Perhaps you did not realize
                                       this, but the line "just like Windows"
                                       is a reference to a Microsoft operating
                                       system (which you claim OSC never
                                       brought up). He also explicitly mentions
                                       Microsoft in the line "despite the best
                                       efforts of Microsoft." Read more
                                       carefully next time.
                                       \_ Yeah, I find it totally amusing that
                                          you're a total buffoon.
                                   \_ I know you don't care, but your facts
                                      are mostly wrong. Although the Mac
                                      Portable could arguably be called white,
                                      all powerbooks until the g3 era where
                                      grey. In the g3 era, the powerbooks
                                      were black and the iBooks were white
                                      + color (like the iMacs) (the first
                                      all white iBook came in May 2001). The
                                      black powerbooks were much loved amongst
                                      the fan base. Many fans did not like the
                                      switch to Ti and Al. It is for these
                                      historic customers that Apple seems
                                      to have reintroduced the black MacBook.
                                      The assertion that Apple decided to
                                      "think different" by copying others
                                      is, therefore, mostly inaccurate.
                                      I can understand that you may not
                                      understand why someone would pay more
                                      for a black MacBook than a white one.
                                      That may be a valid argument, but
                                      then again people seem to be willing
                                      to pay more to buy cars and clothes in
                                      specific colors and the use of such
                                      colors, though common by some is still
                                      regarded as "innovated" when adopted by
                                      a major market participant - perhaps
                                      as a reflection of the economic risk
                                      specific colors.
                 \_ "I took History of English in grad school and followed the
                     familiar pattern -- attempt to explain how English got to
                     be the way it is today."
                    As a former English major, I find OSC harder and harder to
                    take seriously. Can he not afford an editor?
                \_ I think Cingular went away didnt it
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