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2007/6/30-7/3 [Uncategorized] UID:47133 Activity:nil
6/30    It's crotchy!  -John
        \_ Hey John for archive purpose can you please put a summary
           or keywords? Like "weird artsy crotchy" or something
           easily searcheable? Thanks John!
           \_ I think "it's crotchy" nicely sums that up.  -John
2007/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47134 Activity:high
        This guy looks *really* happy. He also looks like the girl. Must
        be a small gene pool down there. Still though:
        "She could have done anything," Betty said. "She could have set the
        world on fire. She threw it all away."
        That statement is pretty meaningless. Getting married doesn't have
        to mean barefoot+pregnant+kitchen.
        \_ some guy set Tahoe on fire
        That statement is pretty meaningless. Getting married doesn't have
        to mean barefoot+pregnant+kitchen.
        \_ Is this motd 16-y.o. guy? See, all you need to do is get a job
           as a girl's track coach. What are you going to do when your new
           wife turns 21 though? Dump her for a new high schooler?
           \_ You could say that about any woman. "Oh you married a 23 yo?
              are you gonna dump her when she turns 30?" Note that this man
              is not being prosecuted.
              \_ Seriously, is this motd 16 y.o. guy? If it is, you understand
                 my question. Though your question might be valid if the guy
                 was 50, especially if had a history of dumping his wives
                 when they got older than 25 or so.
                 \_ Well, assume I don't understand it. Explain it would you?
                    Why is the one more valid than the other? Everyone starts
                    young and gets older.
                    \_ Most people assume marraige is a lifelong contract. If
                       you go into it, knowing you are going to divorce your
                       wife once she is "old" at the age of 21, you are lying,
                       unless you tell her that up front.
                       \_ Am I missing something here? Did I or this man say
                          I/he would do that?
              \_ Why should he be prosecuted?  Her parents signed the
                 permission for her to marry at 16.
                 \_ Well, the other day these motd people I was trolling
                    made comments about 16yos being children and landing
                    you in prison and such.
2007/6/30-7/5 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:47135 Activity:nil
6/30    Democrats, not very popular:
        \- anybody who compares the approval ratings between the
           president and congress is either stupid or disingenuous.
           to say "congress's rating have slid more in the last
           6mos while the president's rating have gone up" might
           be meaningful, but the only virtue of comments like this
           "President Bush is doing terribly -- an average of 30 percent
           job approval in six recent polls. Congress is doing worse --
           25 percent on the average in five polls." is to signal you can
           add this dood to your KILL file. that article is the journalistic
           equivalent of a college paper with the thesis "the iliad
           is a poem by homer about the trojan war, which was difficult."
           \- see also:
        \_ The only poll that matters happens in November every two years.
2007/6/30-7/3 [Uncategorized] UID:47136 Activity:nil
6/29    How many people have had to pick up and/or rescue kitten(s)/pup(s)
        from an irresponsible person who kept having litters of
        unexpected/unwanted kittens/pups? Do tell.
2007/6/30-7/3 [Recreation/Computer, Recreation/Activities] UID:47137 Activity:kinda low
        Amélie Mauresmo, former #1 tennis player, strong like a man,
        plays like a man, walks like a man, and has the figure of a man.
        \_ Plus, she is a cheese-eating surrender monkey, what more do
           we need to know?
        \_ Why was this posted?  Is there something I'm missing?
           \_ I find it unfair that yesterday's Wimbledon on NBC showed
              70% Sharapova (hot hot hot) and only 10% Mauresmo, even
              though both played well. Obviously, the person responsible
              for yesterday's broadcast was biased overwhelmingly towards
              Sharapova, and I suppose they did it because they wanted to
              attract viewers by showing pretty people over ugly people.
              Life is sad and unfair.                   -not attractive guy
              \_ I think Anna K is a little hotter than Sharapova, but both are
                 \- are you blind? does anybody agree with you?
                    \_ I dunno, in the wikipedia hits she looks pretty hot to
                       me. -!pp
        \_ Damn.  He ... er ... she is more handsome than I am.  -- guy
        \_ This French looks like she's from former Communist Russia.
2007/6/30-7/1 [Computer/Companies/Apple, Consumer/Audio] UID:47138 Activity:high
        \_ Maybe he will actually allow his OS to run in a VM some day.
           I don't get all of the iPhone hype. It's a phone. It's a nice
           phone, but it's a phone. It doesn't do anything existing
           devices didn't do, do them cheaper, or possibly even better (I
           haven't used one yet, so I can't say). Why is there so much
           hype over a flipping phone? My coworker took off work yesterday
           to go get one and when he did he had to spam us all with photos
           of him in line, him opening the box, and so on. Give me a
           break. I'm sure I'll have some similar device in a year or two
           and it will be more featureful and cost half as much. Why is
           this such a "must have" device that people will wait in line
           to pay $600 for one? And I'm not talking Mac geeks here. I'm
           talking 20 year old receptionists in Des Moines.
           \_ let me guess, you also think most people are stupid right?
              \- THEY ARE.
           \_ I'm a well educated urbanite and I simply don't understand
              why people want to live in Los Angeles! It is a total dump
              because *I* hate LA and I don't see WHY anyone else wants
              to live there!</sarcasm>
           \_ What about iPod and Gucci and Louis Vouitton stuff? They are
              completely useless shit yet people want them. Why? And what
              and Porsche Cayenne and Chevy Suburban? Clearly they have
              no values for 98% of the daily commutes in the US but people
              want them. Why?
              \_ People do not typically line up at 4am a day in advance
                 to buy a Gucci bag or a Suburban. My question is not:
                 "Why do people want a phone?" as much as "Why is this
                 particular phone so hyped?"
                 \- they might line up at 4am to get a Birkin Bag. It also
                    costs 10x - 100x what an iPhone costs. Yes, I am not
                    kidding ... a bag pricier than a Suburban.
                    \_ Purchacing one of these should be grounds for
           \_ Well, iPods are the most popular mp3 players, so getting that
              with a phone and google maps and whatever must be appealing.
              It's a lot of money yeah. I don't know, a lot of people like
              to spend money on gadgets and cars. If I travelled around a lot
              I think this phone could be quite useful. My non-sexy phone
              already plays mp3s fine though and cost nothing.
              \_ I forgot to mention that you have to use Cingular's crappy
                 service. As a current Cingular customer that would seal
                 the deal for me *not* getting an iPhone right there.
              \_ "Yes, but MINE is an apple!"
                 \_ I was reading this, thinking "wow, what an amazingly
                    stupid person" then I realized it was OSC. Good for a laugh,
                    but boy is that guy clueless...
                \_ I think Cingular went away didnt it
2007/6/30-7/4 [Reference/Military, Recreation/Media] UID:47139 Activity:low
6/29    MMC - Live Free, Die Hard, is it really as good as the original?
        "That was some loco shit

        gruesome deaths, helicopters strafing, outrunning fireballs,
        hanging over great heights, jumping on moving objects, jumping
        off moving objects, shooting things to make them explode, head
        butting, speaking ill of the dead, helicopters flying in formation,
        PG-13 profanity, machine guns, a command center where people
        explain the plot, a Joint Strike Fighter piloted by the most
        bloodthirsty maniac in the Air Force, collapsing freeways,
        parkour, annoying meta references to the first three films,
        lots of broken glass, elevator shaft fu, and car crashes.
        Oh, the crashes. There are enough car crashes in Live Free or
        Die Hard to fill ten normal movies.

        Understand: I am not saying it is a good movie, but darn it,
        I kinda liked it."
        \_ I saw it.  It was ok, nothing special.  I won't remember it in
           6 months.  The earlier ones were better, especially the one at
           the 'Nakatomi Tower'.  Running over glass in bare feet?  Hard to
           top that.
        \_ I saw it and hated it. The antagonist is a computer hacker who
           manages to hack into everything from tunnel lighting systems to
           closed circuit dormitory elevator surveilance cameras. Maggie Q
           is hot, though. But the annoying I'm-a-Mac guy cancels her out.
           is hot, but the annoying I'm-a-Mac guy cancels her out.
           \_ It's called "suspension of disbelief".  Are you a star trek fan?
              You're ok with warp speed but not a computer hacker?  The movie
              still sucked but not because it was a computer terrorist.
2007/6/30 [Uncategorized] UID:47140 Activity:kinda low
6/30    Your mom.  VERY POPULAR
        \_ URL?
2007/6/30-7/4 [Recreation/Pets] UID:47141 Activity:kinda low
6/30    People buying purebred animals often buy them at petstores and
        are contributing to the problem. ADOPT MUTTS DON'T BUY PURE!
        \_ Suppose every single person in America adopts a pet, will the
           problem be solved? No, because there will be more litters of
           unwanted pets due to negligence from new owners who fail to
           keep their pets indoors and/or spayed/neutered, and the whole
           cycle repeats. Adopting to solve the unwanted pet problem is
           like boycotting gasoline for a day. It doesn't get to the root
           of the problem-- irresponsible owners.
             I once adopted a pet from an owner who had unexpected babies.
           I thought solved his problem. Well guess what, his pet kept
           having unexpected babies. Adoption does not work. Punishing
           irresponsible owners does.
           \_ I wonder if you are willing to extend this argument to people
              having children 'irresponsibly.'
        \_ Meanwhile the rest of the world has bigger problems.
           \_ Agreed. We need to bring justice to all the evil bastards
              who had [oral] sex with his/her interns.      -conservative
              \_ Phew!  Interns.  I thought you were going to say sisters.
           Buying from a breeder makes you evil?
           \_ Yes, and so does driving, and complaining about airline security
              and living in the city and why do you hate America?  -John
              \- that breeder link reads like a debeers ad.
              \- that breeder link reads like a debeers ad. strangely
                 "debeers" and "breeders" are just a letter off.
        \_ Buying from a puppy mill doesn't make you evil.  If you want a nice
           family dog, don't buy from a PM *or* from the local pound if you're
           in the SF area.  The PM dogs are very likely to be unhealthy because
           they breed for looks and there's a *lot* of inbreeding going on to
           get certain 'designer' looks in dogs.  The pound dogs are usually
           either abused or pit mixes, neither makes for a family friendly dog.
           Places like "Arf" provide the healthiest mutt and sometimes mixed
           puppies.  Breeders who have a litter every year or so from their
           1 or 2 dogs provide the best pure breed dogs.  Dog health and
           attitude aside, please make sure *you* are the kind of person who
           is ready for a dog.  Dogs require a *lot* of time, they are messy,
           they eat expensive stuff you don't want eaten, and they never grow
           up and go away to college.  It's like having an infant for 10-15
           years but furry with teeth, tail, and in need of more attention
           through most of it's life.  I'm a very happy two dog owner but I'm
           ok not being able to travel, spending thousands a year on vets,
           food, and other dog expenses, and I gave up counting total damage
           for each dog when they hit the $3k mark.  Research the breeds you're
           interested in before buying.  If it is a working dog it will be
           smarter than most other dogs but also be very high energy.  Other
           dogs require a *lot* of grooming.  Some breeds require human
           intervention while giving birth.  There's all sorts of weird things
           we've done to dogs.  Do yourself and the dog a favor and know what
           you're getting into first.  If you got a dog and gave it away or
           abandoned it because you were clueless when you got it, *that*
           would be evil.
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